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  1. "That it is" she replied to Lord Mountjoy's supposition, "what a relief it is to speak of it, for I've spent the evening furthering the ruse that there's nothing out of the ordinary! The institution of shielding the minds of those who are with child is an inconvenient thing. I rather imagine Karoline to have the strength of character to bear it..." That thought brought her to look at Lord mount Joy and ask "Did your lady wife allow you to keep her in the dark during her confinement?" Though Mall was entirely unqualified to launch any change to societies opinions on that matter, having never endured the happy state to fruition. "Oh well that there explains it, my Lord Brother's taste in such things is never less than perfect. A Wender, would it be one of Claude Cunet of lyons?" One of the most distinguished French gunmakers of the age. "A rather Lofty prize for the evening... mmm, It is loaded no doubt. It would do my brothers ego good if his weapon was used to shoot any infiltrator. This is how he manages be two places at once!" she chuckled affectionately. "Has your luck turned rum Lord Kingston? - need I ask to inspect your deck Lord Mountjoy!" she teased. "But no, please do play on, I'll take a que from our Lord Albemarle and just watch." It was frankly refreshing to be amongst the gentlemen, and she settled to the chair Lord Mountjoy had drawn over for her.
  2. Evening continued to progress relatively quietly, to Lords Mountjoy and Kingston at least, what with the barrier of a door between them and whatever the ladies were doing. Was it the incessant decorum there in that drove one of the known occupants to then exit? It was the leggy form of Mall who strode out, dressed in comfy woollen knickerbockers (a Dutch style: essentially pants that rolled up to the knees) with a green velvet coat that covered her shapely hips. "Gentleman, I see all is well on your front." Said she. As she drew closer it became evident she wore a rapier partially hid beneath her coat, "though you are well prepared." The duchess having noticed the pair pistols on the table just there, "I fear we may not see any action, which would be a shame after the news we've heard today I for one would be wholly satisfied to deliver a good thrashing to the upstarts." Mall needed to relieve some of her energies after having spent some few hours with ladies being especially banal (so unlivley that even the young Queen had suggested an early night to bed.) She very well remembered how England had been when it had lost it's King, so that any threat to the royal family she took very seriously.
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    A Matter Of Importance Tuesday Afternoon - 1pm

    His Majesty digested the situation, Lady Mountjoy at that stage had little more to add, it being that they were agreed with the apparent situation. Then Buckingham's point was succinct, "Mistress Wellesley was an apt mark since she was above our suspicion." Ursula commented. (Meanwhile it was news to her that Jane was a spy! But this was information she was privy to in an accidental manner, it would go no further) "Indeed it is a business that must be resolved as swiftly as possible, in the best interests of the realm." She further accepted her part in this, and none of the three dilly dallied in pressing on. ~//~ Still it likey seemed a long while to Davina, the meal was long eaten and already cleared way before the sound of footsteps nearing told her that the decision over her fate neared. But the steps did not hold the weight of Lord Buckingham? It was a person of much less a height who walked through the door: the fearsome Lady Mountjoy! Ursula walked into the room like she owned it. It was just as well that the trip from the Palace to Buckinghams had given her temper some time to settle, though she did not know if she would manage much eloquence during this conversation! "Ahh, how good of you to keep the lady company please accept my thanks, and might we have some time alone." She thanked and dismissed Tom with a small smile, the lad probably had no idea what was going on. After the youth left she looked squarely at Davina, directing to a pair of chairs across the room near a tapestry she uttered "Sit." While taking the chair directly opposite. Drawing a long breath she then spoke "Mistress Wellesley I have never been so disappointed."
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    A Matter Of Importance Tuesday Afternoon - 1pm

    Any effort to hide her surprise, shock and dismay were abandoned as Buckingham revealed the awful facts. The support of the chair she'd just sat in was then tested, her hand clasping at the armrest, and sense of a dead weight upon her form. "Davina?" The girls name whispered from her lips in disbelief. "I would never have redimagined." The tale then continued, her mind spinning with the additional vile plots that this may relate to. Trying to match this with her vision of the rather mild, prim and insipid even Davina. "Her Majesty has been well, with no plights other than the weight of child that she is bearing, and complaints of boredom, wishing the babe was already born. I feel fairly confident that we do not need to worry that the poison was given.Though now I wonder if that was from lack of opportunity." Ursula would never treat such a situation lightly. "As for Davina's character she's always seemed a stickler for rules and procedure, I also know who to be quite a headstrong girl, stubborn to the point of ridiculousness, and blunt. I find it very odd that this old woman who offered the poison was not completely put off, for I know for a fact that Davina will say no strongly when inclined to. That the poison still turned up a few days later shows she did not." There was talk that it may have been stupidity on the girls part, naivety. To this Lady Mountjoy nodded. "It is kinder, more palatable even, to imagine her a fool. For the counter argument that she is a criminal mastermind is dreadful to comprehend." "Either way you're correct we cannot risk her remaining close to Her Majesty." Mentally she processed the thoughts that she might be turned double, she could understand how the men searched for a way to learn the identity of the conspirators beneath this scheme. That was Davina capable of this, then perhaps she was capable of things that never imagined of her: and embark on a plot of greatest intrigue and deception! "May I suggest that when I speak to her, we wait to see if she suggest a double cross herself. That will tell us quite a lot of her secret nature, if she comes up with the concept, and believes herself able to pull it off. Either way I do not know that we can fully trust her. It would take some remarkable feat to come back from this."
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    A Matter Of Importance Tuesday Afternoon - 1pm

