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  2. Nicolette Vauquelin

    Wednesday Cards Night | 8ish in the Cards room, 6th April

    "It is true." Nicci conceeded with a nod as Rochester pinned her as being a willing pupil, her eyebrow then raised toward that man. Did he intend to take his narration further than that? It was very likely dangerous, and he knew it, he was hamming up his drunken state to get away with it. Dorset meanwhile showed himself to be a friend to his pickled friend, Nicci took note of that (and the fact that he'd been the one to pay her entrance into this game). Her poor opinion upon him was turned around (though she'd never let her mentor Lady O’Rourke hear her say anything to that effect!) "La! I think we have discovered a new form of phallic divination Rochester, palmistry is rather popular, why not give cockistry a shot! Who here is willing to cross my palm with silver and I shall take their reading!" Grinning Nicci winked to her new friend Anne Elizabeth as she joined the nonsense and fun.
  3. Francis would be sure to take them to all their desired locations
  4. Darlene No not the brightest, or perhaps it was just her beauty was distracting him, making it hard for him to follow her string of thoughts. "Of course not!" Darlene giggled, "Ooh you are such a tease! I am talking about where I can collect pamphlets for my archive, and those are sure to be the most interesting. From an archivists point of view at least." He'd mixed her topics, the one of guessing how she had secured a office was best left behind. Afterall the circumstances had been at best dubious. "Will you escort me to the Green Ribbon club, pretty please? I probably should not go alone. Though I could, because I do have a gun." She had always found that saying things like that made gentlemen eager to help, they never seemed to want her to do any shooting. Not that she thought it very likly she's need to shoot anyone, because Adam MacGregor had told her that just waiving her gun around and looking like she might, would likly be enough. Besides, as delinquent as the Whigs were, they were hardly likly to act rough towards a lady.
  5. Davina Wellsley

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    Davina listened and could not help a small smile as she answered back "And after these 'questions' comes my 'confession' is that it? Well I must commend whoever is pulling the strings for tis obvious by your own admission and my curisoity is caught. Yet I am enough weary as well and who could blame me." "But you tease as well adding that whatever it might be is best for me and so therein is the delima - I wonder Madam at the 'help' you might be offering." She was silent for a few minutes then gave a nod of her dark head "Very well. Continue." She might well be risking her safety and this had come at a time when she was at lose ends which might well account for her taking it up.
  6. "Cock jokes?" Rochester looked wounded. "They are hardly that. These are cock observations, study and analysis I'll have you know. Worthy of its own class at Oxford and far more useful than several dead subjects they teach." He swayed as he took to his feet, using a hand to the tabletop to steady himself. "A thorough study of the penis yields knowledge in medicine, science, history, diplomacy, and current politics. How many topics can accomplish that all in one go? The Mademoiselle has marked herself a willing pupil. Can it be so wrong to have a goal of enlightenment at one's core?" He emptied another cup. Kingston turned a card with four golden cups. "The four of cups is a card about wishful thinking," Forensi announced. The lord was owed four pounds. "I'll tell you what I am wishfully thinking of," Rochester slurred. "I hope it involves you sitting down and putting your head on the table until you can think clearly again," Dorset replied. "As if I ever could," Rochester blabbed back with a grin. "Perhaps it was wishful thinking then." Dorset replied with a smirk and turned his attention elsewhere.
  7. Blackguard

