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  1. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    Francis hid his sugar-pickles behind decorative cuff and copious lace; Buckingham's mode of luscious finery did have a benefit now and again! "Very well done," he said of Agnes' selections, being raised to be gracious to the ladies. Dorothea's arrival prompted a comment of, "You both have chosen gifts very well, I think," in approval of the arrangement. "Which of you shall present the pillow? For that is a more acceptable accoutrement for a lady rather than a box. I have a secret reason for needing a free hand whilst you two present your gifts." He winked at the pair. He would defer all such decisions to the ladies, as any intelligent gentleman knew to be far safer! However it was decided, they made quite the procession to see Her Majesty. Francis allowed Dorothea to precede him as the organizer of all of this, following with the quiet Agnes. He stopped a respectful distance away and bowed deeply, pickles hidden in laced hand, before folding his hands behind his back, thus keeping them further from sight.
  2. Francis Kirke

    Business in the Park | 10pm-ish, 6th April

    Francis snorted and then chuckled, the roll of his eyes could not be seen in the light, "No. I think not. And you'd best be sure not to give someone of importance too much of that." He shook his head knowingly and renewed his leisurely pace toward Buckingham's. He had his own supply of such things, although he did not much enjoy the liquid form and certainly not from unknown sources. People peddling a high-as-fuck experience in the park were not good sources! But there was a clientele for everything. Interrupting people's pleasures was never a wise move, so he left them to it.
  3. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    "As you wish, my lady," Francis replied, with a cheeky grin. "I wonder," he said, in a conspiratorial tone of voice to Agnes, "Might you find a pretty pillow and a few stems of real flowers we could commandeer? Then Mr. Nash might help us to arrange his work carefully for Her Majesty on a pillow." Then he added, "A pillow large enough we need not worry of them falling off." He was little part of the plan other than posing it, but he was fully ready to hold his faux pickles! They would not fit in such an ensemble! A though which made him chuckle to himself. Meanwhile, he awaited Dorothea's return.
  4. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    "Well, if it was found in a common area where it might belong to a number of ladies or visitors, perhaps the finder had no time to ascertain an owner before the fuss was made. That would surely scare a servant who would not wish to lose a position of such honor," Francis postulated with a nod. He let out a sigh to aid the passing of the topic. "How do we proceed ladies?" he then asked. "Is Her Majesty desirous of seeing her gifts from my dear Kingston?" Meaning the town, not the lord. "Shall I wait here with Mr. Nash? Or shall I come with? I cannot have you ladies carry the box, surely, that would not be gentlemanly." He looked to Dorothea to decide, for he trusted she knew the proper way of doing everything. He did not wish to presume.
  5. "Or perhaps they can pay their way out of it, and we can use the funds to some further theatrical purpose," Francis posed, chuckling. There was yet some man-of-business within him that made him think of the financial benefits of such things! "Very much so, but it will be all the more welcome of a diversion afterward." The idea of surprising the duke made him chuckle further. "I am not sure if that is possible or impossible, but it is surely worth a try. Whether he knows or not, he might play along anyway. Such are his whims, and perhaps you know better than I." Francis smiled. Most that were close to the duke had known him longer than Francis. It was barely more than a year. "What I do know is that he is not unkind toward anyone's efforts for his grandiosity!" He giggled. "Whether he finds out about them or is surprised by them!"
  6. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    Francis' blue eyes widened considerably. Lord Mountjoy did not seem the intemperate, throwing things sort of gentleman! How had he gone from expectation of bliss that was not to be waylaid, to throwing expensive plateware! And Lady Mountjoy was inconsolable over a...ribbon? Well, ladies were to be allowed their fancies, especially if the gentlemen were throwing plates... "I am sad to hear it. What does this ribbon look like? Perhaps it might be found with a bit of reward or, apropos of that, you could have someone draw a copy and send it back to your homeland to find a replacement before it's loss is noticed? Or even young Master Ashburnham of tapestry fame might have hundreds of such accoutrements at his disposal and one might match. Or just to say that, in the flurry of emotion, with all the plate throwing, it came off and was lost. A gentleman like Lord Mountjoy surely does not wish to see his wife upset over a trifle, not after he was so very happy to see her that he confessed as much to Lord Chichester and I immediately before in the antechamber..."
