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Thanksgiving Poll


What Are You Most Thankful For as a PC?  

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  1. 1. What Are You Most Thankful For as a PC?

    • That you did not attend the seance
    • That George fnally got married and the bride has yet to be murdered.
    • That CW has been told to limit his intimacy to only widows and whores, meaning your sisters may be safe
    • You have yet to be accosted by Lady Norfolk about her son George
    • That you aren't going to be the one to have to tell Count Toledo that his son has fair hair and skin
    • That there is a fortune teller who can answer the most important questions you may have.
    • That you haven't gotten on Catriona's bad side.
    • That you haven't asked Mountjoy to regale you with his hunting tales when you are short on time.

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I once framed some stuff for an astrologer, he invited me down to his stall at the market, but then I got creeped out and left before finding anything out. 

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Buddies



Come hither come thither, gather round

more inspiring friends can’t be found

Windsor or Whitehall

by day or by nightfall

I'm thankful we share this playground

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