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Marriage Go Round


Who Should Marry Whom?  

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  1. 1. Who Should Henry Grey Marry?

    • His Cousin Eleanor of course
    • Beverley's Sister. She's pumping out boys nearly annually. At 26, there may be another half dozen left
    • Frances Cavendish. A duke's daughter is too high for a Baron ordinarily, but Seller is motivated.
    • Write in your choice in a separate post
  2. 2. Who Should Duncan Marry?

    • Fiona, who will give him lots of children, most of whom should be his.
    • Catriona. He needs mothering and she is his mother cat.
    • Bridget Osborne. Hide her away, like her father, and seek to have some Scottish estates restored to her by the King.
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  3. 3. Who Should Douglas Marry?

    • Bridget Osborne. Ordinarily he could not shoot so high. Might he get something of Danby's forfeit estate?
    • One of the Duke of Norfolk's bastard daughters
    • Basildon has a bastard beauty with royal blood, Margetha, who is very available I hear.
    • Ask Lauderdale to find him a nice Scottish heiress
  4. 4. Who Should Langdon Marry?

    • Susan Herbert. The perfect match?
    • Darlene. He should do the right thing.
    • Davina. He should do the right thing.
    • Fiona. He should do the right thing.
    • Catherine Sedley. He should do the right thing.
  5. 5. Who Should Darlene Marry?

    • Langdon. It is not too late to bust his potential betrothal and he seems more proper now.
    • Heneage Finch Jr. First one shares an office, then one shares a courtship, and then a last name.
    • Dorset. Prove she can capture the double earl where Frances Cavendish could not
    • Mountjoy. Kill off Ursula and marry her secret love.
    • write in
  6. 6. Who should Chatham Marry?

    • Henrietta Butler. She wants him, duke's daughter, and might turn a blind eye to his affairs.
    • Darlene. The Earl secretly desires a life of high adventure and hijinx. Darlene is the one most likely to deliver
    • Kill Toledo and marry Sophia
    • write in
  7. 7. Who Should James O'Neill Marry?

    • Lily seems to have royal blood an most likely to inspire an epic.
    • Darlene. She doesn't like the Irish but is assured to keep James in trouble indefinitely.
    • Anne Elizabeth. Why should Dorset have the fun? She's a poet and willing to take any dare.
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This season seems to be the season of potential matches.  George and Caroline seem set to celebrate their nuptials at Windsor shortly, but we have a number of PCs on the prowl for advantageous matches.

Cordelia plays a match maker (and she might even be looking for her own match) but it is our turn to play match maker.  So please vote on the following poll.


I will post a part two

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Duncan is too heartbroken to think about marriage this season. Also, having most of his children being his is not the greatest prospect. Cat may be a mother hen, but she would kill him eventually. Bridget is for Douglass.

I think Duncan is going to wait and see, unless the King orders otherwise. Charles Rex is probably the one person he would obey in this.

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