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Eleanor's Diary

Eleanor Bayning

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Thursday, 15th September
Morning: Opening Reception - Mountjoy, Cordelia and Henry Grey
Early Afternoon: Sweet Tooth - Catriona and Sophia
Late Afternoon: Lazing in the Library
* Early Evening: Choosing a Gambit - Cadell Mortimer
* Late Evening: The Rounds - Langdon

Friday 16th
Mail: To Lady Beverley by hand
* Early Morning: Breakfast of Champions - Lord Grey
* Late Morning: Oranges and Lemons - Countess
* Late Afternoon: A Much Lauded Lady - Lord Beverley

Saturday 17th
Mail: To Lord MountjoyTo Lady Lucas

Sunday 18th
* Morning: Church

Monday 19th
* Morning: Walking in the East Terrace Garden with Lady Lucas
* Afternoon: Carriage ride with Henry

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