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  1. Lady Ranelagh looked at her son and then said with good humour, "That would have required entertaining another man as a husband, and one was quite enough." "I am the better for all the attention," the man joked. "As to all of London loving a game that is surely true," Lady Ranelagh said to Nicci. "You shall have to come up with the specifics of one." "Oh yes," Lady Worcester agreed. "You are quite good with games." "And as the gentleman of our party, what is left for me to do, hmm?" he asked. Then he chuckled and joked, "Pay for it?" "Darling, you are so generous," Lady Ranelagh cooed in appreciation, even though she knew he had been joking. "Your man does have quite good connections to help facilitate your magnificent gardens, and perhaps you could send some blooms of your own for us to use?" (O.O I thought I posted this eons ago but it was sitting in the post box)
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    Do what makes you feel happy!
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    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service (8th all day)

    York The Duke of York was not to be found at an Anglican service. Instead, he was having private Catholic arrangements for he and his wife. Lord Langdon would see a few members of York's Household were there though. It was likely that at least a few of them would know where to find their princely master. All were known to Langdon as most of York's Household were Navy or military men of some form. Exiting together were Lord Feversham and Sir George Legge. And further behind them another blond head, belonging to Captain John Churchill was flirting with a young red-head. She had a wealthy, and noble, Scottish father. Either way, they were all known to be trusted by York, and importantly, also the King.
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    Take care!!!
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    OOC: 4 days of easter threads

    I don't know where it says that Sunday is Palm Sunday on the board, but Sunday is Easter Sunday IC so far as I know!
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    Away & Here Notices

    In this sea of staying at home and social deprivation, I'm happy that you've got something good going on! Just don't forget about us ❤️
  7. Lady Worcester giggled a bit. "I assure you that I am no revolutionary, dear Nicci!" If any were in the grouping, it was Ranelagh's mother, who had put both feet in a man's world and won, unequivocally. Even Lady Worcester thought her very daring. She had ditched her husband, ditched her father, and forged her own way with her son. Though she might tease Ranelagh, he was admittedly roguishly intelligent in a way commensurate with the age; let any man tell her that she needed him. "My Lady Mother holds that title," said Ranelagh supplied. The plans for flowers did set the focus back to Nicci and Lady Worcester. Lady Ranelagh leaned on her son's arm, and there seemed to be some feminine scheme in her eyes that Lady Worcester had mentioned at least a little. "But what if you were to mix some knowledge with the flowers into a game of sorts?" Lady Ranelagh said. "Or a phrase or riddle using what the flowers symbolize?" the son said. "Oh egads, no. Nobody is invited who will drink tea!" Ranelagh seemed to know or sense that he was in trouble.
  8. "His Majesty has always had a curious and inventive temperament," Lady Worcester said. "My lord husband's father is who got him started on clocks as a boy. He was a very eccentric noble, and a combative man in old age, but he was quite the inventor." Her husband had fallen out with his father over the years of war and exile. "He saw the benefit of people pursuing their passions and abilities very early," Lady Ranelagh agreed. As to Cromwell, Ranelagh said, "I am unfortunately too young to have participated with any of the number of plots on his life. Some orchestrated by your dear Buckingham, who was bold enough to feign a Rabbi, of all things, to Cromwell's daughter. You should ask him of it. Alas the man died before any of us had the pleasure of watching him disemboweled." "There were parties and feasting for days but also much unease in the background. Maneuvering. Trying to recuperate losses. Trying to take estates back from usurpers." It had been a very chaotic time. "His Majesty will tell you he was drunk for five solid years at least once he was firmly back on the throne," Ranelagh added, with amusement. "We don't get quite that drunk at my parties," his mother added, with a wry smile of her own.
  9. Lady Ranelagh nodded at the daring of it. Focusing on sciences when the Puritans had control of the country was a different sort of daring than what was seen in Charles II's court. Doing so as a woman even moreso. Not to mention Puritans being in control had not made the streets safer for a lady. Dressing as a man was practicality for the London streets, not to conceal she was a woman from her brother's friends. "It was daring to think then," she said. "Thankfully, no more." His Majesty was quite daring about ideas and progress. It was a welcomed change. "His Majesty has freed us from those constraints." "It was daring to do anything stimulating then," her son added. "God gaves us minds and ability and passion, yet we should wait for advancements to happen miraculously...given to us through hallucinations and burning bushes." It was hefty blasphemy, even within the Anglican sect to think so, but Ranelagh was not bothered in present company. "I do frequently have such personages over to discuss such things even now," the lady revealed. "The gatherings at Gresham prove too large for any true exchange. And, as you might expect, most such fellows can be rather introverted and more like to talk freely in a small gathering. You can be my guest at the next." Ranelagh raised his brows. That was quite an invitation.
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    I'm not sure if I will be around and posting or not. It depends on how my emotions decide to cope. Unfortunately, my kitty took a turn for the worst and passed away this morning half an hour after I brought him back to the vet. At least I did not have to watch it happen or find him in the morning already dead. All I know is that I feel like I'm going to vomit.
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    Welcome to Age of Intrigue, your Character Sheet has been ACCEPTED! Please make sure you check our timeline and note that your arrival will be on the newest day of IN THE THICK OF IT!
  12. The gentleman was not about to answer any questions about how any lady had been mistaken. He was of an age where the whims of young women were well-known. "I could not rightly say, for we were each about our business. It is merely difficult to miss the notability of a man in a mask in the daylight when there are no such parties." Then he added, "Though I do not think he was happy of the situation, as one might expect, by the speed in which he finally left."
  13. "I have at home," Lady Worcester said. Nicci might have guessed that Lisa had not been the first to do so. "There have been plenty of times in my realm of studies that have necessitated dressing as a man." Ranelagh nodded of his mother's statement, "You almost make a better one than uncle." He sniggered. The more 'famous' Boyle, the male scientist, was actually notoriously quiet and almost feminine. His mother wore the breeches in that partnership. "The ideas were the problem. Such free exchanges and gatherings were increasingly suspect the longer things went on," the lady said of the gatherings. As to watermelons... "You could easily tell His Majesty there is a surprise of unknown timing that is quite scientific in nature. As one cannot see or measure inside the watermelon, one knows not what is happening but can only guess," Ranelagh said before finishing off his apple. "We can put it in the parlour," he added after swallowing. "Men are truly just overlarge children," Lady Ranelagh said. Lady Worcester nodded, "Husbands are not always much better." There was always some streak of boyhood in them in one way or another.
  14. "There is nothing to forgive," the gentleman wisely said. The servant ignored the exchange entirely, looking with interest at the pot. "Therein, I believe, is the issue...For today is Thursday."
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    A Ducal Visit April 7 Afternoon

    The Duke of Buckingham's house was not particularly quiet, for he was preparing for a busy evening and therefore in his frenetic glory. Not only that but Basildon could see a crate or two being brought inside and another delivery arriving whilst his man was at the door. They were not packaged liked gifts. Lord Basildon was informed that the duke would see him and was shown through the house and to the back gardens by the grand fountain. Some servants were making an arrangement around it; perhaps finery for an Easter gathering, for Buckingham did have an immensely large pool of family at court to draw from. Having not yet left the house that day, Buckingham was yet dressed only in his breeches, shirtsleeves, and open waistcoat - delicately holding a steaming cup of coffee. "Ah, Basildon, good afternoon, is it?" His own time schedule was greatly off from his usual, as he had been more frequently rising (or staying up for) Charles' morning walks, and he was no habitually early riser himself. He found his internal clock was mostly unreliable because of it. Today he had not risen early, knowing it would be an exceedingly late night.