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  1. Darlene Hamilton

    A Witching Hour Seance Tuesday night

    Darlene was feeling so much better after having seen her Charles, her spirits were quite uplifted, as she was truly looking forward to an excitingly and dramatic evening with her friend Elizabeth, tiaras and the Count Fiorenzi. It had been a long time since she had seen The Count, whom she'd never quite made up her mind about, but if nothing else the man was fully theatre (a point in his favour!) "I really must get a black cloak, oooh, or midnight blue." She chatted to her maid Maisie as she got ready, "my red cloak is the most lovely of course, but it is hardly the colour for skullduggery. Oh yes, I conceed, reaching out to the other side it's not really skullduggery... perhaps spiritduggery? Is that even a word? But either way red just doesn't quite seem right for it. Perhaps I'll wear a shawl instead, that black one I wore after Queen Catherine died - god bless her papist soul..." Maisie was styling Darlene's hair in prepare for the promised Tiara. Darlene was sitting perfectly still, on account of wanting the finished look to be exceptional. "Goodness. It just occurred to me that Count Fiorenzi might accidentally commune with Catholics. Oh I hope not. You know I do take being Anglican very seriously, it's one of my finest attributes. I am probably one of the very best Anglicans at Whitehall. Really it's a pity that they don't have a competition - for I know I would win it." It was hard sitting perfectly still, hopefully Maisie would be finished soon. ... The bad news of the evenings cancellation arrived just a few minutes later - the result being the young Lady bursting into tears! "It's not fair!" Darlene wailed, "I've been looking forward to this all day, how can I possibly going to go to sleep now. And I've been so brave not even worrying about accidentally becoming possessed. Don't you know that becoming possessed is probably even worse than being kidnapped by the French, or being set upon by villains at the docks, and much much worse than being put in the tower." Yes perhaps there was a little bit of relief and those tears that Darlene shed.
  2. Perhaps it was that exotic accent (even if it was not so exotic being from only across the channel), but Darlene thought her guest was anything but plain. The little turns of phrase, the laughter at all the right moments, the playful tease in her tone. Lady Ballater seemed so refined that she might even come to be Darlene's rival (a thought that was pleasing) It was only a matter of time before Victorine rose to the height popularity. "But what an array of wines you have brought, there are too many for just one sitting. There. I have decided you must return again for an exclusive evening of wine tippling!" Darlene's man silently took the ladies cloak, he would brush it down before hanging it. "I know just what you mean," she nodded of how bravery one night might be different than another, "though the greater of fright, the greater the thrill of doing it. I try to do something I'm petrified of as often as I can. What is the saying? Something of 'preferring to be caught out doing for something daring, than to be never seen for plainness'... Or at least there should be a saying like that, for it is my preference." Briefly Darlene wondered if she should tell her new friend about the night she had been apprehended for trying to murder the Master of Revels in the ballroom - but she hoped her fame/infamy of it had not yet past and the lady would still otherwise learn of it. Instead she gave a squeal of delight at Victorine's tumbled turn of phrase on smoking and drinking, "Oh I love it!" She wriggled her toes within her own slippers, and was almost sad that they would not feel the squelch of mud. But before Darlene could answer the ladies question, there was a rap at the door, and with the footman being stood right there - he immediately answered. It was a male voice that wafted through, carrying as far as the Ladies ears. "But he is entirely early?" Darling told Victorine with a look of surprise on her face. Then dropping her voice to a whisper she explained, "the Earl Chatham is, was, to be a guardian and escort. And speaking of daring, I think it is his middle name." Which was all of that warning that Lady Ballater had, before the footman introduced the now decloaked Charles Audley thru the arch into the great room. "Lord Chatham," Darlene greeted warmly, "is it exuberance that brings you here so early?! A welcome surprise surely, don't you agree my lady. It is like opening a present on the day before your birthday!" "But Lord Chatham have you met the exquisite Lady Ballater? She's only recently arrived and I had the good fortune of discovering her at the Red Lion. Which is where all the best people are arriving to London of course. Why really if I could offer one social tip to you lord Chatham, it would be too frequent the red lion often." Darlene grinned. "Given the rather common plans we have for the evening, perhaps tonight we should use our given names rather than titles, in which case, Victorine Folle, do meet Charles Audley."
