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An Invite to the Occult: Davina

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Darlene thought it very big of herself, but she was prepared to forgive Davina for Elizabeths sake. Besides, apart from Davina being very stubborn, Darlene rather liked her.  (She would have asked Sophia also, but she knew better than to expose an unborn baby to the spirit world.) 




Dear Davina

Putting aside our little spat, I wish to invite you to Lady Albemarle’s mystical evening, where questions might be answered and guidance obtained from unearthly plains though her spirit medium. Attendance is required Wednesday night at 11o'clock at her rooms, recommendation for costume includes silver.  Leave disbelief at the door.



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What  .......

She re-read the short missive again in some surprise.

Of all the things that Lady Oakham might do THIS was a thing never foreseen. Silly thoughts and antics that caused no real harm could be justified but this was a thing that spelt trouble. That her friend Lady Elizabeth clung still to these Occult imaginings gave her pause. She was curious but yet the idea of mixing in what could only be seen as Black Magic and thus had intent to harm made her weary. Where did these people spring from and how did the Duke allow his wife to be so entrenched that private parties were now being arranged with Courtiers receiving invites? She paced a bit about her room her mind in several directions    ..........

At last she stopped and sat at her desk and penned a reply


Lady Oakham - it was with surprise that I found this invite and I am of two minds for surely tis not a good thing to engage in. Yet I find myself curious and so shall accept the invite. Lady Elizabeth is known to me but I have no knowledge of this 'medium' - are you sure of all our safety if something goes wrong? I shall be at the arranged place and time as you say. As to disbelief, well, we shall see.


Her acceptance was based on her new thinkings. This whole Plot Business has made her wiser and if this was another thing that needed to be observed and then reported on she would. She sanded the ink then blowing the excess off. Neatly folded and sealed with wax but no cypher.

A Windsor runner was sent to deliver it back to Lady Oakham.

A long sigh followed as she went to stare out her windows. So many things were all happening now and and she worried that she would be unable to cope.

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