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    Poppy's Diary {open}

    Wednesday ...... It was as if they had never left. Life went as usual and people as well. Despite her worries she had encountered no one either seeking or asking after her Mistress which upon reflection was perhaps just as well. The Story was the same to be told yet a part of her wanted much to seek out a certain Gentleman and make what had happened known BEFORE it was made Public - but would he be able to help? His position was an Official one and besides no one knew about her Mistress and him being lover's so his involvement could not be expected. And yet another part of herself was curious as to just HOW it would all be received here at Whitehall ...... She continued on her way and reached once again the set of rooms assigned to this Queen's Maid of Honor and noted that the door was as it had been left. She took the key and let herself inside then closed it behind her. Eyes traveled over this room taking note of how much her last visit had left things all astray and so before more could be done she first must set things to right. The Viscount had made the offer for help and it was to be accepted and Poppy had arranged for some of his men too come and take away all that was not going to her Mistress. Nothing of a private nature was to be left behind. Just a few hours she thinks and it will be done. After one could night she realized that what she had packed was not right and so now what was needed was better seen. She would pack up all the dresses of a plain nature that would be functional removing any jewels from others that were being sent away. Monies were a priority obviously and a small jewel would buy what was needed and serve to see them well enough provided for. Plus she thinks that if they are allowed out who's to say that their things will not be rifled thru and stolen. The four large chests stood empty and ready and so she set about beginning with this outer room. Then the smaller bedchamber would follow. She had recruited the same two palace runners and the Viscount's men would see to the taking away. Her Mistress had thought that it would all be sent down to Matching there to be stowed away until she herself went there - whenever that was. She would also take the wine bottles and other such things with her as well for the nights grew cold despite it being Spring. Even if things were done here she would continue to come everyday for nothing else but to listen and exchange gossip with others for that was how news was made and let out.
  2. Raconteur

    Poppy's Diary {open}

    continued .... "There. It is enough for a start." Hand on hips she nodded as her gaze traveled about the room. "Gather up the two chests and this bundle then Ralph and we shall be off." Her words were directed at the teenage youth dressed in Palace livery and to whom she'd promised ten pennies for his help and then to keep a watch over what was still left behind. She'd engaged another two to help carry the one large chest out to the waiting cart at a side entrance. If anyone got curious it was to be said the her Mistress was going to the country for some time off and so nothing suspicious about servants fetching and carrying or of herself directing. She was gone long enough for this first night and was worried about her Lady. She would return no doubt several times over the next few days and it was to be hoped that any that she encounter that made enquiry as to Mistress Wellsely would seek her maid who would stick to the same story. She took a last lingering look clearly worried if or when she might ever return here but then squared her shoulders and cast her gaze over one shoulder saying "Alright. Enough for now. Let us go." She shooed him out then took a key from her pocket and locked the door. It would take more time to return as she was not going by boat. She could coax another to help once she was back at The Tower (she gave a small shiver at that thought).
  3. Raconteur

    The Night Before Christmas

    Absolutely Brilliant! 👏🏻 Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 to Everyone ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Tuesday, early evening ...... She went out the same way she had come in - thru the inner walled entrance then out into a long side area then the Bell Tower set into the outer wall and from there the Thames appeared. Walking to the dock she had her Mistresses badge and so a boatman was easy to catch up to Whitehall. From there is was as if was just another day and she was about her business. Reaching her goal she noted that nothing was amiss so word must not have been leaked out or no one had seen Davina being put into that coach or where it was headed. She opened the door and then set the latch not wanting to be disturbed. It would soon be dark and for a moment she stood still her gaze far off and then with a small shake she set about her tasks. First to the bedchamber and a large piece of fabric was opened across the bed onto which would be added as many dresses petticoats stockings and a cloak or two that would fit and she would be able to manage. Beside that a small pile of bedding was placed and several towels as well. She would she soon discovered have to hire a runner to follow her for it was too much indeed. For she must add in her own things as well. Three large chests stood along one wall all empty and she went and lifted the lids and then set to work. All of Davina's things were quickly folded and placed inside along with various keepsakes and private things she did not want to leave behind. Next the big room but it was all too much to try to accomplish in one go. She would have to return more than once she guessed. Next the embroidery frame - she removed the linen and carefully gathered up all the threads and needle case leaving it ready to be taken apart and moved. Her gaze fixed on several pairs of candle sticks and that made her look for those things that they would need immediately. She took all the candles and the flint stone and bundled them up to go in the fabric pouch she would take now. A few shawls as well and all the jewelry she could find. A tap tap on the door was sure to be the runner she'd recruited ........ There was just so much that she could do for this night. Tomorrow she'd come back and start again.
  5. Raconteur

