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  1. Nicolette Vauquelin

    A Family Affair | Lord Worcester's Easter Evening

    Nicci was surprised at the Marquises question of Lisa (though it was a pleased sort of shock) while she couldn’t hep but feel a tiny bit accountable for Mary's distrust. Nicci had not said one nice thing about the new house guest since shed arrived, possibly Mary's opinion of Marga had been thus influenced? Lisa had to defend her trust in the Dutch girl, then looked to Nicci - it was a look that Nicci mistook as a request for help. Lisa had never asked for help before -- Lisa always presented herself as knowing all and being capable of anything. So this 'look' was a surprise, and a welcome one, Nicci rose to the occasion. "I agree with Cousin Lisa’s impression, Marga has simple desires from life, and had neither intellect-for, nor interest-in politics." Even when being helpful Nicci could not help but put the boot in a little. But the rest of Mary's concerns were far greater than the attention seeking house guest. Here they launched swiftly into the thick of serious conversation. "I can second that." of the French and Chevaurese Nicci nodded, "though I cannot break any confidences, I know for a certainty that the Duc de C is restrained as long as Duke B holds his sway over him. Though as for Saint-Aignan, I would not personally trust him so explicitly." In Nicci's opinion at least the Comte was the wilier of the pair. "Dutch Rumours?" Nicci repeated, as curious as Lisa was to what those rumours might be. Tipping her head at that goading comment, Nicci paused to muse, "You think the declaration of War during the recess might have had some other purpose than actual war?” “I have personally wondered why England would pitch against the French, I don’t think it is just patriotism that has me believe French forces are unbeatable. So if not to win, why is a war to be raged. Is it about power of some other sort possibly? Or is not about power, then it is about money surely.”
  2. Nicolette Vauquelin

    Desperatis hic in Vinarium | Saturday after 10pm

    Nicci saw Francis arrived, but being busy getting ready to compete she was focusing on Diana - though her ears wagged at what the group around her was saying. Chatham would bet with the King, while Bucks money was on Diana (he'd already spent a greater fortune than that on Nicci) "Ooo!" she laughed a the others contentious goad, this was fun! "I feel sorry for all the Dukes money, wasted, to bet on you Rosbif!*" Meanwhile Diana was working-it, even Nicci was impressed at her breasts. To rival, the Frenchie matched the saucy pose and their hands locked, and grins exchanged as the Duke counted down: and naturally Nicci 'jumped the gate' (started before the Duke said begin.) It was all on! *French slang for English people (Roast Beef)
  3. The blood covered Nicolette was definitely in shock, floundering some, which little idea of what to do (as if there was anything that could be done?) While her new friend Anne Elizabeth was more prepared, more inquiring even, to what had gone on. Nicci tried to steel herself, but it was not actually working. It was the (unexpected) kindness from the Irish Earls quarter that really threw the French miss. It was his consideration that undid her, and raw emotion surfaced - tears welled up, even if quickly wiped away (by bloody hand) "Thank you Ranelagh." she was grateful of the cloak as covering, it was only then she realised how cold she was. "I heard a noise, and I chased after it, I thought it was... but I tripped and then saw it was a man." Langdon had arrived by now and could hear her account, though what use it might be she did not know. "I thought the noise went in that direction." she gestured vaguely, and accepted the Life Guards handkerchief (her own being on the dead Europeans face.) She was certain she looked a mess, and in front of men she thought much of, well Ranelagh actually, but Etheridge as his friend also fell into the category. Langdon; she knew very little, and as a man of war she imagined he'd seen worse. "Will you help me?" she quietly asked, thinking to pass Langdon’s kerchief to the lady to help with the gross all over her face. Nicci felt dirtier than she'd ever been.
  4. Nicolette Vauquelin

