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To Lord Melville, Viscount Melville, by hand Wednesday 21st September 1678

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To Laird Melville, Viscount Melville,

I must beg your forgivness for missing our intended meeting. I was called away North in some hurry. I pray that you are well and have found some carm in that time. I don't dowbt that Cat has seen you cared for. 

I would fain have the joy of your compny, if and when you would, for I have sore missed it. Name the time and place and I shall be there.

Your brother in arms and spirit,


The letter was rendered in a rounded hand with the backwards slope and occasional smudge indicative of a left-handed writer, and accompanied by a bottle of a rare single malt whiskey, difficult to obtain south of the border. 

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A note written on white rag paper, with blue-black oak gall ink, sealed with the Melville coat of arms on viridian wax, and delivered by hand to Douglas' room at the Toes at some point on Thursday afternoon.

Dear Dundarg,

We have both been otherwise occupied, do not fret. There is much to talk about indeed. Seek me at the Toes' common room tonight.

Your friend,


The note was delivered along with a Highlands dearg wrapped in a piece of scarlet velvet.

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