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  1. "Indeed." George agreed in gentlemanly tones. Daring to invite himself to dinner, Elizabeth Anne declared herself delighted. "Grand! Beware my lady, I might make a habit out of it!" at that stage he did not have another lady in the wings who he might make him think anything otherwise. "The day before the exhibition surely, what is that, the 13th? I shall no doubt need a distraction by that time, may I warn you I am slightly disposed to nerves." "Very well then, I give up!" said the Earl, "It was Lady O’Rourke, I came across her swimming in Rosemond’s pond. I confess, I'd sketched her any number of times before she even realised I was also present." George later painted a portrait of Heather, but he'd never given her the painting he'd made of her for his nymphs series. That was a different thing again. Arising to his feet he said, "I ought not take up all of your day though, lets talk more of these plans at dinner on Wednesday. What time shall I arrive?"
  2. What a different day it had been; while escorting Lady Kendishall, it had fairly flown by! George particularly enjoyed the little looks exchanged. Though a full day in Chapel did not usually exite the heart, his had done a little jump a number of times. Such as when the Bishop spoke of Duty (might George finally fulfil his duty to provide an heir?) He dared not look at Caroline as he thought that thought! Though his pinked cheeks may have betrayed him. When the services were over, rather than hunting out his bible-discussion chums, today George thought to avoid them, directing Caroline directly to the door with a suggestion that he escort her to the carriage. He was keen to learn more of his new muse, and private discussion was more appealing than any possible discussion of the comparison between last days of the Lord according to the books of Mathew Mark Luke and John... Stepping out into the dusk, he offered his arm
  3. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    Mountjoy, Cadell, Caroline & George George blushed as Mountjoy said that, the wily courtier was tease his own particular French interest surely! Meanwhile, pretty little Caroline was so bold as to agree. Life had certainly changed now that George was openly courting! "Our links with France are so complex as to be practically inseparable." Relied George to Charles, "love, war, they are both passionate topics, and while politics may tug different ways depending upon the season, the relationship remains undeniable, nor would most of us even wish it differently." It was apt timing for Cadell, married a Frenchwoman, to be present. George gave him a meaningful nod. "I have been slower than some to get aboard that concept." he continued, tongue getting tangled up with itself as he navigated dual thoughts and words, "I shall certain acquire such a fine kerchief myself!" Was that the sought after answer Cadell was hoping for? While Caroline called out the drama of it all. George smiled to her, warm and indulgent, "But I thought drama was the preferred spice to life at court my lady, particularly for the French?" he chuckled.
  4. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | Easter Sunday (10th all day)

    Another day, another day of sitting in the chapel As George arrived he looked about for his almost fiancée? Was Caroline here yet... Today he did sport the exuberantly lacy handkerchief - though rued the thought that others might think he now did so in homage to Mountjoy. But hey, there were worse people in this world to mimic! And besides, was it not part of his master plan this season, to somehow move his way into the Queens household.
  5. “Hmm..." George considered her method to test her mothers theory. Turning it into a game seemed a bit, ah, unnecessary though. He avoided agreeing to that as he continued, "well to begin with one neds to define what you think of yourself. That must be the examination made, setting the parameters, before one can then go about seeing if those same things are what other people think about you." Which was a tad different to the spin she put upon the theory. George was a man far more interested in fact than fiction. Which was perhaps why he and Grey had gotten along so well, and why the other had entrusted George with his constellations charts. "It seems to me you need to view these charts in person." Said he, which seemed to be her idea also. "I shall bring Gray’s Charts with me, when shall we plan this, and... at risk of being rude, might I suggest we dine as well." It was indeed rude to invite himself to dinner, but George was tired of dining by himself, and boldness (recently at least) seemed to be working in his favour! "Ha, I have not planned ahead that far." he replied to her very sensible question of who would see these paintings. "No, I think not, these are more for private collections I think. It is very much in the early stages anyhow, I have completed but one. And it would be indiscreet of me to tell you that noblewomans name." OOC: shall we look at wraping up our thread once we get our next 'date' settled?
