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  1. Cordelia Lucas

    Newcastle Residence, the 6th, 2pm, Matters of Marriage

    "I prefer it if you remain Your Grace. I want there to be a 'relaxed' presence. Far better to ascertain that way." Shrewed eyes watched as the girl entered taking note of her attire and how she carried herself. A brow raised slightly as there was no curtsey that accompanied her greeting. Was it intentional or was she nervous? Doubtful that her education had overlook such necessary formalities even if nerves were involved. Interesting indeed. Her own reply came quickly said on a smile. "You have indeed blossomed Lady Margaret since the last I saw you - of which you have no memory I am sure. You have an aire of delicateness about you. Tell me, are you stronger than you appear?"
  2. Cordelia Lucas

    Newcastle Residence, the 6th, 2pm, Matters of Marriage

    Cordelia nodded her head as the Duchess spoke of her thoughts regarding a marriage for her daughter - anything was possible she knew but the trick was in the understanding of just how Probably it might be. "I would very much like to meet her." She smiled then and in a more serious tone added "And after she is announced and paid her respect I would ask that Your Grace allow me to speak in a manner designed to provide me with what I need to know." "There is no slight intended." She hastened to assure." I could not help but hear how you spoke of her 'attributes' and that is to be expected but as her Mother you are perhaps too inclined to favor." "If she looks to you for guidance you needs must say that she has to answer as I have asked and in a Truthful manner. You are not to provide an answer to whatever I have asked." This was always the sticking point. Too many mothers felt the need to ensure that daughters were pumped fuller than they actually were and thus they, eager to make a contract, felt inclined to be the voice rather than risk a daughter who sprouted nonsense. "I have assumed that she has benefited from an education by her parents but also from male tutors as well as gentle-women of your household and perhaps a governess?" "I must hear from Lady Margaret herself as to how she judges her own Skills and Accomplishments. If she believes herself capable enough to handle her husbands Household in all manner of ways in which I shall ask." "I must see her nature and judge what needs to be changed or improved." "It is also important that she understands that she has the right to speak but in the end the decision will not be hers to make but that of the Duke. She would naturally not be forced into a marriage." "if plans go well then I see no reason why a contract can not be negotiated come Fall - there must be time to check each candidate once we have decided on the short-list - so six months ahead is easily reached." "Will you be supportive Your Grace as I have outlined?" Much was riding on the answer and so Cordelia hoped that the Duchess was able to understand and take her meaning. "And after some time with your daughter let us two then put heads together and read thru the names that I have compiled and we can cross out those not suitable and select the ones you wish to pursue."
  3. Cordelia Lucas

    Newcastle Residence, the 6th, 2pm, Matters of Marriage

    She followed the Duchess into the Drawing Room and while it was indeed Spring she was glad for the fire. She arranged herself in much the same fashion commenting with a small smile that "Well all I can do I shall Your Grace. That being said Lady Margaret can hardly make a marriage that will set her above the eldest or the one set to marry. And then there is your son, the Duke's heir, she must not outrank his wife." "Do you not agree?" Cordelia felt sure that the Duchess was well aware of how the Properties must be observed but it didn't hurt to make sure. "I have made some 'notes' that will be a handy guide but then you will be far more familiar with the names on it then I ..." "And how is your daughter upon this subject? Receptive I hope or else we shall have a problem afore we even begin."
  4. Cordelia Lucas

