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  1. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    Kingstons and James Francis' blue eyes went back and forth between the two, but he said nothing, thus not helping at all. In honesty, O'Neill seemed to be doing well all on his own. "Ah, well, see now you can be more covert, it is the way of many a courtier," Francis advised with a cheeky grin. "Feel free to thieve the idea." At to the compliment, Francis chuckled, "I am very certain it was the least heroic of my life's deeds, but compliments do tend to be currency here." Then, as he should have anticipated, his mother sniffed out the potential for a story. About him. Told by someone else. Of course, she was going to want to hear it. "I am speechless and thus disarmed, for anything I would say is inappropriate to the venue," he said, with a little hint of dramatic groan.
  2. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service (8th all day)

    Sophia and Francis Francis smiled as he turned toward Sophia's familiar voice. "For me, I can say that I am free, but it would hardly be correct for me to speak for His Grace. I shall ask him, though, and if it is a problem, I shall let you know," he replied. "And you and I must speak about the other, your personal matter. Without His Grace."
  3. "Thanks to you, my lady, I had ample preparation time," he whispered back with a sly and slight wink. Poor Francis had very little idea what happened after Chichester first spoke, for there then seemed to be some dissension brewing. Perhaps there should instead be more dissimulation. After all, this was to be an enjoyable evening for a very pregnant Queen and it would not do for things to get too...exciting. He whispered again to Dorothea, "I fear I am missing something..." The he added with a quiet, judgey snort, "Other than most are not following the Lord Bishop's suggestion of giving the personal significance of the verse." The word whoremonger coming from the quiet Agnes nearly made him snort aloud just a few moments later, thankfully he caught himself and pursed his lips to control his amusement, staying quiet.
  4. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    Kingstons and James "I do believe I have seen Lord Denbigh this season. He is oft in the company of Lord Ranelagh." He was looking for said cousins and thus missed the approach, or rather startle, of James. Francis also took in the title of the book and smirked some at his mother's antics. Thinking of books and studiousness made a strange memory pop up into his head, but surely he could not voice that he used to tease Will by saying his epidermis was showing. He had thought an epidermis was something else entirely. "And here I had thought it was perhaps a book of prayer," Francis joked. "Although, I would wager some have thought of exchanging covers..." If one wished to be smote. "My lady mother, the Viscountess Kingston," Francis introduced. "Master O'Neill, a skilled wordsmith and son of Lord Iveagh. He had the honour of witnessing my first official attendance upon His Majesty. Let us hope he did not memorialize it." He had, of course, told his lady mother after said incident that he realized he needed many more handkerchiefs.
  5. Francis the Bold and Brave 😆 It seemed that these more proper courtiers were sedate of public presentation of themselves! Or perhaps it was just his inner adventurer or military man that led him to charge forward in order to avoid any long silence. This was important to his friend after all, and the Queen. Francis was not a shy person in the very least, and he had gone to university which required copious amounts of religiosity. Not only that but one could not spend much time with Lady Dorothea without absorbing some things. He cleared his throat and at the nod said, "I fear I am no where near as eloquent on such matters, but we naval minded Englishmen are rather known for shying from no challenge." He licked his lips and said. "It is in that same mind that I have always found a particular attachment to John 15, especially, 12-14." He then recited the particular verses, for he could not do the entirety of John 15 from memory, although he could easily paraphrase it. "I have been in such circumstances many times. To serve on a ship is to have such willingness, and to lead one is to show it by example and inspire such in others. Those verses are quite well-known among many sailors." (OOC - the entirety of James 15 is here https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John 15&version=KJV ... no way Francis memorized the whole thing LOL) He cast his blue eyes at Dorothea to see if he needed rescuing yet! They traveled briefly over the bishop next. They had spoken of his ship service that day outside the chapel where Dorothea had come up with this idea. How much talking was he supposed to do? He had never been to any such thing as this before. Was he supposed to keep going?
  6. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Saturday Services (9th all day)