    Away & Here Notices

    Hi All. I’ll not be able to post for a few days as my IMac desktop is going into Apple for repairs. I guess the graphics card has died so I’ll be dropping it off tomorrow afternoon. 🤞🏻 That it’s something else! As it’s not cheap to replace!
  6. For Frances things were much the same - each day or so brought some new message of felicitation on her soon to be wedding. Her mother was impressed then not depending on the wax seal but she could care less. Easter done and now the Season starts and she wondered just how much it would resemble the last. She was restless and her mind a whirl with so many things. Chief amongst them was what she had been told by her well-meaning friends. Dorset has yet another woman. Dorset has yet another woman She had to smile simply because EVERYONE assumed that she actually cared. The needs of a man she understood well enough and those needs were filled by lose women while the needs of a man to further his line were provided by his wife. The idea had come about quite unexpectedly and it had never left. There were ways she knew that a marriage contract could be dissolved by not applied to her and Dorset. And him lying with other women was too common place and held no weight. But what if there was a way other than that to get things called off? It was easy enough to get her maid to send one of her many brothers and then, thru him, receive information about what Dorset was about. The identies of those low women she cared nothing for it was anyone else that mattered. So it had begun. She was having him watched. But not much had come of it. Tonights report was only that a 'Gentleman' had called at his residence and been admitted. When would something of real use appear?
  7. He gave a small nod in agreement as she answered him back. "The Tale you spin of your father may not be as True as you think - when seen thru the eyes of the adult you are now and not the child from then." "Alas I can not say what else I may or may not have heard of you." "You answered just as I anticipated you would. You would do the same as me and there is no shame in it." He watched as she righted herself and drew his eye to the flower she teased and he could not help but smile. "Lady you are I think a handful of 'trouble' yet well worth the discovery." "And you are wasted on that husband of yours. Ah if only I were better placed .... " He gave a small shrug of one shoulder as he sheathed his knife. "Doubtful that we shall ever meet again. But strange things do happen." His gaze was appreciative as he walked closer to her and with a gesture that was surprising gallant gave her a bow then turned to open the door and was gone just as quietly as he had come.
  8. He released his breath on a quiet hiss eyes staring down at what lay at his feet. He knelt and with a hand that sook a bit gently picked up the rolled up parchment staring at it for what seemed like an eternity before he slipped the string free. He stood and went to the nearst candle and there he began to unroll that which had been so elusive. It was such a small scap of parchemnt but it held his Redemption. Held the end of the never-ending searching. Held his way out of the Life he led. "What will I do?" He quiered back in some bemeasument. "I shall follow what is written here. It leads to what has been MINE all along." "Your Father .... I see no resembalance. He it seems had no staying power and instead made free with his time and yours if your story is true." "Impossible." He shook his head at her voicing the unthinkable. "It is exactly as my Grandfather said. I will leave on the morrow and make my way back to Ireland. And to where the Cross lies sleeping until I awaken it." He nodded at his own words then looked at her as she sat back in apparent ease. "You think the worst because your Father failed and that is a thing not easily forgot. Yet you are different. You would be the same as me ..... stubborn as most women are and keep to the course." "If in my place what what you do? Satisify my curiosity as I did yours. Tis only fair after all. And then I shall take me leave."
