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  1. "Yes the minding of p's and q's, for fear of accidentally offending someone - even if that someone deserves some come uppance." Mary grinned, it might have been the perfect time for a wink, but winks were something she'd yet to master. "Lady Somerset for instance." "Lucy and I used to be fine friends until she got married. I thought that perhaps when I was wed too we'd be fast friends again, but she still is so la-di-da of being a Duchess. But look at the sickly fellow she has as a husband, I rather doubt he is even capable of vigor in the bedroom!" while between she and her husband there was certainly no such problem. "There that is my catharsis." To the bible evening, or rather what happened at it's ending. "She did not even try to be subtle, I think the act of withdrawing was part of poor Agnes punishment." Mary empathised with a her newer companion, young Lady St John was a recent addition to the household. "It was a long scolding of how she was in barbaric Scotland any more, and that there was none in attendance that thought her choice of quotation witty..." Mary drew a sigh to add an admission, "I am sorry but some of the rebuke fell upon my shoulders for I had been charged to mind after Agnes as she settles. I had not thought to check on her bible verse though." This had happened some two nights ago now, Mary had been burdened knowing she needed to tell her husband of it.
  2. Nor did he want to be taken for a fool with his money. "Perhaps I dress down for a visit to the printers then..." John supposed upon hearing his mother’s advice. "Discretion." he nodded further, though while saying as much his hopes soared at this opportunity. He'd lacked for a meaningful task, and this might be just it! Still he reined in his grin, upon his mother’s account, she was a moderate woman who advised moderate methods - any reckless enthuse needed to be of her sight! Cordelia stifled a yawn, and murmured words of affection he so much needed to hear. "Thank you Mother." and then nodding, John bent to place a kiss upon her cheek. "Sweet dreams." about her lingered her favourite perfume a scent that reminded him of his childhood; her ever watchful eye there with a correction and help, oft when he not known he needed it. John was very thankful for Cordelia, even if he had difficulty showing it. After leaving her to her bedtime routine, John took a bottle to the library and begun combing their shelves for anything Cavandish related... though he too fell asleep not so long after that. ~ Fin
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    Wish coulda seen your face when the cottoneyedjoe one started *she says while eating a lemon with lemon curd cupcake* I'm going for gratification first, I'll put in the claim forms later My new idea is to do a post at the begnning of each work day under the code 'set small goats', starting tomorrow, on account of how I am currently running my life with daily to do lists (even the weekened, which I personally thought was taking it too far)
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    Appologies for being appalling of late - post wise. Despite my daily resolutions to rectify, I blank out when I visit. Not sure how to break through. I miss our team though.
  5. While many of the younger queens ladies were at loose ends with the Queen in her heavily pregnant state, a goodly number of them still attended her apartments, entertaining themselves as best as they could. Not far off, the sounds of young ladies playing chades filtered into the room where Davina had been sitting... "Why spin your arms like that, is it a windmill? I do not know any plays with windmills in them! Choose an easier one. It has to be english."
  6. Kingston made his own strong points, while her husband navigated between (he was a natural politician!). “I must agree under the circumstances especially, with this news you have presented me with. I am still trying to adjust to this new state of emergency we find ourselves in.” Which was something of an apology. The great lady, for she certainly possessed a ‘presence’ then took on the role of hostess to these very qualified guardians. Shortly enough servants would arrive with two large platters, one sweet and one savoury, and an overlarge coffee pot was wheeled upon a device that had hot coals in it to keep it warm. And ice bucket also arrived, along with a felt topped games table. More discreetly positioned po’s were also positioned The men’s every need for their vigil would certainly be met. A final personal moment was then shared right there in front of Kingston. “I would be pleased to attend to your button myself,” Ursula held Charles gaze, and briefly a turbulence of repressed emotions showed upon her face. While they might not be in the same room, they would bravely face this new threat together! Breaking her intensity with a smile she then jested, “If our Lord Kingston can contain himself once you are stripped to your shirtsleeves.” Content to have personally taken on that little task, Lady Mountjoy exited the room. She would send for Mall forthwith. OOC: the room is yours!
