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Christmas Ball Dancing- Xmas 1677


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The Duke & Nicolette


A tremor of excitement shivered her skin as she entered the dance floor, with knowledge that her partner shared her quest to be noticed.


Of course George Villiers was very accomplished in that sport, having been having been claiming headlines good and bad for several decades now. But right now he was upon a new rise, and this season would surely build to a crescendo... Nicolette was determined that she would be a part of that.


Meeting Buckingham's eyes she suggested, "Rather than mistletoe, perhaps we seek out Mr Killigrew for the announcement? La, so much cake, such a little ring." Prettily she curtsied with elegant movement of arm and wrist, of a style common place in France (but in England lesso). Her eyes sparkled with mischief therein... and then the dance begun.


His Grace was a fine dance partner, she'd been impressed by him at her first ball, and now moreso as he moved with flourish, danced with aplomb. The Duke knew how to dance properly, with the french stylings that she too had been taught. They moved with a graceful symmetry that was exquisite to be part of... for the course of a few minutes Nicolette lost herself with sheer enjoyment. The world felt right.


Not for the first time Nicolette fancied herself to become his lover, so well they seemed to move together. On that first night at the ball, she'd been attracted to him, though she'd muddled up so many times after that. Perhaps it was fate's hand? Or perhaps it was his affection for Lady Gwen, that ran very deep, perhaps deeper than he himself even knew.


Gliding about the floor, a pair of swans moving with the music, creating a magical vision together... she felt till all too soon it was done.


Feigning breathlessness (for the Pavane was rather too stately to get a girl puffing much), Nicolette pulled free a lace glove passed it to the Duke "A token of my affection, Your Grace." which was not mundane by her books, but perhaps the Duke would take it a step further?

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Ellen and Ambrose


She need not have worried. He was well enough practiced in the steps required and so she herself relaxed in to the moment. Being able to dance here at Court was a great milestone and in such a Public manner made it all the better. She was not naive guessing that her apperance here would have any effect on anyone's opinions but that did not matter.


She watched him watching her with a little curve of her lips wondering just what he was thinking.


The dance came to its end and she responded to him with a reverence and as she rightered herself allowed a small chuckled to follow.


"Yes it was. I fancy you are too well versed in many things and so I shall take no notice of those ment to cause a reaction. And no, green was never my 'color'!"


He would undoubtly understand that part for women who were labled a 'lightskirt' oft times worn the color green mostly in her coice of stockings.


"Will you see me back to our orginal place or shall you run off afraid lest another capture you for the third? I shall sigh then but make the offer to continue our discussions if you ever find yourself in need."


Well that was odd indeed


Yet she felt no strangeness or even boldness. She liked him for being the way he was she supposed and so would sigh if he were to compeletly disappear.

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Ellen and Ambrose


Pity that - but they said court was merry, so no doubt opportunity would arise, the night was yet young.


Moving from the dance floor she posed him a question.


"Well Mistress Ellen, that depends upon you. I need meet many, this being my first court function, I need settle in. Who can you introduce me to hmm? I was inclined to seek out Charles Sedley next, if you want to join me. And yes, you guess right, more ladies!" he waggled eyebrows.


Ambrose had made no secret over what he was hoping to find that night - while Ellen was not a light-skirt, if she could introduce him to a lady who was, then god speed!


Exiting the floor he noticed one possible pretty looking idle...



OOC: continued in main thread

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Thomas and the Mystery Woman

continued from the main thread


Thomas took the mysterious woman's arm and led her out onto the dancefloor as the dance was beginning. He couldn't help but feel her gaze as she looked him over. It left him feeling a little self-conscious, and more than a little excited.


"Indeed, I believe I am up to the task. Stamina is one thing I do not lack." he responded to her whispers. This sudden burst of confidence had surprised him, but he remembered what the Earl of Arlington had said to him earlier in the eve. Just think of it as a battle. If there was one thing Thomas was good at, it was fighting. Attraction was like a battle, but it was fought with words, glances, and gestures, not with weapons. He'd have to practice more, but that thinking was for another time.


"You are a man of the military, if I guess correctly?"


He gave a slight nod. "I am, yes. I serve in the King's navy." he gave her his answer just as the dance had begun.


