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  1. Francis would be sure to take them to all their desired locations
  2. Defiance

    Back at the Woolsack Later April 5th

    "Change, good God, man, have we not had enough of that in the last thirty years!" Worcester joked, chuckling. Although there was quite a bit of truth to it. The English had done quite a bit of changing and clamouring about more changing, and all it had done was made them broke, by and large. "Not waters I would tread, for you are far more likely to gain a set of eyes in your business than change a man's principles once he has said them on grand stage," Norfolk said. "And far weaker should he have surfaced elsewhere, I think," Worcester said. "Someone is keeping him. I'm not sure which option is worse." Norfolk nodded. Even their allies in this "war" were under some suspicion. Danby had grabbed the grandsons of a man who was serving a diplomatic mission with the Dutch, after all, and that was no accident. "There may be more to the Dutch than just desiring England's help in war, for those I've seen have their own suspicious countenance." Norfolk added, "I still have the Hill boys, their grandfather should have returned by now. His Majesty recalled him. When querying the Dutch, they say there is weather or reports of dangers in the channel." "Perhaps the channel will swallow them up as if apparently did Danby. All on its own," Worcester commented.
  3. (OOC - quick clarification...you both put a nay for the third, but you have the opposite description in your explanation, so for our purposes Ayes for each would be FOR Naval funds, be they through the new proposed taxes, lottery, or whatever. Any nays would be AGAINST Naval funds by each method. So if you wish for funds to be given, a lottery done, and some taxes to be passed now, it would be all Ayes. As B posted, because of where the PCs and NPCs fell during the debate, the measures pass. Feel free to edit for clarification if you need to!)
  4. Defiance

    Back at the Woolsack Later April 5th

    "Not at all," Norfolk said, gesturing to another chair. "Other than Lord Exeter making himself persona non grata at court?" Worcester asked, with a chuckle. "I wonder at his reasoning for such. These delays in such matters make us look weak and ill-prepared. Unless he is being paid off..." "Shaftesbury had words with Lord Rutland right after, if you noticed. Rutland is the boy's uncle. I do not think it was planned by any more experienced in Lords," Worcester added. "The boy has traveled much, who knows where his allegiances are fully held after such a speech." "The pup thinks to make a name for himself," Norfolk postulated. He had his own issues with his son(s), but mostly with the eldest one, as Worcester well knew. The Marquess was the boy's uncle and also the first of his illustrious name to give up the Catholic faith. But Worcester had done it decades earlier in his own youth and had never felt the current level of pressure and urgency. "And what think you of it all, Basildon?"
  5. Buckingham thought about another jab, this time aimed at Exeter. Shaftesbury was not served by that move, and this Buckingham knew very well. Nobody was served by it, so it seemed the lad wished to make a name for himself, as even more radical than Shaftesbury. Fine time to choose to be a rebel against the King, when even the mob wanted French blood! Dolt... There was no faster way to have your every move watched and followed than to do such a thing. He was a bit surprised when Francis took up the sword. If it was anything other than war, the cub might be lost, but war and ships had been the boy's life far more than politics had been to date. Indeed, Shaftesbury was playing a different game these days, so any lord who thought him the force behind Exeter was unfortunately mistaken. Things were naturally moving far more in his direction as they were. He was not yet ready to betray his cards in the game. Instead, he leaned in to say something to Lord Rutland. His aims had always been for the people and country, and looking weak in the face of France did not, therefore, suit his politics. Right now the King needed something from him that only he could provide that had nothing to do with Parliament, and Shaftesbury rather enjoyed that situation. Near Rupert another lord who rarely spoke did so. "Those in the Lower House have always called for measures against France, and if they now do not do so themselves when given the opportunity, they are either just obstructionist for their own gain or Papist sympathizers themselves," Lord Gerard said gruffly. "I have confidence in their support on measures passed here. They will otherwise fall under the same scrutiny of their faith that they have cast at others." Lord Fosbury echoed the sentiment, which was not surprising. His son was a naval hero of late, and he himself had been appointed to Danby's position by His Majesty.
  6. Bucky, Francis, & Nicci "I do not see any who have made such lofty acquaintances as you," Buckingham teased her. "And with such precision." It was partially a compliment to himself, truth be told, but that did not diminish her worth and ability in the very least. He was quite fond of those who could flourish with a bit of well-timed assistance and quite fond of her in particular. He offered her his arm and said, "Choose our seats, my dear, and choose wisely and we might just hear a snippet of a rendezvous." Churchill John noticed his friend and returned the smile, quirking a brow just a moment before he sat next to York. For someone who knew him well, the quirk was a comment on the misfortune on not being able to abandon the prince in favor of his friend. Chatham would surely be more amusing to sit next to.
  7. Defiance