  6. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | A rousing evening with Her Royal Majesty (8th)

    Davina Next To George "Very mild mannered," George commented in a whipered teasing-tone to Davina following her delivery, and with a grin continued, "I hardly recognised you." His and Davina's tempers, both unstable at times, was one of the resons that their thoughts of a serious relationsip had failed. But as friends, they got along just swimmingly.
  7. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | A rousing evening with Her Royal Majesty (8th)

    Chichester in support of Cadell Too much time spent at the House of Lords - for when George heard Cadell speaking on Tolleration he wished to stamp his stick in show of support, or call out a 'hear hear'! Then some scallywag woman spoke up and said the exact opposite! George frowned and made an audiable huff, "Now I beseech you bretheren, mark them which cause divisions and offences and avoid them; Romans 16:17" Perhaps only those closest to George heard his outcry against Lady Hamilton
  8. “Hmm…?” George paused to consider the quote from Anne Elizabeth’s mother, “That is an interesting thought, though I am uncertain of it. How might we test out the truth of it?” it plainly interested him enough to want to further examine the idea. She had as much knowledge as he to where Grey had gone - but perhaps that did not matter. “Yes well, he left me his charts already. I was to illustrate them, how might you contribute also to his plan? Lord Grey wanted, once they are completed, to gift them to the Royal Society… I believe, and if they were accepted there would be a sharing in some ah, recognition there by.” he explained, very willing to involve the young lady somehow. “Oh, and for that other, I would be happy to paint your portrait.” He added, “though not as a male! Rather, there was a Nymphs series I begun working on a few years back, that I might rekindle.” OOC: sorry I somhow missed the last paragraph (with her question) last time!
  9. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | A rousing evening with Her Royal Majesty (8th)

    The simple fact was that George and Davina shared an affinity, a likeness in their views of the world. George gave a nod at this, an tip of head in agreement at that, and a veiled rolling of eyes at that other thing even. “It defies explanation.” He simply said, and by doing so implied that ‘they’ stood on the higher ground in that regard! There might have been more gossip to share on Mountjoy too, but the Bishops standing and commanding the rooms attention required a pause to their occupation. And George did so without any grudge, he being so new to the Anglican faith that there was some fun in the novelty factor if nothing else. “Amen!” He voiced, a little to loudly, to the Bishops prayer. And then the evenings activity was announced… and then for a dream moment it seemed that no body present intended to partake. But Kingston spoke up. Response to Francis George found himself nodding along… and finding interest in how Kingsons take on the verses came from a sailors perspective. But he was the one who came to court on his ship. George then recalled, which had him briefly reflect upon how the man had transformed from an out-of-place brave to this, well spoken fashionable individual… Kingston’s dialogue then ebbed George eyebrow rose, how did this evenings transitions from one speaker to the next evolve? As yet there was no directive from the Bishop, and so, taking a breath George dared! “Well said Lord Kingston, your verses bring to mind a favourite of my own, the relation being that service to the Lord requires a sort of selflessness, yet without fear that our needs will not be met. Matthew 6; 28 and 29; It was no surprise that such a verse was dear to George’s heart (however fixated on raiment he was apparently trying to be less obsessive!) it was instead thought of Francis outward transformation had triggered his citing it. In after-amble the Earl added, “it later explains in the chapter that ‘all these things shall be added to the man who seeks the kingdom of god.” And here it was George whoms words now petered out, which was perhaps the cue for a next to speak.
