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Post-Move: Future Features


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These are the features I'm working on. Things may blip with the skin as I handle these. Don't freak out. I'll fix it. Also, no matter what I'm doing, the plain Invision Default theme will work fine, so if I do break something, just change the theme at the bottom of the forum. The link for the dropdown is hard to see, but it's there. I'm working on getting backgrounds on the secondary links, but I'm not sure how I poofed them, so yeah...it might take me a minute. 

1.) Easier navigation

2.) Footer is a mess - I somehow poofed the background and am having a hard time coding it back. A modification program might have altered a template file, which might take me a bit to track down. I'm tackling it in increments bc it is seriously annoying the crap out of me.

3.) Pop out post boxes - I should be able to make this happen, but Invision is touch-friendly which means it's streamlined to have less popouts/windows for touch-screens, tablets, phones, etc. I'm not sure if it's going to be easy, hard, or what, so this is now a last priority task.

4.) Larger Avatars - I have the nuts and bolts for this. I might not be able to go bigger than 180 wide without having to code up a storm to alter the forum grid, but I can go much longer, so we'll see what works out. 

5.) Getting started - I have new features that will change the application process a bit and make it easier for all of us, but it is blank for now until I'm to the point where we're ready to go public.

6.) New ticker, Slider Header with overlays, Sidebars, Widgets - You're all going to be amazed with this stuff. It requires a feature called "Pages," which I've used before but which has updated in the last 6 years as well, so I'm having to reteach myself a bit as I go. The news ticker will be first. It's taking awhile bc I'm trying to get it designed so that everyone can use these features without coding. On the old site, I had to do them bc the code it complicated and easily broken, but Invision gives you way more design capabilities.

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