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    "Aren't you the perceptive one," the elder mentioned in a complimentary tone.. "That could work in your favor." "You see, my name is unimportant dear because you shall never see me again." She wore a smug smile as she returned her gaze to the prominent cross on the wall. "Depending how our conversation goes, you may be meeting another or no one at all. It is best for you dear. I am here to help you, but I have a series of questions to ask, if you are up to it. If not, that is fine."
  8. Davina "I had hoped you would be more accommodating," May lamented. "So many rigors to my role. Can one be criticized for seeking … direction?" He looked hurt, though he was anything but such. As for the King, it would be the last thing that he would recommend, sending him amongst the Queen's maids to flirt while she was pregnant. There could be no happy outcome to that scenario, but he would make no mention of it. "I shall give it more thought," he promised. There was a rather exotic man due to arrive. Darlene George fell for it naturally, looking left and right as if being let in on some crown secret. He was not the brightest of the Churchills. But, he was a pretty one. Her mention of the Green Ribbon Club caused a frown to appear, as the clue was quite at odds with the path that he intended to explore. "Shaftesbury had something to do with it?" It was a broad guess but she had claimed she would signal hot or cold.
  9. "You know I do prefer your brilliant words to be turned to brilliant subjects. Cock jokes are far too easy for you," Francis replied to Rochester. He laughed at Nicci's barb at never having seen the French version. "Ahh, Lady Cambray. Welcome!" Francis greeted the newcomer. "I do not think any claimed French ones the larger, for that would be quite the feat!" Francis chuckled more. "For though once upon a time from that land, my friend far prefers the generosity of England! And her King, of course." He found it a bit odd that Nicci's words were turned around to opposite, and he jokingly made sure none had misconstrued; the man must be too drunk to actually follow conversation. "Ha, well, is it my turn then? Lady Cambray rather distracted me from the game." (Card 11)
  10. Darlene & George A woman who thrived upon attention, Darlene's eyes flared at his sudden interest. "It is a stunning tale, I shall tell you that much, but not one that can be repeated here." she winked intending mysteriousness. "Besides, plain questions are hardly the fun way to discover answers... why don’t you guess and I shall tell you if you are hot or cold." Perhaps when the King learned that she had compiled a library of tracts and pamphlets, she'd be awarded with a proper and official title, and given the office actually. The best pamphlets were those contentious. Which meant… "I shall probably have to visit the green ribbon club." She whispered to Churchill, gauging his response. One thing for certain, she knew that Charles would think that was a terrible idea. Probably because it was dangerous. How exciting!
  11. Darlene Hamilton

    Gracie and the Bandit-April 6th, noon (open)

    There was literally nothing Darlene liked better than the sound of a cheer from an admiring audience, so that as it came from the gentleman’s quarter she fairly glowed in response! He even clapped. “It is testament to your mothers creativity that she managed to do so, m'Lord Banwell. And of course much is said that is not enunciated… ” she crooned warmly as she took in more details of this man. He was of a sensible age, possessed clear blue eyes, and a head of hair that was a-gleam with good health, “…but perhaps the art of communicating between the lines is not confined only to her fair sex?" her eyebrow rose and a smile played on her lips. The notion of a walk appealed. Well she was on a walk already, planning to go home, but newly charmed by this appreciative audience, she fancied a walk with Edmund if Gracie was happy to provide the excuse. Alas. “Oh, I think he’s still got some energy yet.” Darlene sounded disappointed when a walk was off the cards, and cautiously she reached to pat the racoons head, perhaps to prompt some livliness in it. While Bandit might be too tired now, Gracie came up with a clever idea. “Ooh yes, I’ve never even been to the Menagerie, lets go for a walk there!” While personally she thought that there was nothing at all wrong with normal pets, like cats or dogs, but perhaps she’d come to have time to relay this more privately to Edmund.
  12. Hope

