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Invitations to an Art Exhibition; arrives 7th May

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George was very pleased with the invitations. 

Printed on heavy weight cotton paper with die cut edges touched with gold leaf - at the top of each invite the courtiers name was embossed and again picked out with gold.  They had been expensive, but he'd set no budget for the event so strictly speaking it had not been blown.  Some men had wives that spent a fortune on new dresses and hairdressing, Lord Chichester would happily match their spending given opportunity to buy things paper and paper related.  

The printed text on the invites read:


Lady Habersham&Lord Chichester

cordially invite

you to attend

an Art exhibition to be held at Habersham House

on the 14th of May, 1678 at any time between 10 until 4


The guest list was extensive, the Earl went through his list and the invites several times to be sure that nobody had been missed. 

Commencing with His and Her Royal Majesties King Charles and Queen Karoline, though the Dukes Cumberland, Buckingham, York and other. He was careful to be certain that Norfolks invite was there. Basildon, Kingston, Grey and Mountjoy were carefully ticked off. Ashburnham, Russell, and Bedford, and a later addition of Chevreuse was handwritten.  

Of ladies, he was especially mindful Lady Cambray, then of course Davina (he'd be flayed by said lady if she was forgotten!),   also the masked Lady whose identity he had guessed rightly or wrongly.  He had wondered these past months, if she had remembered. Perhaps not, he’d certainly not hold any hopes, but then again.  Yes he checked several times that her invite was there, though he’d not even mentioned her name to Lady Habersham.



OOC: he’d basically invited everyone - I just wrote in some of the names to give the gist of things. He's even invited Shaftesbury, although, that said, not Danby.  But if Danby did turn up, it would be handy cause everyone’s been looking for him.  If you aren’t sure if your PC got an invite, please pm me to confirm.    

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It was perhaps surprising that John Ashburnham answered in the affirmative very early. In truth, some things had been said about Chichester in a few circles, that even the loftiest interest was piqued. 


After all, there was truly no better tail than an underdog who rose from the depths. And, in certain circles, riotously crazy stories were not so much drawbacks as measures of merit. Though George might not think his own tale particular so, it was rather comparable to a number of Rochester's.


From his understanding, Rochester's were not wholly amusing immediately afterward either, but in years removal became a mark of a fully lived court life. If played well. 


Young Ashburnham was quite wise to such things and was part of various networks of information. He had even heard that Chichester had been spending time in the Queen's presence chamber with a particular hope for art from some of his fellow gentlemen. Of course, it was also known that Chichester was supporting the Navy too. 




Next came the reply that Lord Russell would attend.

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Charles was working in his privy cabinet (not to be confused with his privy chamber where entirely different business was concluded) jotting down notes on a brief that was to be argued before the court concerning one of the endless suits and minor cases brought to the Crown. Charles could have easily delegated such tasks to one of his Clarks but he was a contentious man and sought to at least review each case if he was able.

A baritone groan was emitted which was his Majordomo’s version of the discrete Butlers cough. “Yes” Blount mumbled as he continued writing.  “Invitation” rolled back like the rumble of distant thunder.  Charles expecting a brief summary of the invitation soon realized that the monosyllabic announcement was all he was going to get looked up and reached out for the invitation.

The invitation was impressive done on good paper with gold leaf and announced that Lady Habersham and Lord Chichester requested his company at an art exhibit to be held on the 14th. A brief look at his diary found him unencumbered at the time so he penned back an acceptance.


My dear Lady Habersham and Lord Chichester,


I am delighted to have received your invitation for the 14th of this month and am overjoyed to accept. I shall await the day and time with muted excitement.




Edited by Charles Blount
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