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  1. Hope

    Solitude of Emotion

    “You are exactly right, Father and my own diligence and dependability has unwittingly exacerbated his more carefree bent into selfishness, and most shamefully, ungraciousness to the gentler sex. There was a pause between the men while both separately mused upon the absent letter comment, Charles with thoughts quite different to the stream of Heneage’s own process. Done with a sip of hot milk. “I am thinking – “ Both begun talking at once! Hen stopped and heard Charles out. Then continued his own string, “I thought perhaps I could write her a letter, on his behalf. Ah, er, if we are trained at anything in our field as professionals, it is to mediate though troubled waters, yes?” Though that did not usually include impersonation. Hen frowned, and met Charles gaze. “It would need to be carefully done… how might such a letter even begin? ‘Dear Wife’, perhaps, unless is that too possessive a term under the circumstances…?”
  2. "War." the young lady repeated with a wrinkle of nose, "surely they don’t enjoy that topic, not truly." She could hardly imagine the men happy when currently without lively female attention, just as she was hardly truly happy without a gentleman’s attentions upon herself! "... so you are saying I should not interrupt them." she grinned and her dimple showed once more, "why Lord Kingston, I suspect you are just saying that in order to keep me all to yourself!" "Oh do you think?" While he seemingly avoided telling her of his own attributes, he spoke further of the benefits of a courtly education. And she, like a little fishy to water, nodded and tipped her head. Even batting her eyes in a way that appeared very attentive. "On that subject I could be very diligent, for it's such a practical subject. Might you assist me with my practise also? I mean I can curtsy quite well, but just as the Duke knows there is always room for improvement." The remainder of the afternoon progressed very nicely, though perhaps to Francis silent frustration the Larson girl did not let up on her hints that she should become special to him. Dorothea however did notice his lack of encouragement in that quarter, combined with a look here and there towards herself, so that ultimately he felt privately content. Meanwhile Lady Kingston noticed much, and was more than happy to secure her sons greatest attention for the remainder of the day while the young ladies worked themselves out. OOC: and so shall we fade out on the outing with that, no doubt with t.b.c’s on a number of those fronts. Oh, ps. Can you confirm that the outing did include seeing the Coronation stone and the 4 Bell tower in town, just to be clear. Thx!
  3. "Well..." she leaned towards him, dropping her voice to a hush which invited him to lean his head closer too, "for a start to attend to the gentlemen we are blessed to keep the company of. I have discovered, Lord Kingston, that gentlemen are oft quite shy if left to their own devices." as a case in point she nodded towards where Tommy sat with Sam and George (though plainly she was not meaning George). Francis made his point, and rightening her posture again she gave a nod of head. "I dare say you are correct. The ladies possess a pleasure in studious matters that quite escapes me, perhaps our new friendships shall compliment one to the other just fine." she tipped her head and then asked, "What would you say is your greatest gift Lord Kingston? Oh aside from hair that is utterly gorgeous, and a smile that, ah, makes my heart skip a beat!?" said with a touch of hand to her breast. A gesture that drew Dorothea’s notice. The serious young woman frowned, but perhaps she, Agnes and Lady Kingston were concerning on something particularly weighty at that very moment. OOC: good plan, yes I spotted the thread you made.
  4. The park was, as the norm, rather well populated for a place that was locked up... Ambling along puffing his own pipe, and under the light of a nearly full moon, the well dressed Francis might easily make out a figure sat on a bench seat long before he could stumble over the fellows extended out legs. Getting nearer, he might note there were others sat on the grass in a picnic-style scattered behind this chap. "Eve'nin." the fellow drawled with a nod of his high topped hat to Francis as he approached. Sombody was giggling. Sombody else was smoking opium. While the dog tied to the bench seat lifted it's head to look, then lowered it again.
  5. In good spirits, Sir Isaac begun to hum, a sound that carried even further than the harmless snap of twig beneath foot - the tune he picked up was religious by nature, and as the chorus came about the godfearing scientist lifted his (actual) voice to sing "Hallelu-jah.... hallelu-jah..." And he, still unaware that anotehr figure was so very lose by! OOC: while Handels Messiah is not actually written yet, you can imagine it that sort of thing, a real toe tapper!
  6. Sarah, Grace, and Henry Henry may well have been about to offer his services as Sarah had just suggested, but for an untimely interruption that foiled the young women’s plot. He was turned aside by a servant with a message, his expression depending into concern as he read. With impeccable politeness he was forced to ask the ladies forgiveness for being abruptly called away. While he did not go into any details, the women could be certain that he was genuinely disappointed to have to leave their fine company. ... it was then that they might notice that everyone was taking their seats; for as Susan put it, the screaming of cats was about to begin!
  7. "Thank you." Alice smiled, and tipping her head listened to Caroline's experience. "So your own was rather less..." But then the musicians were moving to the stage, conversation was suspened for Caroline had to excuse herself. Well wishes from both Rowland and Alice flowed, who took a seat in the third row. (Not sitting on the roses, they picked them up and held them - Alice took a sniff of hers, and looked around to see what the otehr ladies were doing with theirs?) Staggins also left his companion at the seating at that point, and taking a pace on the piano Stool, awaited the Hostess' prompt to begin.
  8. Hope

