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It's that Secret Santa time of Year


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It's not in character, it's not Christmas ic lol.

This is akin to the birthday poll presents, they arent useable in character but are abit of fun for us as players to give and get. Tongue in cheek is fine, use of ooc knowledge is a good idea too, eg... a book on Tower of London etiquette for Danby might be apt. 

Dont stress about it though, I'll come up with gifts if anyone draws a blank. I just felt Xmas-y, and thought gifts for our chars would be fun ❤️



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My gift ideas:

Francis Kirke:  a blow dryer for that lovely head of hair

Beverley:  Dale Carnegie School of Public Speaking course to help him get his confidence in that regard.

Davina:  A science kit to see if the liquid in that brown bottle is a poison, abortive, or just iced tea that she can drink freely

Cordelia:  More of that Botox she took between seasons for her avatar (did you notice how her looks changed from a kindly old lady to something far more attractive)?

Audley:  A glass eyeball that has the eye of a dragon

Mountjoy:  A book listing the number of lawyer comedians and/or poets throughout history.  Sadly it is but a single page.

Caroline:  A book tour on how to ensnare a lord sure he is marrying someone else into your own matrimonial web.

Darlene:  A copy of that book 

Nicci:  Her own book tour on herbs entitled  How to Spice Up Your Romance

George:  A copy of that book

Anne-Elizabeth: Darlene's knowledge of voodoo dolls

Sophia: one free plausible deniability for her husband

Diana:  The luck of the Irish for the rest of the season



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