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    A Royal Summons, Privy Garden Monday 7 am

    Well. Things were indeed becoming quite interesting. She stepped delicately around the handerchiefs and went to stand next to Sophia where she whispered "Lean on my arm for support if you wish mud removed as instructed and I shall do the same." She herself would no more think to lean on a page no matter in who's Employ but is was mainly because she knew the other was with child. Her gaze rested on Ashburnham as he made mention of 'swords' and her instinct knew there was more at play here than some Game His Majesty was playing at. But as to what that too was a Mystery. "How thoughtful His Majesty is John to make such provisions for us - you must pass on my appreciation for it." She flashed him a charming smile as she waited for a page to scurry over.
  3. No words were exchanged but Davina thinks Susan understood and took the meaning. Together they would find the right time to see the Duchess back into her chair. She did the same as Susan taking her time to study the three pieces her heard to one side. "I agree it looks nice this way. If each of us adds one flower from our own piece to where it joins then that will have an overall look as if twas intended from the start." "Birds .... Hmmm. And you Your Grace? You shall have the final say - naturally." "But I think you needs must sit for this contemplation - do you not agree Lady Susan - You are too long on your feet." "Come allow us to see you back Madam but with gentle steps. The babe must not be startled." She smiled and went to the Duchesses' side looking to Susan to take up the other. It was no great distance but cautions were necessary.
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    A Royal Summons, Privy Garden Monday 7 am

    "So you say that my 'charms' are not sufficent then? What, I wonder, must I then do if a Gentleman such as yourself can not be swayed?" She teased but her blue eyes took on a glint as she looked back at him. "And I do not expect you to reveal anything that would cause a loss of Position - you Sir know me better than that! And as for patience well I have that in abundance as well." She watched his theactricts as he deposited those pristine white handkerchiefs and then gave a small shake of her dark head. "Really Kingston do have a care! Tis unnecessary and now I shall have to make poor Poppy make then clean again ..." She gave a glance to Lord Chatham to see if he'd play the Gallent and pick them up but would not tarry but a few moments before she did it herself.
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  6. As the Duchess stepped closer to look Davina whispered to Susan ... "We must not keep her standing over long so let us two see her resumed in her place after some small time and we can then decide." She gave the other a 'look' then a glance at the Duchesses' belly. "We do not want to overtire her and risk the child." She was sure Susan would be in agreement. "You say your thoughts first." Davina had after all been quite vocal already.
  7. Davina Wellsley

    A Royal Summons, Privy Garden Monday 7 am

    The arrival of Lord Kingston made her smile. "Well Easter was as it always is. I'm sure twas the same for you. And now a 'clue' has appeared." "You are privy to what ere His Majesty has planned Lord Kingston I am sure of it. Have you come to offer up a hint then?" She then added for extra affect "Tis too cold to simply stand about and all this mud will sook soak my boots so until HE arrives will you not enlighten?" She gave him a bit of a pitiful look and added a small shiver althought she was warm enough inside her furs.
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    Davina's Day Planner

    Monday 11th - 7am - By His Majesties Command. Ungodly hour and reasons unknown. Late Afternoon - With D of Somerset and Susan Herbert Q's Presence. Embroidery Project. Thursday 14 - Shopping in the am with Diana. Plan to attend Art exhibit at Lady H's afterwards. GH showing so curious to see. Quite sure it will go well. Friday 15 - Meet with LT my rooms at eleven. No idea as to what will be asked or wanted.
  9. Davina took a few steps back to study the three pieces. "This angle does not really help. Since it shall be hung lying flat changes the perspective." "What it we do this ...." The idea popped into her head and she went to where she had been sitting. Rummaging in her basket she finally found some heavy purple thread that was more useful for heavier embroidery. Returning she quickly threaded a wide-eyed needle and did a running basting stitch that joined the three panels. She left the ends long. "Susan - take this side and I'll take this one and we'll hang it up there." She nodded towards the two brass drapery holders to their right. "Since those panels are closed we can hang this in between .... it should be enough to allow us to have a better idea. If we want to switch, well, the basting stitches are quick to be removed and then redone." "Shall we try it Your Grace?"
  10. Her words could well hold a double meaning - complement or sarcasm so she answered "I think, Your Grace, that as this was your idea it should be up to you. Lady Susan will no doubt agree ..." She looked to that lady and smiled then continued. "Arrange the pieces as pleases you. And if after some contempation you think otherwise then tis easily switched." "And you are right in that some more flowers need to be added." "Shall we stay with the themed ones or shall we add some fresh colors for diversity?"
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    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services *closing*

