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    Away & Here Notices

    Oh geez, I don't like any of those songs! When I have had an MRI though no one ever even asked me if I wanted music. They just shove me in there but then it never bothered me. I do have a fear of heights but luckily not claustrophobia.
  2. Caroline Despanay

    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    With Victorine The woman seemed quite interested even grateful for Caroline's invitation to her next party, exactly the reaction she had hoped for. Although, to use the English saying 'proof is in the pudding', this Lady Ballater would only truly find out if such wild occasions were really to her taste once she experienced one. Caroline felt it her libertine duty to give her that opportunity. "Very well, I cannot promise when the next one will be but I will definitely keep you in mind for my guest list. Oh and if I hear of any others throwing such parties, I will of course let you know too," she added. Margaret, Approaching Their discussion then of where to go to quaff a drink was suddenly put on hold with the approach of another well-dressed (and unrecognizable to Caroline) woman with a trailing servant. Oooh, she liked the woman's dress. Then she saw her companion's parasol in the other woman's possession. And since they were coming right toward them, Caroline figured the newcomer had noticed that of the pair of them, only Caroline had her parasol. Given the sun of the day, ladies needed their parasols so she must have put two and two together. Since Lady Ballater did a quick introduction, Caroline merely smiled politely and nodded acknowledgment of the newcomer, "That is a fine dress, I must compliment you on it." "Aha, there it 'tis. Your naughty parasol, it flew away," Caroline declared to them all, "and right when we were all the way on top of the memorial. How fortunate it has been found." Victorine then invited the woman along for their planned drink, which was fine with Caroline. The day had started out with a solo outing but now was becoming quite social. She thought that a good thing. Oh wait! She turned toward her Irishman standing off to the side, no doubt unnoticed amongst the rest of the commoners milling about the site. "We are leaving now, bring the carriage!" she commanded then turned back to the ladies, "I can provide us our ride unless someone objects?"
  3. Caroline Despanay

    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    It was time to head back down then, they had enjoyed the view and her fresh acquaintance had tossed down her parasol, time to move on. So the two ladies then began the long descent. At least it was easier on the lungs then climbing all those stairs had been. Busy paying attention to the myriad steps as they worked their way down the winding staircase, they did not converse. Until they emerged from the monument and in the park once more. "That was fun!" Caroline announced with a smile. The two of them both seemed to take one last gaze upward as if perhaps to seal the memories of this event in their minds forever? Victorine spoke first asking if she would care to join her for a drink? Why, Caroline was never one to turn down a drink. Why she might even accept a drink from a Spaniard? No, perhaps not, that would be going too far. "Yes, a lovely idea! Do you know a place?" she was quite aware most drinking houses were frequented only by men. So unfair of course! But then the other woman leaned in to whisper, 'what does a wild party look like?' Caroline chuckled, "Well........they look like MY parties. You must come to one sometime. If you like I shall invite you to my next one." "However of course there are other courtiers who share my .........taste for such occasions. I can also make sure that when I am asked to the next one that I make certain you too receive an invitation. You know I fear my husband to be will not be attending such parties, he does not seem the sort to enjoy such things," she shrugged. ooc: Feel free to approach anytime, Margaret!
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    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    "Well then, tis good he enjoyed the time he had on this earth," Caroline commented, while at the same time thinking only hateful thoughts about her own deceased husband, good riddance to him! Victorine remarked that her fiancee sounded like an enviable match. Caroline nodded, "Well we both think so. Though it was admittedly very sudden. There was certainly none of the more usual sort of courtship to it. But we both knew what we wanted." The other lady had a question too, as to when would the marriage take place. Fair enough but one Caroline could not answer. "We have not decided on the final arrangements but with me being a widow, I highly doubt we will bother with much of a large fancy wedding. I certainly do not care about such a thing. Besides, while I do like festive occasions, I prefer my parties a bit...............wilder," she grinned, a hint at her already notoriously known libertinism in the court. And then it was time for the launching....well, more like descension as Victorine tossed out her parasol and both watched it until it finally landed out of sight. The wind gave it a pretty good trip to be sure. Caroline had to chuckle. "There now, did you enjoy that? You may well be out a parasol you realize?" Victorine now addressed the heights they were at, indeed most impressive and a bit daunting if one thought on it. Caroline had never been on battlements this high that was for certain. "I do enjoy the view. But I am a wee bit uncomfortable at this soaring height. If God meant us to be up this close to the heavens he would have given us wings, eh?" she smiled.
  5. Caroline Despanay