  10. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    George was distracted, having discovered a very keen hope in his heart that Cadell and his lady friend would strike up a rapport, that hope was so acute as to be a tad debilitating, so that George became very readable before them (ie he lost his courtiers mask) But if his ears did not deceive him, they were both well received, Cadel even mirroring his own praise upon Caroline "Oh I certainly agree!" he grinned as well as chuckled! "Though my race has not been won on that regard quite yet." Which all but explained that their courtship was not yet a done deed (and the Earls enthusiasm for it.) Yes it was going splendidly, and George felt a growing confidence towards his prospective match... Was it the bright air that surrounded the well met trio that perhaps attracted the Solicitor General to approach. Turning to see who neared, George's smile faltered (for a moment there was a frown of dismay!) before he brought amicable greeting back upon his face. Mountjoy was a veritable united nations of fashion; Flemish clashed against Alencon lace, Tudor roses on buttons, an Irish green on breeches, while that shade of apricot was fresh from the groves of south of Italy. Never to mention the Scottish auburn of wig, and then... good god that was a Middle-eastern fragrance the man was wearing?! But that was not the worst of it. The worst was that Mountjoy flapped around the fashionable kerchief that George himself had conflicted about! "What a sight it is to see you again my Lord Marquis." George voice was a tad strangled. What had happened to Blount during his absence, he'd always seemed so very well put together, but now, well, he was a complete mess! This could not be Monsieur Dalliards doing (thought George charitably, even while a supporter of Maisonere's fashion house). "Do please join our league," said welcomingly none the less, after all Charles had welcomed George in when he'd been a polcital pariah. "Have you met Lord Athenry, freshly expunged," he gave Cadel a wink, "from honeymooning in France, "and Lady Kendishall who's affections for those parts are possibly rivalled only by your own - ah - eager embrace of parisian culture and fashion." George motioned to the kerchief that have briefly stilled within Mounjoys fingertips. "Friends, here I present the world renown Lord Mountjoy, a man of many parts."
  11. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    It was a very attractive smile she gave, and George felt some joy to receive it. (Their courtship this far was going very well!) “A token of my affection.” He replied to her query on the flowers, “it is but a little thing – the flowers I mean, not my affection.” It was easy to get a little tongue tied in this new circumstance. He was still learning. But any concerns he’d had for her response vanished, his brow clearing as she revelled that these happened to be her favourite flowers. George beamed, and locked that tidbit away for future use. “May I?” nimble fingers assisted the petite bouquet’s band over her wrist. And he smiled pleased to the finished look… though he did not linger overlong as he had seen an old friend who was (considerately!) taking his time in approaching. I must thank Cadell for that some time. Cadell was a sporting sort, and arrived in spirited style. George chuckled at the jest, “Truce? Lets call it an amnesty instead, though how you might relinquish your arms of battle when the field is the intellect – I can only dread.” He chuckled again, and was smiling still as Caroline put the new arrival at his ease. Graciousness. This is what he here noticed in the woman he courted. “Then may I correct that,” it was his pleasure to do the honours, “Lord Athenry, please meet my, ah, companion Caroline Despanay, the Baroness Kendishall…” he might have told Cadell that Caroline was available, a widow, but to do so would have felt gauche. As far as courting went, he was not even sure that people were supposed to announce that, would it sound braggish, would it sound too possessive? “And Lady Kendishall, Cadell Mortimer, newly Lord Athenry is my old rival over the checkered board - yet his great win must surely be his marriage to Lady Portsmouth. Check and mate my friend.” Possessive or not, George stood near to Caroline, very much in the manner of a couple.
  12. "Oh, er that is not what I meant!" George spluttered. No he was not an exhibitionist, but was quite private, even a little stuffy, and outwardly proper individual. "But rather that I would afford you the courtesy of an upstanding courtship, which might serve as a strong foundation for a marriage we might both take great pride in." Though it sounded like the young lady did like kissing and would want to do plenty of that. This thought conflicted with what the Earl imagined of courtship, and his brow furrowed as he thought it though. He would not loose lady only moments after gaining her. "But I suppose kissing is all very fine?" Eyebrows raising again, he sought her assent/acceptance or even pleasure at this. This was bold new territory that George was walking into, and it might seem that Caroline was intent to open his eyes. A lop sided smile formed on his face, "This. You, are quite remarkable, Caroline." (OOC: agreed to wrap our thread about now) With farewells made, it was a bemused and even dizzy George who walked out to his carriage, he was grinning, a grin what would not stop -- he was thinking of the pretty little lady and all that she'd said, and... his hand touched at his lips, and to the memory of her own pressing there. Shaking his head he gave a suprised laugh. "Lets take the route back though the Park!" he called to his driver as he climbed back in.
