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  1. Darlene was in a very restless mood following the Duchesses visit, she had read the letters at least five times and still had no idea of what to do. Having no idea of what to do was a very unpleasant sensation, and not one she was accustomed to at all. For the umpteenth time she sighed of it. "Send for a carriage!" she called as she whisked herself up stairs. What 'sending for a carriage' actually entailed Darlene hardly knew, but by the time she'd finished revising her look, there was a city carriage awaiting her outside the front gate. There was a petite dinner party to plan afterall, she was to entertain her new dear friend Lady Toledo, and later Lord Chatham also. Foodstuffs were required, and everyone in London knew the best cook in town was down at the Red Lion... "To the Red Lion' Darlene called to the driver, relieved to have this matter at least under control! So it was with not much ado that Darlene managed to take Mrs Golightly from her Kitchen breifly. "Three courses shall do adequately, and it needs to be something light upon the digestion for we are daring out into the town sometime after. Oh do not ask me where. I am pledged not to say a word - but if you must press, then I can say that we shall be in the proximity of the wharves. Upon Lifeguard business. It shall be utterly fascinating. Ooo! Perhaps we should have a nice fish for the main in that case, but not flounder, I cannot abide the way those lay on the plate looking at you." The young Viscountess chattered away far longer than Mrs Golightly really had the time for. But finally it was all done, the cook returned to her stoves to the well wish of 'God speed!' from the Lady. Darlene turned from the farewell, and looked about the Inn, reluctant to leave the bustling scene... and she, so prettily dressed in a light green day dress with snugly fitting sleeves to her elbow (where upon they flared out in a volume of cream lace). Her bodice worked in red embroidery of poppies, it's squared neckline deeply cut (with cream lace trim to preserve modesty) About her neat waist was a broad dark green ribbon, beneath which great volumes of silk cascaded, with further embroidered poppies ran about the hem. She was all dressed up, but with no where else to go. Loosing a sigh, Darlene was upon the lookout for a diversion... 'I should have invited Lord Churchill to take me to the Green Ribbon Club' , but she had not, and now her eyes turned towards the rowdy Tap room. There was adventure to be found in there, she was practically certain of it.
  2. "Yes." Darlene answered simply enough, she had the manner of a woman with no secrets. That of course was not the case. "But have you brothers too, and perhaps a husband here also? Your Lord Ballater is not the jealous type I hope, that is the worst sort of husband I found." Truth was she's have loved her dear departed to have been more jealous of her, Thomas would have looked magnificent in a duel, there ought to have been many of them. "Teehee, yes lets traverse upstairs." Darlene was much taken with Victorine's flattering conversational style, and without further ado she took up a handful of skirts to manage her way up the stairs easily. Not certain of the others rank, she followed after upon account of Victorine looking a tad elder and being the Inns actual guest. Meanwhile she chattered, "My other guest is exotic also, she is from Germany really, but Venice too, related somehow to a Lord here who was her guardian, and now married to the new Spanish ambassador. But mostly she is known for her voice. On more than one occasion I've heard people say she sings like a nightingale. Of course, I am horribly Envious!" It was a companionable style of envy though, laughed brightly and all with a broad smile.
  3. Darlene's eyes flared a pleasure as Victorine played along with the melodrama - and played coy! So that each moment she then digressed about her particular room, the only thing her companion was thinking about was 'what wine ought it be!?" "A honey coloured chair, that does seem familiar. And have you a view of the courtyard below? Mine did, my brother spied upon me through it, so that I learnt quite quickly not to dilly dally there." Darlene would be quite happy to the room and to see if it was the same in person, just to tread the hallway again would be a walk down memory lane. Raising to Victorines unspoken challenge, Darlene pretended she'd no interest in wine at all. Except that Lady Ballater kept on mentioning filled glasses ... then finally , at long last, Victorinne did her reveal, and named the wines. If those were indeed wine names, Darlene only recognised that the shop they came from was a wine merchant. "I've never heard of wines with those names." Darlene freely admitted, and smiled, "they must be especially special and rare, why I am quite honoured that you recommended me such. Even more so as a gift. But please, you must come to my dinner party also. It is a very small affair, I am sure that my lady friend shall delight to meet you. Besides, if you are newly arrived you shall want for introductions." This Vicountess was a welcoming woman; after all didn’t the good book say to treat others as you would want to be treated. "I do not know for certain, I felt terribly bad about it." she said of poor Jerome, "I don’t think it was heartbreak so much as thwarted ambition though. I hardly knew him, and he'd have been miserable if we'd married. I've not seen him since, I hope he doesnt have a limp."