    Admiration Alcove

    Love the latest exchange between George and Edith. Luckily Caroline can't follow it or she might seek Edith out to 'educate' her on minding her own damn business!
  6. Caroline Despanay

    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    Turned out she was chatting with another widow, whose husband apparently drank himself to death. Well, she knew that problem quite well. Her mother died of it. Oh, she had fallen into a pond and drowned but the reason she had ended up there was because she had been drunk and wandered out toward the water, Caroline was convinced of it. Her father drank heavily too. And, to be truthful, she drank far too often, too much. It was almost as if it ran in the family. As for Victorine's circumstances, Caroline felt she better say something at least. "I am sorry to hear that," she had to work to make that sound sincere at least. The other woman thought her brave to venture again into marriage. Was it that? Caroline doubted it. Oh, she always thought herself brave enough but courage had little to do with her accepting George's offer. She was, afterall, improving her financial position - critical after losing her own baronial title. La! This would be an upgrade, really. The woman wished her well. "Thank you, my future husband will need all the luck he can get, dealing with me," she grinned. Of course the woman was curious just who this new husband to be was, a fair enough question and one Caroline was happy to answer. "George Lord Chichester, quite a catch, let me assure you." It seemed Victorine was fascinated for some reason with dropping something at least down from the top of this magnificent edifice. Caroline did not get it but then all people were mysteries in their own ways. She would include herself in that of course. "I did not say it was stupid. Go ahead and do it, I will neither stop you nor tattle on you should someone down below take umbrage as to who threw that, whatever that proves to be," Caroline assured her.
  7. Caroline Despanay

    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    "I was simply joking of course. People learn quickly not to take things all that seriously that I say....well, unless the moment is a solemn one," Caroline easily confessed that part of her. She did not add that there were those who truly were shocked at some of her pronouncements but then there was a part of her who enjoyed riling up folk. It was certainly one the major influences in her falling easily into the court libertine crowd. She had built quite a reputation amongst that bunch, one she was proud of even. But for her, anything was better than being......boring! "But yes, I am quite certain I too will be higher than I have ever been before. Best I have done previously was standing upon the battlements of a fortress wall. In Denmark. But I was a child then," she revealed even as they continued to put one foot ahead of the other in their steady climb. The other now revealed the reason for the French accent, her father was French. "Ah so is mine," Caroline smiled. The woman followed with an introduction. So she was a baroness too? "Pleased to make your acquaintance, baroness. I am Caroline Despanay, Baroness Kendishall. Well, actually that is not correct anymore. Long story." "Oh and I am afraid this will be about as close as I will ever get to Heaven," she quipped with a grin. As to the other questions of the woman, Caroline tried to answer as best she could without going into too much detail. Besides both climbing and talking was getting rather stressful, she was breathing more heavily she noticed. "I am a widow, my husband ...well, I do not mourn his passing...a barn fire. We were not a fitting match is all I will say on that subject. My father is still living, in England actually. We do not see each other very much, I suppose I do love him still but he was the one who arranged that marriage over my objections. It does still hang between us." "But I do not want to burden you with such a tale of woes, truth is I am about to be remarried. One of my own choosing too. He proposed and I gladly said 'yes'." The other lady had a strange idea then. "Drop something over the edge? Oh dear, whatever it might be, it should be very small and light. We would not wish to injure or even worse, kill some luckless sod down below afterall. I am quite certain the local authorities frown on that sort of thing."
  8. Caroline Despanay