  7. She nodded at his comment on his own father, and added, "I am still a little scared of him, I would hate to ever displease him.” “ ‘Our lives shall be what we make of it’- that is a fine way to think. I for one enjoy it when we get to have some time together like this, I would hope our futures have many quiet moments.” They arrived to her door, she opened and moved though it, fingertips slipping lightly from his – with a content knowledge he would follow. Taking a relaxing breath she visibly lightened in the privacy of her own room. “Ouch.” She grinned at the ‘insignificant barony’ that Beverly verbally grumbled over (she knew he’d never say it in presence of the child in question). “You must touch wood now Beverly, for fear that our own child might have the nature of the upstart more than the innocent. We ought not tempt fate!” Lowering voice she whispered “It seems like a sound spanking might do him a world of good. It would be a tragedy if he grew up with a poor attitude.” “And we must.” Mary agreed with Beverly’s saying they might speak freely when in private. “everyone needs someone to confide in.” That said this pair were in the early stages of such a relationship, Mary still (subconsciously) testing out how much of the bared-her Beverly had time for. “it was far too dramatic I thought, Lady Mountjoy made too much fuss, it felt like she drew everyone’s attention to it by drawing us aside later on.” It was in fact common for the younger ladies in the Queens household to secretly complain Ursula’s iron rule!
  8. "I definitely do." earnest-faced, Mary replied. "Did you notice how Rory both confided and repented to you. While certainly that has something to do with being well raised, it also has much to do with you, My Lord Husband." her voice softened further and she added, "In you, we might place our complete trust." Beverly mused it was not strange, nor for the reverse - which was a clue to her that he felt something similar perhaps. Or at least she hoped so. "... is very trying." with a chuckle she completed his hanging sentence (rather more politely than Beverly would have said it!) "He is one to continually test his mother, I wonder if the passing of his father at such a young age explains that at all. Perhaps his acting too big for his breeches is an effort to fill his fathers shoes. Please pardon the mixed metaphors." Mary gave a nervous laugh, for really it was not her place to even comment on his family. She, so newly a part of it. The dim of the hallway concealed her happy blush at his praise, though her hand squeezed warmly upon his. "While I might argue that with you, in private, for I consider my role as your wife is extremely important. Oh but now that you mention, you must have wondered what had happened to myself and Agnes after the bible evening. I had wanted to return to you swiftly."
  9. "Forgive me if I am wrong," which was a polite way of couching a correction of the gentlemen’s before her, "but the gift is of the same ilk as the flowers crafted, which while made of a foodstuff are certainly not to be eaten. Her Majesties own are on display in her curiosities cabinet. I think the gift may be given safely enough, with His Majesties assistants ready to speak a cautionary word – upon the unlikely instance that CR considers eating it." While she considered the men’s paranoia understandable, endearing even. The suggestion of Mall was well received; her husband verged upon a recitation of verse but halted himself (of this Ursula was disappointed). She was rather fond of the poem he'd built them up to, and even more fond of Charles voice of oration. His was the finest speaking voice in England!* But Charles halted himself. As did she. For Lord Kingstone spoke rather unusually. For usually he was a terribly modest fellow. While there was general view that his acceleration at court was some manner of nepotism, he was never the man to cite it, nor draw such to others attention. But here, those last few words, suggested Francis reticence with family ties was disappearing. "Then it is settled." Ursula smiled back to Francis (while her husband surely caught a micro expression to his wife’s face), "some of the Queens lifeguards shall safely fetch her to the Palace. I would feel most reassured if you were both able to remain here constantly. My Lord Husband, you might be delighted to learn that Lord Kingston is a recent Latrones aficionado." Charles had wanted a chance to find out more about Kingston after her over-familiar use of his christian name - that voyage of discovery was already proving quite interesting, and they had a whole night ahead of them. "Have you both eaten yet, I send for a platter or two, and perhaps a large pot of coffee." * her devoted view
  10. Mary had fallen silent as their exchange continued, her hand upon her belly as she mused it might one day be their own son that Beverly soft but firmly kept in check. That thought made her feel even warmer than she usually did these days (incubating a child seemed to have raised her temperature!), and she gave her husbands hand a soft squeeze of support... a squeeze that slid into a closer hold of his arm. As the relieved (albeit temporarily, for he'd have fits of nerves come tomorrow morning and his report to grandpa!) Rory, gushed a thanks with a bow before being excused - Mary called a 'sweet dreams and god bless!" after the boy. It was in a heartfelt tone that she then murmured to Beverly. "You shall make a very fine Father, My Lord Husband. Would it be strange for me to admit that I feel ever so proud of you. How you handled our little spy so very well?"