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo While Sophia finished fussing with the pins, Darlene realised she had broken one of her rules, the one that went 'don’t talk about somebody until they have left the room'. Because it was only now that she'd started on George Chruchill that she noticed he was slower than most in leaving the chapel, that he was in fact, just over there. He looked fine again too, in that dangerous and exciting sort of way she especially liked. "The green ribbon club is for politics, like the woolsack, but not refined, nor royally endorsed I don’t think. They publish controversial pamphlets, in fact maybe they call them the pamphleteers? Or if they arent, then they should be." "Bawdy love letters do you think? You would have love my cousin Heather..." her eyes followed George and John as they left, and even as Sophia discovered a forgotten book Darlene cooed, "-Come Lady Toledo - I am bored of this game." Darlene was intent to follow after the gentlemen, and so the ladies came to overhear their words. "Why Captain Churchill, I thought you were talking about us for a moment." Darlene interjected cheerily and with a wink to Burgoyne (whom she did not actually know, but winks were a handy way of negating social niceties.)
  5. Darlene had punished Charles for more than a day now, and was finally ready to hear his excuses. So she was dressed in her most seductive outfit: a typically lacy and frilly number, and with many ribbons and bows, the main point of difference being that the dress was a daring spanish red. She did not know if she actually liked this red dress, it had been an impulse buy later regretted, but red was said to be the colour of passion and so that was why she wore it. Having no carriage of her own, and Charles house hardly being far down the street, Darlene stalked her way there by foot. Francis Cavandishes words were still spinning in her head. Charles was so in trouble, even if he did not know it. knock knock knock Pretty even when sulking, Darlene knocked on door - bizarrely unaware that it was only six am
  6. Following Victorines cue Darlene leaned forward, flicking open her fan behind which to whisper, her eyes flaring in appreciation of this show of secrecy (Darlene loved little more than a bit of drama!). "...please, just 'Darlene'. And you might have guessed, that I love to test the boundaries of convention also." To ham it up a little more Darlene glanced around the room to check for wagging ears (& refusing to be disappointed at nobody paying their show any attention at all) she then continued, "Leek and potato soup with capers, and for our main: potted veal." Secrecy of her intended menu aside, she returned to natrual posture to greet, "Delighted to meet you Lady Ballater, Victorine. But which rooms are you staying in? I wonder if it might be in my old apartment even. My Brother the Earl Chichester resided here some years ago, we had the very finest time." No judgement here. "Oh, that was until my poor rejected suitor shot himself in the foot. It sounds amusing now, but at the time it was all rather ... mmm, a bad day. For him at least." She flashed a grin, and then quizzed. "Who on earth told you it was odd to stay in an Inn?"
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    "It's a scandal, I completely agree." delighted Darlene fairly shone "Shall we keep looking for more?" Sophia meanwhile plotted Mischief, making Darlene giggle out loud. But the frog prank idea was going too far even for her! It was seldom indeed that Darlene reined another’s ideas in, so it was possibly even a first that she then said "Or what about a little love letter, that he shall later find at the end of the day when he disrobes. Then to wonder back though his day to who it might have been?" "I don’t know hm at all in fact." Darlene replied cheerily as though that was no matter at all, "But I sat next to him at the Lords, and asked him to provide me an escort to the Green Ribbon Club. If he was a good and sensible gentleman he'd have said no. My Late Lord Husband for instance, would have been aghast. But George Churchill agreed. It shall be shockingly dangerous, and I expect to have a great deal of fun!"
