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A Memorable Memorial Thursday 9 pm


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Thursday Evening, Merriweather Residence in Windsor Town

The Gang was arriving at the home of their deceased comrade.  His death was a grand excuse to enjoy merriment at the deceased's expense.  The servants had readied the house for the party, opening the larder and stores of liquor.  In the days leading up to the event, the servants had performed other tasks, the things that might have interested Captain FitzJames of the King's Life Guard.  Fortunately, that nosey soldier had left Windsor for a destination in the north.  Letters were written and letters were destroyed.  Food was not the only thing that had been moved.

A lively fire burned in the fireplace and a long table with a dozen chairs was placed before it.  Kegs of ale, beer, brandy and wine were tapped and ready to dispense libations. Trays of meat and cheese graced silver platters on a nearby serving table.

Rochester, Dorset and Sedley were already there, having arrived early to launch the festivities.  They had questioned the servants about their master, his body having been returned to London for burial in a crypt of Alexander's own design.  Like the Pharaohs of old, the man wanted a hand in the construction of his final resting place.  There had been questions about Merriweather's niece. Was it true that Alexander had imprisoned her in a nunnery as he had boasted at times?  The servants had assured the gentlemen that the niece had been sent for by Merriweather's solicitor.  She was expected to be the beneficiary of his will. 

"You should marry her," Johnny suggested to Dorset.  "I would marry her myself but the girl has suffered enough," he laughed.  "She has to be more wealthy than the Cavendish chit."

The idea was met with a loud belch by Charles Sedley, having just finished a tankard of ale.  "That was my attempt to wake the dead," he announced with a smirk.  Dorset was smiling at the merriment.  "I should need to examine the financial statements of the Merriweather estate."

"To see if the girl has sufficient assets for you?" Sedley asked.

"No, to try and determine how Merriweather came by his fortune," Dorset replied.


OOC~  The thread is open to the players that received an invitation.

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