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Dowager Duchess of Richmond (Mall) | by hand 7th afternoon

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It had been a busy few days, but on Thursday a large wooden chest appeared at the servant's entrance of the Dowager Duchess' house. Inside was a selection of all the things the Duchess had enjoyed when coming to see his flagship and warehouse. There were generous amount of cloved tobacco, blood orange brandy, citrus fruits, dried figs and dates. Wrapped in a bit of pretty brocade was an ornately carved pipe with a ship on it for the tobacco.


The note inside was simple and thus intimate:

With my fondness and thanks for your help and a diverting afternoon, Francis



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What a charming young man... 

Not many men appreciated the impact of a thank you note, it was a simple courtesy and one so easily overlooked as a new day full of it's own demands gained priority. But here she could see he'd stopped long enough to reflect upon the day before, and to appreciate her own time taken out of equally busy shedule, and spent with him.  Malls lips pressed together in a smile as she inspected impressive collection. 

... just like his Father.



Dear Francis, 

Do call tomorrow evening, you shall find me in my study.  I would gain your perspective upon a matter to whether it is a pretentiousness or not. Drama is all very well for games, but I wonder if it far better discarded when it is a matter nearest to the heart. There, that is all I shall say of it for now. Consider your perspective upon such things, an we shall and talk of it in person at length 



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