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AoI New Years Resolutions [unofficial unverified unqualified ]


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... a game of inventing resolutions for each other's pcs might help get the creative juices flowing again ;) do please join in if you wish! 




Louis: Commence a (another?) fiendish plot

Anne-Elizabeth: Create a new form of poetry 

Francis: Import a glass bottle big enough to build a full sized ship in

Caroline: Invent the first Remix (DJ Wicked on the Cello) 

Davina: Seduce an Innocent youth to be her sex slave

Henry: Discovering a new star 

Sophia: Fall into hate with an otherwise handsome man (oh the conflict!)

Darlene: Finishing... something, anything! (perhaps that play she started writing in 75) 

Charles: Propose to Darlene 

CB: ... he should also propose to Darlene. 

Chatham: Duel a rival to impress a (or multiple) lady/s 

Edmund: Manages to stop being shocked at the London courtiers

Cordelia: To stalk and win the heart of Henry Bennet

George: To not chicken out with his wife stealing plan

Grace: Teach Bandit tricks that wow all of court (making him highly sought after at all the fancies parties!)

Nicci: Kick more ass by continuing to be wonderful

Beverly: Commence his first fiendish plot 

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... a game of inventing resolutions for each other's pcs might help get the creative juices flowing again  do please join in if you wish! 




Louis: Try and avoid plotting to achieve another office this year

Anne-Elizabeth: Find a way to combine voodoo and limericks

Francis: find the right wife that will not interfere with his way of life at all

Caroline: seduce someone that hates the French

Davina: seduce someone that hates Catholics

Henry: Discovering that telescopes can do more than spy on stars

Sophia: develop a plan for the eventuality that she bears a blond and fair child

Darlene: Figure out a grand way to make peace with Thomas Killigrew

Charles: Propose to Darlene 

CB: ... he should issue more arrest warrants for the Life Guard to execute to make Charles happier

Chatham: ruin someone's reputation for the Hell of it.  Next year he can do a good deed to atone for it.

Edmund: Come by some coin by finding a wealthy heiress to woo

Cordelia:  Find a good match for Lady Newcastle's debutante daughter before he gets married off to another

George: To realize that a wife stealing plan does not mean that you steal another man's wife.  Then steal one that does not have a loaded pistol.

Grace: Keep a loaded pistol nearby

Nicci: Find a way to make Huguenots the "cool kids" at court so no one suspects them of anything

Beverly:   Sign up as a military advisor to the Dutch so that he can spy on them in the recess.

Heneage:  Propose to Darlene

Rochester:  Go on a double date with George and steal two wives

George Churchill:  Propose to Darlene or Davina, whichever says yes.

Edith Habersham:  Propose to George

 John Burgoyne: Propose to Nicci

Peregrine Osborne:  stay away from court this year

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Louis: Plot to overthrow Charles I and become King of England (then marry Darlene)

Anne-Elizabeth: Create a word that rhymes with Orange then recite the poem at Darlene’s wedding

Francis: Propose to Darlene

Caroline: Seduce all of Darlene’s suitors 

Davina: Seduce Darlene

Henry: Propose to Darlene 

Sophia: Find a man who isn’t trying to marry Darlene

Darlene: Rebuke all suitors

Charles W: Propose to Darlene or arrest her for bigamy

CB: Um…

Chatham: Duel Darlene’s suitors. 

Edmund: Secretly marry Darlene

Cordelia: Arrange a marriage between Darlene and … someone… anyone

George: Steal Darlene from whomever she marries

Grace: Throw the worlds best bachelorette party and hire Francis as a stripper

Nicci: Get into a cat fight (preferably with Darlene)

Beverly: Propose to Darlene

Heneage: Propose to Charles B or Darlene

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Unfortunately, no.  I'm still struggling with my old one, but hopefully not for much longer.  I'm leaving the computer selection up to my hubby.  He knows what I need for one of my other hobbies ... 3d graphics.  Hopefully he'll find the right one soon. The above resolution is from my 27" monitor, which is also old.  The newer ones have higher resolutions. 

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