  7. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    Francis' costume was, indeed, quite impeccable for the day, but it was not solely for the ladies. He had an important event that night with His Grace, and that necessitated more peacocking than Francis was wont to do on his own! The pretty mint green and blue brocade, accented with silver - also with much lace - was very on point for him. Silver breeches, even, and a grey hat to match! Buckingham had said it made his hair look all the more golden, before snorting in amusement over an earlier commission of a servant specifically to tend to Francis' hairdo* since the cub so enjoyed servants touching him. That said, Francis did enjoy looking good. And he especially enjoyed looking good for ladies. "I am chuffed to hear Her Majesty is anticipating it," Francis replied. He leaned in and down just ever so slightly, for he was quite a tall man, to hear her secret. For a moment, he blinked. Lady M. Was he supposed to know who that was? Had he offended Lady M.? Then it dawned on him. Lady Mountjoy. "I distress to hear of the distress of any, let alone Lady M. who is so important to our Queen! What could be the distress when I have seen Lord M. quite happy to be returned to her?" he asked in a whisper, rather innocently, for he had been in the room when Lord Mountjoy had come to seek out his wife as Francis was leaving and Chichester was waiting... Maybe the lady had not been so eager for his return? He frowned in confusion. Had not Lady O'Roarke told him that match had been one of love that His Majesty had facilitated? Surely, then she should be equally eager and happy at the return? (OOC - *I had almost forgotten this Buckingham torment from the end of recess)
  8. Francis had a tendency to enjoy the music with his eyes closed for different reasons! Seeing Sophia up there made him think of nothing other than when she had done so in Italy. Though it was, somewhat, no longer his concern, he did have a care over others finding out that Sophia had performed on the stage in Italy. That reminder made it difficult to wholly enjoy whilst watching her. His eyes were thus more directed to Caroline, who was also his friend. "Indeed it is. I do miss Greyson quite significantly," Francis said to Nicci. Greyson had been one of his first friends at court, and had helped him greatly with the prime party he had ever hosted, the swiving tour where he had finally found out the truth. He applauded at the appropriate moments, for the ladies were very talented!
  9. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    It had taken quite some time, but Francis was finally quite comfortable with palace doings and goings-ons, even if the more intricate details of politics still escaped him. One did not become an expert courtier overnight, even with the Duke of Buckingham's help. When they entered the room, he noted the ladies they were there to see. He did not hear the shush, but he noted the blush, which ladies were prone to do for any number of reasons. Francis was a blusher as well, so he had sympathy for those with the fair, blushing complexion! "Good day, ladies," he greeted, with a pretty bow, courtesy of all Buckingham's attention to such things. "Mr Nash and I come bearing your sugar creations and one of my own design which I hope shall give you and, above all, Her Majesty much enjoyment and a good chuckle." The ladies had yet to see the sugar pickles he had added to their order!
  10. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    Mr. Carl Nash was lucky that Francis not only came from the school room of Cambridge but also from the seas, for he was quite used to common people and tradesmen. The artisan was further lucky that Buckingham had the well-known oddity amongst the nobility of finding commoners quite useful and even worthy of his attention! Buckingham had hidden in the midst of the common people oft enough. He did greatly enjoy his own eminence, though, so all the sputtering went directly to his head. He rather enjoyed the deserved attention and prostrations. He complimented, "And these are sugar? Incredible." The elder tall blond had the sort of look on his face that betrayed a rather large idea coming together in his mind. "Indeed, Your Grace," Francis answered for the poor man. "Well, I am sure we shall be seeing more of you, Nash. Most assuredly." Had he just used the royal we, or was he talking about himself and Francis? It was impossible to know, for he surely felt himself princely enough for the plural. And with that, Buckingham gave them a nod to continue and turned back for his parlour. He needed another cafe correto before he was fully ready to embrace his day. Francis turned and said, "It is but a short walk to Whitehall from here, and the ladies are most excited to have their purchases, I think." Thankfully, things were so tight around the Queen even though she was not yet in confinement, Nash would not need to worry about sputtering to her! Francis was a different story since the King had put him at her disposal; he could not wholly avoid pregnant queens. Kingston led the way and the walk was rather short and through a corner of the park which was free of carriages and other dangerous obstacles. He doubted they would be bothered at Whitehall, for strangely enough Francis had finally internalized that he was a known personage now. His position was a very visible and licensed one.
