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Joyful Reunions? | 1st April mid morning

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#1  Langdon House

Located on the south corner of Picadilly, this large house seems almost out of place with the smaller town homes further up the block. Likely it is because it predates the development of Pall Mall and St. James Square.

Though the house shows signs of age from its Tudor origins, the walled grounds of two acres are well maintained, with a nice garden in back. There is an entry gate to the front, and a gate in the rear to the stables. A military man might appreciate the security of the perimeter.

The house has 3 levels plus an attic. The ground level hosts a small ballroom, parlor,dining room and study. The second floor hosts a masters BR, Missus BR, and a guest room. The third floor has three guest rooms, with the servants sleeping in the attic.


It was a day for reunions! 

And Charles was a neighbour, but a short stroll away, he was also one of her oldest and dearest friends, and had been her late husbands best. 

The dress Darlene wore today was a rich chocolate tone.  The cream lace trim, was threaded through with a think blue ribbon, while a further blue ribbon was tied in a bow upon her wrist.  About her neck and on her ears were pearls (the necklace being the heirloom from her mother), Darlene never work other than Pearls before the hour of six.     

Charles would be delighted to see her, she hoped.  She was completely confidant. Or at least bluffed.  Everything was to be wonderful remaking a life for herself in London, she repeated to herself.  Darlene certainly would not admit to herself that she was rather nervous, besides, she was bring him a gift.  

Taking a deep breath she told Maisy to knock on the door. Maisy had always been surprisingly strong, so Darlene was certain that her maids knock would be heard. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

Charles had not risen in time to join his Majesty on his morning constitution.  The young Major in the Life Guard had attempted to attend periodically, just for security reasons and to breed familiarity with the King and his entourage.  It was not as if Charles had anything of substance to discuss with the King.  Had he have found himself alone with the monarch, the Earl would have been challenged for anything to say.  The awkwardness with the King's brother, James, was part of that.  It was hard for the young man to know what damage, if any, had been incurred through his relationship with Catherine Sedley.  To the world it would appear that he had taken up with Catherine only after York rejected her; yet, they both carried a secret that proved otherwise.

Relieved that he had found Frances a school for young ladies, one source of angst had been addressed for the season.  Court was now back in session and Easter was upon them.  Charles had stopped wearing any black, required at the loss of his first wife.  His break-up with Davina still weighed on him.  There had been no messages from her and his flowers had gone unacknowledged.  He punished himself daily with the thought that he could have avoided the entire tempest if he had not mentioned Catherine's pregnancy and had been quicker to assure her that he would marry her if she was pregnant with his child, unlike Catherine.  He replayed their conversation over and over in his head, each time hitting his forehead with a balled fist at his stupidity.  Next time he would know better.

Elam arrived to tell him that Darlene Hamilton was visiting!  In a moment his regret vanished at the thought of seeing Darlene.  "You have her in the parlor?"  He strode from his library.

The doorman recognized Darlene and showed her in at once.  One did not keep such a lady waiting.

Into the parlor came Charles with a large grin.  He was in uniform, of course.  "Darlene!"  He rushed forward to give her a hug.  "You are back in London!"  He was about to ask after Thomas but he knew the couple had marital problems, so he stayed his tongue. 

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Even the sight of Elam was a joy to newly returned Darlene, "Yes do hurry to tell him!" she meanwhile took a good look around the Whitehurst parlour.  Believe it or not this was the first time she'd been inside his house.  This curious girl took a good look around his arrangements and collections. It was like a peek into the secrets behind the man.

Then all too soon he was striding through the door with a warm welcome. "Charles!" she gushed and was happy to embrace him.  Laughing she declared of it, "Less than this got us into much trouble before. Remember the terrace, and the ball.  Who was that who discovered us, can you remember even?  Come, kiss me Charles, you are my first sweetheart!" and cheerily she claimed what she wanted - her lips tasted like cherries (courtesy of a bag of boiled sweeties in her pocket).

A box with a bow was sitting on his side table that had not been there before.  

"But you look so fine Charles." stepping back she took the sight of him in*, "ooh but rather more commanding too. When you walked through the door, the sight sent a shiver of joy up my spine. Whatever you have been doing, you must keep doing it, for it entirely suits you."  she crooned, "oh and what of me Charles?" she stopped to do a turn for him to admire. "Do I look quite fine also!" All said with a broad and flirtatious smile. 



* in uniform?  





