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Do this: Blounting


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I thought to pipe in with a reminder about the 'Blounting' allowance, very useful for anyone pc that is staying with, or attending events with family members.

'Blounting' is named after a player who trailblazed the gentle art of writing his wife attending events with him & maintaining  good relationship with the npc thereby, without needing mod input.  All players are allowed to write their family in mundane scenes: the only caution being not to advance your PC plots via the NPC during that time.  Blounting allows status quo to be happily maintained.  

egs: Attending Church, definitely a family affair (everyone will be there) but mods cant write every relatve npc individually. So 'Blount' your family there with you. Basically, unless for some reason your have had a blow out with your family member/s (and really, even if you have a fall out your char is likely to want to maintain the appearance of everything being peachy still) your char will be attending church with their family. 

The trick is then to allow your PC to then break away from their family member/s attendance at whatever event it is, and then freely engage in the mixing.  Result: your PC's relationship with family member remains in tact, your pc has the warm fuzzy & substance of family, and your pc still enjoy independance of movement.    


Note:  Please dont assume the worst for your pc (eg. that your npc family member has ditched you!) because really that just makes everyone (expecially the mods) real sad. 

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