    Davina and Sophia "Court is populated with spies Lady Toledo and there is some Truth in what I said - we shall figure in some correspondences but tis all speculation as makes for good Tales when there is hardly anything to 'report' at the moment as tis Easter." "I am not afraid just cautious. And Rumours are just that. Without evidence that is what they remain. But there are times when it suits to be the creator and things are said or done to make those employed take the bait." "Intrigue abounds madam! And not all Men share that thought. You are Lord Toledo's wife and thereby likely to know things that might be of interest. People like that are clever and can weedle information with sugar as well as vinegar and you would be none the wiser. That is why long ago, if you remember, I cautioned you about those that appoach you with offers or desires to aquire a friendship. Double meanings after all. And we women are quite skillful - we can play well the act of not understanding and that makes it easier to listen and observe." "Are you not curious about what might be said of you? Have you never thought to find out?" "Friday it will have to be. Even tho I have more time as we Maids have nearly nothing to do on either side I have things to attend to." "I am glad that you feel that way. Let us not employ artifice between us then." She smiled sure that Sophia would take the meaning yet most likely choose to not understand its meaning if she stayed true to form. "Oh. Compton. Now we must become good little sheep ....... Until Friday then." She straightened herself and aquired the correct position and expression.
  12. Davina Wellsley

    A Royal Summons, Privy Garden Monday 7 am

    She shook her head. "I am afraid I am as much in the dark as you Lord Chatham. To speculate serves no purpose either for who can know HIs Majesty's thoughts." "Do you suppose there is anyone else left to arrive? I can not imagine where this is leading ...." Oh good. Her warnings had indeed been viewed as 'nothings'.
  13. Davina moved to look as well. "Well I must say that we three together have made a very fine piece." Credit was due to them all so best say that aloud. "Now the hard part is assembly. Let us lay each piece down and then see how it looks. We may have to do this several times until we like how it comes together." "Then we can finish up what we each have left. After that we attach them together." "I have brought some linen for backing ..." She gestured to the folded cream fabric resting on the chair arm. "It is simply a matter of sewing it all the way round keeping the stitches small." "What do you think?" She asked the other two.
  14. Davina Wellsley

    A Royal Summons, Privy Garden Monday 7 am

    She knew another had arrived her ears took that in. Turning she took in who it was .... Lord Chatham? .... well this was getting interesting. Moving closer she noted his attire and the ribbon about his waist and so it was her greeting held a touch of amusement. "Good Morrow My Lord. Are you, thus attired, ready to be offered up as "the Prize" to whatever His Majesty has planned? She followed her words with a nice curtsey her eyes roamiong about his person. She had not really had much to do with this Gentleman so thought to add an introduction in case he was the same. "Mistress Wellsley. Davina. Maid of Honor to the Queen and so it seems part of a scheme of some kind. Have you any idea?" And then another joined and this too proved a surprise. "Well. His Majesty is ever enterprising in His ideas." "Lady Toledo. Have a care for the ground Madam. Walk slowly." Her warning was genuine and she had said it aloud without thinking. That this Lady was with child may as yet be unknown to those about Court so hopefully it will be seen just as something said in passing as one lady to another.
  15. Davina Wellsley

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services *closing*

    Davina and Sophia "I was not talking about the man employed to watch you. His views are nothing. And what he may say about me also matters not." "My saying that was about those that are employed about Court. They are the eyes and ears of whatever Master they serve. But you already know this." "They watch and report on EVERYTHING Lady Toledo - what occurs where and who was there; what was discussed and who agreed or not. What Lady and Gentleman stood too long together and what might be construed by it. Why a Queen's lady sits and converses with the wife of the Spanish Ambassador in Church - might there be some mischief afoot then? That Lady after all is kin to Norfolk and that family have been Catholic for generations ...... it might then be implied that Spain seeks England or England seeks Spain." "It is all Politics in so many forms. That is why everything we do must be measured. Calculations are an inbred part of this place and it has always been thus." "What is written in those reports I should like to know especially if it concerns my Mistress." "I would wager that we two will be written up in some reports and sent to far off places - most is oversaid and used to enhance the tales being told but others are viewed with more seriousness." "All this talk of War has many watching and waiting to see how the wind will blow. Anything French is looked on with distrust and suspicion be it person or thing. Yet still those go about dressed after that Fashion and why we even have French persons at Court." "Is it too much to wonder if they have two faces? Yet tis ot my intent to frighten you. Just a cautionary one. But it can be a tool if used correctly. You employ those that 'spy' for you I am sure just as everyone does. Tis no secret after all and how else is one supposed to stay informed or to inform?" "And as for what your man reports about You - well it must not be anything for there is no suspicions." "And as for us, well, time alone will tell! I will not involve you in anything that would give Lord Toledo cause to pull you back. No man wants to be told that he must manage his wife by anyone." "I am curious as to just what this topic will be. A 'dilemma' can mean many things but I know I shall have to wait till Friday. Dress warmly and wear boots for it will be damp and slippery once you arrive. Send me a note if you are wanting for any food or drink - tis easy for me to arrange delivery!"