  11. Francis laughed, "Wishful thinking? That something I am thinking is wishful thinking or that I should be thinking wishfully? For those are two different sentiments! Alas, that is fortunes. The Italians were no more forthcoming." He chuckled some more. Lady Cambray was a saucy one. It was one reason Nicci was concerned of what the other lady might do at a party at the baths. But surely Nicci was now the one asking which man might pull out his cock at Cards! And Lady Cambray was her willing second. "There should not be many wrinkles and creases to examine if you are doing the examining, my lady." He was alluding to the reading of palms being about lines and things in the flesh. "You shall have to explain the science or skill of it before I submit," he added, with an exaggerated wink of drama. Flirting was a game he rather enjoyed much of the time. "Lord Chichester likely knows as well a I how many sham fortune tellers there are plying their trade in Italy! I am a wary consumer." Turning to take part in the banter with Banwell, he shook his head with a grin. "And, by the by, as a man of the sea, I am confirm that the size and scope of the ship very much so impacts the motion of the ocean. Ladies can easily be made sick by too small a craft," he added, trying to keep something of a straight face and failing horribly.
  12. "Sounds like a brilliant idea. After Easter prayers for days, I am certain most will be ready for some fun and diversion," Francis replied, with a hmm. "It is much simpler, though, to anticipate the behaviour of whores in such a production! I am not sure even the most libertine ladies will be willing to submit to whatever might happen," he added, with a laugh. "I was going to suggest we make pairing and then have the audience dictate the scene to be acted..."
  13. Francis Kirke

    Lord of Pickles | Thursday late morning

    When Francis had seen the man walking up the front, he had descended the steps into the foyer. He was quickly joined by Buckingham, who was feeling quite entitled to his ducal nosiness, and who easily usurped the limelight by declaring, "I must see what has prompted Kingston to finally make use of my profligate resources on his own volition! Something for Her Majesty, he says!" He chuckled at the notion and looked at Francis expectantly to make the introduction. He felt if his things were being used, he was at least entitled to have the first look! "Your Grace, may I present Mister Nash, the artisan from Kingston I spoke of..." He was, admittedly, quite excited to see what the man had created at his request. (OOC - Buckingham couldn't help his vain self He just wants a peek before they go on their way 🤣 )
  14. "You know I do prefer your brilliant words to be turned to brilliant subjects. Cock jokes are far too easy for you," Francis replied to Rochester. He laughed at Nicci's barb at never having seen the French version. "Ahh, Lady Cambray. Welcome!" Francis greeted the newcomer. "I do not think any claimed French ones the larger, for that would be quite the feat!" Francis chuckled more. "For though once upon a time from that land, my friend far prefers the generosity of England! And her King, of course." He found it a bit odd that Nicci's words were turned around to opposite, and he jokingly made sure none had misconstrued; the man must be too drunk to actually follow conversation. "Ha, well, is it my turn then? Lady Cambray rather distracted me from the game." (Card 11)
  15. Francis had to hold in his amusement, and further hid it behind taking a liberal gulp of his drink. "Perhaps they just enjoy talking about war," Francis postulated instead. After all, the little trio was made of two sailors and one life guard! "I can attest at least two have great enjoyment in speaking of things which cannot be spoken of in front of a lady." War being the obvious one. There were plenty of things men talked about outside the presence of ladies. "Success at court life requires much studying and diligence. You should not think yourself immune to the necessity." He chuckled, "I once thought myself finished enough for all this business, and then His Grace made me bow some hundreds of times and now I cringe to think how wet behind the ears I must have appeared." Francis might look quite young, but he was not. And he had already mostly raised one child, even though Tom was not his, clearly, and he knew a thing or two of young ladies from Sophia. He thought himself worthy of dispensing advice since he had the young lady's attention captive. For the rest of the lunch, Francis spread his conversation around, for he was far more interested in Dorothea than in the girl that seemed so very much younger! He was also quite certain to give his mother her due devotion, and he did not much care if George teased him of being his sister's mummy's boy for the entirety of the Easter weekend for it!