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AoI Limericks... & other poetic forms


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If Lords Hen and Charles have their way

We’ll see duelling words on Saturday

Vocab parry and thrust,

debaters' minds rushed,

will crowds cheer or jeer the fatal parley?



Editorial Comment: Balls are so last week, for a really good time put away your ball gowns and get out your cue cards.  

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There once was a cyclops from Kent

Who thought his verses cause to lament

For however he might try

His stanzas all went awry

And left him obliged to repent.


Only occurred to me after replying to the Merriweather thread (and I wouldn't post it IC anyway, because Chatham shouldn't be composing limericks off the top of his head. Even the first one was pushing it.) but I was too pleased with it not to post it somewhere.

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Rally round while Aria is ailing

try to make her life plainer sailing

Send kittens and monkeys

diamonds and puppies

pretty soon she'll be back to playing



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I worry about Oxford and Bucks

feuding lords might turn into schmucks

not to mention John

aspiring Burgoyne

In the middle, his life might get fux'd

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It is time to see what this season has wrought;

Of the spirit world we've seen a lot;

Chichester is wed,

Merriweather is dead;

And a duchess is to captain a yacht!


we have also seen curios bought;

A murderer yet to be caught;

One Life Guard fired a shot,

Two earls a tiger fought;

Sophia could bear a princeling, or not. 



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All of the drama you read here may make you sigh,

As most of your PCs confront at least one lie.

Distracted you may be by hormones run wild,

But be aware that your PCs are likely beguiled.

For the season ends when someone important will die.

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