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  1. Mountjoys taking seats Charles words were soothing, and much appreciated. Though Urusla would not, could not truly relax while the precious token, the gift, was still lost. Charles might have forgiven her for not wearing it here tonight, but surely in a more intimate setting he expected to see it fastened about her neck. Lady Mounjoy reavowed to have it found, ‘Ill offer a reward perhaps?’ was her private thought. And then they were seated. Karoline gave a confused smile to Charles, a look that slid across to Francis (her source of out of the usual foodstuffs), and then looking back to Charles she thought to avoid trying to reply to his comment at all! “Thank you.” Was simple enough said – and besides the Bishop by standing, now drew them to silent attendance. & other Important People While on the other side of the Queen, past the Bishops now empty chair, young Dorothea was also biting her tongue (while blushing) having not really meant to extract details from Francis on his sleeping habits! Bishop Compton “Ahem.” The Bishop begun and moved his eyes over the circle of all who were gathered, “Thank you for attending this most fitting event for this hallowed evening, I think I can speak for us all when I thank Her Royal Majesty for her benediction and indeed presence this evening. May I begin with a prayer…” Which he did in inimitable Bishop-y and protracted style "… though our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.” Completing that he looked about the room again, “I invite participation in this evenings sharing of favourite biblical verses, including but not confined to those that relate to the sacrifice of the Lord. And more particularly I invite some small commentary also, for how the verse cited has assisted, inspired or perhaps consoled.” Henry Compton remained stood a moment longer, expecting a rush possibly of eager persons keen to begin... Who will next take the floor Initially however, there was just silence. How, or would, the silence be broken? (As the first person made a motion, Compton nodded, and by taking a seat forfeited the floor. ) Note to all: Resetting posting order as of now! ie, freeforall (go on, I know you've got bible readings eager and ready lol)
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    Hello friends. I ask for your understanding, as I am feeling a overewhelmed with life drama at the moment, while wanting to post it's just difficult. So I am thinking to begin with post my little pc's. I've not forgotten about the Hopeish stuff needed, but just needing to try warm up into it. Which might not be today. But I love you al still. *hugs*
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    Oh, I think i know what has happened. I am basing the set of easter services on a services rped here years back, and so used the same title, planning on c&ping the ceremonies. Fluff wrote them back when. But now I'm wondering if its what you (CB) say and not easter but the week prior that she wrote. I'll have a look back in the archives again tomorrow. When I'm fresh. And ment what needs be mended. Apologies
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    OOC: 4 days of easter threads

    Jimminey Crickets, did I write good friday as Palm Sunday? yes its definately Sunday for that. Sorry for any apparent insanities. Common sense must prevail.
  6. Beverleys, Agnes, & von Bruhl It might not seem much, but Beverly's accepting manner had a subtle effect upon the German, an effect that VonBruhl himself would be hard pressed to pinpoint as to why. "Quite so," he replied agreeably, glance towards the ladies observed and small nod given. "Haha." his eyes closed some with smile, "The English have home advantage, and skill also! Ah, but I have never been under the illusion that the game would be easy. Yet 'the race is not always to the quickest', as they say - and endurance is one of my better qualities." It was in his mind to invite Beverly to join him n a ride some time, but for the moment they fell hush as the Bishop was standing.
  7. Francis and Dorothea “In that case I shall ask for two favours, or perhaps even three.” Dorothea was thinking to one day, when a rare moment of being alone occurred, of asking him for a kiss. Asking for one was daring enough but to practically vocalise asking for three – was utterly audacious! The fair skinned lady blushed. A blush that was hardly helped when he described the Duke as ‘Raucously sleeping’, oh yes it might mean snoring, but for the famed libertine it might mean something else too. “I hope such is a difficulty that you are not troubled with yourself.” Snoring she meant, but the other too, “It’s a trouble I’ve never had, sleeping as soundly as a babe, no matter how late I sit up reading.” But then the Mountjoy’s arrived too, and Dorotha turned to nod her respects to the commanding woman and her husband before she was assisted to her own chair. OOC: The arrangement went: Lord Mountjoy/Lady Mountjoy/Karoline/Compton/ Francis/Dorothea The Beverlys were seated to Lord Mountjoy’s other side, and behind them stood Von Bruhl and Agnes
  8. The Mountjoys There are very few crystallising moments in a life, far more at those great swathes of time where routine and mundane carry methodically on, but this, this was one of those definitive moments. Charles lifted her hand, and placed on it a kiss. But it was more than that, and her rhinestone blue eyes met his and held – pomp and artifice laid bare in that moment. She imagined she could see right into his heart, and he into hers, despite the tangle of brambles that might lay between. Thus for the first time in days the lady felt hope again! As was correct, Charles uttered directive to their duties. She gave a small nod, and murmured, “I am bolstered by our unity in this.“ and she was. Her posture shifted slightly, and she moved with him to the Queen There arriving she smiled, “My Lady, have you ever heard the sound of ice singing, it is a most profound and glorious sort of music ‘neath wintery lake, born of the ice cracking.” She was relaying a message by this, and Karoline sighed a breath of relief to it. Charles might have heard those sounds too, possibly even during his recent travels to northern parts abroad. OOC: Just learnt of this today, and it seemed too wonderous not to somehow include! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chxn2szgEAg Near to the Queen stood Lord Kingston, whom was assisting Lady Dorothea to a seat...