    Solitude of Emotion

    “You are exactly right, Father and my own diligence and dependability has unwittingly exacerbated his more carefree bent into selfishness, and most shamefully, ungraciousness to the gentler sex. There was a pause between the men while both separately mused upon the absent letter comment, Charles with thoughts quite different to the stream of Heneage’s own process. Done with a sip of hot milk. “I am thinking – “ Both begun talking at once! Hen stopped and heard Charles out. Then continued his own string, “I thought perhaps I could write her a letter, on his behalf. Ah, er, if we are trained at anything in our field as professionals, it is to mediate though troubled waters, yes?” Though that did not usually include impersonation. Hen frowned, and met Charles gaze. “It would need to be carefully done… how might such a letter even begin? ‘Dear Wife’, perhaps, unless is that too possessive a term under the circumstances…?”
  13. "War." the young lady repeated with a wrinkle of nose, "surely they don’t enjoy that topic, not truly." She could hardly imagine the men happy when currently without lively female attention, just as she was hardly truly happy without a gentleman’s attentions upon herself! "... so you are saying I should not interrupt them." she grinned and her dimple showed once more, "why Lord Kingston, I suspect you are just saying that in order to keep me all to yourself!" "Oh do you think?" While he seemingly avoided telling her of his own attributes, he spoke further of the benefits of a courtly education. And she, like a little fishy to water, nodded and tipped her head. Even batting her eyes in a way that appeared very attentive. "On that subject I could be very diligent, for it's such a practical subject. Might you assist me with my practise also? I mean I can curtsy quite well, but just as the Duke knows there is always room for improvement." The remainder of the afternoon progressed very nicely, though perhaps to Francis silent frustration the Larson girl did not let up on her hints that she should become special to him. Dorothea however did notice his lack of encouragement in that quarter, combined with a look here and there towards herself, so that ultimately he felt privately content. Meanwhile Lady Kingston noticed much, and was more than happy to secure her sons greatest attention for the remainder of the day while the young ladies worked themselves out. OOC: and so shall we fade out on the outing with that, no doubt with t.b.c’s on a number of those fronts. Oh, ps. Can you confirm that the outing did include seeing the Coronation stone and the 4 Bell tower in town, just to be clear. Thx!
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  15. Charles Blount

    Solitude of Emotion

    It was a bit of a reprieve for Charles that the subject was able to migrate off his own problem. It was not that he relished that Heneage had issues of his own but that it reinforced the fact that issues and problems were inherent in personal relationships. “That does not surprise me.” Responded Charles when Heneage told him about his brother’s actions… or lack thereof. “Daniel was never the one to readily take responsibility for the consequences of his actions. Having a responsible father and a caring and responsible brother allows him to indulge himself to a greater extent than otherwise.” In his opinion Daniel deserved a good clot upside the head but that was a view he felt would not be constructive to voice at this time. “You did and can do only what you think is best. Good intentions may not always be the balm that soothes our troubles but it is the only good faith remedy we have.” The last part about her waiting in vain for a letter did not draw a comment from Charles but it did cause him to think about his own situation. He mulled over the thought as he dipped a still warm cookie into his milk, something that was not within the bounds of etiquette in polite society but it was just Hen and he. In the case of Daniel and his wife it was quite obvious that it was the husband’s duty to take the lead in the situation but in his own case that obvious conclusion had been oblivious to him. Heneage may not have been able to shed light on Charles’ predicament directly but his side comment had been very illuminating. The path forward now seemed clear, at least for the moment before self doubt and insecurities crept in. Both Heneage and Charles were very intelligent people but often times intelligent people could be very stupid. “Yes, I agree that as long as the lines of communication have not been severed there is always hope. Unfortunately the longer the delay the more tenuous those lines become. But she can take solace in the fact that she has you and your father to rely upon. Daniel was always of a mind of his own regardless of any council given so I would not hold myself to account for his actions if he fails to assume blame for them himself.” A piece of milk sodden cookie broke off and landed with a wet plop on his silk waistcoat. “Oh bugger!” He exclaimed as he brushed the offending crumbs away to reveal a stain. “Padeen is going to have a fit trying to get that out.” Whatever had transpired Charles seemed to be under less of a weight that he had been earlier in the evening. Their problem still remained but it was heartening to have a conversation with an old and trusted friend.
  16. Davina Wellsley