As the musicians began to play, dread began to wash over him once again. He hated dancing. Unlike his jovial dance with Fiona, this next dance was a touch slower, and more measured. He tried his damnedest to not step on his lady's toes. She probably expected some sort of military precision from him, he could have given it to her in different circumstances, but alas he was stuck with dancing.

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Caroline stepped out onto the dance floor with dapper young Ashburnham, rich and a friend of His Majesty. She was rather pleased with herself for she was now being seen by all in attendance to have secured a fine catch of a man. How good he was as a dancer remained to be seen, but no matter, she herself was at best competent over skillful.


The pavane was a more stately affair as opposed to the other country dance. Taking her proper place she waited for the music to start then proceeded to do her part in the dance, meeting his eyes at all the right times. She did not make any mistakes, that much could be said of her performance at least.


Once the music stopped, she looked up at the man, "Most enjoyable, Master Ashburnham, I thank you for dancing with me."


Suddenly she felt thirsty, she needed a drink.

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Louis and Mall


If one balanced the benefit of appearing daring versus appearing to be a skillful dancer, Basildon was inclined to choose the latter at a ball in front of the entire court. In a private setting, it would be otherwise. He had spent too many years perfecting his form and reputation as a fine dancer to put it at risk for the court to witness. He would need practice before he might succeed in the switch.


"You are most kind," Louis replied to her agreement to let him lead. She was also kind to steer them close to Buckingham and Micci. He would have been less overt in watching them; but, being close might allow them to appear to be dancing together as pairs. As important as the dance was to Nicci, this was nothing compared to her conquest of the King.


The Earl was confident in his dancing and allowed a flourish or two to appear. He was not seeking to upstage either Mall or Nicci, so he kept his best moves more controlled.


As the dance came to an end, he bowed politely, thanked his partner and paused to see if Mall wished to mingle with her brother upon the floor, or was more inclined to return to Lady Pembrooke and Davina. He had a dance scheduled with Davina. He might as well take the opportunity to learn her motives or approaching Buckingham.

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Thomas and the Mystery Woman


Lucinda possessed the confidence of a woman who was well familiar with court and it's inner workings, she had long ago chosen what she wanted from life, and had since mastered the attainment of it. Her laughter bubbled easily, freely, while her eyes retained the predatory glint, a hunger.


"You must drill often then." amusing herself with the double entendre, she watched him, curious to his level of experience with innuendo, curious of the man he was beneath his court finery.


It did not take long for her to discover that ballroom dancing was not his forte, he moved awkwardly, on the verge of becoming embarassed of it. But this was one of the ways in which a woman of her vast experiance could assist a man like he. Her own movements became more flourished, drawing onlookers eye apart from his hesitant feet - while her smile to those others around them might have said 'eat your hearts out lovelies, he's mine'.


The final strains of music brought them to a stop, were upon the Countess executed an elaborate curtsy, with hand extended she paused allowing him to draw her to her feet once more.


"Well I think that went rather well, don't you." she murmured to him, satisfied with the sensation of having saved him social embarrassment, she enjoyed forebode to the perverse mothering inclination she felt over her lovers. Would he become her next lover? The invisible signs were all there.


Taking his arm as they left the dance floor... "we really must get you dance lessons my dear, I shall see to it directly after we get you out of those clothes." her eyes glinted, and her full lips quirked into a smile.



OOC: back to the main thread I believe!

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Cat and the King


Once out on the dance floor, Cat locked her smile in place. Then, she moved with the music, adding a few bits of flair to her dancing. Perhaps once or twice a movement might have lifted her skirts slightly higher than normal and flashed a bit of ankle. After all, the King was a leg man. Nothing was really discussed, as this wasn't the time nor place. Besides, it was an evening for fun. She mostly flirted lightly, as old friends with benefits were known to do. At the end, she attempted to steer him towards some mistletoe in hopes of snagging herself a kiss.

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Buckingham & Nicci


"And how shall you persuade me, mademoiselle, to place one of my rings in a piece of cake for you to bite into it in some surprise?" he asked, playfully. Instantly, the thought of such a game was pleasing to him. For if a lady found a ring, Charles would hardly call foul play, no matter if he knew foul play or not; his royal master was far too chivalrous and would likely be amused at the game. "No matter the ring if a lady were to bite into one in front of him..."


