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    Away & Here Notices

    Sorry for my absence. I've just moved cities (back home) with a toddler in tow, and it has been one thing after another! I hope to be back shortly!
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    The Night Before Christmas

    That was an absolute blast! Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year!
  3. Victorine could not help but smile wistfully at the rounding of Lady Toledo's belly. A baby would indeed interrupt such a career. Victorine said: 'I wish you and your 'usband every 'appiness and joy of your babe.' Victorine took her strawberry bejewelled wine from the tray, just as those about her did so. 'Aventure!' she exclaimed with gusto to Darlene's toast. La baronne hoped the big secrecy of the evening might finally be revealed. And as she had expressed to her newest friend in England, that she hoped that -as the hostess - that she might not be disappointed by whatever announcement there was. Victorine delicately drank the sparkling wine, feeling the fizz burst deliciously upon her tongue. The strawberry was a final sweet note, and she gave a small 'mmmm' of approval.
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    Thanksgiving Poll

    These were great! Thank you. But I would love to be a fly on the wall if Darlene was able to inform Davina's brother of her "little pickle"
  5. As Charles succumbed to laughter, Victorine fell once again into unrestrained mirth. Tears welled, and she had to make do with small gulps of air until she recovered. And as Charles remarked on the exercise, she felt a gulp of laughter turn her lungs rigid. And quite without any intention to do so a happy tear slid from the corner of her eye. La baronne grinned as Charles admitted he might be called upon to rescue a sailor from Darlene's enthusiasm. Slanting her pale grey-blue eyes towards Chatham, she could not help but remark with feeling: 'and rob this sailor of an amusing tale, and us of 'is intelligence? We should allow Darlene to impress 'im into our bande of rogues, non?' After all, Victorine had bought enough wine that one bottle could be used as a baton, and would not be missed. Joined by Darlene and Sophia Although Lady Toledo had spoken but a phrase to her, Victorine already believed her charming. And artlessly, and cheeringly gamine. La baronne could not sense any taste of 'diva' in the air about her. Her dress was ethereally sweet; amethyst, lavender and pearls. It was the kind of garb that could get a sheep truly devoured. At last, Victorine's mirth was truly quenched, and replaced with unease. Returning from these black thoughts, Victorine smiled fulsomely at the pair. It was a marvellously clever introduction, one even a master of ceremonies could envy. 'And, English in your modesty?' To Sophia the Frenchwoman said: 'I 'ave 'eard you command beauty with your voice. I am truly 'onoured to have made your acquaintance.' The question from Sophia to Lord Chatham seemed slightly teasing, announced by the tilt of her head. But Victorine read nothing further into it. It was she who the unknown invitee amongst this affair.
  6. 'I 'ave never been to the theatre,' Victorine replied, her lips frowning as she spoke. 'But if I could 'azard a guess, then yes, I think I would enjoy it.' Of course, she had seen the street performers along the canal in Gravelines. And had enjoyed immensely their play on words, their dramatic flair and occasional misfiring of props. 'Is it just for your petit gentilhomme that you return to Court, countess?' Victorine mused, as they continued to stroll. 'It is a little confession, but I am 'ere to make something more of my life. Something more diverting, pleasurable 'opefully.' Victorine gave a little chuckle, uncertain if pursuing diversion for her life would be understood. And, it was such a small thing to trifle a countess with that it began, to Victorine's ears, sound impertinent. So, she continued to explain. 'Mais, I know it is a shallow endeavour. I 'ope you do not look unkindly on me for it.'
  7. Victorine caught herself musing on being a breadcrumb after all. And on her wondrous fortune to be welcomed to cozy with such illustrious pieces of marchpane. There was no doubt in Victorine's mind that Charles reputation would also shine as brightly as their illustrious host and guest. But she had yet to understand what his glory could be. Political, certainment. Military, c'est possible. The Earl looked as if he kept a rigorous pace in whatever his pursuits might be. 'Both, les merveilleuses. I am overcome in my admiration,' Victorine responded. And it was truly, and honestly meant. La baronne wondered if there was an upcoming evening where she may indulge in the voice of this prima donna, though a small piece of her hoped that it could be this very evening. Lady Ballater's anticipation continued to rise for every moment the ladies did not return to the fold. As Charles leaned in to satisfy Victorine's curiousity, he delivered her a small shock. Surprise caused her to move back slightly, as if Charles had frightened her. The amber flecks in her eyes flashed briefly as she blinked, and then faded back into her insipid blue-gray wash. In vain, she tried to comport herself. But it was near hopeless. Her mouth opened and then her shoulders began to shake. She felt herself succumbing to laughter. Had she a fan, she might have brought it up to cover her mouth. Instead, the knuckle of her slim and slightly curved index finger had to suffice. After a moment of open amusement, the French woman began to gain control again of herself. 'Of course,' Victorine continued through her involuntary chuckles, 'I could not 'ave thought of a better destination, nor one so... salubre.' The pieces fell into place. A madcap scheme. A roguishly handsome lord. A gaggle of ladies. A grand midnight adventure. In Calais, one was never a stranger to the docks; and they were Victorine's playground as a very young child. But they were certainly not safe in Calais, and she imagined it was much the same in London. But that was the draw, was it not? The Earl of Chatham would have known the infamy of such a place at midnight, and likely expected his revelation to shock her. And so, Victorine decided to give into this folly whole-heartedly. 'Then you, Charles,' she said, 'must be then our grand shepherd of mischief.'
  8. But neither Darlene nor the lady Toledo returned from their welcomes, leaving Victorine with the Earl of Chatham. As he directed a question towards her, she settled her merry pale eyes upon Charles. La baronne took his lack of interest in their fourth guest as a sign of his manners, rather than any particular interest in her. Had she been entirely new to England, his self-deprecatory wince and laughter might have washed over her mind as an oddity of person. But she had five years to educate herself on such English customs, and understood this to be an attitude of a playful gallant. Just like his manners towards Darlene, and herself had likewise showed. Perhaps she had time in Darlene's absence to garner a further small smote of his attention. 'I 'ad the great fortune of meeting Darlene on my first day in London. And now you, Charles, on my second.' As she delivered her own playful feint, she allowed her amused smile to quirk upon her lips before she tucked it away. 'And, the lady Toledo of course. I 'ave 'eard she is Euterpe* in the flesh.' In fact, Lady Ballater had heard the opposite but had chalked this up to the preference of Lady Cavendish rather than any ill intention. And it had certainly increased Victorine's curiosity. Just as the Earl of Chatham declared he had pretensions to philosophy; Victorine had her own pretensions (although it was perhaps more truthfully categorised only as promise) to the arts. 'Darlene,' Victorine gestured towards where the two ladies were secreting themselves away, 'shared with me 'er philosophy of daring this evening.' It had equally amused and impressed the baroness, and only continued to endear Darlene to her. 'Per'aps you can share a secret with me Charles. Where are we to venture tonight?' ~ *Giver of delight; muse of music
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    To the Tower with Her?