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    She had expected a man so this ederly woman who sat beside her was indeed a surprise. A small turn of her head gave her some indication as to apperances but as for introductions ... "Since we share no prior acquaintance I can hardly address you as such it would be ill-mannered indeed. Why not state your name - you know mine tis only fair that I know yours." "Do you perhaps represent another?" Her eyes moved about the area she could see clearly but saw no one else. "Are we to have a discourse on Religion? Well we are in the right place for it." But she did not answer what had been asked. There was still too much unknown.
  17. Francis had to hold in his amusement, and further hid it behind taking a liberal gulp of his drink. "Perhaps they just enjoy talking about war," Francis postulated instead. After all, the little trio was made of two sailors and one life guard! "I can attest at least two have great enjoyment in speaking of things which cannot be spoken of in front of a lady." War being the obvious one. There were plenty of things men talked about outside the presence of ladies. "Success at court life requires much studying and diligence. You should not think yourself immune to the necessity." He chuckled, "I once thought myself finished enough for all this business, and then His Grace made me bow some hundreds of times and now I cringe to think how wet behind the ears I must have appeared." Francis might look quite young, but he was not. And he had already mostly raised one child, even though Tom was not his, clearly, and he knew a thing or two of young ladies from Sophia. He thought himself worthy of dispensing advice since he had the young lady's attention captive. For the rest of the lunch, Francis spread his conversation around, for he was far more interested in Dorothea than in the girl that seemed so very much younger! He was also quite certain to give his mother her due devotion, and he did not much care if George teased him of being his sister's mummy's boy for the entirety of the Easter weekend for it!
  18. Davina "Are you not? Why I could swear I head that mind reading was a Special talent of yours Mr. May." She chided back all innocent. "And if I were to tell you and I wished wrong than what? If you send me any that are lacking in conversation or wit then I must work all the harder to hold up my end and there is no fun in that. Unless thay are some Foreign Gentlemen then some excuses must be made naturally. And I am used to that." "And I can not step wrong on my side Mr. May." She warned. "For then my Mistress would be most displeased and in her present state ..... it would be a most unwise thing to do. Would it not?" "That is why it should be your own ideas - send across Gentlemen that His Majesty knows will amuse. I am sure that you are well enough informed that tis a simply thing really." "And His Majesty is welcome'd to come himself ...." She smiled across to him wondering if he might catch the fact that she had only spoken in the singular.
  19. Gallery Davina "Chilchester seems like a worthy man to know," May replied while wondering if Davina was sweet on him. When the maid refused to make her selections known, May tutted. "I am a man used to making wishes come true but I am no mind reader. If you will not tell me your wishes, what chances to do I have to please you maids?" he was tormenting her of course. Davina George find his attention distracted further to Darlene. What sort of woman had an office in the palace? Surely only the Queen and the Mistress of Robes. "How did you get an office, let alone one with so many shelves?" He could not contain his curiosity. Surely it was a gift from the King and it was impolite to ask, but it was just so novel that he needed to ask.
  20. Blackguard

    A Meeting, Noon, the 6th Queen's Chapel

    An elderly woman in black lace and black lace veil was lighting a candle in the front of the chapel. Davina's arrival was noted. There was no sign of priest or altar boy. The guest moved to join Davina in the pew. With every other seat available in the chapel it was plain that the woman wanted to speak with Davina. ""Good day Miss Wellsley. I am glad you came. You can call me Johanna. There are far too few Catholics left in England, and even fewer good Catholics. Do you consider yourself a good Catholic my dear?"
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  22. Grace Preston

    Gracie and the Bandit-April 6th, noon (open)