  3. Charles, correctly, was happy of her plans for the evening. Darlene knew better than to tell him what else they were going to do once dressed in tiaras, men tended to get nervous when one dallied with the undead, she'd found. "Well actually tomorrow night I'm having a dinner party for my girlfriends." She explained but perhaps you can escort me to the art exhibition on Thursday? "One of the very best things of having a beau, especially one who wore uniform, is appearing in public looking magnificent at their side." This was spoken with a playful wink to Charles Was Darlene possibly avoiding willy nilly intimacy? Very possible that she regretted being so (relatively) quick to hop into bed with him, when he had not properly proposed yet. She had plans to try force his hand! But she was not thinking of that as she hugged him and kissed, her darling Charles Whitehurst or such passionate man! They kissed, and kissed again. "Bus stop darling before it is too hard to leave!" She broke apart, eyes sparkling. And making herself ready for the footman to help her with the cloak she farewelled "Sweet dreams my love!" Before whisking herself away into the night. Hoping that she left him yearning for her!
  4. The gentleman Victorine chose came as a surprise to Darlene. "Truly? But I hardly even know him, other than he seems quite a quiet and respectful sort, and attended chapel with George Churchill last weekend. Which I'm not sure is a good recommendation or not. Do you know I think he might be another of these gentlemen that just need the right gentle hand to guide him." Like Darlene's own Charles Whitehurst. The ladies chatted on for some little while more, Darlene enjoyed her new friends polish and honesty, or at least it seemed she was very open about her objectives. Was ladies you cannot always tell. Yet at length it was time to depart, which data incompleted in an effusive manner. "I'm so delighted to have met you today, the accounting of surely take up at least 2 pages in my journal, why I can hardly wait to get home to begin!" Said within laughter and air kisses, "and I shall see you again in barely any time, we shall have a lovely dinner and adventure!" Did the room seem especially empty after Darlene had left? She liked to imagine so. OOC: Thank you so much for joining my thread ❤️
  5. "Oh yes my friends are quite impressive, though do often wonder what they do when I'm not there to brighten their lives with something interesting. Except for Elizabeth she's always got something dramatic going on." Which was true. "Actually Charles I'm going to be seeing her later on. We plan to wear silver tiaras, it shall be great fun." She grinned, "though I have no idea how long the evening shall go for. Don't stay up for me Charles I will see you in another night." Her beau had seemed to not hear her question of what rumours might be drifting about court about him, but then perhaps he didn't know: it was usually yourself that was the last of find out these things! Unaware he was avoiding a topic she happily carried on. "Charles thanks so much for talking tonight I do know I interrupted your evening. I feel so much better I rather think I shall sleep splendidly now." Darlene moved to embrace him, squeezing tightly and looking for a kiss goodnight.
  6. While it was Darline,'s man who saw the door, the vivacious brunette was not far behind him - her smile bright and eyes glittering as they a alit upon her guest. "Darling you look glorious please please come and quickly the evenings chill might disturb your hair. For I surely no it does no good for mine!" Curly haired Darlene crooned happily even as the Butler took the ladies cloak. As for the hostess's ensemble, she was dressed in a soft green silk detailed with needleworks of hummingbirds around the hem, great puffy sleeves that then bound in tightly at the elbows. Her stomacher was a tapestry of a forest and bound in tightly. And of course there was her trademarked duo of matching broad ribbon about her waist and in a bow about her wrist. "You are so brave again My Lady, to be the first to arrive! Oh I know how scary it is. I myself have been known to wait in the carriage for a good 15 minutes before I was certain there were enough people in the house, before I dared to go in!" Scooping her hand through the crook of Victorine's elbow she let her through the archway to the left into the great room where a piano stood on show in the far corner. "But I hope you shall not be too terribly upset when I reveal the good and bad news later. Not just yet. I want to wait to announce it until Sophia arrives also. These things are all about timing you understand."