As to the dance, the Duke of Buckingham knew both how to dance and how to showcase a lady whilst dancing. He had danced court masques since before he was ten years of age, and his skill at the activity was only accentuated by long legs.


Most of his more embellished moves somehow pushed attention more to the lady, as if doing her a particular honour.


Whilst Mall and Basildon might have some interest in them, Buckingham had very little interest in this other pair. He cast all his attention on to Nicolette.


The Duke had some secret sorts of knowledge that helped him to pique the King's interest in ways other never could. Since they were all boys, there was some competitiveness fostered between them, and it still lingered in some ways.


James had been strutting around, and George was eager to get Charles to strutting even more than James. He would even play the loser of a lady's affection if it allowed such a thing; a selflessness few attributed to Buckingham, for he was hardly ever outwardly altruistic about it, always in the shadows. If he played the King, he played him for Charles' benefit. That was far more than could be said for others.


And so it was that he set to make the King notice Nicolette even more through their association, through that little competitive streak that he knew was yet strong. Buckingham always lost but won when a woman "left" him for the King. He gave her appreciative eyes and glances, curls of his lips reserved for a select few.


And when the dance ended, he played the act fully to the end and took a knee to kiss her hand.


"More than a glove shall be required for that ring," he teased, in a whisper. He raised an eyebrow at her expectantly, quite willing to play her game.

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John & Caroline


Young John was a very good dancer and wore the fine costume to compliment it. He was expressive when dancing too and clearly enjoyed Caroline.


"His Majesty seems fond of the idea of a dance with you, my lady," he commented, always the good royal servant and godson.


When the dance ended, he added, "A dance I would enjoy repeating sometime."


(OOC - Since Caroline already went her separate ways from John, I'm going to leave it there I suppose...)

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Cat & the King


Catriona made a good match for the King merely by familiarity with him. They were also both tall, so their movements worked well together. There was little opportunity to talk, but the dark man did raise an eyebrow at Basildon dancing with Mall, he could not recall them being that familiar for the Duchess to ask him to dance. Cat might have noticed him look that way once.


"A pleasure as always, my lady," he said, with a wink.


She would find it all too easy to get him under the mistletoe, for he hardly avoided it as a general premise.


As they went to move off the floor, they found Buckingham taking a knee to kiss Basildon's cousin's hand.


One might now notice that the DUKE HAD MISTLETOE IN HIS PERIWIG.

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Buckingham & Nicci


"Well... I know your fingers are artful, they travel of their own volition to a ladies delight." Nicolette sallied with levity, her eyes dilating at her own risque. She was talking about that, in the middle of the dancefloor? Heavens above!


It was difficult not to become enamoured of Buckingham, difficult to resist the allure of man who knew women so well, was both chivalrous and cunning. If not for Gwendolyn Nicolette would have been all over him. Becoming his pawn had it's own appeal though, thrilled that part of her that yearned to please a gentleman of his authority, and perhaps she'd become of more value to him in another's bed than she could ever have been in his own?


And then the dance begun in it's earnest, and if her cheeks had not flushed from their conversation they grew pink now. The moments he made countered her own with a symmetry and embellishment that heightened and accented. While she moved with a graceful and restrained poise that was so fashionable, he lifted her beyond what she was personally capable of. But most of all he elevated her position. Suddenly she was not just Basildons poor cousin, but a somebody, via Buckinghams association.


She'd dared to place her trust in him; if she'd had any reserve to her belief in the Duke before now, it was now vanished. The world seemed wrapped in glory. She fully believed this was the most wonderful dance her life would ever know, this dance would be the dance all other dances would be measured from... a single tear of bliss glinted on her cheek.


Till at length he knelt to kiss her bare hand - it was a gesture so daring as to knock sense back into her. Now Nicci, this is your cue, put on a show!


With petite gasp she put her fingers to her lips, turning her eyes outward to any who looked on, in her own way including them in the moment, the decision. Pray let the King see. Though quite what she was going to do, she hardly knew?! The Duke wanted something though, and she was ready to leap with belief he'd catch.