    Grace finally blushed, but it was more in being compared to the lady's cousin than the talk of Cromwell and bosoms. You don't grow up surrounded by males and not here talk of both. Especially about bosoms and also especially around her nephews and cousins of similar age. They all seemed obsessed with them, when they forgot Grace was around to hear them talk. They probably talked about them when she WASN'T around too. She gave a glance down at her own less than outstanding breasts. They were fine, her mother had told her, but she knew she'd never compare to Dorcas, the upstairs maid, who always looked like she was about to fall out of her top. She'd asked Trip if he wasn't allotting enough funds to the maids' clothing because of this, but he had just stared at her while seemingly blushing at the same time. She blinked for just a moment at the sudden fierce statement from Lady Oakham in defense of her pet. Sliding her hand up towards the creature as she held several more nuts, he patted her cheek before taking them. His was of apologizing for being a terror. He then daintily took a nut, rolled it around in his paws and then crunched down on it. "Since he seems to have worn himself out with his escapade, I think Bandit will be taking the rest of the walk staying right where he is. He often gets these spurts of energy, but for the most part, he's rather lazy." She reached up again and ran her fingers through the fur on his head and gave him a scratch. Chittering happily now, he nuzzled in. "My eldest brother mentioned a menagerie at the Tower," she offered as a suggestion for learning about more animals. "I was hoping to see it while I'm here. Of course, this is just my first full day in London and there's lots to see and do, I've been told. I've even been told of a Ladies' adventuring club. So many exciting things to do and see." She paused, turning her head to eye the raccoon relaxing on her shoulder. "But perhaps not while accompanied by this escape artist." Noting the animal's calm state, she offered to the lady and gentleman, "Now that he's relaxed, if you wanted to pet him, you can."
  23. Grace had to chuckle. "Bandit will seemingly eat just about anything. Whenever he manages to get out, we can always find him in the refuse. His favorite treats are worms and and nuts, but he'll eat anything. My brother told me of tiny lobster type creatures that are found in the streams of America that raccoons often eat. And they're very clean animals, as raccoons like to wash their food before eating, which is why I'm always surprised when he eats trash. It seems a bit of a contradiction." "I plan on taking him out tomorrow if the weather is nice. He's been cooped up in the carriage with myself and my maid and is likely driving my poor Lizbeth crazy right now." With a grin at the prospect of a picnic, Grace replied, "I'll see if I can find somewhere nearby!" She did so enjoy outings. Like her pet, being cooped up didn't agree with the young lady used to tramping all over her family's estate. At the thought of getting out and exploring this new place, she grinned. "I look forward to seeing all there is to see. Now, if only I could get used to the smell, I have no doubt it shall be just as you say."
  24. Queens Chapel Just off St. James' Park stands a small Catholic church. The Chapel was commissioned in 1623, for the Infanta of Spain, the intended wife of Charles I. It was completed in 1627, for Charles I's eventual Queen, Henrietta Maria of France, who used it as her private Roman Catholic chapel, bringing with her a bishop and priests from France as her chaplains. During the Commonwealth, the Chapel was stripped of its treasures, and, in 1650, a Council of State directed that it should be used as a library. In 1662, however, it was refurnished and restored as a place of worship by Charles II, for his Queen, Catherine of Braganza. It is one of the very few Catholic churches in England. _______________________ (ooc:Placeholder) IC The missive she had received had said for her come alone at Noon. And so she had. Well hardly ALONE for one of her brothers men stood off in a corner not in view but well able to see any that might come near her. Her maid Poppy was also stationed in a clever disguise of her own fashioning wearing a lace veil occupied in a back pew the very picture of devoutness. She too would be able to watch. For her part Davina had dressed down wearing a gown of pale blue silk with tiny hand painted roses in a cream coclor. Only her pearl drops on each ear and she had covered her head and shoulders with a cream shawl. It was a windy Spring day so she as glad to be inside the Chapel. She dipped her fingers in the Holy Water and crossed herself then walked calming towards the front selecting a pew off to the left side. Candles flickered and incence filled the air. She saw no one else. It was dim enough and really a perfect place for whatever was afoot!
  25. "Well..." she leaned towards him, dropping her voice to a hush which invited him to lean his head closer too, "for a start to attend to the gentlemen we are blessed to keep the company of. I have discovered, Lord Kingston, that gentlemen are oft quite shy if left to their own devices." as a case in point she nodded towards where Tommy sat with Sam and George (though plainly she was not meaning George). Francis made his point, and rightening her posture again she gave a nod of head. "I dare say you are correct. The ladies possess a pleasure in studious matters that quite escapes me, perhaps our new friendships shall compliment one to the other just fine." she tipped her head and then asked, "What would you say is your greatest gift Lord Kingston? Oh aside from hair that is utterly gorgeous, and a smile that, ah, makes my heart skip a beat!?" said with a touch of hand to her breast. A gesture that drew Dorothea’s notice. The serious young woman frowned, but perhaps she, Agnes and Lady Kingston were concerning on something particularly weighty at that very moment. OOC: good plan, yes I spotted the thread you made.
  26. Darlene Pulling her eyes away from her sweetheart on the floor below, Darlene tipped her head at George's question. "Do you think they dont?" Questions like that sounded like opportunities to her. "Then I shall need to begin such an archive. You do know I have my own office at the palace, though I'm letting Lord Aylesford use it at the moment - but one of the most redeeming features of the room is it's copious number of shelves. It would exactly perfect for a collection of pamphlets. Oh, and I shall be it's curator. That sounds terribly important doesn't it, but then most things I do are." she giggled, though she was entirely serious about this exceptionally brilliant idea. Charles would be so proud.
  27. Charles Audley