    A Family Affair | Lord Worcester's Easter Evening

    Nicci had become used to the way Lisa spoiled Margarethe, which did not make her any happier about it though. While Nicci was allowed to borrow items from Lisa's jewellery box, Lisa brought Margarethe new items outright! The compensating thought was that Nicci collected jewels of another sort during the court seasons; a glittering array of courts 'whos who'. Dinner went well, with the French belle honoured with her position at the table - she and Lady Worcester chattered with the updates to 'little' plans made at the apothecary the other day. There was fun afoot. At the dinner table there was little to no clue that more serious topics were in store, it was not until the Lord and Lady of the house separated their guests that forbode entered the Hosts tone. Nicci shared a concerned look with Lisa, who gave voice to what she was thinking. "Now of all times." Nicolette fretted soberly, mindful that any of a number of family schemes that were at critical points - and might be undone. Attention was now soundly upon Mary...
  5. Meanwhile Anne Elizabeth was distressed also, asking a silly question that then answered itself - and then talking about his clothing. "Precisely, he's been left here in plain view." Nicci added endorsing her own theory, “he looks Dutch if you ask me, they don’t have any sense of fashion.” But where were the men who'd know what to do about it! At last a lifeguard arrived. But to counter that relief, he was only 12. "Do you need a seat?" Rolling her eyes Nicci sighed as it looked as though the Trooper Whitehurst might be the first to swoon at this. "Why dont you run away and get someone who can actually help us then." Nicci's upset at this all made her less than patient. Shoulders slumping she turned to see Anne Elizabeth was now morbidly inspecting the body. Where was Niccis' head at, she'd not even thought to do that?!) "Careful, you will get bloody." It was really awfully upsetting, Nicolette being all covered with a dead man’s blood and there being absolutely nobody any use around-about. The fleeting thought to wash her hands in the fountain was pushed from her mind she'd ruin the pretty water if she did that. It just was not fair. With Nicci on the brink of self pitying tears, next to arrive was Gentle George and Ranelagh, fresh from falling though a shrub by the looks of them. Hungover? perhaps. Still dunk? Most likely. It was like a pair of children arriving, they’d be no use to her at all. It was the very first time that she’d not been delighted to see her future husband, in fact, the sight of him under the circumstances revealed he was hardly likely to ever be a useful man Was there nobody here in England that knew what to do! “We should cover him up.” Nicci decided, “Whoever he is I am sure he is somebody, he deserves some respect.” She moved close to her friend and knelt, producing a kerchief to cover the deadmans face – and using the moment to look for additional clues. This was bound to be something of interest to Louis, Lisa too.
  6. Nicolette Vauquelin

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service *closing*

    The Kings contentment to put dire talk aside suited Nicci just fine. While she was actually quite interested in political intrigues, she did not see her role as anything like that when it came to Charles. It was her belief that he had plenty enough of that already, so it was a bit of light and levity she wished to add to his life. Possibly she’d quiz Buckingham more of that later, if she remembered, but probably not. “Not too lazy! I have seen your energy first hand. No, I would say it more that you are results oriented, and content to allow your people the pleasure of crafting these delights of which you dream. There that is my official verdict.” She cheerfully declared, and with a grin to the Duke added, “Am I right you Grace? You might second me if you wish.” Which was cheeky to ask, but she knew each of them well enough to know they’d be amused of it. “Ahh…” but then came the awkward part. And how ought she even begin. Even though it had been Buckingham himself that suggested she ask, to actually do so, of something like this, was not so easy for her. “I am not very lazy either.” She launched at a slow, more personal, vulnerable even, tone. “Though my fellow equestrians might be excused for thinking me so. Ahh. Have you ever seen my horse Your Majesty? She is very beautiful, but very fat too. I shall loose the treasure hunt race even if I rig the rules.” Her eyes, which had lowered, now flicked up to look at CR in supplication. He was savy enough to understand the request she had just made. And she was embarrassed enough of it that she did not linger on the point. “The Ranelagh’s have offered their assistance to make the riddles – thus it is bound to be great sport even without the race itself.” OOC: sound great.
  7. Nicolette Vauquelin

    Desperatis hic in Vinarium | Saturday after 10pm

    "I am always ready!" Nicci laughed, giving the King a saucy wink as she left him to join her rival at the table. The men were betting big, and loud enough to be overheard. Nicci's eyes flared and she whispered across to Diana, "A hundred pounds! for that we had better put on a good show." it was an apt time to toss off her cloak, and to discard a glove. Crooking elbow to the table she offered her naked hand for the other to grasp (which left Nicci having to drink with her left, untill things got serious at least - at which point she passed her glass to Caroline with a call of 'hold my cognac!') OOC: Hi guys and gals, so as we are well in truly in the wrap up stage of the time frame now, may I suggest Defiance to do a summary post for 'and a good time was had by all' (ooh, or perhaps our chars all drink so much that they simply dont remember what happened after this point in time ) that we can conclude upon
  8. Nicolette Vauquelin