  7. "I know that already Charles," Darlene sighed, "We are a Conspiracy." Charles had cast them as secret lovers. "Perhaps another night." She promised of her tale of Killigrew’s villainy, "I've other plans tonight, so cant really stay that long." Tonight was the night for the seance, she'd tried to take a nap before but her worry over Charles made that impossible. Charles (correctly) voiced dismay that her friends did not gossip. "Oh I know it's the worst thing about them, and you can be sure that I have tried. It's annoying really when people act too nice, and I am quite certain that even Davina has a dark side. Why doesn’t she just let it peek out now and then". He'd asked for details of who these ladies were, and she generously provided. "Then there is Elizabeth Monck, well, to her credit she is most likely to gossip of any of my friends. Though mostly she gossips about her own husband, which grows wearisome fast." Her eyes brightened "but I have two new friends, Sophia who holds potential, and Victorine who surely shall be an adept." Darlene was placing great stow in the French woman’s ability, after all the French were raised on the sort of pettiness that bred gossip. "No body has gossiped about you Charles..." he question, however innocently spoken, cause Darlene to look at him differently. "What sort of thing would they have mentioned?"
  8. #34 - Newcastle House - Residence of Lady Oakham The stone townhouse sits behind manicured hedges. Its front yard boasts a fountain sculpture of cupid hovering over a pairs of lovers. Built in the last ten years, the trees in its yard have yet to reach their fullness, a wide path leads arrivals directly to ominously large double doors. A very small garden, now unkempt from a lack of attention, lies behind the townhouse. Inside the front door was an entry set with hall table with vase of fresh blooms. Springing from the entryway were two small rooms. To the right a study with bookshelf and comfortable mismatched chairs with a writing desk set near the window. To the left was the parlour, with cream settees with occasional tables scattered about. An English landscape sits above the fireplace. Beyond the entry area was a formal room of grand proportion with broad staircase arising from it, though the room itself is minimally decorated with a scattering of chairs around a mat near the fire, and a piano at the far end. Passing through the grand room is a dining room with large table with an eclectic assortment of chairs, and beyond the dining room is the kitchen. There was a separate backstair in the kitchen for the servants. The second floor contains three bedrooms. The third floor is for servants. There is a half cellar and half attic for storage. All the lights were on at number 34, sparkling it's readiness for guests to decend
  9. "That's a wonderful idea." See this was why she loved Charles, he never flatly said no (even right now when she'd asked him to!) but was happy to help her put a new spin on things for their friends. He was really quite creative even, but she'd learnt that about him early, had composed a lovely love letter for her that first spring of '75, even though he'd not known her at all. "And do you know Charles, that is even true. I would be far more suited to discovering a conspiracy at Court don’t you know. In fact, I even already have. Did I ever tell you about that horrible Mr Killigrew, why my rage at him was borne from virtue." Nobody had really listened to her side of things back then, but then it had not helped that she'd also been in a great depression at the time, and refused to talk. "But lets not talk about that darling." for yes she wanted to talk about them, their hidden relationship. And why was that. "Of course I love you Charles... and a royal secret... that does sound good..." but Charles had distracted her before with his sweet talking, and she was not sure if he was doing that to her again right now. "... but the trouble is my friends are really quite dumb, selfish also, and worst, they don’t even gossip amongst themselves." Darlene dramatically sighed. “But they are all I’ve got to work with.”
  10. The chocolates were delectable. “Mmm they taste divine.” Darlene was quickly coming to the conclusion that her newest friend was a font of fashion, as she happily believed that these chocolates were upon the first blush of. “I dare say it is the surprise of the centre that is part of their allure, everyone loves a surprise. Don’t you.” The last chocolate was offered to her, and Darlene certainly did desire it. “Oh but no, you must save the last one, for some time that is most needed. Perhaps when you are homesick.” Like one of the saints or martyrs, Darlene generously said. While although Victorine knew of Moliere, they did not linger on his plays as a subject, but rather the adventurous theme. And a question. “I’d not really thought of where I’ll travel too next, well, actually perhaps I shall visit Cornwall.” Since if she married Charles that’s where his estate was. Visiting Cornwall did not sound very adventurous though, and so Darlene’s perfect brow furrowed as she thought harder. “But for adventure… Penzance is somewhere near over there, so perhaps if I travel that way we shall run into Pirates." She flashed a grin, happy at that. Victorine was proving herself to be an adventurous too, with talk of a dare. “Well there are two gentlemen I am thinking of. One is quite impossible for he’s such a dark horse, almost impossible to read. My friend Lady Albemarle husband. Oh I tell you I