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The Last night of Freedom | 19th evening

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Settled comfortably on the main street of the town of Windsor, High Street, the Hen's Toes is a neatly turned out establishment, clearly catering to a more well-mannered class of person than the local country folk. A Tudor facade gives way to a comfortable common room upon first entry, scattered with tables and chairs rather than the more rustic benches that might be found in the local tavern. A roaring hearth dominates the right side of the room, staving off the deep winter chill. A few comfortable chairs accompanied by small side tables offer best access to its warmth. Beside it, a flight of stairs leads up to the floors above, where the sparse but clean guest rooms are located. On the other side of the room, an inconspicuous doorway leads to a private dining room.

Behind the bar one might find either Mr Clarke, a middle aged, stocky man whose rugged demeanour hides his gregarious, jovial nature, or his wife, whose beady eyes keep close eye on all goings on within the establishment.


George sat himself in a comfortable spot near the fire, he was looking forward to the company of men who had been good to him over the past few years, and hoped for a pleasant evening sharing wine and conversation.   Cadell had taken care of details, of which George was largely in the dark, but here was where the night would begin and end (for George had taken a room at the Hens toes for the night, and it was from here that he'd leave for his wedding on the morrow.

"I'll have a cup of tea, and make it a strong one." he cheerfully asked the maid.   

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