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  1. The Royal Chapel Close by to the Banqueting House exists the Royal Chapel. Seven broad stone steps lead up to the old building; grand arched double doors are wide open. Within, great vaulted wooden ceilings capture a great volume of air above the congregation - high above heavenly depictions look lovingly upon the mahogany pews. Candles flicker in sconces, the building itself is not overly well lit - behind the altar stained glass windows filter the light in a brilliance of colours. A makeshift wooden arch had been constructed, which had then been covered all over with flowers. Under this archway England’s loyal and dutiful courtiers filed into the Chapel... Eventually His Royal Majesty and entourage would arrive, which would be the high point for most, with the low point being the sermon/s.
  2. Karoline approved of the suggestion put forth by Bishop Compton, while her young friend Lady Dorothea practically gushed with excitement about it; "And Lord Kingston thinks it's a fine idea, which just goes to show you that everyone shall love it, for he would know!" And so it was settled - this, a very rare instance of the Queens Presence room becoming the location for a court event. Queens Presence Room The Queen’s Presence Room mirrored that of the King’s, in that it was open to all gentry and wealthy merchants. It was a spacious room, able to seat 40, but a welcoming one, decorated in warm red that was nicely accented by the ivory upholstery of the seats and decorative gilding. The central focus of the room was an elevated couch, reserved for the Queen, with a scattering of chairs near it as well as other groupings of seats settled around the room for attending courtiers. The rounded tables and cupboards around the desk held bouquets of flowers as well as busts of various historical figures – Aristotle, Copernicus, Julius Caesar, Sappho, Dido and others. Leading further from the room were two doors on the far side of the room. The door to the left would take one to the Queen’s Drawing room and the one on the right to the Queen’s private parlour that guarded the entrance to the Queen’s bedroom and closet. Tonight the 40 odd chairs had been rearranged into a grand circle, with Her Majesty’s favourite chair obviously placed at the top. But Her Majesty was not arrived just yet (with some manner of final preparations being done) but already Royalist Courtiers were arriving and snapping up seats, soon there would be standing room only! One of Courts Matrons had arrived particularly early to secure one of those seats; and now sat with crochet needle busily dipping into a cotton thread creation, near her side (but standing) was a miserable looking girl. "Smile Elizabeth!" Lady Campden had no idea of what had gotten into her charge lately! Another pair of early arrivals had been Lord and Lady Angelsey, their continued existence surprised some people. How old were this crepe-y couple?! "Arthur I want to sit near the door!" said the old woman in a whisper that was louder than she was aware. "Yes darling." the finely boned gent assisted her, "In case I grow bored, I shall want to be able to leave easily of course." A group of young, moustachioed (& bored!) men also arrived quite early, the scent of liquor on breaths still as they chuckled and chatted amongst themselves. Slowly but surely the room begun to fill.. Next arriving was the tall dark haired and handsome figure of Lord Winchelsea. He remained stood, his eyes alert around the room for a certain Ladies appearance.
  3. Kingstons and James When did you become so cynical my dear? She had not noticed this about her son previously, perhaps it was the effect of hearing Francis in this away from home setting... Bess found it unusual to hear, however true the comment was it showed Jade. She was less concerned with Francis' young friends views, and lightly laughed on cue as James said he'd never kiss and tell. "I did not think it was that sort of tale I was asking for." never the less, she clarified. Francis groan around this same time reminded her why mothers wee not the preferred company for young men out making names for themselves. Still, she was very curious to what flattering Tale might come -- Thus equally disappointed when that tale was so plain. There was mor to it, she was sure, but neither of them were keen for a full telling. James even (belatedly) now to change the subject. "Permanently is such a dramatic word." Raising an eyebrow towards the poet, she replied vaguely while reading his question as a compliment, "but excuse me now, gentlemen." With consideration for her son she thought to leave him to catch up more with his fiend without a mothers ears present. "I think I see the Fieldings..." she added for Francis benefit, before with a nod she gracefully moved on through the throngs. She would find Francis again later, for they would sit together of course.
  4. The Royal Chapel Close by to the Banqueting House exists the Royal Chapel. Seven broad stone steps lead up to the old building; grand arched double doors are wide open. Within, great vaulted wooden ceilings capture a great volume of air above the congregation - high above heavenly depictions look lovingly upon the mahogany pews. Candles flicker in sconces, the building itself is not overly well lit - behind the altar stained glass windows filter the light in a brilliance of colours.