    Solitude of Emotion

    Hen nodded of that, and following a pause reflected, “I feel somewhat responsible for this their latest upset. I challenged Danny you see, to tell her what he’d done, or I’d tell her for him. Alas, I learnt one should never deliver an ultimatum that they do not wish to carry out. So I told her, and then. Well she now resides with us.” While naive in his own love life, he was not a stupid man. He now shared a predicament, one that might be a much needed distraction for his friend, from his own failed love life. “She did not have intend to attend this season at all but for my persistence. That she is present at least makes a reunion possible don’t you agree. Although now… now I feel some how accountable when the post comes and goes with no letter from him. I am sure she’s been waiting.” Some men might object to the arrival of c childhood memory of bedtime milk and cookies. They wer fully grown after all, and put away their childish ways. Or had they? “Are they still warm?” Hen was asking as he reached for his glass and a cookie, already knowing the answer for his very nose had celebrated the fresh baked scent as they arrived. “Well done.” Hen gave a nod to Lurch for his part as he took a hearty first bite. There was always room for cookies and milk.
  9. “I have thought better of it.” Anne replied as Sophia settled into the carriage. The trio of blondes made a pretty sight in the carriage, spring sunshine putting a glow upon their cheeks and their lace and ribbons fluttering in the breeze. “On account of your condition. Everyone knows stresses and upset is to be avoided while with child, I should have thought of it as soon as you told me. Bedlam and it’s troubles shall have to wait.” Anne had been too focussed at the time. In fact it had been Young Agnes that had later pointed it out to her cousin. Agnes was inclined towards learning on such things, she was even quite studied in anatomy, having even attended Gresham with his Majesties daughter in ’76* “Yes, it is a surprise!” Anne cheerily revealed, “Oh you can try guess if you like, but I shall not tell you what it is till we are there.” * Anne Palmer was given special dispensation from the King to attend a disection. OOC: feel free to have Sophia guess away during the carriage ride, next post I’ll have us arrive and put you out of your wondering-what-misery
  10. "Well there is a party theme!" the actor grinned toothily, and chuckled at Francis pun. Who did not appreciate one of those! "That said, I'd always thought mermaids the most frustrating of legends, all that allure and beauty - but where is to poke! And even mermen is a bit of a mystery, you never heard of a well hung one of those. It's a situation where the theatre of it is sure to be more fun than any possible reality. A case of the fantasy of the fantasy even." Naturally he nodded on the preference for the stage, and then mused, “Have you ever stepped in front of the lime lights yourself?”
  11. It was true, Elizabeth aka Betty Lawson was no shy wall flower. "Well..." she grinned with a dimple, her eyes sparkling at his insight, "because I did indeed usurp, and shan’t even apologise for it. I could hardly help myself after I accidentally overheard about the outing. You know how it is! When one discovers there is fun to be had somewhere, it's only sense to manage an invite somehow. And besides..." She looked across to where her unlikely companions were sitting discussing books, and then claimed, "...I might even have something I could teach Ladies Dorothea and Agnes," looking back to Francis she tipped her head impishly, "can you guess what that might be?"
  12. Hope

    Solitude of Emotion

    “Well I know what that is like.” Hen replied. He’d deluded himself that Jane had truly cared. Still he’s held hope, but after Siobhan. No, never again. “The heart can only be robust for so long. Best you brace yourself against further heartache Charles. Despite appearances to the contrary, most women are a harsh lot. There is little comfort to be found with any of them. Perhaps its been my fortune to learn this before becoming married. I can only imagine your grief.” He shrugged at the mystery of it as Charles wondered if his absence had been the undoing of it – though his jaded viewpoint did not think it was. “It sounds to me like she has made her position plain enough.” He replied, “Though some might argue ‘what have you got to loose’, the reply to that might be your dignity and self respect. Women make fools of us if we let them.” But to be fair, Daniel’s wife was not like that. “It is a pity that more aren’t like the gentle and good Lady Anne-Elizabeth. She for one is a saint amongst her class. Oh what an irony that rather than living a life blessed, she is instead cursed with a cad as a husband. It is hardly fair.” Hen sighed, and took anotehr sip of his drink. “Justice is easier wrung out of letters of the law than from love Charles, there, that is my advice. Immerse yourself in your work, and discard the weakening affairs of the heart.
  13. Hope

    Away & Here Notices

    We miss you loads!
  14. While in fact Mall had dubbed Francis ‘Sir Pickles’ in private just a few days back, she’d spared him of broadcasting the nickname for wider use. Though still, these sorts of things had their way of getting out… Francis reply had a mocking tone to it, Dorothea briefly pouted at the tease. "And what themes do you collect in your library, Lady Kingston?” she moved past Francis as he deferred to his mother. He was not really mocking her was he? She hoped not, but for now she and Agnes talked about the library in a small setting with his mother. George settled into a chair next to Tommy - meanwhile Elizabeth saw it as an opportunity to swoop in on the outings host, Lord Kingston. “I hope you did not mind my joining the outing. There, I feel so much better for having said that, I’ve been wanting to say as much all day! You probably thought I was one of those bossy sorts that just invite themselves along wherever they fancy. But nothing could be further than the truth, I am actually quite shy when you get to know me. ” she giggled.
  15. Kingstone was an odd mix of make-do and refine, the look of him seemed to suit the later, so that his ease with the former came as a surprise. "Oh you don’t say! We were bloody fortunate that day that more was not lost." A great many had been present, though far fewer had thought beyond saving their own skins. "Ah Greyson, it has been too long since I hear his name. I loved his play To Every Lady's Satisfaction, but am not familiar with a collaborative Poseidon piece? Please enlighten!" he called for a recital from the joint author, what finer way to begin a day! "I could not agree more Lord Kingston." Francis spoke eloquently upon the subject of theatre, "it is the petri-dish of discovery of the very meaning of life, of love, of spirit - for the common man right though to the highest born, and ah to the playwright the satisfaction of bringing both to laugh. Is there quite anything else that is so unifying? Ah, well perhaps war."