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service *closing*

    "Well that is a darker turn than wished for." Nicci faux pouted at the mens talk of the Kings life being at threat. Was somebody trying to kill CR, that was news to her, she could only guess that Duke Buckingham was being over cautious. Which he had every right to be. Smooching around Charles Nicci's smile returned, "but actually my nefariousness is more in plotting the game come race for the equestrian event. You must know I do not want to loose my title of Mistress of Misrule, and I've had an idea for the race that I intend to take credit for!" she laughed, "well that is of course, if you are happy with the idea." She then relayed her suggestion, or a slightly more refined version of that which she'd suggested to Buckingham, of a riddle-treasure hunt-race that was garden themed and to be held right in London’s St James Park. If it was agreed to The Ranelagh’s would be impressed, as would Lady Worchester. OOC: I am terribly sorry for not getting back to this thread for so long, it was in the wrapping up time period even before the previous reply, so shall we summary off and fade out on it so we can focus on the forwards edge?
  9. In her shock of it, freaking out - fearing she'd be blamed and hoping that those that she knew her would vouch it was impossible - Nicci was barely conscious of her relief at seeing it was not her darling Ranelagh, nor one of his dear cousins fresh to London. "Help!" she shouted louder still, noticing the fallen figures arm was bloody, as though they had tried fend off their attacker. Or attackers? The only thing she was certain of was that somehow this was politics, she hoped to god it was not the Hills boys father, but could not know. "Helllllp!" she screamed out again. Where was the ever present eyes of court when you actually needed them! ... then finally (it seemed like hours) somebody arrived, and it was her friend Anne Elizabeth, clutching at a pretty and holding it to her nose though if there was any stench Nicci was utterly oblivious to it in her shock. "Yes it's a deadman. A murdered man." she almost added 'it wasnt me', but rather she turned and looked again at the body. Why would anyone kill a man right here. "It's a message, but for who and what does it mean."
  10. Blood. It was coincidentally blood that now drained from her face, as with the dawning realisation she stood aghast in shock. Turning out her hands she looked at those too anew, and down at her gown, and what was that wetness on her face... A better bred lady might have fainted, but this Mademoiselle, daughter of a soldier granddaughter of a merchant, managed to keep upright, while dumbstruck her mind whirred at the magnitude of possible ramifications. Whoever this sorry sod was, and odds were it was some next level plot that had been his demise, why had it been her to discover it. Nicci, a French woman, when the English were declared at war with the French. And not so long ago it had been a Frenchwoman who'd tried to kill York. And now here she was stood alone, covered with the victims blood, and god knew who it was dead at her feet, if this run of bad luck ran out it would be someone really important. Fleeing was not even an option. Finally it was Nicci SCREAMED! She screamed, and shouted out for help. Surely somebody, a lifeguard, a servant, anyone really, would hear her. "Help, Help!" Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she had a very real sense that it was she herself that needed saving.
  11. It had been the shock of it that had nor not register - immediately that the astringent scent in the air wafting was alcoholic in nature, more particularly that of a product from her home land. A scent she oft smelt on her Burgundy drinking cousin (and one she was likely to have partook in herself) Burgundy? Kicking at the offending object, fully expecting to punish herself with an impact to the toe, her foot instead met something somewhat softer? "What....?" breaking from her cussing, Nicolette took a better look at the cause of her calamity, bending down she peered. Pray to the saints it was not a Peer. Extending her foot she placed it approximately where a shoulder might be and nudged, "Hey, wake up - you cant sleep here!" She might have been a bit nicer really, but she was still pretty unhappy at having missed the king. But why had the King left a fellow reveller behind? And really it was not so much like Charles to have drunk right though the night until dawn, that was really more of a Buckingham thing. And neither man would leave a man downed, unless he/they thought it to be part of some greater schemed joke. As her mind begun to activate past the distress, Nicolette took a far closer look to what, or more properly who, this was!
  12. Her toe caught, a very prettily shod toe even (Buckingham’s generosity had extended to a number of court shoes) and with a cry - over she went! Landing nearly full length the blow was diffused, and the quantities of fabric provided some padding too. "Merde!" and various other unladylike oaths were sworn as she scrambled back to her feet... with her initial intents to carry on her chase of the King. But the feeling of mud on hands brought her to aghast good sense. "Ca me fait chier..." she continued cussing as she slapped the dirt from her hands and looked down at her ruined dress. (Yet she'd be no Frenchwoman at all if she did not look around to make sure that nobody had seen her embarrassment.) Deduction made she was safe (heaven forbid Cordelia was stood there smirking) Nicci huffed an angry breath and kicked at that hidden stone that had tripped her - adding in a few more choice curses for good measure. She'd got up and five in the morning and for this! What upset her the most was not even her spoiled gown, but how she'd explain standing up the King to Duke Buckingham. OOC: ha funny!
  13. Nicolette Vauquelin

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service *closing*

    NV, CR & GV in a carriage after "It was!” Nicolette laughed agreeing. She loved to see how these two behaved together, these towering peers that had known each other so long, since their boyhood. As CR teasingly called George ‘The Duke of Bucks’, she imagined it was a phrase first invented decades ago. “Oh dear, I misheard you for a moment.” She purred, “I thought you said” droping her voice she whispered “Fucks.” Eyes glinted at this version, that had (surely!) been used by them as boys. It was perhaps Nicci’s affinity with young scally wag boys, that added to her appeal for these men now, for she engaged them rather similarly to how she did lads like Arthur. But to the important things. Charles did not disappoint, but kissed her and she kissed deeply in return. They shared a growing confidence with the other from practise, it was a kiss where movements even breathing was synchronised, while her fingers travelled squeeze and caress. In the midst of a kiss like this, Nicci thought herself to truly and utterly love the King, and gave of herself wholly at a result. Buckingham proved remarkably patient, practically selfless, possibly voyeuristic. Breathlessly Nicci, “Well I am glad of that, though do you know I even have nefarious intents with your company today, now that it’s secured.” Words designed to rouse his interest.