    What a View! (Wednesday, April 13th, midday) Caroline OPEN

    Entering the structure, there now was a formidable looking staircase to tackle, this was going to be a lot of steps! And anyone knew it was always harder going up than down. Still, undaunted, Caroline closed her parasol and now was just about to start the first of many many steps when there was a woman's voice behind her? She turned to see if indeed she was the subject of that inquiry and if she knew the speaker. She definitely did recognize this individual. There was something about the words though. "Borrow? If you need it that badly, mayhaps I should charge for it's use?" she replied but the grin that followed showed she was simply attempting a little joke. "Seriously though, you are more than welcome to ascend up closer to the heavens with me," she added quickly in the hopes the stranger had not been offended. "You are French are you? Or at least of French ancestry? I can tell by your accent however slight." "It is the same with me you see," there was plainly delight in those eyes of hers not disdain even though England and France were tottering toward war.
  9. It was a beautiful spring day with something the English did not see enough but most craved, a bright sun in an almost cloudless sky. So Caroline had decided she just had to get out of that big house of hers and do something with her day. London was a large spread out metropolis and she had not actually seen much of it though she was starting her second year in the city. So the decision was made (by her of course) to go see some new part and enjoy the adventure of new sights. It was that decision and the carriage ride which followed which brought her to the magnificent monument to what they called the Great Fire. Caroline was amused that these English would go thru all this work and expense to build something about a fire? Still, upon further pondering she realized it was really more to honor the dead. And judging from the massive towering column, there had been a lot of dead. She imagined it had been mostly poor folk, they always got the short end of the stick in life. Alighting the carriage and holding a small parasol in one hand, not that she worried about rain merely to keep the sun out of her eyes. She did like the sun and the warmth it brought too but she didn't want it blinding her when she was trying to take in the sights. There were quite a few people out and about, she was not the only one who was going to take advantage of such a gorgeous day but she ignored them all for the moment and she gazed up at the structure. Amazing! And it was then that she realized one could actually take an internal stairway and climb all the way to the top? Now that was intriguing. She turned to her driver, actually he was her long serving Irish bodyguard, and informed him to stay with the carriage while she "stormed the tower" as she put it with a grin. Caroline often spoke in military terms, it was the product of being raised in the household of a professional soldier, her father. The man was French born but had spent the vast majority of his military career in various states' armies, even commanded a fortress once for the Danes in a long lasting siege. Probably his main claim to fame. Caroline had been inside those walls too, as a young child. It had not been pleasant. But enough about the 'good old days', it was time to have some fun! Caroline was going to climb all the way to the top and see what the view was like. She figured it would be simply incredible.
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    Admiration Alcove

    Sophia was quite right I think. I know Caroline was bored and couldn't wait for an excuse to leave.
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Things were moving rapidly now, it was if the church was suddenly being evacuated due to a fire instead of merely that the Queen had left early. George even mentioned if the French might be the cause of the excitement. Seriously? "Oh for heaven's sake, let us not blame the French now," Caroline sighed as she rolled her eyes. As for him wanting to join the hasty exodus that was more than fine with her so she stayed at his side as they left down the aisle. She did at least give the other woman a quick look back. "Perhaps some other time, my lady?" she remarked to Davina, well aware there had been no time for formal introductions or at least George had not chosen to do so.
  12. Caroline Despanay

    Away & Here Notices

    God, what a mess! I feel badly for you all. I live in frigid Wisconsin and we had a cold snap where temps were low and wind chills high but at least no power outages to make things worse. How on earth with just a few gallons of water did your animals get enough to drink, especially horses!!!
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    Desperatis hic in Vinarium | Saturday after 10pm

    OOC: I thought you wanted it wrapped up quite a while back so I stopped posting. I don't have anything I plan on adding now.
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    Random Thread of Randomness

    Happy birthday to you!
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    London Air (11 April - late afternoon, Open)

    "Be brave, my dear, I long ago learned not to fear confrontation. If you do not stick up for yourself, no one else may do it for you," she knew the advice might sound a bit trite but it was true. "Well some of those King's guards parading about are quite handsome," Caroline chuckled, "But that is probably not the reason your son has for watching. Well, we hope." Thoughts came back to her own husband and his preferences. It sounded as if the woman definitely at least wanted her daughter to have some education too, that raised Caroline's estimation of her then. "Good, all you can do is try. Oh, perhaps if your daughter develops a love of music and shows an interest in playing some instrument, I may be of help. Depending on what it is she wishes to try I can perhaps give you a few names of individuals who could tutor her. I know some symphony artists you see. And even better, if she wants to learn the cello I have played it since I was a child and - please allow me a bit of braggadocio here....I am quite good at it. I have played in concerts and recitals in court too. Anyhow I would be willing to at least start her lessons however, it is a difficult instrument and do not be surprised if she loses interest quickly. Most do." Speaking of interests the woman at least professed a most favorable attitude toward libertines. Again whether she really meant it or was just trying to go along with the conversation, hard to say. It was too early to know what to think of Louise but Caroline wanted to think her genuine. "Tall tales? Let me tell you some no doubt are but do not believe everything. Some are exaggerations or even worse falsehoods. Why I heard that someone spread stories of a libertine party where they sacrificed first goats then it turned into children to Satan. Such stuff is utter nonsense, I have neither seen nor heard of any such things," she assured the woman. Louise was curious about the King and wanted to know what he was like. A reasonable enough question for a newcomer. "I will not speak of his politics and decisions of state but as a person I do like him. He definitely likes a good time. He has a great sense of humor and makes an effort to surround himself with friends who are the same. When he is at some of these affairs, he does not want us to think of him as the King but as another one of the revelers - one of the lads - and on occasion disguises himself even. But of course no one can truly forget he is in fact the King of England," Caroline tried her best to describe the man.