    Francis arrives with his Mumsy Francis had not been able to sleep much the night before, if he had even done more than lay in bed for three hours, and he had been very drunk when he had arrived home too. He had then left early to collect his lady mother from Kingston, which was truthfully only a few miles outside London. He had not particularly offered a reasoning for his early arrival, for they had not made arrangements to arrive together prior, and though she must have suspected that there was something there other than his typical doting, she did not say anything on the ride to the Palace. Though he was quite an attentive son, mothers always knew when something was suspect, but for that moment he had escaped any interrogation. He was trying not to let on that he had something he wished to speak with her about after all the praying. When they arrived in the morning light, there were bags under his eyes which was quite odd for his youthful face, but he knew the importance of putting on a good show. Buckingham had many times, in a far more verbose manner, informed him that if it walked like a duck and quacked like a duck, it was a duck. Apparently, what held true for relations of ducks, also worked for relations of dukes. His justacorps that day was a decorative brocade of that deep purple-red of the edges of a fresh-plucked rose. His breeches and waistcoat were a warm golden flax. He felt considerably more noticeable than he wished to be but that was part of all of this too. With a tiny shake of his golden curls to confine them behind his shoulders, he asked his mother, "Is there anyone you would wish to speak to?" Then again, perhaps there was someone who wished to talk to them! If he pretended all was quite normal, perhaps it would be. For now.
  7. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service (8th all day)

    Francis & Buckingham, and then Francis Buckingham had little desire to partake in public eating after sitting through the bishop, so he and Francis had escaped the small way back to the Duke's. In fact, Buckingham probably would not have come back for the second bit if he had his own way; however, he knew his master the King would never let him hear the end of it if he skipped. When one had been stuck praying in childhood together endlessly, such things generally became the fodder for adult ribbing during similar occasions. He actually had hilarious stories about the King and prayers, but generally hilarious in the way of many such stories...they were funny only in retrospect and had not been amusing in the least at the time. Their time in Scotland had been particularly shaping. Without the Queen by his side, Buckingham was entirely certain Charles would be napping. Francis found Buckingham with his eyes closed for a good portion of the service. Thankfully, nobody could really notice with them being toward the front. Though the practice of religion was not the deepest desire of his heart, Francis did not feel a call to nap. Perhaps it was because he had spent so much time at sea where one was not subjected to sermons and readings. There was still some novelty to the grandeur of it all for him. Following the service, Buckingham paused with the King. Meanwhile, Francis sought to give a kind word to Heather's brother before looking for his friends.
  8. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    (OOC - apparently I forgot to tie a bow on this thread too! Whoops *wraps it up*) "I think, dear Nash, you may be having more of such days. Perhaps very soon," Francis replied, to the man who was older than he. "Should you wish, that is. If Her Majesty desired for His Majesty to appoint you to a position to make such delectable art at the palace without the stresses of the market and selling your goods, would that please you?" Then he added, "At the very least, your Queen would like you to make a gift for His Majesty for Easter. A decorative egg, but I should think your abilities will take the idea further and surprise both their Majesties. I would be happy to facilitate if there are things that you would need, my lady mother or His Grace would provide a servant or two to run to shops or assist for the endeavor." Mr. Nash had been catapulted to a different level of London life. Merchants who gained the interest of the local lord were quite lucky, but those that gained the interest of court or royalty were beyond lucky. Discussions of gifts and potential positions conducted, Francis wished Nash a good day. As for Francis, his day was only just beginning. He had Gresham and then the midnight meeting before hours of prayers the next morning and day.
  9. Francis & Dorothea next to Compton & Karoline "So far as I know, I sleep quietly when I sleep, though I doubt a servant or subordinate would complain of me snoring too loudly," Francis replied with a chuckle as they headed for their seats. It was telling that his thoughts had not even run to a woman complaining of his snoring or anything more bawdy, for in all honesty Francis might be able to count snoozes with a woman on one hand. It was, in effect, so rare an event it did not cross his mind. Not that he did not lay with women frequently, as all men did, there was simply not habitually that sort of intimacy involved. Friends that he also slept with were something of a differing situation and not all that common either. As he had confessed to both the hilarity of the King and the Duke, he had never had a mistress. Nor been in love. Then he saw the empty seats. Lord Kingston, who was barely even used to being Lord Kingston, had not fully appreciated just what Lady Dorothea meant by their seating arrangements. Or rather...his seating arrangement. Indeed, he felt in another world entirely, like an out of body experience, as he greeted the Queen and assisted Lady Dorothea to sit. Even as he returned Lord Mountjoy's nod with one and a smile of his own, Francis felt something out of place when he prettily sat himself down next to the bishop. There was a moment where he was almost looking down on himself, still feeling outside his body but not understanding the sensation, when he felt the heavy presence inside of his justacorps, tucked in a breast pocket, that anchored him. Being a man of certain philosophy, intellect, and spirituality, he was not a believer in simple coincidence. When things happened in a certain perfect sort of way, it was not luck in the midst of cosmic chaos. Call it a sign. Call it a positive energy. In that moment, the feel of what was in his pocket was far more than the simple some of its parts. It transcended a simple object. Nobody would have believed it had they heard it, but the Duke of Buckingham had given his newfound nephew was his brother's - Francis' father's - Bible*. The pretty and diminutive book that was well-worn from a childhood spent with a ridiculously strict and religious king for a foster-father. Coming from Buckingham, any Bible had been as unusual as it was now remarkable in this moment. It had been what Francis had tucked into his coat to help him through an evening of Bible readings. As he took it out onto his lap, it helped him find his voice so that he could smile and greet Bishop Compton next to him, "Good evening, my lord." He gave a nod of his chin to the rather large crowd, quite a few standing, and compliment, "Yourself and Lady Dorothea are to be commended. I do hope Her Majesty is pleased." (OOC - *Blackguard had Buckingham gift Francis this particular gift. I remember WTFing over a Bible coming from Buckingham, Duke of Irreverence, but in true AoI fashion it now comes back as the absolute most perfect gift. It's almost like Nicci and the toy soldiers, actually.)
  10. Francis Kirke