Plucking free her other glove, she then spotted the mistletoe in the Duke's periwig. A kiss? Nicolette dipped down close to Buckingham's face s he knelt, and touched her bared hands to either side of his cheeks. But they'd already agreed that a mere kiss was far too commonplace. Impulse struck, and she tipped forwards her bosom in to his face -- making a gasp and laughing, "Ooo la la, Your Grace!"


Odds were that was not what he'd anticipated, odds also were than he could work with it (she hoped!)

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John and Caroline


The dance went very well, her partner was a fine dancer with a most charming manner about him. She could see why His Majesty would like such a fellow amongst his company. And there was something to be said too for his looks, he was quite handsome. Caroline enjoyed herself and then it was over.


As they left the dance floor he let her know that, at least in his opinion, the King too would enjoy a dance with her.


"You really think so? Oh, that would be the highlight of the ball for me then. I have never danced with a Prince let alone a King. I assure you though I was delighted to have you as my partner for this, thank you."


He added he would enjoy another dance sometime? Interesting. She had thought he was merely being polite and kind til that statement. Now she wondered if he was actually a bit taken with her?


"That would be splendid but if not tonight....what about seeing each other again other than a ball? " she talked quickly now, "I am putting on a holiday party at my London residence this Thursday evening and I would like to invite you to come. It is my first party and I admit to being a bit nervous about it. I would be most grateful if you would show up?"


She looked up at him with those big eyes of hers.

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Heather and Rupert


"Your German protoge has been doing well since she married into the Spanish faction, Your Grace," Heather commented as they arrived at the dancefloor "Quite a magnificent performance the other day." It said nothing, yet everything for surely the girl had set tongues wagging.


Heather couldn't help but needle a little bit about the girls outragous behaviour. She had been corrected, quite firmly, about leading the lady astray previously, but obviously Sophia needed no such help. There was an innocent look and a flutter of eyelashes as the Countess did a very proper curtsy at the start of the dance.


They danced around each other and she commented airily "You are a man who appreciates the theatre. I am hoping that Drury Lane will soon open again, don't you agree?" No mention of Dorset's theatre or her opinion on it. It would be too fierce, too nasty for a public performance.

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Ablemarle and Caroline


Caroline chanced actually labeling the man a libertine, mayhaps she had went a step too far as he looked surprised, denied it, then questioned if John had told her that. Caroline decided to cover for her friend as best she could.


"Oh, I assumed too much then, Your Grace, I am sorry. Well, looking back on it, I may have misinterpreted what Lord Maldon said. I do that sometimes, being just a silly young girl after all and still learning my way about London society," she retreated verbally even as they advanced confidently to the dance floor for the music was almost ready to begin.


"I do hope you will still attend my party though. Mayhaps we can convince you to become one of us?" she smiled.

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Douglas and Lucy


… continued from main thread


When they reached the dance floor, the musicians were warming up. The dance would begin in only a few minutes. “I was looking forward to this ball,” Lucy admitted. “There weren't any at all last season,” she added with a little pout. “I hope there will be many more celebrations to attend this season. Whatever is planned for the New Year will probably be spectacular.”


Releasing his arm, she took her place across from him, curtsying as the music swelled around them. Lucy was a superb dancer, and she moved with grace and elegance and a great deal of exuberance. Her raven curls bounced against her shoulders as she hopped and twirled. She had thought it might be a bit awkward to dance with such a tall gentleman, but she had no trouble at all. As they came together, she smiled engagingly. “And what do you look forward to most?” she asked, before whirling away from him again.

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Douglas and Lucy


“Las’ season was rather borin’, wast’nae?” Douglas commiserated as the two moved to join the other dancers. It had almost been as though people were leery of doing anything improper in the wake of the wedding to the Ice Queen. “But I unnerstan’ that this season is tae be a joyfu’ one.”* He said, theatrically winking and tapping his nose to indicate Information Received. He almost said ‘a merry one’, but perhaps that was not best said in the ear of the Queen’s Lady.


The pair parted and took their places, Douglas bowing low with a theatrical flourish to the young Duchess as the music swelled. A moment later the dancers began to move, and Douglas could not help but admire the grace and confidence with which Lucy danced. She clearly enjoyed the activity; perhaps that was why she had developed such a talent for it.