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    "We completely must," she fully agreed, and planning an extravaganza would be a perfect topic for their dinner party. Then to their treasure hunting... Darlene dropped the Chancellors button, her interest caught by her friend. "Ooh you found the best thing!" she whispered, hurrying to see Sophia's intrigue. "He practically undressed her, I wonder if she even knew. Or perhaps she did know, and was complicit! Goodness, that is even more daring than I'd be. I’m so jealous!" Darlene grinned. "I bet mine was just the chancellors loose button popped when he sat downside, everyone knows Lord Daventry is so boring." Darlene touched one of the pins, "Was this where George Churchill was sitting? He's quite a fascinating man don’t you think? He’s a little bit wicked, and also exciting."
  9. Fair fortune, saving Darlene from a perilous venture into the common rooms rough and tumble, appeared in the shape of a woman - a French one no less (Victorine's accent was clear). "How astute of you!" she beamed 'neath the compliments, for while flattery was a second language to every courtier, it was enjoyable to accept praise when it was so deserved. "I do take my role as hostess dreadfully seriously, and am having a friend to dinner tomorrow evening." Already Darlene was sizing the other lady up, possibly to invite her along, just in case she might be an adventuress also. Like a clucky chook Darlene was always quick to take such persons under wing. "Hmm." pressing a finger to her lips she repressed a pleased smile, "why you are right, and I dare say by your heritage you shall know exactly what a lady should pair with a pre-excursion dinner party, why without your help I would be pressed to choose between white wine or red. What would you suggest? "Oh! Pardon me, but my name is Darlene Hamilton, or Lady Oakham if we are being all proper about it." Darlene’s eyes were bright as she tried figure out this lady, who was without a gentleman escort but plainly a woman of quality, while was of an age to suggest some worldly wisdom. “May I ask, are you staying here?”
  10. "I think that Cumberland knows how to get them." Darlene mused dizzily, having never really paid any attention to import or exports. "I don’t think you should have one from the Americas though, " Darlene had made friends with Weroance Anne, and so it just did not seem right to her. "But ooh but I’ve never heard of anyone having one from the Orient, you will amaze everybody at Court." The ladies chatter was what some would call inane, though Darlene would describe it as purely enjoyable. But even the best of afternoon teas came to an end, and soon this one did too. "We can only hope. " Darlene paused on that thought then boldly announced, "I think I want to swap all my gold jewellery for silver." It was a very dramatic decision, but seemed do very right just now. "I wonder if there is anyone who does that sort of thing. I bet our Count Fiorenzi would know." At length their cups of tea were empty and the dregs of the pot quite cold - so farewells were made, Darlene embraced the Duchess also. "Thank you so for visiting." she farewelled sincerely, "I cannot wait for our evening of discovery together." And speaking of discovery, after the Duchess had left, Darlene returned to those letters they had found, and re read them all again. The second one broke her heart each time, Thomas had never realy loved her. Which made the last letter all the more important... It was times like this that Darlene wished she was cleverer, but she was only clever enough to know this was important. What could be done with it. Maybe I should show Charles? OOC: sorry for my late late late reply & thankyou for the thread
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo Which was true, provoking Darlene to shine "Why just imagine if we ever put our skills together and created an event. It might set a new bar of how things should be done in entertainment, our names would be noted as the most accomplished hostesses -or should that be hostessii - to walk the halls of Whitehall." Darlene's name would go first of course. But to this adventure, then stealthily prayed - Darlene peeked just once or twice to make sure that Sophia was diligent too, and also to be certain that she was fake praying better than her friend. Competitive praying was a thing. But thank goodness the ladies decided they'd done enough of that. "I was just going to say that too." Darlene whispered, and flashed a grin. Scooping herself up to her feet she looked about, before scooching down the pew checking under, around and about. "Wasn't this where the chancellor was sitting?" she whispered, bending to pick up a button. "I don’t even think this is his, what can that mean?" her eyes flared with playful intrigue OOC: I beleive we are perfectly fine to find little unimportant bits and bobs.