    To Know What We Truly Are... | After Queen's Event 8th

    (OOC - I forgot to tie a bow around this to close it out so it's not hanging closed-ish but not feeling complete ) Francis replied, "It is hardly that you kept an old letter. It is that you kept a piece of him that was seemingly fruitless with things that are obviously of great personal significance to you." He was not about to minimize this as being the result of simple letter-hoarding (which was not all that uncommon), because one only usually did so when the letters were to or from themselves, not random letters of siblings to unknown persons. It was quite more than that. Though Francis could not wholly explain the sensation, he would come to realize that for the first time he no longer felt he was playing at an honest fraud, living something not truly meant for him. The stories brought on some laughter spurred by drink but also brought discovery. Francis now understood why people who knew always commented that he was very like his father, in more than just appearances. They could have been childhood stories of himself with his own brother-like playfellows. One thing was certain, he was going to have a few hurdles to get through so that he could get out of everything the following day and speak to his lady mother. (Fin! <3)
  11. Francis Kirke

    A Masonic Moon | Thurs Midnight-Fri early AM

    Having seen that everything was quite secure, Francis headed to the underground chamber. He pulled down the hood on his cloak and was slightly surprised to find Buckingham already there. He put down his little chest of medallions, bowed, checked again that they were alone with a quick look, and then said with a wry grin, "I do hope Your Grace's early arrival is not indicative of distrust for my making of the arrangements?" He then lifted up an ornate silver mask, held it up to his face and added, "I found your accoutrements in my bedchamber when I was dressing?" Buckingham chuckled brightly at the reality of his nephew matching the image from his head. "Silver makes you look like a golden-haired Grecian statue. Bronze would have made you look like an exceedingly tall cherub." He gave the cub a clap on the shoulder, "And it is indicative of knowing you would be early, nothing else." Buckingham grinned, "And you truly did not think I would refrain from having a creative addition to the proceedings?" Francis, in fact, had not been very surprised by the mask, but he was a bit pleased by the idea that the duke had arrived early so that they could have a few minutes before everyone else arrived. The younger blond did not have an appreciation for the socio-political aspects of such appearances for he was no born and bred beacon of court as Buckingham, so he could not appreciate that aspect fully. Buckingham, for his part, did few things without calculation and knew what it meant to be seen with Francis by his side at such events. Though the pair knew their relationship was uncle and nephew, all the rest of court knew was that they were cousins and not even particularly close cousins at that - first cousin twice removed - and the Duke showed his endorsement of Francis as his closest male relation every time they were seen together in such a way. Even with such a small, intimate attendance, it was influential attendance because Buckingham had done the inviting. After a short conversation, some of which was Buckingham wishing to get a preemptive look at Francis' "surprise" in the little chest, that was refused, the pair donned their masks and waited for the other attendees to arrive. As their royal representative came a gold-masked man who most any would know as Prince Rupert, for there were few with his towering height other than the King. Though known in most ways as a man of war, the Duke of Cumberland had a vast circle of scientific and intellectual friends and correspondence, for he was quite the man of innovation with many credits to his own name. There were many things about Buckingham that he disliked, though that was true of most everyone at court, but toward the end of one's life shared history meant more than other things. From his childhood, his eldest brother was supposed to marry Buckingham's sister, before an unfortunate drowning accident, and after her second betrothed's death it could have been him had he not been destitute at the time, but she had ended up married to his closest friend and Stuart cousin instead, because Jamie had not been destitute. They had all been young together despite the fact that the then Prince Charles and Buckingham had been but boys chasing after them. Now they were old and him the eldest surviving of their little household. He felt it somewhat acutely that even Buckingham now had a young