For his own part Douglas moved to compliment her, keeping his step short to match hers, something to which he was accustomed. The big man did not move awkwardly, but with the smooth grace of the athlete; his lifestyle and occupation kept him fit and trim. He smiled as they drew together, clearly enjoying himself as well.


“Why, dancin’ wi’ bonnie Lairdies, acourse!”** Douglas grinned as the two came together for a moment and she asked what he had looked forward to, before the dance drew them apart again. The truth of his words was evident in the energy that he put into the dance. The steps, leaps and turns were an opportunity to show off one’s abilities and assets, which Lucy did to great effect, and he sought to compliment her. Dancing was a good way to show off long legs.


When the dance drew to a close Douglas bowed deeply to Lucy before applauding her, a smile on his lips and a faint flush of exertion on his sharp cheekbones.


Continued in main thread…



* “Last season was rather boring, wasn’t it? But I understand that this season is to be a joyful one.”

** “Why, dancing with pretty ladies, of course!”

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Buckingham & Nicci


The moment had indeed come, and not knowing if Nicci even had a plan, he had gone in to one of his own, whether to buy some time or otherwise.


The Duke surely knew how to bring eyes to them easily, and it was always acceptable to kiss a lady's hand, even so daringly, at his royal master's court.


Gallantry, boyhood rivalries, jealousies, competitions, women, and fun; Buckingham knew how to bring together the right mix for the King's passions and then how to stir them as well.


Nicolette's daring only added to the entire thing, for he had no idea she was purposefully leaning him in her cleavage, so he feigned 'missing' and his lips landed on the swell of her breast before moving up and catching her lips.


He also had no idea he was a moving mistletoe target.


Chuckling, he rose and offered her his arm, knowing the King's eyes would be following them for at least a few moments. Such a display could not go unnoticed. In fact, there had been a little hum of talk that went through like a wave.


"Well, mademoiselle, I think that worthy of me shoving a ring in a piece of cake, but you will have to find your own target to speak to close to His Majesty, for my master will know too well if you are still with me." He gave her a wink as they moved the direction of the refreshments.


((Back to the main thread! tee hee))

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Buckingham & Nicci


It was all a little nonsense - it was all a little 'taking of life less seriously'. Nicolette laughed aloud of it, the reckless daring, the leaping and abandon to not care if one fell. Or more correctly, the trusting that in falling the Duke would catch her. And he did.


While the thought had passed through her mind that perhaps Lady Aylth would join into the sport, that did not happen. (But then Nicolette would have known better than to abandon the royal post either.) And so she thew a wink their way and skipped from the floor alongside the long legged Buckingham...


Now that had been fun!



OOC: Continued in main thread

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Rupert prefered to be mostly quiet during their dance, and Heather laughed in a flirty way to cover for it. No sense to fill up the empty space with more chatter if the prince did not answer the first sally.


"I would have thought," Heather murmured when Rupert was close "that Drury Lane was close to your heart."

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Rupert & Heather


The German born prince had become a quiet man by nature when in a social setting. This was especially true in a dance surrounded by courtiers.


It was only as they finished the dance and he led her away from the dance floor that he remarked about how surprised he was that Heather would think that Sophia was his protege. He barely knew the girl and she had ignored his advice. It was true that she was a fellow country woman from the Palatine, which attracted some of his sympathies, but he viewed her as a wild mare that had been gladly released by Lord Kingston.


"If you are speaking of Lady Toledo," he began, "I have met the lady but a few times and her husband just the same. Our acquaintance is quite limited but I suspect that others might think there is more because her father was a lord in the Palantine." He need not say anything more. Heather had become a socialite at court and knew he was distancing himself from the blond beauty. That did not mean he disliked her. Rather, he refused to have an of her antics and Spanish linkage reflect on him.


As for Drury Lane, "I think all Londoners look forward to the return of Master Killigrew's theater." He need not mention that the Dorset Theater's premier had been well-timed.


"Thank you for a delightful and invigorating dance my lady," he proclaimed as he returned her to the nearest refreshment station.


OOC~ Apologies for the delay. If you wish to continue conversing with the man, please do so in the main thread.

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Davina and Louis


The Earl of Basildon was a fine dancer, and he knew it. More than once he had enjoyed maneuvering in such a way as to display his grace and knowledge of the steps. For years he had earned his keep by being handsome, witty, and a graceful dancer. Those days seemed long behind him now, and he performed for his own amusement, and that of the King, these days.


