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    Random Thread of Randomness

    That pic of so-called Toledo is about exactly like Caroline thinks of Spaniards - ugly monsters. XD
  2. Caroline took in the applause following her solo performances, smiling specifically at dear Nicci who tossed a rose toward her. It felt exhilarating to be applauded so. Some might think that it made all her long hours for years of practice all worthwhile. But the truth was she just loved playing and would have not changed a thing even if she had never been able to play for an actual audience. But yes, this was wonderful. The climax to the show was Sophia's attempt to shatter glass. Seemed rather a crazy thing to do was Caroline's first thought but then, Caroline appreciated 'crazy'. Like the rest she sat there transfixed, and wincing too from the pitch, on the vase as Sophia began her auditory assault on the object. Personally Caroline had her doubts it could even be done. But if anyone could it, it would Sophia. And then it shattered! Sophia's gamble had worked. Let's face it, no one could top that ending. Caroline rose to her feet to applaud wildly.
  3. Actually Caroline warmed to his remark and nodded, "I have oft reveled in being bold. No one remembers the shy ones or the ones who avoid the shining light. I like to live." He also complimented her on her loyalty to her friend. Now that much was right on the mark, once she befriended someone she could not imagine abandoning or betraying those people. And Nicci was her dearest friend of all. Now Caroline believe Nicci was overreaching in her quest to gain the King's favor but that did not change her affection for the girl and to be anything other than supportive was unimaginable. "I am not like most others then," she still refused to name who she was talking about though. He went on then to give a little of his personal philosophy on good and bad. At least he seemed practical enough, not one of those stuffy traditionals or religious fanatics. "Come, let us be seated in my parlor and you can tell just why you choose to visit me, of all people. If you would like a drink, I can offer you some fine French porte," she offered and led him into that room, pointing out a sofa they could share. But if he wanted to be more formal he could simply find another chair too. "Speaking of friendship, I assume you know I am also a friend of Sophia, Lady Toledo," her smile was still there but there was a bit of a sharp glint in her eye. See how he handles that?
  4. Caroline Despanay

    Random Thread of Randomness

    LOL, oh yeah??? Actually the playby for my Caroline is the actress who was Hit Girl so there is definitely a likeness there.
  5. Fortunately he was not going to make her go change, had he she would have thought the less of him for it - afterall it was he who entered her abode. In fact he called it a 'treat' which, while she was unconvinced of his sincerity, it was still a compliment and she loved compliments. As to what other lady friends of his might think of his tactic, well that was up to them. "Thank you," she returned a short nod and charming smile, "Try it on them and see. Live life to the fullest I say. After all we could any of us die at any time, like my poor dearly departed husband." May he rot in hell! He seemed curious about her statement. She paused to assess him. Oh she knew some things about the debonnair handsome devil alright. She had been told of his callously leaving a fainted Sophia on the ground after some verbal tiff. Now she readily would admit Sophia could be a bit annoying and their friendship had on occasion been a bit rocky but the fact remained Sophia was a friend and she would NEVER do such a thing to anyone who meant anything to her. But.....back to the present. "Oh I do not tattle tale or gossip," she declared, "much." "Let me just say - and if you do not believe me, I do not much care - that His Most Royal Majesty once wanted me at a wild party but that I did not give in because of my affection for another friend of mine who I knew had her eyes and desires on him." She then chuckled, "So despite what you may have heard from some wagging tongues, I can be a good person on occasion."
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    Random Thread of Randomness

    LOL! Oh and on the hair dyeing I think the purple looks great! But I would, my favorite movie char of all time is Hit Girl from the Kick Ass movie. Being a dude, I would never dye my hair though, let nature take it's course.
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    Away & Here Notices

    I got released today from the hospital. Surgery went well though there were unforeseen complications. It was by far the most painful experience of my life. Im still hurting but good enough to go home. The surgeon said I actually am bouncing back faster than a lot of his patients. I will be replying either Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks, Hope!
  8. Her art, well certainly nothing she had produced herself but rather purchased or possibly even kept when she moved in, was in the main focusing on nature though one painting showed a quite classical glimpse of ancient Romans frolicking in a garden of sorts. For an art connoisseur it would be mundane at best. Not that she cared, he put her stock in impressing people other ways. The sight of her, her lack of proper wardrobe caused her visitor to apologize. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed it as unnecessary. "Do not worry. I slept in late is all. If you feel uncomfortable with my present appearance, I can go change and, in the meantime, you can wait in the study with a glass of port to keep you company? Otherwise, I assure you, there are several noted men in court who have seen me in less," she smiled, brazen as ever.
  9. Caroline Despanay