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo She covered her lips to hide her amusement, though naught could halt the dancing of eyes. "It would be wrong of course to hope it a trend that will catch on for next week too?!" Darlene for her part was well ready to get up from the pews (she suffered both a terrible thirst and a need to pee!) If there was any doubt in her mind remaining (though there wasn’t anyhow) her utter delight with new friend was then confirmed as Sophia suggested a terribly clever thing. Darlene’s eyes flared, "Ooh that is terribly clever." said in a low enough voice so other might not hear, and take up the clever idea too. "I cannot believe I've never thought of that. You are really quite a savant I think. I bet you could also make up excellent party games." The latter being a highest compliment that Darlene knew how to give. Whispered then ... "Shh... lets wait a minute, till the rest of them have left. Quick - pretend to pray!" Which Darlene then herself did.
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo "Well my cousin - a terribly naughty lady" Darlene’s descriptor of Heather spoken with pride "left me her book of ribald poetry she was writing, and there is a mention of a man of the cloth that I suspect..." But such inappropriate mid-service gossip was halted as the lovely ladies discovered this one and then that called away, so that in quick order they became one of the very few persons remaining in Church! "Goodness gracious!" Darlene moved to hold Sophia's hand, "this is not usual, even for our modern times." She looked back to Sophia, seeking some cue of what they ought to do.
  14. "You need a darkie servant like mine, she hardly says a word." Darlene recommended, "ooo and then our servants could be friends too, and it would be just perfect." Because sometimes Darlene had wondered if Maisie got a bit lonely. "Hmm..." tipping her head she mused, "It must be a Cavandish way, to be such a strong mind and independent. I remember William commending academic interests for women. It seems a nice idea to do, but I have no idea of what I'd like to think so much about. I wish my days to be more fun. Oh and yes I agree, planning the weeks menus and such is the ultimate boredom, who cares what wine to pair with salmon an if you should only eat blancmange in springtime!" "I will treat you like - a little bit older." Darlene grinned as a tease "though you are a Duchess and I'm only Viscountess, so you have to go through the doors first anyhow." breaking into laughter she alleged, "so you can clear it for cobwebs, for I'm afraid of spiders!" Of attending th enext ball in matched silver she nodded, "That's a grand idea, and might help ward away malevolence there also."
  15. Even though Elizabeth was more fun than Frances, she was still rather sensible. "Oh yes I suppose." Darlene replied of algae, understanding that her oldest new friend was making an effort. This friendship was simply a more serious minded one than was Darlene's usual. "I don’t truly know, I hardly gave it a chance." she replied on topic of Thomas, "I think he had a difficult time properly expressing himself..." but Elizabeth’s actual question had been what would make her happy. "What most makes you happy?" Darlene asked, realising that she was unsure of her own answer. Talk of dressing up for their evening was a happy thought though, and Darlene smiled of it. "You are a dear, I cannot wait, we shall prepare together then? I would like to match you as much as I may." she imagined that together they would make a striking pair. "Goodness, it is only a shame that the seance need to be such a secret, for almost no-one will see how fine we look." "Cant you just tell me what to buy?" Darlene preferred that over having to read a book on a tedious subject. "But my birthday is the 2nd of December 1656, I'll be turning 22 this year. When was yours?"
