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To Lady Lucas, delivered by hand, Saturday 17th

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To Lady Lucas

From Eleanor Bayning, daughter of Viscount Bayning

Lady Lucas,

God's blessings on you this day; I hope that you and yours are well and happy, and you are enjoying your time at Windsor. 

I wish to offer apologies for my conduct during our initial meeting at the Reception. I believe that we may each have had much on our minds, and thus started out on the wrong foot. I would venture to hope that we might meet again, in the spirit of goodwill and mutual respect, and take a second start at our acquaintance. 

I intend to take a walk in the East Terrace Garden at nine of the clock on Monday morning, if you would care to join me. 

Kindest Regards,

Eleanor Bayning

The letter was accompanied by a portion of baklava in a wicker box. 

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She found the note as well as the sweet dish and so sat to read it.

How funny! She had been thinking of sending something to this young lady but had been beaten to it instead. That it was a peace-offering she could see at once. She penned her reply


Mistress Bayning, I thank you for your note and see it for what is intended to be. I accept and yet I must also take up blame. Someone new who has no knowledge of the other should not be subjected to so strong a desire to be of help. A clean slate it shall be. I will gladly accompany you come Monday morning. Regards,

C Lucas


She had to smile as she sanded and then sealed it with a bit of wax. This will indeed be interesting and she did not for one moment imagine that Mistress Eleanore would suddenly go meek and mild but now she herself was better armed. A chance of approach was called for. If she was to help Lord Grey to find a wife she could not afford to have this girl interfering with her own ideas or over-stepping with her own thoughts when alone with Lord Grey. She would set the ground rules slowly and gradually and perhaps in the process might even managed to marry her off as well!

The note was given to a runner with two pennies for the trouble but that way it would be delivered as intended. She reached inside the box for a piece of the sweet honey sticking to her fingers as it was thoroughly enjoyed. 

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