On their walk to the dance area Davina professed an interest in Thomas Herbert. That made sense so he had no reason to question it. Rather, he might question her tactics. Had she used the man's sister and his other brother to set the foundation. If not, then she was no skilled player.


Encouraged that she sought a marriage rather the eye of the King or Buckingham, Louis toyed with the idea of flirting with her. She had been receptive that da in his coach.


"Should you need a gentleman's assistance in procuring your goal, I would offer my services." Her brother seemed to be mostly a nobody at court. She was a Catholic and seemed to have no natural allies at court, other than the Queen.


There was little time for conversation as the dance had begun. As for the dance, he did not attempt his best performance. Rather, he sought to look effortless on the dance floor, going through the steps as confidently as he went through life.


In the end, he offered her a bow and an escort back to the main area. "Where shall I take you next?" he inquired.

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Davina and Louis


Good. He seemed divereted and so did not further pursue and once they reached the floor she stood calmly waiting for the muscicians. She knew Basildon was a Dancer and so did not even bother to try to outshine. Rather, she simply moved with her usual grace, and as she enjoyed the Sport was relaxed and even somewhat flirty with the Earl.


Her eyes made contact with his, she smiled, she teased with bits of conversation not in need of any replies. And at the end she did her reverence and allowed herself to be led off just as she had been led on.


And in response to his offer she accepted it at once.


"Indeed. Well then I should be obliged if you would see me partnered with Buckingham. He will, I believe, hardly refuse. So seek out his location My Lord and take me there."


"If you please." Added with another small curtsey.


She did not expand anymore on the reason for her request. Let him imagine things and still come up with nothing! Besides, she had a desire to be seen in the Duke's Company this night, and in doing so she might actually succeed.


Buckingham could, naturally, refuse her in all Politness and claim he wished to dance with his Sister and so she would accept that as well. If that did occur then she would hunt for Charles and be HIS last partner for the dancing.



(back to Ball Thread)

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Caroline and Ablemarle


Caroline's answer seemed reasonable. Perhaps she had misheard Maldon. "No concerns" he assured her as the dancing began.


Chris was no grand dancer, but he was not bad either. He went through the motions with a practiced step rather than graceful movement.


After the dance he bowed and thanked her for a delightful dance. She asked again whether he would attend, which he did. Then she expressed a hope that he would become one of them, whatever that meant. She had called him a libertine wrongly. Did she mean to admit she was part of the libertine set and that she wanted him to join the libertine set? He was not the sharpest tool in the shed and he thought there was ambiguity about her invitation. He did not want to make a mistake that she had made and assume she was a libertine.


Instead, he merely confirmed his attendance. That seemed the simple path with the least risk. "I shall plan to attend," he assured her. "In the meantime, should I bring you back to Lord Maldon?" He offered his arm.


OOC~ Profuse apologies for the delay!

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Well, she had danced with a Duke, that was wonderful and he had proved himself an amiable enough sort even if not the libertine John had told her he was. Undaunted, Caroline had pressed on and secured his acceptance of her invitation to her party coming up soon. She was adding to her guest list all the time, a delightful trend. The dance was over though and time to leave the floor.


"Oh, kind of you to offer but I believe I Lord Maldon is preoccupied with ...well, family matters that concern him. Arranging marriages for his siblings," she smiled as they walked off together.


"We arrived together so I will not lose track of him though, he has to take me home," she added.


He was far too much a gentleman to forget about that requirement given they had agreed to attend the ball together. That reminded her of something...rather someone. The noble who had rescued her from the street on opera night only to vanish when it came time for her to leave the place. Speak of the devil...there was Lord Audley now by the refreshments.


After a quick exchange of thank yous and polite goodbyes, Caroline and Ablemarle went their own ways.


ooc: It's fine.

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Fourth Dance


The music began and the dancers bowed and curtseyed to one another.


Diana and George


Bristol bowed to his beautiful partner and began his steps in a practiced manner. George Digby was a fine dancer and, despite his age, was able to keep up and even demonstrate practiced flourish in his moves. He offered smiles to the blond beauty, but no words. He knew well enough that one did not attempt to say anything except the most general niceties, especially when a lady was dancing with you as an act of kindness.


