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  1. ooc: Not sure if Caroline is playing in accompaniment? Sophia faced the now seated crowd and introduced herself along with Master Staggins and Caroline herself who nodded politely toward the audience. She picked an individual out of the crowd and then smiled, it was an old trick she had learned. She had been told back then it helped with nerves but but then the girl had never really been very shy even in her early years. Now she was quite comfortable being up in front of people because playing her instrument was something she truly was skilled in. Sophia began to sing then, her voice was simply amazing, Caroline had always thought so from the very first time she had heard the German girl sing. She carried herself well too, it was more than simply voice, her actions were part of the performance proving she was a more than capable actress too. Sophia was going to be a tough act to follow alright. Once finished, Caroline joined in the applause. The performance was off to a good start.
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    Good luck!
  3. Caroline Taking the Stage "I often share your view of men. My own early marriage was not my idea but my father. He is a soldier...retired now but he was not ...is not a matchmaker. I wish you the best of luck but only when you feel you are ready," Caroline addressed the young lady. "Now however I really must hasten up there lest Sophia be cross with me. She might sic that Spaniard of hers on me and I would be forced to humiliate him in the ensuing squabble," she just could not resist jibing the Spanish. With a grin to Rowland then, she hurried up to the stage, hauling her cello case and began to prepare for the performance. "Sorry, got caught up in conversation," she explained to Sophia.
  4. Once Caroline corrected her, the girl reverted to proper etiquette. Considering she herself often preferred conversation without worrying so much about social rules and titles, Caroline was satisfied. Later she probably wouldn't even care if the girl called her by Christian name...but first she would have to prove herself more...well...nice. "You are forgiven, of course," Caroline deigned a smile. Then it was up to Rowland to defend himself against Alice's damaging revelations. Truth be told, Caroline rather enjoyed the man try and squirm out of it. "There is that, one thing we both agree on. I too have no interest in marriage. Tried it once and not even my idea but it was not pleasant and I have no desire to repeat the mistake. Which - if Lady de Courtenay is telling the truth - would truly be repeating my mistake." "Speaking of which, what about you, my dear? Has your family made or is working on arrangements to have you married off for their benefit?" she asked Alice directly. As the girl answered, Caroline noticed they did not have much time left for conversation unless they continued after the performance. It was almost time and she would need to hustle on up front to join Sophia. So far at least Sophia was not up there yet.
  5. "My confidence is because I know I can handle it," she pointed out but while she could not read his thoughts of course, the man's assessment of her was quite correct. Even as a child Caroline had never lacked for confidence nor shyness. She may well have gotten that from her mother who had been a very outgoing even assertive woman. Rowland now felt the time proper for the introductions and started with the young lady accompanying him. "Lady de Courtenay," Caroline nodded with a smile, then noting how this Alice spoke to Rowland. Had they just had some sort of tiff perhaps on the way to this event? Rowland remained unruffled and went on to introduce Caroline, a rather good one too in Caroline's opinion. However Alice now addressed her with an immediate revelation. "Oh, really?" Caroline arched one eyebrow upward, while she would not put it past the man she was not automatically believing this, at first appearance anyhow, snotty girl either. "First of all, it is proper to address the person you were just introduced to. Secondly, if what you say is true, it has just shown me I could never trust you with any confidences," she remained cool and collected though snuck a look at Rowland with just a hint of fire in those expressive eyes of her. "Chattel is it?" she waited for his explanation, he'd better have one. Their relationship was far too new for her to trust him this early and this was indeed disconcerting. Assuming the brat was telling the truth of course.
  6. Rowland noticed and that was enough for him, he made his way over to her, the young lady with him in tow. He started right off with a question. "Nervous? No, not in the slightest. I have played the cello so much for so long, I could almost do it in my sleep," Caroline waved her in a sort of dismissal, "And we both know all eyes will be on Sophia.... I mean Lady Toledo." The young lady said nothing but seemed to be waiting for an introduction. Well, Caroline didn't even know who she was so it was not going to come from her and Rowland seemed disinclined at the moment. So Caroline ignored her. Meanwhile he also begged to differ with her opinion and complimented her on her appearance even as he lightly kissed her then offered hand. "Why thank you. Such a nice compliment. You are a most splendid liar though," Caroline smiled back at him. The young lady huffed, no doubt growing more irritated by the second. Not that Caroline could help her out any. Still, she was indeed curious just who exactly this person was and what she was doing with the new Lord Kendishall. "My lord, are you not going to tell me who your companion is this evening? I must confess I have no idea myself," she inquired, if the girl took that last part as a dig then so be it.
