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Yacht Race - Friday afternoon-evening


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The Thames River winds past Windsor to the north and west of the Castle. As in London, it provides an expedient route for reaching the royal residence, and is often quite busy with the comings and goings of the nobility as well as the merchant traffic for Windsor Town. On a gentle rise, above the tidal waters and beyond the hustle and bustle of the docks, runs an avenue, two carriages wide, which offers spectacular views of both the waterway and the Castle. In years past, this unobstructed panorama was essential for the security of the keep, but in more peaceful times it has become a popular place for riding, driving, and being seen. Scattered at occasional intervals along the shoulder of the roadway are a few benches which overlook the River and invite passers-by to stop and enjoy the picturesque scene, including the towers of Eton College on the far bank.

The bank of the Thames on the side of the castle was decorated in royal colors for the yacht race. A dais was set up for Her Majesty, her invited ladies, and other royal guests that was draped in red with gold braiding and tassels. It was early yet and few were outside other than the Life Guard and Yeomen of the Guard milling about as things were being finalized.


A booth was set up for betting nearby the royal tent for optimal visibility. All bets had to be official and both parties present; as it was a partial charity event and ten percent of the winners  winnings were to go to naval causes, outside bets were not allowed. As a royal-sanctioned event, such rules were obligated to be followed and any caught making illegal side-bets would not be looked on kindly. Of course, there would always be those who were bold and enjoyed crossing lines.


A nondescript tent was a staging location for servants and random tasty morsels that would be served, as well as copious amount of drink.


A bit down the river, the yachts to be racing could be seen anchored, their crews already busy. 


Only two yachts could race at a time, so there would be a few heats before two final racers would be determined. Fine rowboats awaited along the esplanade to take the captains to their vessels.


And as if a bell had been rung, courtiers started arriving so close together it almost seemed like large groups arriving! The area sprung to life with conversations and servants bustling around. 


By the time a nice crowd had arrived, several notable courtiers also arrived. Lord Ranelagh arrived with his cousin, Lord Shannon (the younger), and Lord Denbigh, his closest friend. Lord Worcester arrived with his lady wife and both of his sons, but he was talking closely to the Duke of Norfolk. The duke's wife wore a smile that did not reach her eyes. She was not speaking to Lady Worcester. Both Hill boys were there too, speaking to Worcester's younger son, who was only a little older.


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