  9. Without taking his eyes from her oh so relaxed pose looking like such an Angel he was quick to scan what he could see from just one candle. Soon several more came into his focus and one by one they too were lit until and the room was bathed in soft light. At any other time he might well have found it amusing - a play at seduction as it were - as if SHE was the hunter and HE the prey. What he had searched for was suddenly into his line of sight. The woman by the door was forgot as he walked slowly to where it sat and with an almost reverent aire was taken into his hands. He turned it one side to another in appraisal then retraced his steps to within a few feet of her. "It has taken much to have this at last. I said I will tell my Tale and being female I am sure you are like a cat and full of curiosity so .... sit there. Tis a Tale not quickly told." He pointed to a chair close to her and once she did he began ..... "My Father's father was in a line of Business that proved lucrative - a Grave Robber and good at it or so the stories said. Deep in the night with just the moon above he dug about the graves newly made. But those poor souls were just that so nothing sellabe to be had. He turned next to those buried inside in crypts marked out by great carvings and flourshing words. Here too he only searched for those newly laid in. Doesn't take much to open a lid after all. But he was always careful to not distrub the dead just searched about for trinkets." "It would seem that Fate was dealing him a losing hand but by happenstance he noticed a fine tomb set back into a recess that gleamed in the light from many candles. Drawn to it he walks and then stops to take it all in. Since it was an Abbey after all bound to be Churchman buried therein and this was one richly decorated and the blink from jewels set into the wood seemed to call his name. Not stopping to think he began to use a small dagger to pry them out best he could. Managing to oust but three when suddenly the dagger scrapes aganist the wood which caused a small flap to open. Inside wrapped in a piece of velvet was a heavy small silver cross." "Four arms tied at the ends with a woven square in the middle. Every Irishman knows it. St Brigid's Cross. Only this one was no cheap market make but by its weight clearly silver and old in its look." "He looks then to the tomb and finally realizes he dug into to casket of an Abbot of the Abbey he's in - Kildare by name. Could that Cross be ... no. Impossible!" "But why then would it be hidden away in secret? Because it wasn't supposed to be found. And what better place to hide it in then where he had found it!" "No time to think for startled by a sudden bang of a door he realized he was no longer alone. He quickly puts the Cross back into the velvet then tucks it inside his shirt. He then closes that secret opening." But in his haste the dagger dropped and the sound echos everywhere. Thus a cry was raised and loud voices and pounding feet soon followed." "He had to escape and back to the crypts he went. Luckly for him that coffin was still half open so he slips the velvet wrapped Cross inside and slids the lid closed." He paused as two of the candles spurted and then went out leaving shadows playing about the room. "He takes note of who lies within and manages to escape undetected. He writes a note on a scrap of parchment and rolls it up tied with string. It tells where the crypt is in that Church and the name of the person buried inside. He buys a cheap statue. Just like this one here. Grinds a hole in the bottom and tucks the rolled up parchment safe inside then seals it shut." "But bad luck soon followed. He falls ill then knew that Death would soon call. He writes a coded letter to his younger son who has an interest in Mythology to check the statue for it holds a secret. He dies but that son did not understand at all and so the statue made its way to my father as heirloom. My father DID decipher that coded letter. It told theTale and that inside the statue lies the details on where the Cross is. The Abbey where the coffin is. The Location. And the Name. But somehow the statue was lost. And so began the search for it. The hunt for the real statue I mean." "You happened to buy one in Dublin and it was 'stolen' but we broke it open and nothing inside. It was but one of many. Too many that we have smashed." "And then Fate once again played into your hand and THIS one came to you a second time." "Will this be the one? Or will I have this Quest forever to get what is my Birthright back? My Grandfather found it - St Brigid's Cross I mean. His son my Father should have it next then me. Now there is only me. And I will claim that Cross back." Without any warning he let the small statue fall from his hands where it broke simply in half with hardly any sound. There, in the light from the closest candle, could be seen a piece of parchment rolled up and tied with string.
  10. He followed her still close behind as she reached the third door with no retort of his own. A gesture with his hand told her he wanted her to go in first .... "Strike a flint to a candle" He whispered as the door closed behind him. "And then move away. I'll keep my head free of assault if you don't mind." He assumed that she was as familiar with this room as her own so knew where everything was placed. Once things were visible and he held the statue he might well spin out his Tale.
