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50 year Fudge/Grace period


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Is there still a 50 year ‘grace’ period to divert from history or, as you are the Time Lords of this AU, may I ask you to deem that in our universe this was discovered a little ahead of schedule? 


Yes there is a 50year grace period within AoI, which means that we are happy to blur our eyes when it comes to adhereing to exact dates of inventions etc.  (specific point in this players question was 'discovery' of Meissen china.)

The only subclause to this rule is that players need to get a nod from Mods prior. 


* In instances where the player activated the 50 year fudge without realising it, if unchallenged by mods during game play then it's safe to assume it did not spoil any pending plots or give the PC an undue advantage, and they may merrily carry on with that fudge in place. It's a courtesy to alert  Mods about it when you realise it. 


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