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  3. Sarah, Grace, and Henry “On the contrary, Mistress Preston, on the contrary. If my words grant me the company of not one, but two beautiful young ladies, how could I be doing myself a disservice?” Henry said with a touch of a mischievous grin. “As for being a long and tiresome day, it is true, it has been”. His first Lords session had been mentally exhausting. “But this is a time to be gay, to laugh, and to push cares away, is it not?” At least I hope so. Henry allowed himself to be led away, and chose three contiguous seats with an unobstructed view, and at a spot he surmised would have good acoustics. The baron then removed the three roses, holding them until the young ladies had sat, helping hold the seat of each in turn. “I’d be more worried about thorns than petals, Mistress Preston”, Lord Grey said. “They can pierce through fabric far too easily”. Rose petals stuck to his ensemble was not something Henry would think of. If his companions asked for their roses back, he would give them the two most beautiful ones, of course, keeping whatever was left. Turning to Sarah, Lord Grey asked. “Pray, tell me, Mistress Jennings… or, more precisely, please, tell us…” he said adding Grace to the answer to his coming question. “What is court like? What are the things that matter, and what are the things that don’t?” The man of science was certain the young lady would be more than able to answer his question, a question he had asked with the naiveté of a natural philosopher contemplating a scientific riddle.
  4. Henry leaving Lord Toledo Henry took Sarah Jennings’ hint. “Lord Toledo, it has been an honour meeting you, but I do not want to keep you from greeting the rest of your guests”. It was true; monopolizing the host was not the polite thing to do. “Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet again and then chat at leisure”, he added. Hopefully, it would happen. Henry would like to be able to look at the war with France from the Spaniard’s point of view. It would be useful when attending the meetings of the House of Lords. Lord Grey placed his empty glass on a passing servant's tray, and deftly grabbed another without missing a beat. He then turned to both Grace and Sarah. “Would you mind escorting this old man to his seat, oh beautiful fountains of youth?”, he teased with a twinkle in his eye. “It has been a long day, and I fear I might need a helping hand just to get there”. It was all in jest, of course, but it was a good way to ease their departure. He bowed formally to those remaining.
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    Yikes! May circumstances improve soon!
  6. Henry with the Ambassador and the Ladies Henry saw His Grace Buckingham's arrival. Who wouldn’t? The man was so princely, that only the King was more so. Not even York or Cumberland were as grand. Henry’s first impulse was to greet his benefactor, but there were young ladies around him, and he could not just leave. He would wait a few moments, he decided, and then move on to greet the grand Duke. “I solemnly swear not to play any musical instrument in public until allowed to do so by my teacher, Lady Kendishall. I would not want to be greeted by a half-rotten tomato to the side of the head, even if it was much deserved”, he said with a half-smile. “I will leave public musical interpretations to those who, like you, are a pleasure to listen to”. He intended his public interventions to be in the scientific arena for the time being. “And any refreshments you arrive with will be more than welcome”. Not that Henry thought he would be found lacking in preparations, but who was he to de As Sarah Jennings introduced herself, Lord Grey bowed formally, and kissed a hand if offered. “Lord Grey, Mistress Jennings, at your service”. That she was attached to York’s household gave her a position that none of the nobles had. “And there is nothing to forgive. One can be, on occasion, a bit too formal, I think”. That was what Henry thought of himself, at least. “It would be my honour if the Ambassador and you were to grace my humble outing with your presence, Lady Toledo. I do promise it will not be as boring as looking at this old goat peeking through a looking glass for hours on end”. He had made sure that food and drink would be in good supply, as well as a few other details he had been able to arrange.
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    I see his is going to be one interesting friendship!
  8. Henry Grey takes his seat in the House of Lords Henry had just sat down when the Lord High Chancellor called the House to order. The baron felt his stomach tighten into a knot. Here goes nothing, he thought, as he stood up to begin the ceremony. He had memorized every step of it, but a peer only went through it once in his life, so there was no possibility of practice. As Lord Grey stood, he glanced towards the gallery, locating Cordelia easily. He smiled briefly in her direction, taking comfort in his friend's support, but the High Lord Chancellor was already taking his place on the Woolsack, so the baron had to divert his eyes and quickly walk out of the Chamber, preceded by Sir Edward Carteret, the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, and Sir William Dugdale, the Garter Principal King of Arms. Once in the lobby, he handed Sir William the necessary documents and was then dressed in parliamentary robes, while a black tricorn hat was placed on his head. I am as ready as I will ever be, he thought. The procession then re-entered the Chamber, proceed towards the Lord Chancellor, and stopped thrice for Henry to bow towards the Cloth of Estate before reaching Finch. The Garter Principal King of Arms then presented the original writ of summons issued by King John to Sir Henry de Grey of Grays Thurrock, Essex, in 1199. Henry knelt before the Lord Chancellor and presented the writ of summons sent to him on behalf of King Charles just a few weeks before. The Reading Clerk of the House of Lords then read aloud both documents. It was Henry’s turn to do his part. He first swore the Oath of Supremacy, and then recited, "I Henry Grey swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Charles, his heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God". He was given a quill and signed the Test Roll. The Garter Principal King of Arms then placed the new peer by leading him to his seat. After that, Lord Grey put on his hat, rose, removed it, and bowed to the Lord Chancellor, repeating the sequence two more times. After bowing to the Lord Chancellor for the third time Henry, once again preceded by the Garter Principal King of Arms and the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, left the Chamber, but not before shaking hands with the Lord Chancellor as he left. After removing his robes and hat, Lord Grey returned to participate in the proceedings of the day, which promised to be quite lively. He tried to be as inconspicuous as possible on his return, so as not to be a cause of distraction. Now my learning of English politics begins...
