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Autumn 1678, September

Thursday 15th
Morning:  Opening Reception - Cordelia, Mountjoy, Catriona, Fiona, Bridget
Afternoon: Unfamiliar Waters - O'Neill, Lily (NPC)
* Evening: Family Reunion - Catriona
Night: A Wee Dram - Henry Grey

Friday 16th 
* Mail: To the Earl and Countess of Linsey
* Morning: Ideas in unexpected places
* Early Afternoon: SE PRENDRE UN RÂTEAU - Cadell Mortimer

Saturday 17th
* Mail: To Master James O'NeillTo Baron Dundarg, from Melville
* Morning: Saturday Scene
* Afternoon: Treasure Hunting
* Evening: Dinner a the White, with Dessert

Sunday 18th
* Morning: Sunday Chapel
* Early afternoon: Take Fiona, Shona and Aileen out for lunch
* Evening: Dinner with Melville at the Hen's Toes

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Posted (edited)

Called away North briefly.

Wednesday 21st September 1678
Mail: To Lord MelvilleTo Lord and Lady Chichester
Early Morning: One Last Session Before the Race
Early Afternoon: Main Carnival Thread
Later afternoon: Inside the fortune teller's tent

Thursday 22nd September 1678
Mail: From Pyotr Fedorovich SheremetevTo Lord Langdon
Late afternoon: Curious Curios
* 9pm: Merriweather's Memorial
* Late: Beneath the Hen you find her Toes

Friday 23rd September 1678
* Early Morning: Breakfast in Bed
* Afternoon: Yacht Race

Saturday 24th September 1678
Morning: Meeting Pyotr Sheremetev in the Van Dyck Room of Windsor Castle
Evening: Masque and Fireworks

Sunday 25th September 1678
Morning?: Royal Christening

Edited by Douglas FitzJames
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