  11. He gave a little chuckle at her attempt at Bravado as she swept past him moving to the closed bedroom door. He was behind her in a breath saying "Rob? How is it robbing when that which you have belongs to me? Seems like the true thief is yourself." "Easy as you go no need to draw unwelcomed attention." He whispered. "Three doors down is a mere blink." He walked behind her with his knife still visible.
  12. He gave a half smile as she gave vent but was quick to temper it. She had spirit he had to credit with even some admiration. "Very wise to understand the situation. I do destest a blithering female." He withdrew his hand but kept the knife visible as he used it to gesture her to stand up. "Well then. Lead on. I'd hardly go out there alone now would I?" "I've used up too much time but that can not be helped. I want no repeat of this night going forward." "I've come for that statue and that I will get. I also promised a bit of my Tale but, well, we'll save that for another time." He grinned down at her his eyes traveling slowly over her person. She was really a fine figure of a woman. "M'Lady ...." His meaning was clear. He took several steps back to allow her to stand.
  13. "Lady Toledo and I are friendly and so I must agree that tis her 'style' that I do not favor rather than the Lady herself." "She does not have an easy time of it I think .... her ideas are oft times most unusual yet I do not believe she has bad intentions." "You shall have to decide for yourself if you are a devote or not." "But your Steward must do his job weather you are there or not. He is after all your representative when you are not there. It would be foolish of you to not outline your wants and expectations." "He must collect the revenues from any tenants you have and see to repairs on the house and out-buildings. There is much that has to be seen too which is why it benefits You to have servants that you trust and are Loyal." "That will be fine ..." She rose and went to her father's desk took up a scrap of blank paper and a quill and pot and then came back ready to list what was said. "I shall write them down so I do not forget ...." Some time later they made ready to leave and Frances was quick to assure the other that they would no doubt meet again. (ooc: Thank You too!)
  14. Frances smiled and held up her glass in response but did not comment. What she had said about her married life might well be so far from the actural truth that she did not want to tempt Fate by adding more. "There is another here who 'sings' - tis the German born wife of the Spanish Ambassador to Court - Lady Toledo by address. She sings Operas which I think sound much like a cat being strangled but His Majesty approves so ..." A shrug of one shoulder. "I am sure there will be some event planned no doubt for the Season where she will be on display. You may see for yourself then." "Hmmm. I shall have to seek him out first as he may well refuse. He will not go aganist anything that he thinks the Duke will not like. But if so, well, I shall ask a friend for he is most trustworthy." "In fact I think I shall not involve any from my Family and go straight to him instead." "Might I send him a note with your information first? He is very busy at present but will make time I am hoping. If not he shall no dount provide some good names for you to use." "Have you a Steward of your own? That way he will handle all your business matters for you. Perhaps there is someone capable back at your country estate that will be acceptable?" "There must be someone who oversees the running of things and reports back to you." Frances made the assumption that the other was as she to some extent - used to servants and the daily runnings of an Estate and tennants etc etc. "Well I have my circle so yes. We ..." It was then that a discreet double knock was heard and Frances looked towards the closed door. A sigh followed. "That is my signal to warn that the Duke may be returning here. I am afraid that we must continue this another time and place." "Allow me to walk you thru some of the maze here at Whitehall and help you to find the best and quickest ways out."
  15. "Truly" She replied softly. "My experiences are not many - as I am sure you can tell - and I was just there for their pleasure." "What we do is ... not what I am used to. And I am grateful. In fact I think I might become greedy and indeed have a need to return. Often" Here she returned a kiss with one of her own. But her mind thought ahead and logic spoke telling her he was saying it only in the moment. "You must not say things that can be taken back. I am not as strong as I look. I am quite fragile." All this said as he nuzzled her neck which, as it had before, made her catch her breath. Her body turned and she pulled him closer. This time she urged him unwilling to wait. (ooc - shall we draw this to a close on your post)