  9. Todays readings was focused on the apostle Matthews accounting, while embellished by Compton’s dialogue upon it. The Bishop found the entire event riveting, alas, this was not so much the case for the greatest number of his parishioners. (It was a long day, even for the most devout of Anglicans) When the break finally came for lunch it was most welcome. That two hours went past all too quickly, before everyone was returning to the chapel and retaking their seating... Notably Her Royal Majesty was now absent, though most ladies of her ladies still were and there seemed no concern on their faces to suggest there had been any problem. The afternoon services of Good Friday were a little more buoyant, which included hymns and shorter bible readings by some of the younger reverends. Adrian Hamilton for instance, had the reading of Mathew 27 verse 54, "When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus saw the earthquake ad what took place, they were filled with awe and said 'Truly this was the Son of God!" Adrian flushed through out the entire thing, but at the completion looked to the congregation and gave a nod before moving off. It was a very big honour, never mind the brevity of the verse read. Then finally the Bishop completed the service by leading all with the Lord Prayer... Service Ends Exiting out into the bright of day again, it was sometime around five.
  10. "But I'm glad that you are..." came her reply in a warm sleepy voice, and scooching over closer she embraced Charles, moulding her form into his and content to drift back off to sleep again. OOC: shall we wind up about here. Planny wise, Mary will attend Church with Charles over the easter services, and feel free to 'Blount' her as there.
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    Great to hear happy stuff is happening, will miss you till you return ❤️
  13. Her Majesty and Compton With the assistance of a couple of her Ladies plumping cushions and arranging her shawl, Karoline settled to her chair, and the Bishop next to her. Till the fussing became too much even for the (remarkably) patient young Queen, who then shooed them off to their own seats. Murmurs were exchanged between Compton and HRM (as the last few people settled to their chairs) - the Bishop’s body language suggested her was about to stand once again. Francis & Dorothea near Karoline and Henry Dorothea, who happened to hold Francis with no small amount of esteem, grinned at his modesty. He always did that, she knew, always claimed to be one of the most lowly of court. “Well if you wish, you can imagine that your seating is entirely due to my begging an indulgence at the royal footstool.” she teased, “and you now owe me a great favour.” The Dorothea of a year ago would never have teased, she had been acutely serious, but had learnt that artform from spending time with him. “But in fact Her Majesty is quite fond of you, and hearing from Bishop Compton’s lips, how you favoured the evenings theme thought your placement might serve as a good example. It is notable that naught others from your Dukes household is in attendance tonight.” The couple, correction, the two individual people, were able to take their seats after Her Majesty had. The Mountjoys sans Kingston Had he misread her olive branch as something else? Ursula was in no state to tell, her inner distress coming to a spear head at this dreadful moment. Whatever Charles might think, she loved him dearly, and had barely slept since she’s lost the rhinestones. And now this. This was just too much. “It…” she had been about to pledge it was her wish, but the kinking of her knee rather than a graceful step, prompted his voice of concern But the Mountjoys never shirked their duty to the Crown, even when… “Actually…” she turned and looked into his eyes, her brow crumpled need fully for his directive, her hand clasping around the handkerchief he offered and capturing also a number of digits upon his hand. Yes she might try regather herself, and carry on and through the evening; but equally she might be gently escorted away and perhaps with her Charles caring for her. The Beverlys Von Bhrul gave a nod to Beverly, an acknowledgement of a sort that the other knew a little of the him. He’d found few English took the time, or even had the interest. “Yes I served as a youth in the Saxe-Weissenfels household, that was before I went of like many a lad does, to make war.” His accent was that clipped German sort, though perhaps it did not sound so abrasive to Beverly upon account of his spending so much time with Cumberland. “It was Lady Mountjoy who extended an invitation to me to attend here, a greater show from home easing the young queens cultural transition.” He further revealed, and perhaps answered the unspoken questions. Beverly did not need to worry about engaging Agnes in conversation, for Mary (delighted that the men seemed to strike it off) spoke in quiet asides to Agnes. Whom she knew was performing a duty as companion, rather than it being a possible match. The young Scottish girl was good natured that way. “Indeed.” The German replied, “if you are in the game for the rush of danger, then I would direct you to the forests of Saxony. Myself, I am fonder of a race, give me a clear open field any day.”