have flirted with him horribly and have barely made him blink, though he did buy me a clock once. Though that was not actually deliberate. Or… if you prefer, the other most challenging fellow is terribly high in the ranks of court, but by no means an easy quest either, quite stuffy you see and not free with his favours either. Whey he was too much for me to even take on, and I am usually quote brave with these things. You must know who I am talking of all ready even. The honourable Lord Arlington.” Darlene had set two very challenging dares. Were they too challenging even? “Oh but perhaps those are too hard, I shall not want you to become unhappy if you fail. If I fail at something I get quite miserable - don’t you? You could start with a much easier one. Like, mmm, Lord Burgoyne.” OOC: Im going to make Darlenes dinner party very soon, and then we can wrap this up and Victorine can join that thread
  11. Darlene Hamilton

    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    He'd indeed done just what she'd wanted, flirtatiously more even - Darlene adored these games. In fact it was moments like this when getting married to Charles was less appealing. For it did not escape her notice that her new partner in crime (Sophia) behaved far differently with her impromptu escort. It was because Sophia was married. Poor John, the dark haired lady thought for a moment she ought to kiss John too so as to brighten his face - but thinking better of that she merely grinned to George. It was a grin that said 'we are the lucky ones'. Before alighting the carriage she waved him a farewell! OOC: *claps hands* thankyou
  12. Darlene Hamilton

    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    "Then just as well the fates collide our paths once more!" Darlene laughed brightly. Meanwhile with no idea that the other two had 'history' (though even if she did it might not have made much of a difference). She was all too happy to end a boring day at church with some light flirtation. "Which is the best night of the week for country party politics, ooh I hope they shall have debates, I just love debates." she happily swung her shoulders as she walked, flashing George a grin, inclusive in her content. "My bother shall be quite amazed, do you want to know a secret - well I think he has country party leanings. It's only because he's so clever, that he likes to question things you see. But really he adores the monarchy just as much as anyone, you can be sure." Chattering away, entertaining the gentleman, Darlene was wondering to herself what night of the week would be good for this adventure. "Perhaps Friday?" which was ages away actually, but somehow her empty diary had filled up quite fast. Reaching the carriage she sighed at that thought. Looking at the gent she then said, "I shall want a kiss to tide me over. Dont you think?" LOL: happy to wrap this up approximately here if that suits 😄
  13. "I am so relieved!" Darlene gushed with her trademark melodrama, "Though I don’t know how I shall explain it to the others, they were so looking forward to the excursion. I am sorry darling, but you are going to sound like a real party pooper when I tell them you have forbid it." But she would tell them so with pride, for it proved Francis Cavandish had been wrong all along. "I would ban you from forbidding anyone except for me." "Though I fear it might alert the others that I am special to you, next thing you know, gossip that we are a couple might get out. I wont actually tell them of course, don’t fear, because that was our games rule. I didn’t tell Francis Cavandish your name either - in case you are worried. I have been very good keeping our secret. In fact I've been even better at it that you could have imagined I would be..." Which had her smile at a hunch, "... Charles, did you think I would accidentally tell everyone?! Because -" Darlene cosied closer, " I still could?" perhaps that had been his plan all along!
  14. Darlene startled at Elams shout, but adjusted as she understood what was going on. If this was her household she'd have said something about it, but it was not. "No thank you Amy - why any moment you might be told to hand me my cloak." Which was overly dramatic perhaps, but Darlene when upset, was inclined to unbalance views. The widow clutched her hands together, to try calm her anxiety. It was not a long wait, till she heard the rattle of feet upon the stairs, and looked. It was Charles, his expression - angry? As soon as he spoke she understood why. "Yes it was a horrible thing to say wasn’t it!" Darlene practically sobbed, throwing herself into his embrace. He'd said the L word, that was all that really mattered. "Charles you must ban me from going to the Docks, to prove you love me" Hugging him he smelt so good, and she knew everything was going to be all right.
  15. "Good evening Elam." Darlene felt suddenly quite cold too, it was some sort of fright or fear of soon to be hearing the worst. Not from Elam though, that man had been perfectly kind to her. She gave he man a half smile, "If you could ask Lord Langdon to come downstairs - I've not the topic of conversation for steam and bathtubs." It was at that point that nerves got the better of her, it was so plain to her now that she was really interrupting Charles. Charles likely was not even thinking about how to, or how to avoid getting married. "Oh. Or. Can you just give him this please." She thrust the letter at Elam. "I can wait for his reply." The letter, written in Darlene’s dreadful hand writing, said