    Here here!
  10. It struck Victorine that Darlene's mind for mischief could be also academic, as passion-filled. With such grand insight as to character, and the surfeits of action achieved by courage, Victorine could not resist the impulse to admire such Darlene's fertile mind. The invitation to mop up whatever wines remained untouched by this evening's party was generous, and accepted heartily. Victorine chuckled: 'but I 'ave bullied you with presents, non? Mais non, if you are not so plagued by my person and the wines please you, then I would return in 'aste to tipple the wine.' Then, the current in their conversation switched course like the turn of a rudder. Victorine was not as swift as Darlene but she found herself able, with the necessary pause for greetings, to catch up discretely. The Earl of Chatham looked like a man well met by all vagaries of life; and his manners were suitably flirtatious. As for his appearance, there was a harshness about him that became more and more refined, more elegant under her regard. Victorine surveyed Charles Audley with an air of mild discovery, as he gave her his address and she gave him hers. However, being quite familiar with an eye-patch, her eyes swept over it and instead worked their way up the long line of his nose to his good eye. Piercing blue. 'Enchante Charles' the frenchwoman responded pleasantly as his name curled in her mouth. 'But I dare not lure you out of your loyalty to your cook, not even for the wide palate of delicious company and cuisine at the le lion rouge. And I dare not speak', she raised teasing brows, 'of the merry time we three - or four - could 'ave there.' In truth, Victorine had been waiting impatiently to catch sight of Lady Toledo. And knowing that she was to be the fourth guest, Victorine turned her head towards the doors in expectation. OOC: I'm so sorry for the delay!
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    To the Tower with Her?

