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What is the Scariest Scene Expected this Season  

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  1. 1. What will be most scary?

    • The confrontation between Langdon and Pembrooke about him messing with his sister
    • Chatham finding the murderer of his stepmother
    • Douglas confronting Langdon about messing with his sister
    • Elizabeth Monck's seance in the bowels of the castle
    • Catriona confronting Langdon about messing with her sister
    • The banshee that haunts the forests outside the castle at midnight
    • Darlene confronting Langdon about him messing with everyone's sister

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1 hour ago, Charles Blount said:

Cat would poison him or to assure his demise marry him.

Uh, yeah, Cat wouldn't torture herself with marrying CW.  But beware of flagons with dragons. Pellets of poison have been known to "accidentally" be placed in them.

Edited by Catriona MacGregor
Spelling. Dramamine is hell on the brain.
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8 minutes ago, Henry Grey said:

I am of a mind that he should marry Fiona. Birds of a feather…

Douglas thinks the same thing. Maybe he should put the hard word on C-dub. However, others have tried to put the hard word on him and not gotten very far. Douglas might have to think up some creative threats...

Edited by Douglas FitzJames
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