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  1. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    "Very well." George agreed, though privately he intended to practise prose on her any how - perhaps when he sent gifts he'd take care over the notes attatched. Meanwhile he continued to learn more about her character, and her bravery was a point she was proud of. "Granted I could tell as much already, for you must be a brave woman to boldly consider taking me on!" he made a jest. "Still, I should hope you shall not have too many reasons to summon bravery." And he'd not apologise for wishing that for her! Then they spoke of a portrait, and she with modesty, or possibly denial of her appeal. "Do you mean breasts?" George asked plainly, for being frank seemed their method. "If you do, then I would state that I do not rate the female form by these, though I have heard men who find breasts to be wholly absorbing. While I am yet to settle upon what detail I shall find most impressive of your form, I can state with conviction that I am a-marvel of you my Lady Caroline. Your very essence strikes me with wonder. And here, when you say you are mine, well I am very tempted to marry you this very evening!" George teeth glinted in the torchlight, while his voice was warm and entirely happy. Following a pause, as he was thinking about their next step, he asked, "Caroline, would you be free to join me for dinner on Tuesday evening?" It was in his mind to propose to her properly, upon a bended knee and with a ring.
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    Hope Birthday Poll

    *kicks Darlene and Nicci to the curb* for you, Caroline!
  3. George Hardwick III

    Thanksgiving Poll

    I'm saying that pretty sure she's going to act like a mother-in-law. Everyone neds a busy body in the family right?!
  4. George Hardwick III

    Thanksgiving Poll

    Lady Habersham would make a fine mother in law *nods* (p.s hope it's allowed but I am having a vote with each of my PCs!)
  5. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    "Perhaps we shall write each other letters then.” George grinned, “If naught else it shall record our courtship for posterity. While here and now, it might further our understanding of each other. Also, I fancy the idea of carrying your letter in my pocket, why is sounds like a great romantic novel. One of those ones where, after facing down some manner of adversity, we shall come bravely through to a reward of happiness.” He sighed at the thought, though a tad embarrassed too to have revealed a rather naive whimsy to his thoughts of marriage. In his defence of that he added, “It cannot hurt to have bright hopes I think, and if it is appropriate at any stage of a relationship, then I would say the beginning is most apt.” "I shall leave it to you to discuss such things with your Irishman if you wish.” Said he. While a nobleman, George’s life experience had him mix with other classes, he was a liberal man. She was giggling at being called a gentle kitten, George smiled at that, and was inspired to reach to stroke her hair “Perhaps I shall see you as no one else ever has,” tipping his head to catch her eyes he added, “for you will not need to be ferociously brave around me.” Her surprise was easily read with the next question though. “Ah, yes. I hope you do not mind. It is dreadfully common within the artistic field of course – the challenge of capturing the naked form in oils on canvas is inspiring. Why, at risk of heresy I would even say it a taste of divinity to create such a masterpiece.” His voice had dropped to say this, and he was pleased for a moment that the sound of the water fountain masked his words from carrying in the air. “Once we are wed.” he mused, now able to read that the idea was exciting to her. “Though perhaps before, I might paint you in your house robe, such as you were wearing the other morning.”
  6. George Hardwick III

    NEW: PC/PC marriages

    If she goes thru?! 'The lady must need more diamonds' thinks the Earl
  7. George Hardwick III

    NEXT SEASON: discuss

    Mods want to hear preferances Mine would be: The way ending the season early affects George is: he has been looking forward to his art exhibition, which is due to be IC Thurdsay. If the season ends on Feb, we wont be up to Thursday yet. I see two possibliities for dealing with pc plans like that which wont get rpd 1. A raincheck and rights to have their event or planned thread in the first days of the new season. or 2. To be given carte blanche to write a post of how that actually all went. If there is a time jump in RL feb2021, I favour moving into a Windsor Xmas setting. Windsor is fun, and with everyone staying in the castle the smaller loation might suit our currently smaller numbers too. (and perhaps George could have his exhibition in the nights of garter hall?)
  8. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    “Prose.” George repeated with a slowly growing smile, “well I think, without being vain, that I might be already proficient at prose.” Wasn’t prose basically the art of speaking with grace? George, who was not by any means a rough or gruff man, prided himself in having both considerate and gentle style of speaking. Which might be prose enough for the Viscountess (and possibly one of the things that had her agree to his proposition of a proposal?) And as they continued to get to know each other, they discovered other points of agreement. “Was that your Irish guard I meat at your door? Naturally I shall take into my employ in his existing service to you when you are my wife. Why perhaps we insist he join our party for the honeymoon tour. He must have family in Ireland still – and I am well disposed towards meeting the humble people wherever we might go.” He’d spent much time with the extended family of Mr Boyle (the father of his deceased fiancé) when last he’d visited Ireland, which might not be apt once he had a new wife. Yes Caroline had surprised him. He was a little prepared upon account of her previously saying she liked kissing, and of course she was a widow, so she must be versed in the rites of matrimony (which George possibly considered a point in her favour even) – but he’d not expected bawdiness. Not from the future Lady Chichester. “Yes, yes saucy." Which was better - though still something of a challenge. George held the opposite sex in a very high regard, objectifying one especially sexually, was a great mental challenge. “But I agree, we might be trying too hard.” He nodded pleased to agree. Perhaps he’d ask Beverly about this sort of thing, Beverly was married, so he no doubt knew all the tricks. Cheeks pinking as he was caught out, George murmured, “I am certain I shall not be, for I hold you with a wonder Lady Kendishall, gentle as a kitten and yet brave as a lioness. Your skin must be so sweet and with a radiance glisten. I have painted the female form before my lady, and it would be my intent to honour you with the same reverence. Though I shall admit I am trepidious of it too.”
  9. His note arrived with a bouquet of peonies, delivered by his servant who awaited her reply.
  10. George Hardwick III