    Newcastle Residence, the 6th, 2pm, Matters of Marriage

    Cordelia looked up and smiled as she was divested of her cloak walking to meet the Duchess. "Good Afternoon, Your Grace." She said back and offered her curtsey. "I am glad as well. I hope All are well." She offered the usual Social Niceties as was expected and she would wait paitently for the Duchess to to lead the conversation. Her gaze doing a quick once over of the surroundings curious to see what, if anything, had changed since the last time she had been here.
  5. (Placeholder) IC Her coach delivered her to the residence of the Duke of Newcastle and to her meeting with his Duchess as had been discused over Recess. It was a Social call but underneath ran the hopes that it would turn out to be a success for Cordelia with a marriage contract signed and sealed between the younger daughter called Margaret and, well, there in lay the issue. The right candidate must be found and the pool was not large. The eldest daughter was now a Duchess and the next soon to be a double Countess so for this third the aim was not that high. Naturally she could not outrank either of the two elder sisters nor could she outrank whoever her older brother would marry. All the Formalities must be observed after all! She drew even with the front entrance and was handed out the wind playing with the pale green tafetta of her skirts - a color much like that of a ripe pear and one that she knew made her look good. No hat but her upswept hair was nicely arranged and she wore her only 'Good' set of jewelry of creamy pearls in a double strand at her neck and dangled from each ear. She carried a small leather portfolio that held her notes and from which the Duchess might be in agreement with. One of her son's servants jumped down and saw her up the stairs and rapped sharply on the doors .....
  6. Cordelia From her seat she watched the floor below with interest her eyes moving to each man as he spoke. She understood that there was Politics being Discused but also that there was Politics being Played and while her own views would never be considered she nevertheless had them. She knew that funding for The Navy was a keen point but did not think that a 'tax' would be well received. Things were already being taxed making what had once been affordable not so much and when this War actually began the price of goods would double overnight. She had seen it happen before and it had only gotten worse as time went on. She resolved to begin to implant some saving measures - John would have to be included because she could not issue anything unless he approved. But the Estate was important and it must remain intact so if that meant selling off a tract or two of airable land for a profit and pocketing the monies for future needs than it was best to do it now. Soon enough all their neighboors would have the same idea! She looked to where Lord Grey sat trying to read his emotions.
  7. Amongst The Ladies Lady Lucas placed herself in a spot she thinks will enable Lord Grey to search her out - if he was so inclined - and thus settled engaged in some conversations with Ladies on either side. Her son John she could not see. That he would be feeling much displeasure at not being able to sit amongst those Gentlemen he had conversed with earlier she guessed at. He was a Baronet and as such not a Peer but it might be possible, with much mentoring and effort on his part, to obtain some reconigation and thus gain the next step up which was Baron. But for now at least he must sit in the Gallery.
  8. Cordelia And Company - with Cordelia Leaving Cordelia fixed him with 'look' adding "I had no intent of undertaking such an arrangement for the very reason you have given. It was a mere illustration. Something to take your mind off of all of This." "And as for Lady Frances, well, allow me then to remember her demeanor rather than appearance when thinking upon a wife." It was then that another joined halting Cordelia's exit. She dipped a curtsey to the other then turned back to the Baron to provide introductions. "Baron Grey allow me to introduce the Lady Mary Audley, Countess Chatham. She too is recent returned to Court so you have a thing in common already." She smiled at them both. She watched in some amusement for she could read Lady Mary's manner easily enough. She was caught by a thought .... why here were two that might suit each other. Both without wife or husband. True Lord Grey was but a Baron but the late husband of the Countess had been an Earl just a step above a Baron. She would leave these two alone and see what happens. She knew that Lord Grey would speak of it and if he had an interest to know more. That Henry Grey might not be 'skilled' enough to handle this Lady was also a thought but she would wait and see. "Ah - I am being called or so it seems as the Duchess of Newcastle beckons. I shall leave you both to talk more freely." She offered tham another smile and a curtsey then moved away. That the Duchess was even present she had no real clue. It was just the excuse she had made that was a plausable one.
  9. Cordelia and Henry - Cordelia Departing She watched him follow her directive and nodded a bit as he began to relax. She had to chuckle at his mentioning a fatherly impulse. "Nonsense! There is nothing wrong Lord Grey in the appreaction of those of my sex within reason. She is a lovely girl and has been raised I'd wager to handle whatever is needed. She will manage Dorset's Household without a fault." She looked about the immediate area but could offer him nothing other than to say that "Most here are under the age you have wished to find. Now as to the other .... I am suddenly remined of a Tale I heard last Season. There is a Baronet who has three daughters but no sons. One daughter married into the Peerage - A Viscount I believe - leaving the elder and the youngest. It was being said that he was 'marketing' the eldest which had to be difficult for her to say the least! This Gentleman is of the Merchant Class* and worth a large sum or so it was surmised. Being the eldest I can not say for a certanity but I will guess that her age is nearer to what You need." "I seem to remember that is is something to do with Ships and such things associated therein." "But that was last Season so I do not know what has happened. If you are interested I shall ask around. A Baronet is but one step below your own Rank Lord Grey even if that Title was bought." That nothing would ever come of this shared tidbit she could reasonably say. "And now I shall take my leave - again! You are calmer and so I shall send you forth. If you feel pressed then look for me in the Gallery and I shall give an encouraging nod!" She smiled at him and patted his arm then made him a nice curtsey before turning away. (*ooc fyi: Merchant Class is not the same as a Tradesman who is know by the things they sell like Haberdashers or Tailors etc. Merchants were a kind of wholesaler who almost entirely traded goods on the International Market. A Merchant has status well above a person in Trade. Some Merchants, it was said, were as Rich as Princes. It is into that Class that the above mentioned Baronet would fall.)