relation at his side, and a cynical piece of him felt George not quite deserving of Kingston. Rupert had gotten to know the young man himself this past year more as the grandson of his friend Colonel Legge and a competent man of Naval affairs than as Buckingham's cousin. Kingston seemed one of few young ones at court who knew much of sacrifice without some sort of guarantee of favour beforehand. Francis Kirke had been a nobody though from a good enough family when he had lost ships in the last war and little of that character seemed to change with his ennobling. What youth wished to share the spotlight of the King's attention when given it? Mall had told him that Kingston wished to use his ship-naming moment with Charles to raise more funds for the Navy with him, of all things! After Rupert's arrival came Devonshire with his son Cavendish, though Francis could not say that he knew either with the added challenge of a gold mask and a silver one. Devonshire, Buckingham suspected, had also received one of Hobbes' notes. They were followed by two more who arrived one after the other with bronze masks. The first Francis surely did not know, and the second he thought might be his friend Sir Isaac. Another gold mask came next and with a Scottish brogue. Francis did not know him, though Buckingham asked him about an extensive family. Then another bronze mask that Francis recognized immediately from the blond hair that matched his as being Sir George. He had the enviable job of guarding the outside of the door with a ceremonial sword once they began. The final silver-masked individual arrived, rounding out the guest list at nine. Another Scot, which was not surprising, as it was a society that had moved south into England, not north into Scotland. With everyone arrived they were shortly called to order to open the meeting and to invest the Duke as Grand Master. The ceremony, like all of them, relied quite heavily on cardinal points. Buckingham took up his seat in the East, the point associated with Wisdom. From highest to lowest they made their appropriate signs at the altar and to their new Worshipful Master. Buckingham, who had discovered Francis' little chest open on the table next to him, could now appreciate the medallions that had been struck for him to hand out to each as they made their way to sit. Francis finally sat to the Duke's left as Secretary, whose job he affirmed as "To observe the Worshipful Master's will and pleasure, record the proceedings of the Grand Lodge, if required, receive all moneys paid into the Lodge by the hands of the brethren, pass the same over to the Treasurer, and take his receipt for the same." Truly, Francis' job in life seemed to be to observe the Duke's "will and pleasure," and hilariously his only true utility where he could actually help the Duke was in keeping track of coin, and it was the one thing that he did do in exchange for this extravagant life he had been thrust into on the back of said coin. When all the grandeur and tradition of the investiture was finally over, they removed their ornate masks and socialized more equitably; concealing identities had not been the purpose of the masks. Francis was more easily able to place faces to names than voices. He felt quite accomplished that he knew that all the Boyles were relations to one of the King's eldest daughters, who had also born him a grandson. Like many scientists, though, he found the man to be particularly shy and quiet by nature. Francis also made it a point to speak briefly with Cumberland over offering his ship naming with the King as a venue to raise further Naval funds. Francis still found it quite daunting to be a part of such lofty arrangements, even his own ship-naming in this case. He had not lived his life with that measure off attention from anyone important. He rather doubted the novelty would ever fully wear off and leave him feeling justifiably deserving! It seemed that the Duchess of Richmond had done her part in speaking to the Prince over the arrangements. Though the Duke of Cumberland had always treated him very well, there was something of a different look the gargantuan German gave him...which was not saying much as Cumberland's refrained sort of expression and demeanor made any look far too subtle for any observable meaning. Prince Rupert, for his part, did give the youthful appearing Kingston a good look. The Duchesses' words had prompted it, for he knew her better than even her own brother did, and though his mind could not quite pinpoint what he was looking for, there was something. For George to have interest in one particular cousin was one thing, but for them both to express a similar interest was different for these particular siblings*. As they had started