  7. Caroline already had her beloved cello with her, protected in it's worthy case, so she figured she might as well head over to the scene of the soon to be performance by her and Sophia. Many in attendance were already beginning to seat themselves. However she couldn't help but notice some rather late arrivals. There was that one-eyed favorite rogue of hers, Charles Audley. He and his sharp wit never failed to bring a smile to her. He didn't seem to be looking for her though. Ahh, and then her best friend in all the world (and a French woman to boot) Nicci, naturally being fashionably late. She would expect nothing less of Nicci. Tempted as she was to go chat with either of them, her attention was garnered by none other than the new Lord Kendishall - that was still going to take her some getting used to definitely but the title could have been seized by someone far worse than Rowland who was so far a decent enough fellow. He waved and appeared to subtly signal if mayhaps they should speak? She stopped then and waved back with her free hand, gracing him with a pleasant smile. She did wonder who that little tart was accompanying him.
  8. Caroline was not thrilled to hear Sophia say she hoped that both she and her Spanish husband would be able to attend this moon watching offer by Lord Grey. Ugh! The shine was dulled for that upcoming event. "I will be there then my Lord and with some liquid embellishment. The weather fitting of course, this is England after all," she smiled. Sophia abruptly left them and slowly but surely the conversation died. No matter soon enough Caroline herself would be up there with her German friend performing for everyone. She snuck a look at Grace, the poor girl seemed a bit uncomfortable. Probably like she herself had once did when she first showed up in court. She sympathized. Just as Grace was leaving to help Lady Sarah escort Lord Moon to his seat she quickly blurted out to the girl. "Send me a message if you wish to have a ride to this moon exhibition and I would happy to pick you up. There will be plenty of room in my coach and my driver knows London like the back of his hand." The last part was a lie, the Irish ex-soldier got lost all the time but Caroline seldom worried about the future, she would cross that bridge when the time came.
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    It is an aggressive war against poor innocent France brought on by greed and envy. (Shhhh, Caroline, he wasn't asking you!)
  10. Now some might be askance at the possible faux pas of introducing oneself but Caroline, for one, appreciated such straying from convention. "The pleasure is mine, Mistress Sarah Jennings. And I heartily approve of you taking the initiative here, afterall why not?" she smiled. "I am Caroline Despanay, Baroness Kendishall who will be playing second fiddle to Lady Toledo here...well except this is not a fiddle but a cello," she patted her instrument case.
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    Apparently Lord Mountjoy majored in awful puns.
  12. Caroline listened to Grace then smiled, "Well, I suppose. But if you do it poorly, then for heaven's sake do not do it in public." At least Lord Grey took her rather clumsy comments about age in good humor, she honestly had not meant to insult the fellow who seemed quite decent and was certainly handsome enough. He even made a gracious offer to join him in a viewing of the moon at St.James Park the following evening, a night of a full moon. Now honestly Caroline could care less about the moon but he seemed interesting enough for her to consider it for a few seconds. "Thank you! I shall take you up on your kind offer," she beamed, "I can bring some liquid refreshment to share also." The ambassador then remarked about her cello and the difficulty involved in learning to play it. It was a gracious statement for him to make which weakened (but only slightly) her dislike of the Spaniard. She nodded at him. "Yes, it is a challenge but then I have been called many things but no one has called me 'faint of heart' I assure you. Even though it is a grand challenge indeed to try to meet the high standard your beautiful and talented wife sets." More people now joined the conversation so Caroline awaited introductions as seemed the proper thing to do.
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    I saw one clip of a so-called battle scene on youtube from that series.............ugh. Hope the court scenes are better - though that would be setting the bar low I admit.
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    Ahh, yes weekly card games were before my time here. A clever gimmick but I do see that it could be mod intensive.
  15. "No I have not met her. I barely known of Cavendish. But good to hear another lady has some fire in her," Caroline smiled. *** It turned out despite all the suggestive talk and flirting that there was no roll in her bed or even any lapsitting. The man was a bit too inebriated and after the shocking revelations the mood not quite right for it. Still, it could have gone much worse. They could have departed enemies but Caroline had already come to the conclusion if there had to be a Baron Kendishall, Rowland was as good an option as any. They could get along, she was confident of it. At least for the time being, God alone knew what the future would bring. With some help from Caroline's Irishman Rowland managed to get poured into his coach and off he went. But not before they had agreed to see each again, on the 5th. Both agreed it might be useful for future planning to do so even if Caroline did not have any specifics in mind at the time. This would give her a bit more time to assess the whole new turn in her life. OOC: Enjoy your break! Yes, I agree, let's advance the time a bit for the both of them and do a new thread on the 5th then when you return. I think this thread went well enough