  5. Dorothea and Francis "We should have guessed that would happen." She agreed, likewise dismayed as for a moment the quotations took on a political, and then almost bawdy tack. Thankfully the night was saved, as Lady Beverly made a course-correct. Dorotha’s eyes slid to the Queen, who through all of this maintained her usual ‘court’ smile, hiding her deeper opinions on this one or that one’s offering. “I think she is pleased.” Dorothea whispered to Francis.
  6. Individuals continued to stand, taking a turn at presenting a verse. It was one of the Moustacio'd group who stood next; William Abdy infact. He had found a bold and manly verse with a sword in it, that he hoped might impress the ladies present!
  7. The Royal Chapel Close by to the Banqueting House exists the Royal Chapel. Seven broad stone steps lead up to the old building; grand arched double doors are wide open. Within, great vaulted wooden ceilings capture a great volume of air above the congregation - high above heavenly depictions look lovingly upon the mahogany pews. Candles flicker in sconces, the building itself is not overly well lit - behind the altar stained glass windows filter the light in a brilliance of colours. Mrs Burnet and her team of Florally inclined ladies had truely outdone themselves this year; the chapel was briming with spring flower arangments, their uplifting bouquet permiating every crany and nook. It had been literal weeks in the planning, had required near to 40 servants, three carpenders and one dressmaker to complete (with many of those working into late into Thursday night). "I think it's safe to say," said Mrs Burnet as she stood in the chapel earlier on that morning, "that this shall go down in the history books. " Then replied Abagail Williams (morganic wife of Viscount Brounkner) "I beleive you are right Mrs Burnet, I believe you are right." Now approaching ten, the noble families of the Merry Kings Court begun to file in...
  8. "Agnessss" Mary, nearest to her, hissed under breath. But it was too late! Her brown eyes turned and sweet brow furrowed, looking towards the grand Lady Mountjoy. Any of the queens ladiesmaids in the room knew there would be words later! Standing, the little Lady Beverly opened her bible to the markers page. "My own favorite verse, and one I am honored to share for Her Majesty, is 1st Samuel 1verse 27; Mary, with hand upon her belly made a gentle pause then added, "which is surely the greatest joy possible on this earth." Sitting again, she gave her Lord Husband a small smile.
  9. Kingstons and James The Lady's eyes glinted mirth at the doleful manner of the prayer-book-forgetter - and was won over well and truly (Yes it helped that her son’s friend was somewhat attractive, and articulate too). “Delighted, “ She extended her hand for James deference, prettily made, and then smiled back to Francis, “then I am glad it is not a book of ribald in his grasp.” “But no, please stay.” By complimenting her son, James had gone into her good books, “Yours seems to be one of those cases of misjudgement in perception of oneself, for rather than sleepy you radiate an enlivening energy.” “Besides I would enjoy hearing the tale of my Lord Son’s heroic deeds.” She smiled between the young men.
  10. Stood behind Beverly Mistress Dundas was not a controversial woman, quite the opposite really - her cheeks had flamed when the Vicountess (a saucy widow!) had cited verse from that bible book! Fortuntely Mistress Wellsley was there to stifle any untoward thoughts within the room, with a quote that surely dampend any ardours previously raised. Though Agnes did not quite understand the significance of Davina's verse other than that. Still, to heap water upon the fire, (and just to be certain that her gentlman companion was under no illusions to her own interest) she spoke "from the book of Hebrews, chapter 13:4. Surely says it all!" Unfortunately she could not sit again, to try shift eyes off her - but she had to remain stood, severely regretting that her quote held the word whoremongerers, even if the sentiment was quite virtuous.
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  12. Dorothea She had held her breath those first few seconds, seconds that had seemed like minutes - she'd even (irreverently) crossed her fingers for someone to step up and begin! It had been Francis who did it. If she could take back all the times she'd teased him for not attending dawn service, she would have at that moment! He was the most pious Englishman present surely! (Apart from the bishop of course.) Dorothea smiled to the trail-blazer of biblical verses, she would have clapped her hands even if such a response had been appropriate - it was only after attention swayed away from Francis that she whispered, "so very well spoken." and from that point the passages begun to flow, all men initially, but surely a woman would cite some verse soon?