    Away & Here Notices

    I will be MIA for an unknown time - doctor expects 3 to 5 days but you never know. Having surgery Thursday. Nothing life threatening but definitely necessary.
  10. It turned out the door was opened by an older man with unkempt tangles of hair and a weather beaten face, definitely not your typical servant looking sort. Upon being told by the gentleman he wished to talk with the lady of the house, the fellow nodded and allowed him entrance. He instructed the fellow to wait there and he would let 'his ladyship' know she had a guest. All said in a definite heavy Irish brogue. George would no doubt notice the man was wearing a sword sheathed in a battered leather sheath. A proper servant probably would have inquired the man's name but this was plainly not one of that sort. Fortunately it was not a long wait before the woman George wished to see appeared in the hallway, pausing only to see who this mysterious guest of hers was. It only took one glance and she recognized the fellow, George Hardwick. She certainly had not expected company because she was clad only in a robe and slippers. "Lord Chichester? What a surprise. What brings you to my humble home?"
  11. It was going well, the applause indicated the performance was getting a fine reception. Sophia was at her finest, she so loved an audience. Caroline, on the other hand, played less to the audience and more just concentrated on each and every note, striving to make it all perfect. At best she stood with Staggins and Sophia then smiled and bowed to the audience in appreciation for their accolades. When Sophia choose to perform one of the songs from Master Cole's brilliant (in her opinion anyway) opera, Caroline heartily approved. That opening night had been her first real public performance and she had been selected by the Welshman himself to be part of it. She loved it and it would always remain one of her fondest memories. She missed the man too. Not in a romantic way, nothing had occurred between the pair like that but she considered him both mentor and friend. Staggins would never compare, no matter what he did. Caroline did two solo numbers too, she always felt the cello did best in accompaniment with a symphony or as this sort of combination also showed than just by itself. But when she did play alone, she did the numbers justice and more. Technically they were flawless and she put her heart and soul into it. They were closing in on the finale now. Her eyes went to Sophia.
  12. ooc: Not sure if Caroline is playing in accompaniment? Sophia faced the now seated crowd and introduced herself along with Master Staggins and Caroline herself who nodded politely toward the audience. She picked an individual out of the crowd and then smiled, it was an old trick she had learned. She had been told back then it helped with nerves but but then the girl had never really been very shy even in her early years. Now she was quite comfortable being up in front of people because playing her instrument was something she truly was skilled in. Sophia began to sing then, her voice was simply amazing, Caroline had always thought so from the very first time she had heard the German girl sing. She carried herself well too, it was more than simply voice, her actions were part of the performance proving she was a more than capable actress too. Sophia was going to be a tough act to follow alright. Once finished, Caroline joined in the applause. The performance was off to a good start.
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    Away & Here Notices

    Good luck!
  14. Caroline Taking the Stage "I often share your view of men. My own early marriage was not my idea but my father. He is a soldier...retired now but he was not ...is not a matchmaker. I wish you the best of luck but only when you feel you are ready," Caroline addressed the young lady. "Now however I really must hasten up there lest Sophia be cross with me. She might sic that Spaniard of hers on me and I would be forced to humiliate him in the ensuing squabble," she just could not resist jibing the Spanish. With a grin to Rowland then, she hurried up to the stage, hauling her cello case and began to prepare for the performance. "Sorry, got caught up in conversation," she explained to Sophia.
  15. Once Caroline corrected her, the girl reverted to proper etiquette. Considering she herself often preferred conversation without worrying so much about social rules and titles, Caroline was satisfied. Later she probably wouldn't even care if the girl called her by Christian name...but first she would have to prove herself more...well...nice. "You are forgiven, of course," Caroline deigned a smile. Then it was up to Rowland to defend himself against Alice's damaging revelations. Truth be told, Caroline rather enjoyed the man try and squirm out of it. "There is that, one thing we both agree on. I too have no interest in marriage. Tried it once and not even my idea but it was not pleasant and I have no desire to repeat the mistake. Which - if Lady de Courtenay is telling the truth - would truly be repeating my mistake." "Speaking of which, what about you, my dear? Has your family made or is working on arrangements to have you married off for their benefit?" she asked Alice directly. As the girl answered, Caroline noticed they did not have much time left for conversation unless they continued after the performance. It was almost time and she would need to hustle on up front to join Sophia. So far at least Sophia was not up there yet.