  16. "It's a good saying." Darlene approved, "though it sounds like your Grandmother had much in common with Frances. I would prefer to say that if one dreams and works with conviction, then anything might be possible. Perhaps I shall paint a statue of a Griffin green to illustrate that point." Darlene like to talk big, though in truth there had been many green griffins (or purple pegasai) in her life. "Yes I thought he was too." she really did not like to talk about Thomas much, doing so always made her feel sad. "But in the end I was just his trophy, once he'd won me he had very little interest at all." "I suppose at least you know what to expect." the topic of Chris frittered, but not before this brunette suggested, "I wonder if he can be changed. Perhaps some novelty might renew his efforts? Or at least, I wish I'd tried again with my Thomas. Potentially we could have been so happy." She shrugged at the money question, Darlene had never paid any attention to that sort of thing. So far all her usual accounts still worked, so everything must be fine. "I shall probably just stay here, even in the recess." "Oh thank you Elizabeth, have you a second silver tiara too? I would like to wear one of those. Ought we bring our bibles also, and perhaps I should fill a bottle with holy water just in case." After all what they proposed to do was dangerous. Darlene, raised properly in the English way, was utterly superstitious. "You are right, I do." finger was put to her lips to help think, for the life of her she had no idea where to find a herbalist in London. OOC:
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo If it was a test, Sophia passed with flying colours. "That a great idea." Darlene whispered, while mentally thumbing her nose at Frances Cavandishes stuffy friends. Elizabeth (nee Cavandish) was a bit stuffy too, but at least the Duchess was mentally inquiring and not so afraid of what everyone thought, and did not act so oppressed. "But not the Bishop." Darlene whispered looking to the front where the man stood, and then provided a juicy little tidbit - like a reward for her delicious idea, "although my cousin Heather has a tale or two about that man that I hardly know whether to belief or not." Darlene did believe it, her cousin had a penchant for scandalous behaviour. "With whom shall we start?" the ball was in the game creators court... Though there was a pause, and Their Royal Majesties exited. Darlene cocked an eyebrow to Sophia, 'I think it's too soon yet to be her 'time'?"
  18. Darlene blinked at the unknown term. "and Purple Pegasus-es" she laughed, "- Elizabeth where do you get your sayings, you are marvellously unique!" Simply said she was greatly enjoying the Duchesses company! (which was a surprising realisation still) "Perhaps they stare, I ignore such things, I am far more interested in men of action." Darlene knew very well that Elizabeth’s husband was a watcher, she'd even dallied with a flirtation with him now and then, but he'd never made a slightest move. "In any case it's perfectly fine for a man to look, I must admit that I found it a little odd that my Thomas did not seem to do so. He was not nearly as hot blooded as I had hoped." she sighed, and then thought occurred, "Your Chris must be quite sensual I expect." Because best friends, even relatively prim ladies like themselves, could talk about such things as that. "It sounds quite good when you say it like that." Darlene had always enjoyed allegory. "So I might be captain of my own ship too? Only, it doesn’t feel like that so much, there is all the Hamilton family still - Henry the new Viscount Oakham set to marry any moment and turn me into a Dowager, while the Mother Hamilton, already a Dowager, glowers away at me. In that family I now have no rhyme or reason at all. But it hardly as though my Brother can take me back." These were some of the thoughts that rattled in her mind, to explain some of why she sought a new family. But she shrugged of it, for she was truly trying to not even care. Status quo might need to exist some good while yet. "Oh I see. Now you explain I am reconsidering my entire jewellery box. I've always preferred gold, but it's practically bait." she was hardly ready for such big news. "I don’t know if I even own anything silver, might you be able to lend me something for that night. I shall of course order my own items as soon as the shops open again!"" "Like, parsley?" the thought of adding herbs to tea seemed odd.
  19. "Oh of course he will, he hasn’t eyes for anyone but you.” Darlene felt silly to have asked if he’d do it for her, when plainly it would be at Elizabeth's wifely instruction/command. Noting the Duchess’ second glance at the dolls, Darlene never the less tried to pull her mind from those thoughts. The moved from her room still talking, and down the stairs – but to her heart Charles felt near to her still. “Well, someone to instruct, as you instruct your Chris.” Was an answer she imagined Elizabeth would accept. She knew better than to cite love, for they had already spoke of that and she knew Elizabeth a cynic, “and I thought perhaps I would have children one day.” Which reminded her of the Dukes letter. “If Chris died, then you might marry for reasons of your own. It need not be for the family so much, a widow surely has the right to choose her own. If Chris dies, though of course he shall not, then I expect any number of men who might currently admire you, would then dare to approach. You might be surprised.” “Yes with honey.” A fresh pot was ordered, with honey, ‘and also shortbread’, while the ladies got back to their plans. “Has tea better affinity with the spirits?” Elizabeth plainly knew more about this sort of thing. … “but the jewellery needs to be close to our skin, so covered by our clothes – we don’t want the gypsy to see it.” For as they’d established, all gypsies were thieves. "Why Silver and not Gold?"