When the music ended, he bowed to his partner. Outstanding madam. Thank you for such a lively dance. No doubt this will be the highlight of my evening, if not the entire season." He knew how to flatter a lady. "May I escort you somewhere?" he offered gallantly.

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Cordelia and Douglas


The society matron who partnered him was an interesting figure. Quite prim and proper, but also no-nonsense. And she clearly knew what she was prepared to put up with, and how she thought things should go. Likely in others lives as well as her own. He hadn’t missed the enquiry about a lady.


As the two moved back and forth, Douglas careful to keep his steps short to match his partner’s, he pondered the implications of the question. What would she do if he said yes?


“Ye speirdit aboot a Lairdy.” He said quietly as the dance brought them close together. A few more steps and again they were in close proximity. “D’ye ken Brigit Osborne?”* He asked.


There were few opportunities for talking, and Douglas instead enjoyed the dance. A young man with vigour and energy, he had an athletic grace that countered his exceptional height, and moved with an obvious enjoyment.


As the dance came to a close he applauded Cordelia warmly, before offering her his arm.



* “You asked about a Lady. Do you know Brigit Osborne?”

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George and Diana


If there was one thing to say about her partner it was that his conversational skills while dancing were… wanting. His steps were superb, bold, and had the certainty that came only with trained practice, so perhaps all was not lost. Diana was a natural at anything with movement. With a tendency to border on being high-strung movement allowed her to displace some of her nervous energy, and so her steps were precise and light.


The room held an enchanting, alcohol induced glow to it. As the dance ended she smiled and clapped silently twice in appreciation. The steps of the dance had caused the blood to flush her cheeks and the the enchanting, alcohol induced glow of the room left a merry twinkle in her grey eyes.


“How could I not enjoy myself with such a splendid partner?!” She flattered, her lashes fluttering flirtatiously. “Thank you for being my partner on such short notice.” Brushing a stray curl away from her lovely face she glanced around and reached for his arm. “Um… Yes. I should perhaps join my husband. I believe I saw the cakes already being taken away… so much for an endless night, huh?”



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Cordelia and Douglas


She, of course, had understood that his inquery about dancing had been simply that yet she had heard herself asking him to dance in return. As he led them out to the floor she kept her small half smile in place and allowed the memories of past times to crowd aganist each other in her thoughts.


It had been too long since she'd stood waiting for the start of the music then the movements required and as they progressed was well pleased that her partner was educated in this and managed quite well.


That he observed yet held his thoughts private she guessed and so it was in some surprise that his question came.


"That name is familiar indeed to me." She lied with conviction.


"Tis the one that you were bringing cake for then? I had a feeling that was so. And as it should be for you are young and eager and mayhap half in Love already!"


The moves of the dance made it hard to talk and so any replies had to be quick and short


"I should be happy to speak of this at another time and place - you needs must decide if twill be a thing you wish for - this help I can provide."


There. Point Made.


She smiled fully then did the laast few steps as the dance was reaching its end.

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Caroline and Charles


Caroline smiled at his quip about his wolfing down the cake, she enjoyed his humor from that very first meeting in the slushy London streets. Afterall her mother had always counseled her to beware of stern or grim men. She wondered what her mother would have thought of this fellow?


"I do not think this dance will either be lively or long enough to undo the damage you have done by your gorging, sir, but we shall try," she smiled and they took their places upon the dance floor just in time too as the music began as if right on cue.


There was not much chance for conversation of course so they had to content themselves with smiles and glances throughout. Caroline was a competent dancer in that she knew the necessary movements but did so without some of the emotion and enthusiasm as the really top notch lady dancers were able to summon up. But no dance partner of hers would have to be embarrassed by her at least. Her passion was reserved for her cello playing and that certainly was not going to happen on this night.


Once the music stopped and the participants left the floor, she maneuvered the two of them back close to the refreshment table where they had come from but this time directly under some hanging mistletoe. She was rather pleased with herself on that move, smiled, then used her eyes looking upward to draw his attention to the situation they found themselves in.


"Oh, look at that. It seems fate has placed us just beneath some mistletoe? Whatever shall we do?" she smiled as her eyes went to his....well....eye.


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