    On A Wing And A Prayer | 6th April, morning

    Whatever about a choir, Charles was almost ready to sing with joy himself. (Though, as he would freely concede, his voice was far from heavenly. But that was fine. His intentions, and the reason for his joy, were as earthly as they came.) But after all this time, finally we are alone and free to indulge! Naturally, he had no sooner formed the thought than the doors of the chapel opened and they were interrupted. It was almost personally offensive, he reflected, swallowing his instinctive reaction. (Which had been to simply strangle the interloper and hide the body in the confessional. Most women, he had found, thought that murder rather ruined the mood, and those that did not were generally more trouble than they were worth.) Instead Charles faded back into the staircase a little, for better concealment, and looked at Sophia to see how she wished to proceed.
  28. Charles Audley

    Off With Her ... | 4th April, afternoon (Open)

    Charles laughed quietly, a low rumbling sound deep in his chest. There was a loveliness in Anne-Elisabeth's lithe slender form, something deeply appealing. She had an energy and a passion, an alluringly straightforward earthiness. And she knows how to display herself, too, which helps. "Well, that would be no great burden. You do not make it difficult to compliment you, after all." He caressed her arse again, hoping to coax another one of those delectable sighs from her, and kissed her again. Watching her lie back for him, her eyes shining, Charles found his resolve to make her beg sorely tested. It would have been so easy to shuck his breeches and set to work, but it would be more fun, he decided, to be patient, and torment her a little. He admired her for a moment more, then brought her hand up to his lips, kissing each of her fingertips in turn. His lips moved then to the inside of her wrist before proceeding up her arm to her shoulder with exquisite slowness, occasionally reversing course just to prolong matters. He moved then to her earlobe, nipping gently, and then kissed down the line of her jaw to her throat. He tarried there for a while, suckling at the pulse point. One hand had to support his weight but the other he trailed softly over her hip to her belly, fingertips drawing delicate patterns over her skin, moving gradually south to the juncture of her thighs with all the slow inevitably of a glacier. He broke off to smirk down at her, taking a moment to see what effect his ministrations had had, and then bent back down to work, lips kissing along every inch of her collarbone. He blew softly on each of her nipples, and then skipped over her breasts entirely, lips moving on to join his hand, teasing around her navel and belly. He kept that up for what seemed an eternity, even to him, before deigning to begin to show mercy. His mouth moved back to her bosom, kisses circling slowly towards her nipples, and his fingers drifted down to flirt with her lower lips.
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