    CHICHESTER dayplanner

    When George proposed to Caroline
  11. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    "Star crossed?" he expressed surprise and then chuckled, "...sounds terribly romantic, sounds like I should be sending you poetry and the like." Maybe she would like some poetry, George was not sure if he could write some himself, but he could try. "Ah yes, the war." he sighed at her reminder of a reason they'd not be honeymooning in Europe. "How about Ireland then, I spend a few months there a year or so ago, and was quite taken with it. Some fine artists there also." Visiting artists and galleries being an important factor in travel (from his point of view at least) Moving to nicknames, he did Like it when she called him by his given name. George. It made him feel all warm and hopeful inside. "Dirty?!" the Earl stuttered with surprise, "but I would never, could never," what did she even mean by that?! Frowning, he added, still confused, "ah, do you mean 'saucy' rather, I mean..." the way she had smiled when saying that, told him that she'd actually like the whatever 'dirty' nickname she imagined. George however, had an imagination blank. "Err..." he hardly even dared to look at her at that moment, though did, seeking an idea for a beauteous (yet arguably dirty) nickname. His eyes slid to her definately encased and petite breasts, though still no dirty nickname came. "What like?"
  12. A velvet covered box arrived later in the day after Church on Monday; an item designed commissioned by Lord Chichester. Having come directly from the Jewellery Isaac Gaunz, there was no note attatched, but she surely understood. Inside was a finely constructed tiara, the crest of which was fashioned of silver seahells, with stars in the formation of Pleaides, and each of these stars inset with a blue sapphire. It's craftmanship was exceptional, as only a Jewish jeweller knew how - and was probably horribly expensive.
  13. George Hardwick III

    Easter 1678 | Easter Monday (11th all day)

    Chichester was in attendance, seeking out a seat with his Lady, a slightly smug, and tad proud of himself smile with anyone one noticing this now quite consistent appearance together.
  14. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    George's heart warmed at her soft comment; her words told him he was doing well courting. Better yet, this currently quiet-yet-beautiful locale was as enjoyable to her as it was to he. George was not the most sociable fellow, so knowing that this appealed to the lady was important. George was unable to provide her with a great social life, but if she sought this sort of thing, then he was able. "It's quite lovely isnt it..." he agreed, then softly added, "You know why its so popular with courting couples though don’t you, the noise of the fountain hides the words from being overheard by prying ears. Not that we run much risk of that today." Caroline was so easy to converse with, he felt surprisingly comfortable around her, "I've never brought anyone here before." Of his life before she listened, though he ws not so sure if he'd want to take her to his old haunts in Italy. That was a different life. "Perhaps we shall honeymoon in Europe. Have you travelled much at all, I don’t mean with your Father, but since grown, and simply for the joy of discovery." Moving to semi sit on the fountains edge, George was better able to look at her as he spoke. Those wide eyes of her were of interest to him, and the juxtaposition of views that were not at all naive. '"Aha, yes the French are very fond of food-nicknames." he had heard this before, though not meant someone dubbed with such a nick name, "You are too pretty for me to call a cabbage."
  15. George Hardwick III

    After Saturday Service 9th May | G&C walk back to the carriages

    "No, you need not." George's voice was warm through a smile as he assured. He still could barely believe it, that this sort of thing even mattered to somebody. It was then that he realised that even Samuel had not been jealous of him. And yet here, little Caroline had committed, it seemed she'd thrown her lot in with him completely. In this he judged her remarkable, and not without great bravery. Rowland was definitely not a problem, "I’m pleased to hear it." And here they arrived at the garden fountain, an area with many seating nooks, though it was quiet from the usual given the date and the time. George led Caroline nearer the waters, the sounds of splashing water filled their ears... "When I was a young man living in Florence, the people I boarded with, an artisan family with a wrought iron factory, carried out a happy life within my view. They were like a second family to me in many ways. The Father frequently called his wife Cara Mia, even when everyone was around." he explained as he came to a stop. "Anyhow, it is most definitely not Spanish, but an Italian term of affection - and one I have seen with longevity. Which is what I wish for us also." OOC: np