    It took some skill to march gracefully, especially when encased in near 50 yards of fabric, but Ursula endeavoured to pulled it off. Which was more than could be said for her maid who was nearly running to keep up alongside her. It was not every day that Ursula was summoned to the king's presence, but these were not usual times. She made unseemly haste. After a brief pause to catch her breath outside the doorway, the fair haired lady entered the room bearing a time-perfected blend of deferance and importance. She showed no surprine of seeing Buckingham, it was virtual eyebrows risen along with increased curiosity and concern. Dipping a curtsy she waited their motion to approach closer still. "Your Majesty, Your Grace, how may assist?" There was little need to elaborate further than that, for surely this was to do with the threat to the Queen's life and the guard kept over her person this past night.
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    Away & Here Notices

    its surprisingly debilitating, so many things, from putting on socks to onefingrered left hand typing ;/ handy that we are in a lockdown again, when we open again i think ill have to be closed for a while except for pickups, which sux. no fun hitchiking stories im afraid. im going to do a post. forgive me for no capitals, its just too awkward to do.
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    Away & Here Notices

    so last week i fractured thumb bone, so am out of action for a while. id thought typing left handed might be viable. well see
  8. Manfried gave pause, appreciating the delicacy of the question. "Perhaps that, you discovered that there was no malice intended towards either England nor Savoy, nor between them. But rather the token of a gift might be a forbode of greater union." The savoyard's eyebrow rose, wondering if the Regent would be upset greatly! The thought was enough to make him smile.
  9. Charles offer was as generous as it could be under the circumstances, Manfriend turned to meet his brothers eyes in a non-verbal communication (for while Otto hardly spoke English he could understand it passably) and following a slight nod from the other he turned back to Charles. "We would appreciate that very much, and relay your assistance to the Prince when return." they moved through to the waiting chamber. A day, a week, they would wait as long as it took. Thus matters were able to proceed in the manner Charles recommended. As the Life guard, seeing matters of security all in hand, prepared to leave Manfriend bad him farewell and added, "I fear you are left in a more difficult spot for reply to The Duchess. I wish you inspiration for that. Thank you Lord Langdon."
  10. Both men laughed uncomfortably at the joke. "Nothing is committed to paper." Manfried explained. Documents could fall into the wrong hands. "But if you could assist us to gain an audience with the Duke, we would be grateful."
  11. Charles had made a good impression on Victor during that Tintagel visit, what with his bold stories. "So the Duchess learnt of our visit.." this was news to the Savoyards, received with a frown but also gratitude for the lifeguards honesty. That Charles revealed this suggested he was not so blindly loyal to Victors mother as they had thought. "We had n\hoped to go unnoticed by Madame Royale, thus this guise of merchants with a gift of a pair of Padovana dal gran cuiffo* to The Duke." Alas Marie Jeanne watched her son too carefully for the ruse to be a success. "While the details of our mission to the Duke are for his ears only, might I explain that The Prince seeks an ally in a situation, and Duke York both as a Catholic, and a man with great strategic mind, might assist in his predicament." The predicament being primarily his Mothers doing, though King Louis was also in on it. * Padovana :D
  12. "You are such a Good man to remind me of this." Mary met her husbands eyes with sincerity, "for though I certainly would not brag of myself - there has been a niggle in my heart that might provoke me to be petty. And we are certainly above that sort of thing, aren’t we." "Oh Beverly, I am so blessed that we can speak so freely." Capturing his hand she drew him to the bed that they might lounge there in it's fluffed up downy comfort. "Is there anyone who has bothered you too? Do tell me, that perhaps I can sooth your heart as you sooth mine?" "Oh but, The change." Mary accentuated the words differently, as though that might explain it better. But Beverly seemed still in the dark. His bride was surprised, and also pleased, to find this small thing in which she might educate her husband! "Well, it is the clock you might have heard of, the one that we ladies have, and people talk of ticking. There are only so many moons in a woman's life you see, within which she might receive..." her cheeks pinked a little "her husbands seed to begat a new life within her. When those fertile moons have passed, it is then 'The Change'. The Change is oft accompanied with flushes, tempers and upset." she explained, which some thought explained Lady Mountjoy lately. It was with a sudden thought of care towards Beverly's enlightenment on the subject that she quickly added, "But I am a long way from that time, so you need not worry."
  13. It was quite a surprise for the Savoyard pair also, it seemed the fates were smiling down upon them at last. "Our young master gave us your name as one he trusted, and whom we might call upon should it be needed. Although as yet that need has not presented itself, It is an honour to meet you Lord Langdon." both bowed. Which was not to say he could be utterly free with his mission and information, there was no doubt a reason that they had been sent to the Duke of York directly, and not via this Earl. "My Master being the Prince of Piedmont." he clarified slowly, measuring Charles reaction/inteligence with his eyes.
  14. Otto remained silent, though his gaze followed Charles with a frown at the squark of a bird, and uttered a “Si’ to answer that. "Earl Langdon did you say?" Manfred’s eyebrows pitched and he looked with surprise towards his brother, then looked again at the opened document in his grasp. "Would that be the same Charls Whitehurst as of Tintagel?" one needed to be sure. "My brother and I are from Savoy..." he hesitated, wanting confirmation that the Charles in front of him was the same as that within his notes.
  15. "Yes we seek audience with His Grace the Duke York." Manfried replied directly as he took a visual assessment of Charles. By his manner he deduced that Charles was more than one of the soldier sorts holding doors. "I am Cavaliere Manfried Chambery, and my Brother Otto Chambery, recently arrived from upon a mission with political sensitivity." following such gravity, it was poor timing for a cluck-squarking sound to emanate from the crate the servant was caring.