  10. Cordelia and Lord Grey She gave a small chuckle at his request and whispered back "Ah! I had the notion but alas no vessal. I can only offer a bracing drink later if you are in need still!" "I have no doubt at all Lord Grey. Now relax and breath for I have no wish to have to pick you up from the floor - what an impression THAT would make. Good! Best to start as you mean to go." "Who?" She followed his gaze and then smiled. "Indeed I do. She is Lady Frances Cavendsish daughter of the Duke of Newcastle. She is quite pretty is she not? But sadly not for you. She is to marry the Earl of Dorset." She watched as the girl moved away. "I am connected to them thru my late husband. It fact it was to his Duchess that my appointment was for. I believe there are several more daughters - one of marriagable age sixteen or seventeen - but not I think for you." "But if she has the physical qualities that impresses you then I now have a clue ..."
  11. Cordelia and Lord Grey She was led away after another exchange and as they walked she quietly began to address the Gentleman at her side. "There is nothing pressing I but used that as a pretext for taking leave. I can sense that you are somewhat ... unsettled still about today. I hope that my offering some reassurancs will help. Tis only a natural thing Lord Grey to feel such for you are new not just to Court but to Here as well." "Lord Mountjoy was preceptive in his sayings and I think it wise counsel. You may not even have any opportunities to actual give voice to your thoughts for some time and that too is fine. That day will most certainly come!" "Were I a man I would find my seat and then spend today in observations making careful notes of how others' react and what Topics cause the most heated of responses. And to think where my own thoughts might be placed and upon which side. I would think War will be such as it seems to be all that most are talking about." She stilled her steps then and faced him directly smiling a bit. "I shall beg allowances for my intrusion yet I am in honest in my sentiments. You shall be fine. Do not tie yourself into a knot before you even cross the threshold." "Now then. I shall again take my leave as soon it will be time to go up." She resisted the urge to brush at his jacket as a wife might have done.
  12. Cordelia, Heneage, Charles Blount, and Henry "Indeed I should think that all of you Gentelmen are Skilled and I shall watch and listen with interest." "And Lord Grey you should not do yourself such a disservice! Lord Mountjoy is correct for I too should like to claim such!" She sensed that she needed to move on but Lord Grey annonced his leaving and so she echoed her own. It was not an expected thing anyway to linger over-long. "Well I shall take my own leave as well. Might I have a word Lord Grey ..... Gentlemen." She offered a curtsey to Mountjoy and Alyesford as she waited for the Baron to say yea or nay.
  13. Cordelia, Heneage, Mountjoy and Grey She caught the eye of Lord Grey and gave a small nod before saying some parting words to the other Ladies and then moved to where the three Gentlemen stood. "Gentlemen." She smiled as she offered her curtsey. Well Well Lord Grey was indeed beginning to surround himself with interesting people. Cordelia had not met the Marquess but she did know that Aylesford was the younger Brother of the Earl of Winchilsea and unmarried so her interest was aroused. "A pleasure Lord Mountjoy. Lord Aylesford. Are you both to speak today? I am afraid I am not Politically minded yet I have enough sense to understand the implications of things." Her gaze rested a bit longer on the younger man thinking that here was a challange indeed! He was not a horrible specimen yet his attire ... dear of dear. Like Lord Grey he would need a firm hand in his re-designing. Ah. She had a idea but it would have to wait.
  14. Heneage, Mountjoy and Grey - with Cordelia Approaching She had spied Lord Grey. Her mood was still very up after the meeting with the two Dukes and Dorset had seemingly gone well. John also seemed to understand what she had said but she wonders if he will retain any of it. Time will tell. She approached where Lord Grey was yet she thinks they discuss what will transpire here in Lords. And Gentelmen, as a Rule, did not think Politics a fit topic for open discussion with Ladies and so she would not interupt. Her presence he might take note of and she would calmly wait some distance away if he should choose to engage her. In the mean time her eyes assessed his person and found his attire for this day to be quite well-fashion'd. Lord Chichester's tailor was indeed skilled! And once again her thoughts drifted to a union between them knowing it was just a passing fancy. She was a Widow and just three years his Senior. IF they did marry it was not inconceivable that he might take John as his own - it was a thing done by many Gentlemen without an Heir. Could it be so? She wondered. They had formed an acquaintance, spoke of past lives and current wants - or at least He had - conversed well upon many topics and liked the Company of the other. All the very things that Cordelia had to find in a wife she herself possessed. Well except for having a child but there too that could be possible. Many women bred into this age but not without hardships as well. What if .... What if ... She was awoken from her dreamings as two Ladies of her acquaintance approached and she recovered and spoke in return. Her eyes still upon the trio of Gentlemen not far off.
  15. Once returned she wasted no time in penning a note to the Duchess so that it might be delivered post haste .... She had kept it short and neatly writ and was honest in the cause. Satisfied she sanded folded and waxed before handing it off to her maid who would see it delivered as the destination was close enough. That it was to be received at an address that was incorrect she was not aware. Cavendish House she had been told was the residence yet in her own memory there is another place but supposes that the current Duke has retained the residence here on Piccadilly for Family use as well.