at midnight, it was quite late or rather early when everyone had left and all that remained was for Buckingham and Kingston to make their way home together. (OOC - Most all of this was discussed in PM with B & I. Anything else comes from IC happenings and previous threads or confirmed behind the scenes actions like Mall speaking to Rupert about the ship-naming. My extension being that by this point, Rupert is going to be suspicious enough by all this interest to give Francis a good long look. He's no naive spring chicken Also, though all the members present know all the others, I purposefully left some names out so that some are running about unknown. This leads to both clear and surprise ways to get involved in masonic things if one wishes to get initiated!)
  12. Francis and Dorothea "Then I see no explanation then but that I owe you a very great favor," Francis replied, for as kind and honest as she was, he rather thought his seating far more about her than about him. "And I already feel in your debt for eyeing such a fine artisan in Kingston and allowing me my pickles for Her Majesty." Then she amended with more specifics, and he had to admit that would be far too much fable for her to make up were it not at least something of the truth. Up popped one his blond eyebrows. In his typical fashion, Francis deflected the attention and said quietly, "I confess, His Grace was sleeping quite raucously when I left. He had meetings of a intellectual nature late into the evening last night and is...shhhh...of an age now where he cannot continue as he used to as a younger man." Whether that was true or not was for Dorothea to decide. He offered his hand so that she could settle herself into her chair before he took his place next to her as the Bishop readied himself to begin.
  13. Francis had hoped that the tension with the Mountjoys would alleviate some with his departure, but that remained to be seen. Instead, he focused his attentions on the never-ending pretty bowing of a courtier, kissing the hand held out to him in the manner that got him that dashing reputation. "Indeed, and you worried over the idea. There may be a few standing, I daresay," he answered back quietly. "We do? Or rather, I should express surprise that I do," he added, accentuating his 'I' with a raise of blond brows. With a small chuckle he added, "I hold no surprise that you do." Despite his good fortunes of the last year, he still found it strange to garner such notice or to be held in anything like a high place of esteem. Somewhere in his mind, he explained it by his position as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the King, not anything more.
  14. "Indeed, it does seem so Lord Mountjoy," Kingston replied. He offered his own exceedingly pretty bow to the Queen thanks, of course, to Buckingham's finishing tutelage the previous summer. "And I think it is expected I attend Lady Dorothea," Francis added to Mountjoy's observation, with a wry grin as the young lady gave him a look. One he actually understood. "I encouraged her idea of the event and made my promises to come in support." He was not generally one for such tame venues habitually, but he had been known to make a well-behaved appearance at a proper event or two, at least. "So I shall take my leave exuberantly, knowing how even a small moment between you both is much welcomed," Francis said, smiling pleasantly at them both before politely leaving them to their small privacy. With a slow pace, to make certain that he was welcome, he made his way toward the young lady who had proposed the very event.
  15. Francis Kirke

    EASTER 1678 | Good Friday Service (8th all day)

    Francis followed Sophia off to the side, never suspecting what she was about to say. In fact, he was so surprised that it did not immediately seem to register what she had asked him. He seemed like a statue for a moment. Then he blinked not once but twice. Leaning forward, he whispered, "Have you lost your mind to even speak of such a thing, with me, in a public place?!" He took a breath and hissed it out before adding, "Have you no discretion? Important conversations are only for private." Then he said, "Next week, speak to me next week if you must. I must rejoin the Duke. These observances are important to my position, and His Majesty will arrive soon. You should sit too." Buckingham was near the front so that he could nap without everyone seeing, and Francis needed to nudge him if his head lolled forward, so he had little choice of where to sit himself. There were duties involved in even the most mundane situations. Buckingham was not the only one known for snoozing; His Majesty also made discrete habit of it. And probably a quarter of the courtiers in attendance too.