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  1. Blackguard

    Killigrew Calling April 7 morning

    The bit about handsome compensation was the only thing that kept his jaw from dropping. Translating and producing a play in a few short weeks was nigh impossible to his thinking. Still, he maintained a courteous demeanor. "Did I hear you say that the play is already written and it needs merely to be translated?" He supposed the Spanish embassy could do that. "Please tell me that it is already gripping and it merely needs a few English actors to bring it to life in London. How well was it received in Spain?" "The Spring season can last until the King's birthday. If so, we might have four weeks to prepare. If His Majesty ends it early, I fear that there shall not be time to produce, staff and practice." He did not wish to sound too negative but there were many other competing projects as well.
  2. Anne-Elizabeth did not simply cut the cards as others did. She shuffled ... and shuffled ... and shuffled some more. Chris Monck yawned in the midst of it and Dorset chuckled. It was a fortune card that she turned, meaning that she was out of the game. The card depicted a man with wand and staff, but he was not of those suits. "The Magician," Forensi breathed aloud. This was one of the more interesting cards that could have many meanings. "It signals great creativity and change," the Hungarian offered as a way of encouragement. "Yet, the Magician is either about to be fooled; or, more likely. will be fooling others." Monck looked at her in appraisal, not sure that her appearance signaled anything. "There once was a lady both poetic and bold Hoping to coax some gents of their gold Yet, in a game of cards she was schooled That it was she that was to be fooled Due to a magician card she pulled." Dorset offered his limerick with a chuckle.
  3. Esteban seemed pleased with his wife's accomplishment amd shared in the glory of the moment. His eyes traveled the faces in the crowd as he watched for signs of interest on the faces of the gentlemen in the crowd. Were they just interested in her voice? Were these just the protective thoughts of a husband. Speaking of which, the Earl Arundel applauded along with others but not overly so, not wanting to attract attention. He would rendezvous with Sophia another day. His appearance was little more than a reminder to the German beauty that he was still in her orbit, and she in his.
  4. Blackguard

    Killigrew Calling April 7 morning

    "What a beautiful home you have," Killigrew flattered as he met the Countess. The older man gave her a small bow. Shaking his head at the offers politely Thomas replied "thank you but I had breakfast before arriving." When he visited for business, he avoided food and drink. He waited for her to sit first and then he sat as requested. "My lady, how is it that I can be of service to you?"
  5. Charles understood the peril. It was clear from his words. That allowed Heneage to exhale. Women could either complicate or simplify one's life. Usually it was the former. If only his son could find a good one. "Thank you Charles," he whispered in a private moment before restoring the stern face he presented to others. With a nod he was off to be surrounded by petitioners. ~fin
  6. Nicolette was beginning to understand Rochester. He was plainly drunk, but he was capable of remaining secretly cognizant at alcohol levels that would cause others to become unconscious. Yet, it was a toxic combination of inebriation, boredom and self pity that kept him wearing the mask of a fool. Life was so much simpler that way. Nothing was expected of such a person. "There is no reason to be shy Mademoiselle." Her attempt to deflect was met with a knowing smile. He walked the few steps to the corner with Nicci on his arm. "Heavens, does this auger the beginning of an Irish rebellion?" He asked in good humor. "I shall have you know that I always sparkle." He feigned disappointment. "Though I have always thought that the luster of diamonds is enhance on a background of green. I hope you agree." He turned to appraise her more closely. "I should think that forest green is your color mademoiselle. Speaking of competition, I sense that you are not immune to it." He gave her a knowing look. "Your competition wears a teardrop diamond necklace to draw the eye to their cleavage. Would I wear diamonds on my cock? Is that what a wit would do? Where would you wear a diamond I wonder. Where would be the greatest theater. If it was only so simple for me as wear a diamond. How would you judge my best sparkle I wonder. Would the Irish even know the difference?" Though seemingly incoherent, he seemed amused by the topic, which was not always the case.
  7. Blackguard

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    It would be later that the servant would report to Davina. The lady that left the church took many twists and turns but the servant kept up with her. Near Picadilly Square she entered a carriage painted light blue. There was no emblem on the coach door. As he sought to follow, a large man interfered with his progress. Perhaps she knew she was being followed. The man that held him looked like a foreigner, perhaps Spanish. When he was released, the servant could not find the carriage.
  8. Blackguard

    Killigrew Calling April 7 morning

    Dressed in a dark suit, knowing it was a preference of the Spanish, Thomas Killigrew arrived at the residence of the Spanish Ambassador. Lady Toledo had summoned him to discuss something theatrical.
  9. Blackguard