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    Well, as Henry told George... Oxford does not have Newton... 😜
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    Good to know! Thanks for the heads up.
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    Agreed, the battles are not historically accurate. The portrayals of Louis XIV, Monsieur, and the Chevalier de Loraine are about what we have seen here, which was interesting. William of Orange is portrayed as a conniving, self serving brat that wanted to be king of a republic. The use of poison, satanism, gossip, torture, etc. at Versailles are at the forefront. But the one thing that caught my attentions were the fabrics, cravats, shoes, jewellery, etc. I have trouble describing Henry (one of the reasons I described him as out of fashion when he arrived) so seeing those things will help me tons going forward. There are some awesome crumpled silk waistcoats I must confess I drooled over. The crumple was mostly vertical, almost like a very tight drape. I have gone through 2 out of 3 10-episode seasons.
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    Fabric: crumpled shot silk, gunmetal grey and midnight blue.
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    Watching Versailles. Had not gotten around to it before. Fashion may be different but fabrics and colours, and intrigue of course, are about right for London.
  14. “I am trying to organize a moon viewing tomorrow night, as it will be the first full moon of spring”, Henry replied to Caroline’s comments regarding telescopes and instruments. Whether he caught her innuendo or not, his face did not show a sign of it. “I know it is very short notice, but if you are curious, I will have a telescope setup in St James Park, as well as some refreshments. In fact, you would all be most welcome”, he said to all in the group. Henry would have wanted to have more time to organize the event, but Selene would not wait for him… or for anyone. Perhaps the following month something could be arranged at Greenwich. “As for learning an instrument, perhaps you are correct, my lady. I have heard that to learn to play a stringed instrument well you have to start at around five years of age. I am well past that age, as you can see”, he said in good humour. Then Grace honoured her name and interjected. It was plain to see she was well-meaning, but her execution of the change of topic was perhaps a bit forced. Still, she received a smile and a slight bow from Henry. “I must agree with you, Mistress Preston. If something brings you joy, and it does not hurt anyone, why not pursue it?” When Sophia offered to teach him how to sing, Henry bowed respectfully. “Alas, Lady Toledo, your offer is much appreciated, but in Venice many tried… and fled. I think they called me something like hopelessly tone-deaf, if I translate it properly”. It was true. Not that the baron had a disagreeable voice; it was just that he could not keep a tune even if his life depended on it. That was the reason for his interest in learning an instrument. One did not need to sing when playing something like a flute. Hmm… or perhaps a guitar? I must think about this. Maybe Mr. Staggins could make a good recommendation… Then a young lady arrived. She had honey coloured hair and clear blue eyes with a plump baby face. Pretty indeed, if perhaps a bit too young… or was Henry just too old? A pair of younger gentlemen also arrived and were greeted by the Spanish Ambassador. Henry fell silent, hoping for the appropriate introductions.
  15. Henry entering and sitting close to CB Lord Grey had been growing anxious and uncomfortable by the minute. He had taken Cordelia’s advice to heart and been trying to pay attention to the young ladies in attendance. One did catch his attention briefly (Susan Herbert), but she got lost in the crowd before he could approach. The nobleman had expected to see more ladies of the age group he was interested in at the event, namely those over a score years of age, but it seemed there was a dearth. They must all be married, I surmise; living in the country and raising children. This marriage thing is not going to be easy… Finally, the ushers opened the doors, and a human wave started moving towards the chamber and the gallery. Those trying to get a good seat in the gallery had to move swiftly, whereas the Lords with seats in the chamber moved towards their usual seats with less hurry. Henry moved as swiftly as he could, trying not to bump into anybody, doing his best to find a seat to the right of Lord Mountjoy. He intended to nod and smile towards his new acquaintance before sitting but keeping silent lest he broke some unspoken rule of the House of Lords.