  13. Lady Kingston, her son & then James All in good time. Bess knew something was on her sons mind, he was wrestling with some mind-monkey that was troubling him so. Her first guess (not voiced aloud) was an unwanted pregnancy, but as far as she knew he was not entangled with anyone, that none might lodge that claim upon him - which was almost a tragedy in itself. While her own love life had been followed by much grief with it, there had been love. She wished love for her boy also. Or perhaps he needed money? She'd heard of the trouble with his ships... But rather than worry of what might not be, she smiled as she entered the chapel, time together was something she always enjoyed. Francis, ever the good son, then asked who she'd like to talk with... "I hardly mind, although, I've not caught up with the Fieldings in an age now, are they here?" asked she... But any reply was interrupted as a young man was caught by a surprise (having been distracted) and reeled with his book swayed up through the air. "But yes I can see." the lady commented (being a woman with no small library herself, she easily read the Latin title on the volume he welded). Her eyebrow rose. "Psst, your studiousness is showing." she chuckled, and smiling back to her son she allowed Francis perform the honours (it being apparent that the two were known to each other.
  14. Mountjoys taking seats Charles words were soothing, and much appreciated. Though Urusla would not, could not truly relax while the precious token, the gift, was still lost. Charles might have forgiven her for not wearing it here tonight, but surely in a more intimate setting he expected to see it fastened about her neck. Lady Mounjoy reavowed to have it found, ‘Ill offer a reward perhaps?’ was her private thought. And then they were seated. Karoline gave a confused smile to Charles, a look that slid across to Francis (her source of out of the usual foodstuffs), and then looking back to Charles she thought to avoid trying to reply to his comment at all! “Thank you.” Was simple enough said – and besides the Bishop by standing, now drew them to silent attendance. & other Important People While on the other side of the Queen, past the Bishops now empty chair, young Dorothea was also biting her tongue (while blushing) having not really meant to extract details from Francis on his sleeping habits! Bishop Compton “Ahem.” The Bishop begun and moved his eyes over the circle of all who were gathered, “Thank you for attending this most fitting event for this hallowed evening, I think I can speak for us all when I thank Her Royal Majesty for her benediction and indeed presence this evening. May I begin with a prayer…” Which he did in inimitable Bishop-y and protracted style "… though our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.” Completing that he looked about the room again, “I invite participation in this evenings sharing of favourite biblical verses, including but not confined to those that relate to the sacrifice of the Lord. And more particularly I invite some small commentary also, for how the verse cited has assisted, inspired or perhaps consoled.” Henry Compton remained stood a moment longer, expecting a rush possibly of eager persons keen to begin... Who will next take the floor Initially however, there was just silence. How, or would, the silence be broken? (As the first person made a motion, Compton nodded, and by taking a seat forfeited the floor. ) Note to all: Resetting posting order as of now! ie, freeforall (go on, I know you've got bible readings eager and ready lol)
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    Hello friends. I ask for your understanding, as I am feeling a overewhelmed with life drama at the moment, while wanting to post it's just difficult. So I am thinking to begin with post my little pc's. I've not forgotten about the Hopeish stuff needed, but just needing to try warm up into it. Which might not be today. But I love you al still. *hugs*
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    Oh, I think i know what has happened. I am basing the set of easter services on a services rped here years back, and so used the same title, planning on c&ping the ceremonies. Fluff wrote them back when. But now I'm wondering if its what you (CB) say and not easter but the week prior that she wrote. I'll have a look back in the archives again tomorrow. When I'm fresh. And ment what needs be mended. Apologies
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    Hellow bunnikins! I am creating the Easter threads now, loading the 4 days as a 'batch' - for you to all revel in the extreme historical religiousness of this celebration. Church services themselves are compulsory, in the age there were even fines for anyone who did not attend CofE services. There are the odd evening optional events too. eg. Recite your favourite Bible verse w. The Queen. Booya. And also Sunday evenings being typically a family dinners night, these might be rather more extended families gathering over the Easter weekend. Please Liaise with your pc's family's mods to if and how you might like to rp those family dinner threads - for it might be more interesting for some than others. Work that on out! Monday will be the last of the super religious days. (In practical terms, I envisage we dont need to post a great deal to any of those church threads to lock them on in and then move forwards. But if you've got anything religious wise to achieve, do please go for it - carpe dium and all that) When Tuesday finally opens for rp, our merry court will be champing at the bit to let their hair down! So please, do join in the fun of needfully repressing the wicked urges until then (though perhaps a few of you shall manage an amoral & irreligious shenanigans thread! Go you!) 🙏
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    Jimminey Crickets, did I write good friday as Palm Sunday? yes its definately Sunday for that. Sorry for any apparent insanities. Common sense must prevail.