  20. "Yes it’s just the same as that.” Though Darlene had hoped there was more to it than mere folly or wishful thinking. “Yes he’s a soldier.” The Duchess was trying to help, her tone alone said as much. “I promised not to tell anyone who he was.” Why had Charles wanted to keep it a secret? Times like this Darlene wondered if Frances was right. “Would Chris do that for me?” she did not mean to sound quite so much like a little girl as she said that, did not mean to sound helpless. “Your family has really been so good for me Elizabeth, thank you for your offer, but. Well I have just today decided I will just let destinies path fall as it will. Besides, with a friend like you who needs a husband.” Putting the figures back in the box Darlene turned back to the Duchess and smiled, “I shall order a fresh pot of tea and we can make our plans for the seance. Should we have drinks before and after – red wine of course, and perhaps should all wear our cloaks so it will feel most mysterious and help evoke the spirits. What do you think?”
  21. She might have gotten away with it if she’d not mentioned the part about chickens. "Alright then, they are called witch doctors actually." Darlene’s shoulders slumped and she huffed, “I am just so terribly bored!” with a lip jutting that Elizabeth had such sensible advice. “I don’t even know if it works.” She replied somewhat quietly, as it seemed that Elizabeth might be more forgiving of the heresy if it proved practical. “I cannot see how it does work, but sometimes it just helps to have something to do. To try help. Like, this, these.” She indicated the pair of dolls that she’d taken back into her hands, “I have a sweetheart who might never propose. So I thought to try this. Oh but don’t even mention it to Francis, she thinks I am stupid and he was drunk to even say he might.” Sighing Darlene was ready to put the dolls down, when other thought came to her. “Perhaps your see-er might be my better help. Perhaps they will have a message for me too?”
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    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Oakham and Toledo Dropping her voice to a whisper Darlene counted off on her fingers, “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, yes that is five days off from Church, Sweet Jesus be praised.” said with a flare of eyes and a grin. It was not right to use such a term like that, most especially while sat in church, but so many hours of prayers in one weekend was driving adventuring ladies like Darlene a bit mad. “Well That is rude in itself. You have been at court months, nearly a year now, and here she’s not even welcomed you yet.” It was satisfying to see that Arabella as not a very good Anglican, it satisfied Darlene's competitive streak (for she’d welcomed Sophia simply ages ago now!) Church services were about to begin. Sitting with Sophia was already proving to be so much better than sitting with Frances. “Lady Toledo, do you want to play a game?” Darlene was about to suggest the very same game she’d scandalised Frances cousins by suggesting. “Choose a lady from the bible, and the winner is the one who gets named during the service the most.”
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    The Christmas Party (secret santa)

    Briefly Darlene’s eyes narrowed as she looked side to side, wondering who in this party was ‘onto’ her; the warning from Elizabeth Monck echoed hauntingly in her mind. “Oh, these will be handy, for my sewing.” She acted totally chill. It was hardly the first time she’d experienced Christmas Danger, and frankly, a part of her even relished it. Her fellow partygoers were now draped in a glamour of excitement; possible threats, cloak and dagger suspects - all except her loveable Lord Langdon of course.
  24. "Don’t worry Elizabeth, this is magic alright. It’s done by Doctors in fact.” Darlene chose to leave out the ‘witch’ part of the witchdoctor title. “My little maid Maisie, the darkie girl that I hired when we were in Jamaica, yes she mentioned something once, and I know I had to learn more of it. They did not want to tell me though, it took simply ages to find someone to talk, and cost Thomas a small fortune. Well, he thought it was for a regular Doctor. Anyhow, it’s quite a secret thing, which is why you cannot tell anyone. But then noone talks about regular doctor visits either. So it's quite normal.” “Mmmm.... it’s to do with these figures and, mmm… sort of like blessings for them. It’s mostly to do with chickens. See, the feathers for stuffing, and sometimes the chickens have to die, and, something with an egg to take the evil out of someone. I’ve not done that, but it seems very interesting dont you agree.” “Yes, so really, it’s Chickenology. Yes that is a better way of saying it.”
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    It's that Secret Santa time of Year

    but only if CW doesnt propose in a timely fashion