  14. "Well see there, you are already filling the shoes of a patriarch to think of stepping in to protect the family.” She liked Charles offer should Northampton get out of hand, though she doubted it would ever come to that. “Thank you.” Had she ever expressed gratitude to him before? It felt foreign, but also right. "Oh silly.” By her tone he’d know Mary was smiling, “you are going all romantic on me now, next minute you’ll be reading poetry – which Id only approve of it is was plagiarised and you were cheeky enough to try pass it off as your own.” “Lets not keep a tally of favors Charles, neither of us are that fond of accounting are we, and… well sometimes it’s simply a pleasure to be what another needs.” Which she said spontaneously, and in hindsight realised, “ah, am I sounding romantic now too?!” She laughed throatily. He seemed pacified of his concerns in managing the family, which suited her best as she was content to take the leading role in that (but don’t tell Charles). But how did she get so wise? “I think the greatest part of wisdom, is not the learning but in the reiteration – to fit it smoothly into the others mind. Wisdom is expressing something in a way that others perceive it as right… see I am not wise darling, it’s just that I can phrase it that way.” Warm and soft… moments shared. Until it was disrupted, but Charles showed another side of himself then. He poured oil on the waters, and the troubled feeling just vanished. “Yes, better…” if she’d been going to say anymore than that, it was gone as she returned his kiss. A kiss that deepened, feeling to open up her very soul. Her hands moving. Exploring, discovering, in silence, gentle lingering, drawing out another round of pleasuring… <fade> … it was dark still when she roused to a distant cock crow. Becoming gradually aware, Mary remembered, and then reached out her hand to see if he was still there.
  15. Mountjoy, Mountjoy and Kingston It was only natural that Ursula paid great heed to the minutiae of Charles movements at that moment, the look to her hand, her practically naked neck (it might as well have been given the absence of the precious token!), his heavy pause and then the clearing of his throat – not as precursor to comment, but left reverberating in her mind as the comment itself! In that moment her heart was broken, this the second time she had disappointed the very man she loved so much! “I…” her brow crumpled, with thoughts to confession, but eyes then turned to Kingston. It was not done to air laundry in public, least of all persons of the rank that they enjoyed. So instead Ursula smiled, while praising The Lord that the German girl arrived and Francis was thus summoned, “Might I return your well wish upon you both too.” said she… The Mountjoys cont. Her Majesty, who had looked their way, gave a small smile and nod in their direction… (Karoline for one was very up to speed on Lady Mountjoys situation, but was unable to tell by just looking if anything was resolved.) With Francis removed, Ursula discovered herself ‘alone’ with Charles, but he with his comment upon Her Majesties Arrival, the colour drained from her face. His words were akin to a dismissal! Yet it was an opening too, one that she took “That expectation falls upon yourself as Master of the Horse also.” Which was speaking volumes more than the few words, her hand as she placed it on his sleeve was light then heavy then light; and as she moved to take a step she discovered herself unstable (thus unable), her clasp on his arm tightened. Kingston cont. (approaches Dorothea) The German girl flashed an exuberant smile; the scene Francis now approached could not have been more different than that he had left. Bobbing a little curtsy, she stretched out her hand, while leaning in also to excitably whisper, “I cant believe how many people are here, it’s it just wonderful!” Near to her Bishop Compton acknowledged Kingston with a nod, while Karoline looked between the pair and gave a smile. “You and I have reserved seating near to Her Majesty, I hope you’d not been thinking to sit elsewhere. Had you?” The Beverlys Mary was growing into their marriage, and the devotion and praise from her Lord Husband played no little part in that. “She would be most upset to hear you say so!” Mary however glowed with delight at his daring (though not for one minute did she think he implied any lack of devotion to his mother thereby, for she knew him to be a very attentive son.) “Thank you.” Accepting the bible, “Yes, I am very pleased, though the greatest blessing is your very own presence.” Her cheeks pinked a little, as she felt they were practically announcing their affection to the whole room. Usually this pair were very private. Moving to the seating, they narrowed with a convergence upon Von Bruhl and Agnes… the taller man halted his step… who held greatest precedence between them all? “You are looking especially well tonight Lady Beverley. I take it this is the most fortunate Viscount Beverly?” Mary spoke, “Thank you Freiherr von Bruhl, yes this is indeed my Lord Husband, Lord Beverly you must have heard me speak of Lord Bruhl from Her Majesties homeland.” Her eyes slid to Agnes, “And this is Lady Agnes, cousin of Lady Monmouth.” Various curtsies and bows were given – with Bruhl calculating that the other couple had right to claim the seats. Graciously done, he begun to manoeuvre Agnes that they would stand behind the circle of chairs – meanwhile they remined in speaking distance. “You are an avid horseman from what I have heard.” He said.