  20. Beverleys, Agnes, & von Bruhl It might not seem much, but Beverly's accepting manner had a subtle effect upon the German, an effect that VonBruhl himself would be hard pressed to pinpoint as to why. "Quite so," he replied agreeably, glance towards the ladies observed and small nod given. "Haha." his eyes closed some with smile, "The English have home advantage, and skill also! Ah, but I have never been under the illusion that the game would be easy. Yet 'the race is not always to the quickest', as they say - and endurance is one of my better qualities." It was in his mind to invite Beverly to join him n a ride some time, but for the moment they fell hush as the Bishop was standing.
  21. Francis and Dorothea “In that case I shall ask for two favours, or perhaps even three.” Dorothea was thinking to one day, when a rare moment of being alone occurred, of asking him for a kiss. Asking for one was daring enough but to practically vocalise asking for three – was utterly audacious! The fair skinned lady blushed. A blush that was hardly helped when he described the Duke as ‘Raucously sleeping’, oh yes it might mean snoring, but for the famed libertine it might mean something else too. “I hope such is a difficulty that you are not troubled with yourself.” Snoring she meant, but the other too, “It’s a trouble I’ve never had, sleeping as soundly as a babe, no matter how late I sit up reading.” But then the Mountjoy’s arrived too, and Dorotha turned to nod her respects to the commanding woman and her husband before she was assisted to her own chair. OOC: The arrangement went: Lord Mountjoy/Lady Mountjoy/Karoline/Compton/ Francis/Dorothea The Beverlys were seated to Lord Mountjoy’s other side, and behind them stood Von Bruhl and Agnes
  22. The Mountjoys There are very few crystallising moments in a life, far more at those great swathes of time where routine and mundane carry methodically on, but this, this was one of those definitive moments. Charles lifted her hand, and placed on it a kiss. But it was more than that, and her rhinestone blue eyes met his and held – pomp and artifice laid bare in that moment. She imagined she could see right into his heart, and he into hers, despite the tangle of brambles that might lay between. Thus for the first time in days the lady felt hope again! As was correct, Charles uttered directive to their duties. She gave a small nod, and murmured, “I am bolstered by our unity in this.“ and she was. Her posture shifted slightly, and she moved with him to the Queen There arriving she smiled, “My Lady, have you ever heard the sound of ice singing, it is a most profound and glorious sort of music ‘neath wintery lake, born of the ice cracking.” She was relaying a message by this, and Karoline sighed a breath of relief to it. Charles might have heard those sounds too, possibly even during his recent travels to northern parts abroad. OOC: Just learnt of this today, and it seemed too wonderous not to somehow include! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chxn2szgEAg Near to the Queen stood Lord Kingston, whom was assisting Lady Dorothea to a seat...
  23. Todays readings was focused on the apostle Matthews accounting, while embellished by Compton’s dialogue upon it. The Bishop found the entire event riveting, alas, this was not so much the case for the greatest number of his parishioners. (It was a long day, even for the most devout of Anglicans) When the break finally came for lunch it was most welcome. That two hours went past all too quickly, before everyone was returning to the chapel and retaking their seating... Notably Her Royal Majesty was now absent, though most ladies of her ladies still were and there seemed no concern on their faces to suggest there had been any problem. The afternoon services of Good Friday were a little more buoyant, which included hymns and shorter bible readings by some of the younger reverends. Adrian Hamilton for instance, had the reading of Mathew 27 verse 54, "When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus saw the earthquake ad what took place, they were filled with awe and said 'Truly this was the Son of God!" Adrian flushed through out the entire thing, but at the completion looked to the congregation and gave a nod before moving off. It was a very big honour, never mind the brevity of the verse read. Then finally the Bishop completed the service by leading all with the Lord Prayer... Service Ends Exiting out into the bright of day again, it was sometime around five.
  24. "But I'm glad that you are..." came her reply in a warm sleepy voice, and scooching over closer she embraced Charles, moulding her form into his and content to drift back off to sleep again. OOC: shall we wind up about here. Planny wise, Mary will attend Church with Charles over the easter services, and feel free to 'Blount' her as there.
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