  13. George Hardwick III

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    George catches up with Caroline, then sees Cadell In the Carriage: There was a wrist corsage of lillies on the seat next to the Earl. Meanwhile George had been fussing about with a pockerchief in that carriage - having recently seen a French fashion plate where the item was used as a male accessory. He'd been intent to try out the style today, but on the ride over he'd grown doubts. So now he was considering tucking it more discreetly in his belt, or even leaving the lacy thing behind. When a movement out the window caught his eye. It was Caroline! Corsage was snatched up, handkerchief was left behind, as he rushed to exit the carriage and made long strides to catch her up -- so that he arrived into the church barely two steps behind of her. In the Church: "My Lady Kendishall!" he greeted/called her attention, smiling and bowing, "I hoped I would find you here, might we sit together do you think?" here the Earl presented the floral gift. "And, I have this token, for you." He smiled warmly (hiding his nerves at this boldness!) all while ready to assist it over her hand. As his eyes aclimatised to the interior lighting he yonder saw old friend Cadell (while instantly wondering if the other had seen his offering to the young lady?) he smiled to the other with an inviting pitch of eyebrows - that perhaps they might approach or be approached?
  14. George might have asked her how she could know that women successfully masqueraded as men, when she did not know of anyone who had actually done it. But he wanted to be friends with the fun and carefree young widow, and pointing out her lack of logic would be detrimental to that hope. Besides, why focus on that, when they had so many other mutually engaging topics to explore. “Ah yes, perspective on one self, that is indeed a worthy goal. At court there are so many variants of this; and some whom see themselves rather finer than they actually are - might I add! I would prefer to ear on the side of humility, but yes, appreciate that one might do oneself a disservice by not recognising how positively they could contribute.” Which was frankly George to a tee. But he was trying to change. This quest of his to try to become the Queens portraitist, was an example of… an understated ambition. Her indignance of Newton ignoring his letters was pleasing ot hear. “Be my guest.” The visual of Elizabeth-anne, dressed in her male garb and kicking the slight Scientist was pleasing indeed! “But yes, I entirely agree, Lord Grey is a far finer class of gentleman. Where has he gotten to, do you know, and how long until he gets back?” George agreed with a nod to her planned tack, but this topic of Grey and the currently stalled plans, was stuck in his head. “Perhaps we shall get a start on the task without him?” he posed the idea, dark eyebrows raising questionngly above his ever-intent eyes.
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    EASTER 1678 | A rousing evening with Her Royal Majesty (8th)

    George and Davina So their attention moved from matters between them and onto matters around about. And to George, newly converted, the prospect of hearing the Bishops thoughts in this more intimate setting, could not be more welcome. "Perhaps we shall more deeply discuss passages from todays service?' his comment followed hers, and he placed bible more visibly upon his lap. There were a number of book markers sprouting from it's pages. He'd not met Lady Dorothea, so could hardly comment, while Francis had not seemed the especially devout sort so perhaps that was what Davina meant. "There is a season for all things." was what he said on that - supposing that weekend the appearance at least of being devout was practically a fashion statement. While the matter of Sophia's Anglican-ness was something he could speak upon with knowledge base. "I agree." said quietly though, head bowed closer to hers, "Why nearer to Rome at least I know the church will refuse to marry those of mixed faith. And even in England they insist that a document is signed that any children born of the match must be raised Catholic. But she somehow was granted some manner of leeway, perhaps via her ward of the time, Lord Kingston - who exists under Duke Buckingham’s protection. Still who knew the Duke had sway over the Catholic church?" That thought was frankly amusing, and Georges lips smirked of it. Their review of those present then shifted to the Mountjoys - George with a loyalty to the Marquis upon a kind word so many years ago when he himself was brand new to the House of Lords. "A row? Oh I am saddened to hear of that, why I saw him prior to going in and he was positively simmering with eager to greet his wife." what could have happened? Davina, with her insider knowledge, spilt some beans. "Hmm, I had not thought of that. A wife’s great success may well be a difficult thing for a man to adjust to, thought I would not have thought the Marquis bull-headed, certainly not towards the mother of his child." Mountjoy had that precious thing that George so greatly aspired towards: a child, an heir. In his mind a wife might be forgiven nearly anything if they had supplied. "Oh. oh yes of course." George was surprised for a moment, but played along with Davina's glib comment. Best he did not act too excited to get to the bible quoting part of tonight’s event. Acting bored of it all was part of this fashion trend! Still he was sitting erect, with eyes bright towards the Bishop....