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Your Stories Await Telling

To Darlene Hamilton

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Dear dear Darlene,

The spirits call us to seance Wednesday night at midnight.  Join me at 11 o'clock at my rooms and wear your silver.  If you wish to bring the Jamaican or another lady with vision to the voices of the spirit world, you may bring her instead.  Please confirm that I can count on you.  Without you, there is no hope.  My girl will await your reply.

Your true friend,


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It was no wonder that Darlene and Elizabeth were close, both had a flair for the dramatic.  Darlene's lips curled with satisfaction at the Duchess' claim, while her own dramatic instincts knew Elizabeth was absolutely correct.  If I don’t attend, the evening shall be a complete bore.


Elizabeth my love! 

Wednesday is quite perfect, my maid is polishing the silver as I write, and I have purchased a pound of salt to bring just in case. This restless anxiety that we house might at last discover it's voice though the medium. I can only hope that it is The Count.  I have a friend I shall bring with me, though I cannot be wholly certain of her belief in things inexplicable, I know her heart to be pure.   Until then, I count the hours.






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