    To Master Killigrew | arrrives 5th April

    Milady, I shall see you then. Your Servant, Thomas Killigrew
  10. There was agreement about meeting at the Woolsack. Finch nodded his approval. "Shall we say Friday afternoon?" I shall be able to catch up on my work Saturday." As one might expect, the Chancellor was more devoted to his job than his person. He stood in contrast to most other courtly figures who preferred to do as little as possible for their offices. "Basildon might be there," he acknowledged. "He is fond of the place." He paused a moment before revealing more. Basildon was married to his niece and they shared a great secret. "You should speak to him about Hen. It was he who warned me that Hen planned to marry some Irish chit who claimed to be carrying his child. We conspired to prevent it but Hen disappeared from court." his voice was soft and full of disappointment. "He will not speak to me of it. I can only hope that the marriage did not happen and he is greatly embarrassed by the affair." It was the fatigued voice of a parent who felt helpless to save their offspring. Children could be groomed for years and lose it all in one foolish minute. "I agree it is too quick to appoint Hen to the bench; but, he needs to lose his cares into his job. I was thinking a few years as a solicitor for the Crown in London or a nearby town. Let him practice in front of a bench before he sits behind it. You might help him in this regard. I think he would prefer reading contracts and deeds." that was as close to a jest as the elder attempted. He preferred his son to be a lion of justice. Seeing a number of people awaiting him in the hall, Finch requested "learn what you can and then let us speak of it Friday."
  11. "The Germans would be formidable if unified," Finch replied easily as Mountjoy began. "The Empire is too splintered over religion, as well as parochial interests as you note. It would take an invasion by France to unite them." "They still hunt bear? A most dangerous quarry, even moreso than a boar. You would not find me amongst such a party," he tutted as he shook his head. "Hmm," the older man muttered as he heard Blount's plea. "I should think you should be seen at the Woolsack, though Saxony House would be a friendlier confine. If you wish to polish your credentials, you must act the part of a court insider. Danby's fall has changed much. There is greater suspicion amongst the Privy Council. His Majesty keeps his own counsel more than before. I think everyone wonders as to the affect upon themselves. As for me, I am content to focus upon the courts, seeing that they are properly staffed with skilled judges. It is easy to overlook our profession Charles, but we play the greatest role in the greatest moments. With a proper judiciary in place, I can better serve the Crown. There will come a time Charles ... ." He did not complete the thought. "Let us meet at the Woolsack later this week. We shall share a drink with fellows and be seen and then we can retire to a private room to discuss things." He offered a quick and short smile as he made the recommendation. "It is best to keep it with just the two of us. Heneage has been troubled while you have been gone Charles. I fear I failed him as I find I spend far too little time with him. He seems inclined to recklessness these days. I need you to help him. He will deny anything is wrong, but his trouble is easy for you to see. He needs to focus on his duties to the Bar and his family. He needs to be reminded of duty. At times it is disagreeable but it is the price of privilege. It is the compact that we peers enter with the Crown. There is room in it to find joy. Look at you. He needs to find the right woman Charles -- someone that understands duty and willing to help him find peace, success and happiness." Unfortunately, Finch's own marriage was an unhappy one, as was Daniel's. The Finch men had poor history with wives. The father could only hope his son would do better. There was mention of the King's finances. "The cities have threatened legal action over the quo warranto, though they are not stupid enough to think they would win." He paused as they passed others in the hallway. "I am not the Treasurer of England but I think funding is still needed but His Majesty is in far better circumstance than he faced last year."
  12. A one might expect, the Chancellor of England was surrounded by peers offering their opinions on various topics and seeking assistance. Heneage kept the conversations brief knowing that time was better spent amongst the many rather than the few. It was then that he saw Blount approach. Here was a man worth an exception. "Lord Mountjoy," he greeted Charles amiably. "It is good to see you back in the House," He waved off a few others that awaited his attention. "Yes, walk back to my office with me and tell me of your excursion."
  13. Blackguard

    Away & Here Notices

    Hooray for the good news!
  14. Report post (IP: Posted 10 hours ago (edited) ... a game of inventing resolutions for each other's pcs might help get the creative juices flowing again do please join in if you wish! Louis: Try and avoid plotting to achieve another office this year Anne-Elizabeth: Find a way to combine voodoo and limericks Francis: find the right wife that will not interfere with his way of life at all Caroline: seduce someone that hates the French Davina: seduce someone that hates Catholics Henry: Discovering that telescopes can do more than spy on stars Sophia: develop a plan for the eventuality that she bears a blond and fair child Darlene: Figure out a grand way to make peace with Thomas Killigrew Charles: Propose to Darlene CB: ... he should issue more arrest warrants for the Life Guard to execute to make Charles happier Chatham: ruin someone's reputation for the Hell of it. Next year he can do a good deed to atone for it. Edmund: Come by some coin by finding a wealthy heiress to woo Cordelia: Find a good match for Lady Newcastle's debutante daughter before he gets married off to another George: To realize that a wife stealing plan does not mean that you steal another man's wife. Then steal one that does not have a loaded pistol. Grace: Keep a loaded pistol nearby Nicci: Find a way to make Huguenots the "cool kids" at court so no one suspects them of anything Beverly: Sign up as a military advisor to the Dutch so that he can spy on them in the recess. Heneage: Propose to Darlene Rochester: Go on a double date with George and steal two wives George Churchill: Propose to Darlene or Davina, whichever says yes. Edith Habersham: Propose to George John Burgoyne: Propose to Nicci Peregrine Osborne: stay away from court this year
  15. Blackguard

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    "If no plan is infallible then certainly there are plans that are low in risk. This should be one," the matron countered. "Yet, if you enjoy little access to your mistress this late, then perhaps we are too late." There was a disappointed look on her face. It had taken too long to arrive in London. "You may be visited by another in the future. You will not see me again. If you receive a note, it will be signed Thomas, as in doubting Thomas, for you have doubt in your mind child. Follow the instructions carefully and come alone or no one will meet you. And know this ... we will be watching. We ask you to take no chances and we plan to take none either. Trust no one with what I have told you. Nothing good will come of it. Remember the words in Proverbs daughter “a man of understanding holds his tongue. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” Johanna took to her feet. "I must take my leave of you. I shall pray for you." With that she moved to leave the pew and head for the door.