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Delivery for Mistress Davina | Sunday Afternoon


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It was not long after her afternoon guest had departed that a massive bunch of flowers arrived, beneath them a small voice of a page.  "For you Milady, from My Lord Winchelsea, with his best wishes for the joys of spring."  Plainly he’d not forgotten their heady exchange last season.

The flowers within the bouquet ranged from roses through to chrysanthemum, and in a range of colours from deepest reds to brightest yellows that would be certain to brighten any room. 

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Poppy gave a hard look to her Mistress as she took from her skirt pocket a few pennies. She dropped them in his hand with a smile cautioning him to return safe and there was no reply as she reached for the abundant display. 

"This makes a statement to be sure. Keep or throw out?" 

She asked a smile gracing her features for there was no answer needed. 

Davina for her part remained silent. She stared at the flowers which were lovely and their scents would soon mingle about her rooms and she wanted to keep them. 

"They are indeed pretty to the eye and so let us make several smaller arrangements so that I may enjoy."

"I wonder how he knew I liked these colors?"

She whispered as she touched a rose petal which made Poppy, who watched intently, go at once to her side to say


The single word admonidshment was said very clearly.

Davina gave a small shake of her dark head yet the soft smile did not disappear. 

Trouble it seemed was on the Horizon.

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