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Merry Gang Poll

Who Should the King Say won the Competition?  

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  1. 1. Who Deserves to Win?

    • Audley
    • Dorset
    • Both
    • The King should declare a forfeit

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Late last season, the Merry Gang and guests met in the palace wine cellar and agreed upon a wager about the sexual conquests of ladies of court.  There was a focus on the number of points awarded for the ranks of ladies.

This season, the gang met at Rochester's house to determine who won.  Rochester claimed he won because he had signed affidavits from 30 ladies (of the night).  Kingston spoke of the conquest of a unicorn (Caroline), while Audley highlighted his chapel encounter with Sophia, and Dorset highlighted his encounter with Anne-E in Arlington's office.  The King must now decide who wins the purse.  It is a significant sum of money and you should take into account the acts described as well as the story-telling.  Please vote ASAP as the season ends shortly!  

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