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  1. 1. Which Present Would be Best?

    • Darlene *does* rush over and tell Baintree about his sister's "pickle"
    • Darlene attends Count Forensi's seance and her departed husband's spirit appears and confesses that he has a pirate fortune from Jamaica and where it is hidden.
    • Nicolette gets that horse she wanted from the King, and it is a grand stallion
    • Ranelagh kidnaps Nicci from the King and they go on a daring chase back to Ireland
    • George and Charles Blount force the hand of Desmond Hoare and save Lady Habersham
    • A certain high born lady becomes free and woos George to break his betrothal with Caroline. Then the two ladies confront each other and fight over George, one with a cello bow and another with an ivory clad fan. We get to watch.
    • Thomas Killigrew suddenly stabs Darlene with a sharp letter opener ... and then they call their feud even.

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Whoever that so called lady is daring enough to try and break up Caroline's betrothal with George had better come to the fight with more than a fan because Caroline plays for keeps. Ask her first husband, oh wait, nevermind, he's dead. Also she would never use a part of her beloved cello as a weapon not when there are so many more effective weapons available. :classic_angry:

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