    Lady Ranelagh | arrives 4th of April

    A reply came quite late on Tuesday, so it might be that Nicci would not receive it until Wednesday morning. After salutations, the missive said:
  8. Defiance

    Invitations to an Art Exhibition; arrives 7th May

    It was perhaps surprising that John Ashburnham answered in the affirmative very early. In truth, some things had been said about Chichester in a few circles, that even the loftiest interest was piqued. After all, there was truly no better tail than an underdog who rose from the depths. And, in certain circles, riotously crazy stories were not so much drawbacks as measures of merit. Though George might not think his own tale particular so, it was rather comparable to a number of Rochester's. From his understanding, Rochester's were not wholly amusing immediately afterward either, but in years removal became a mark of a fully lived court life. If played well. Young Ashburnham was quite wise to such things and was part of various networks of information. He had even heard that Chichester had been spending time in the Queen's presence chamber with a particular hope for art from some of his fellow gentlemen. Of course, it was also known that Chichester was supporting the Navy too. Next came the reply that Lord Russell would attend.
  9. Defiance

    Back at the Woolsack Later April 5th

    When Basildon arrived, he would notice that his wife's step-father (by all accounts), Lord Worcester, was there with the Duke of Norfolk. Both had noticed his arrival and gave him a nod. The Duke of Buckingham was not there, although it would not be unheard of to see him there or at a coffee house following a session of Lords, so he might yet present himself. There were a few others there, but their backs were turned at the moment. It might grow busier as the evening went on.
  10. Hi Guys! Just a head's up. The board is approaching Good Friday thru Easter in game! This is going to impact play pretty significantly as most of everyone's time is going to be eaten up by religious services and contemplation. Fun and gallivanting around wouldn't be happening in our time period, so please take this into account with your IC plans. We aren't going to allow people to run wild with extra threads (maybe just one a day other than the religious stuff), so plan your meet-ups, gatherings, jaunts, etc for after Monday
  11. Defiance


    At the end of the Pall Mall street, wedged between St. James Park and St. James Square, stood a large mansion that in centuries to come would evolve to become far bigger with addition after addition until it was to be called Buckingham Palace. Such a lofty name however was far in the future. The Buckingham mansion as it was now known was drawn up of fine white marble and sandstone, with clear Baroque geometry. Inside cherubs in a blue sky was fitted over the white plaster. Each room held a different color and nothing was short of lavish. The mansion was square, but inside the servants still had the habit to refer to the left as the west and right as the east wing; the west wing dedicated to the Duke's chambers, and the east wing deserted for he had send his wife to her father in the country, long since grown bored with her behavior which was an impediment on his fun. Paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and Lely were displayed in the large hallway, created to impress the visitor, an enormous marble staircase drawing in the eye. The front garden was filled with various flowers, although it was mostly greenery now. In the back there is a long walk designed by a garden architect, so that the duke could walk and find intimacy with his private guests at every turn. A large fountain in the middle sprouted moist into the air.
  12. "But, of course, you and Dear Basildon are invited for our party for Easter. It shall not be a small event, nor an expense spared," Mary said. It was not a dislike of parties or hosting them but rather a dislike of the expense of too many of such things. They were vastly expanding their grounds and gardens on their estate, and had also given toward the Navy. Ambition required strategy. Besides, Lady Ranelagh more enjoyed playing hostess to meetings of minds. A characteristic her son shared. Mary was somewhat more traditional. "Why don't we go riding or for a trip down the Thames, away from the city, though. Chelsea to Richmond or Kingston is a nice trip by boat. Riding we might have a good vantage point for spring wildflowers."
  13. Defiance

    Away & Here Notices

    I hope you feel better soon!
  14. Nicci & the Boys "I cannot say that I know much of them aside from their coming with the French contingent before," Charles said. The younger nodded. "Where have you seen them?" Charles asked. "I am sure they will try to convince His Majesty that he should not go to war, or that it is not France that is the enemy." "I should like to know how they'd manage that!" Arthur said, with a snort of amusement. Both quieted to listen to the exchange of words. Prince Rupert words made both boy's eyes glisten with admiration. They had been allowed to visit the forge. More than once! "I would love to have an arsenal of Rupertinoes at my command," Arthur said, longingly. "And a forge too, eh?" Charles added.
  15. "In addition to one for the Easter holiday?" Mary said, eyes wide. She surely was not about to invite extras to a family party, so she imagined more than one. "Perhaps we should try to convince the Earl to let us host a garden party in Chelsea. I am quite sure that his lady mother could be recruited into the trick?"