    *gasp* 😉
  12. Shock froze her tongue but for just a moment before sly amusement took over. There would always be small glimpses as to her ignorance, la baronne supposed; but then there were larger, less enviable ones such as this one. What had she said about the King? Oh yes, that he enjoyed being pestered. 'I am grateful you told me. I 'ave been musing upon my own grandpapa; giving jowls and wrinkles to le roi.' Victorine was certain that neither would be best pleased by such a description but at least her case, she knew it to be true. The baroness was hopeful that the countess would find her confession amusing; rather than appalling. And she understood Charlotte's reticence for Victorine had - despite neither really having high status, wealth or breeding - personal experience of being courted for what she could offer someone. And that someone became her Husband, to her chagrin. She had been a rather full feast at eighteen, with the imminent inheritance of Ballater. And he had certainly been a glutton. But hélas in the glimpses of her bettered life, Victorine found it hard to blame him. 'You are very kind to 'ave overcome that temptation for one such as me.' 'Quickly and eagerly,' Victorine echoed as to those who might chance the grotto in their wake. A relaxing stroll and conversation would be as kind a gift to the frenchwoman who had made a misstep as well as the mama of an energetic boy. As for the inference of the night, Victorine could only smile - the intimacy of the night, met with the potential of discovery would add to the mystique. But as she was not yet a merry widow, Victorine made a mental to note to be wary of a midnight stroll about these parts. Lonesomely? Victorine wondered if there was more of a story. But theatres were, just like distilleries, places of chance - a stray prop perhaps or a misfiring of a flame. Well, she could imagine it being so only as she had never been to one of those places. As Charlotte opened up Victorine's understanding as to the place of a Killigrew, the list of the occupations seemed to be a portent of their wit, and love of diversions. 'Did they rebuild?' Victorine had never seen a play by professionals before. On the chance they had, she would certainly look to go.
  13. ''e must be a fine boy,' Victorine mused warmly, 'and with so many targets he will 'ave lots of practice. 'ow old he is now, Countess?' Victorine was pleased Charlotte enjoyed her joke as to pheasants. Humour, Victorine had found, was not a common language. A joke to one was mere drivel to another. But now she dared to allow herself grow a little in confidence. After all, she believed herself to be somewhat quick witted. In her native tongue, certainly. 'A man?' Victorine gasped with laughter, 'if 'e is as charmant as the city, well? Per'aps I must love 'im even if 'e does not deserve it. But until such man arrives, I shall satisfy myself with London.' Victorine did believe that it was very unlikely such a man could exist, if only for the magnitude and pace of such charming. She gestured to a little path leading from the Grotto. 'Would you allow me to join you in your promenade, Countess? I should 'ate to think we are delaying anyone's satisfaction of the Grotto. Nor yours prior to finding me. Do you think anyone would be so bold to...make use of the Grotto in our wake?' A wayward apricot curl fell from her very rustic up do, and then, like clockwork she swept it away. Victorine always felt herself best in motion, and smiled at the reference to a Killigrew. She had been told of him at the purchase of her book. ''E is a playwright, non? Then it is no wonder then I find you to be clever, Countess.' But she frowned at the mention of fire. 'Was this is the Great Fires? For shame.'
  14. But Lady Ballater did not mind so much to be a breadcrumb with such a welcoming hostess. Quite without knowing it, her fingertips brushed lightly over one of her gaudy apricot curls at the mention of her hair, but after a brief moment of distraction la baronne quickly got to the divestment of her cloak. And she surrendered her many bottles of cultivated choices in wine. Pleased that Darlene had noted her small act of bravery (and thought kindly of it) Victorine gave a small gasp of laughter. Her life in Calais had none of the breeding of the noblesse either in France or England, but the petit bourgeois who frequented her Father's parties upheld such societal graces staunchly. It was easy now to defy that particular stricture knowing the Lady Darlene was inside. Besides she was quite hoping to find the party a little more cozy than formal - considering the lady's allusion to a nightly adventure. 'It is easy to be brave in your company,' Victorine said after a small soft peal of laughter, her pale blue eyes likewise twinkling, 'but I daresay I may do different on another night. Per'aps even an heure, or two? Then, there will be no need mourn the heels on our slippers and we may smoke our champagne and drink our cigars to the content of our 'earts!.' Les oiseaux-mouches about Darlene's hem danced prettily as the two ladies passed through the archway into the great room. 'Timings, si,' Victorine echoed, leaning close towards Darlene, 'but now I am very curious.' Knowing the wine, the meal and company were settled, Victorine considered that it could indeed the nightly excursion that would be the topic of the bad news. But still, she was uncertain. So said: ' I cannot be un'appy, but you - will you be un'appy? Are we still to venture sous la lune?' A short determined rap sounded behind them. Perhaps this was the lady Sophia after all, and Darlene could reveal her mysteries? OOC: sorry for the delay, I think my computer saved the error page as a go to (had to munch some cookies!)
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    That's awful Hope. It's surprising how much you use once you can't. Hope you're on the mend. Like Hope I'm also under lockdown, working (with my toddler at home) and am finding it difficult to carve time out to finish my post. So I will be a bit slow.