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Windsor Season


Thursday, September 15th - sunny but chilly.

Opening Reception morning. FIN

Remembering Zion early afternoon. FIN

A Wee Dram late evening. FIN

Friday, September 16th - windy.

Of Telescopes and Other Things early morning. FIN

Breakfast of Champions (less) early morning.

Catching the Cardinal before noon.

Of Irishmen, Coaches, Accounts, and Other Things [CD] noon. FIN

Of Proper Requests for Spending the Nights after lunch. FIN

Saturday, September 17th - fog in the AM, clearing later.

Instrumental Instruments not of the Musical Variety before sunrise. FIN

A Tailoring Challenge mid-late morning.

The Great Bonfire 10 at night.


Sunday 18th - Rainy.

Sunday Chapel late morning.

<planned dinner with Anne-Elizabeth at the White>

<planned meeting with the Duke of Buckingham> - midnight.

Monday 19th - Fog in AM.

<planned carriage ride with Eleanore> - afternoon.

Tuesday 20th - <unknown>

<planned opium pipe with Lord Kingston> - evening.

Wednesday 21st - <unknown>

An Evening of Stargazing etc. - sundown.

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