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Hope Birthday Poll


What to Give Hope?  

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  1. 1. What to Give Hope

    • Darlene finds a secret compartment with a hidden birthday present the old duke planned to give her
    • Nicolette's bloadsoaked look (at the fountain) becomes all the rage in fashionable circles.
    • Sir Peter Lily, the famed portrait artist of our time, hears about George's art exhibit and attends.
    • George, Darlene and even Nicolette all get married (happily) in the upcoming season at court with a wealth of other nuptials.

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What is a game without hope or Hope?  I recall her birthday, though I don't recall many others.  I'd just as soon forget my own birthdays at this point. ;)

What present should we give her character(s)?  Happy Birthday in the Down Under.  It will be your birthday tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere if I recall properly.

Happy Birthday!  👑


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