  11. Fevershams mention of hand cramp brought Ursula to better realise his position that day, "Ah..." she provided a sympathetic noise, "I rue that I was unaware of the full extend of your diligent service Lord Feversham, when we are well through all of this, perhaps following the birth of an heir, I shall disclose your loyalty to Her Majesty who is sure to reward your person." In Ursula’s mind everything was about the child being carried. The man was bade a deserving farewell, and the matter of the gift continued to be figured. "The difficulty is she commissioned it for an Easter gift, so even if given tomorrow it is too late - thus her constant enquiries." Ursula sighed. Her mind still at it's workings. "What even is the risk to her to sight this before giving it to His Majesty?" Charles suggested readings to help Karoline pass the time. "I prefer her to keep the company of her Ladies, which is much as is usual... I would place Dorothea in her company, they are partial to the game of Latrones. And I wonder if I might call for Lady Richmond to attend also, she might provide her own 'Ephelia' readings, with the added advantage of being a swordswoman in her own right." A butterfly sleeping under the Queens window indeed! * * ref! 😄
  12. To their credit the three were quickly reformed, and Ursula's manner altered to give a nod of gratitude to that point - for at that moment she only knew what she knew. Charles touch to her hand was it's own sort of caution, she met his eyes with a slight tip of head, and there was an unspoken exchange of their renewed closeness. Her fingers tightened gently on his. A hold that then grew tighter as Charles relayed grave information, shocking developments and frankly (how did the English put it?) Gobsmaking news. Ursula was obviously concerned. "How many enemies do we suspect to exist!" spoken in a whispered hiss. "To this moment I have witnessed nothing out of the usual, but nor have I been looking for such. Yes I shall assist as best as I might - I am particularly mindful not to alarm our Queen. I must thank you all for your appreciation of that very fact. " By her tone and manner Ursula deferred command of the situation quite fully to the three Gentlemen. "Just now she is napping, but is sure to wake again soon. Lord Kingston, what can happen of the gift?" she turned to address Francis in particular of this, "Her Majesty has been asking after it's arrival any number of times already."
  13. Had something changed between them, or was it the softening effect of liquor that smoothed things. John smiled broadly at his mothers praise, "You might not know it, in fact I am pretty sure you don’t, but there is hardly anything I want more than to make you proud of me." said he. Cordelia suggest he hire a helper. "Perhaps I could find someone down on Fleet Street - that is where the printer shops are, dare say there will be clerks for hire, or maybe a board where such men ply their trade, or I could just ask one of the printers if they know of someone." he mused out loud. "Hmm, but I don’t understand what you mean about paying them - like, who would even offer to do it for free?" He asked, though he could see she was growing sleepy.
  14. "Ha, I'd hate to hear what your Howard family would say if you start serving up whiskey with their cucumber sandwiches!" Gowran gave a hoot of a laugh, "As for the Butlers - I think they'd roll with it, once they get over the initial suprise." His arm slid round her waist tighter and he pulled her in for a kiss, "My bonnie girl you are a clever one - it it wasnt so rough out and about at night I'd be near tempted to take you out whiskey drinking with me."
  15. While many found the events of the day to be wearisome, Lady Mountjoy felt an opposite effect. The young Queens wariness inspired her, invigorated. Through her diligence the scenes beyond the Presence Chamber door were a picture of serenity, ruthlessly maintained by the Margavina. She'd even dispatched most of those whom as a rule dallied about Her Majesties apartments, though Feverham had managed to remain, after all he was Queen's Chamberlain or Vice-chamberlain (one or t'other, who could remember?!). He had worked quietly about his day signing a pile of papers. Ursula could have done his job in a quarter of the time, but had said nothing of it. But the noise increased, laughter even, and one of those voices was her husbands (unless she was mistaken). Ursula moved to see what was afoot .. thus arrived before Charles next note was even sent. "Good day My Lords," Swanning into the room she greeted in a soft tone such as was used in Libraries, while her eyes were sharp looking upon Her Lord Husband, whom only the other day had seemed suspicious of the man who'd company he now kept. The three of them seemed in high spirits! "What is so funny?" Yes it was a telling off.