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Charles had a smaller house when first Darlene knew him.  After his marriage he had purchased a very large, though dated, house on Picadilly.  The furnishings spoke of a soldier who had been left to his own devices for decorating.  There were statues of horses and horses with soldiers upon them.  There were the landscapes of battles fought against Cromwell and the Dutch and French.  The drapes were functional and of a single color.  There were no fresh cut flowers anywhere.  Perhaps the house smelled a bit musty with the arrival of spring.

Darlene knew how to flatter, just as well as he.  It made him smile for there was a challenge in it.  He puffed his chest at the compliments.  "And you were my first sweetheart," he acknowledged truthfully.  He was happy to kiss her.  In fact, he kissed her much longer than a mere friend would.  It had been ages since she had given him permission to kiss her as a sweetheart.  As she solicited compliments in return, he was happy to oblige.

"You look gorgeous Darlene," he gushed truthfully.  "There are beauties aplenty at court but you have always stood out as the most stunning and alluring lady I have met.  And the most mischievous," he added.  In his mind he had dismissed her attack on Killigrew as just a bit of mischief gone awry.  He was probably the only one with such a charitable view.   Still, he knew she had an element of danger to her.  She had a fascination for guns and suggesting risky ventures to him.

"You look even better now that we are both wiser as to the world."  They were both in their early 20s, so they were hardly old.  He had forgotten who had discovered them kissing that first season.  He hoped that she had forgotten that he had written her a love letter, at her suggestion.  He had not done that for anyone else and was a bit embarrassed that he had no skill for it.  "I was quite jealous of that Edmund Rowe fellow," he admitted.  "If Thomas had not been my friend ... ."  He left a pause.  It was meant as the ultimate compliment.  Had she not written a letter at the news of his marriage to Joan that he should have saved himself for her?  Did she remember that, he wondered.  "I was sorry to not see you at Christmas court, I was afraid that the French had abducted you again."  He was attempting to add humor but he was ever ready to rescue her, as he always had.

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Darlene read his decor, diving the secrets behind the young lord - it was as plain as night and day to her that he, more than anyone else she knew needed a woman in his life. He needed a splash of vibrant colour in his life.  Vanity had her view that perceived need as a need for her.  


"Oooh I knew it!" she cheered upon hearing his declaration of her being his first crush, and she gave Charles a proper good snogging, the kind any English girl could feel proud of. 

"Aw Charles." batting lashes she feigned modesty, all while she pressed an index finger against his chest. "I suppose ours is one of those great loves most people only ever read of, and all the more distracting because we've never..." her finger trailed downwards a little, and then with a grin she moved away.  When it came to Charles Darlene had a very good memory, she'd always teased him, mercilessly even. She'd sought his devotion from the first moment they had met, she still had that love letter he'd written her, and still believed he should not ever love anyone more than he loved her.   She had thought him a bit too naive for her serious attention during their first season at court, but had steadily watched him with as he'd developed and matured... 

When she was up to her third marriage, she’d always promised herself that it would be to him.  One down, one to go.

"Edmund?" she gave a surprised laugh, "my, I have not heard his name for a long time.  But were you really?" Charles had not let on that he was jealous at the time.  But then of Thomas: she was wise to the difficulty of the situation there.  "Thomas was a very good man." was all she could think to say.  "Really, if I am honest, he was far too good for me. The poor dear would have done better with Lady Catherine, do you remember he was quite fond of her.  But then she married that Harrington fellow. Gosh Charles, that all seems so long ago."  

"So you would have come to save me, if I'd been abducted?" she smiled happily at that thought.  Not that she had enjoyed being abducted that awful mistake of a time,  but she was not immune to the romance of talking about such things. And she'd always loved the earnest pledges of young gentlemen. Most particularly Charles, for he was not all talk, he was one of Courts rare men of action. "If you saved me from the awful French, I'd be terribly grateful.  Why, I"m even grateful just at the promise." Was it too soon for another kiss? Charles kisses were expecially nice.  

Drawing a breath she then gushed, "Charles - will you help me to return to court. I am dreadfully nervous of it - oh but don’t tell anyone I said that. I left so... well, colourfully you might say."    

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Darlene made allusions to what they had not done together and he fought a blush.  It was not as if he had not thought about it, repeatedly.  His imagination had run wild with the possibilities at times.  It was a way to try and not think about what a dolt he had been with Davina.  Darlene was helping distract him.  He merely cleared his throat in response.  "Can I offer you something to drink?  I also have some cinnamon pastries that might be coming out of the oven at any minute.

"Thomas was too good for you?" Charles queried.  "God rest his soul.  You are good too Darlene."  He meant it as a compliment of course.  Again, he always gave Darlene the benefit of the doubt.  The Killigrew matter was just ill-fated mischief and her living with the then Duke of Newcastle was just her need for some place to stay while she and Thomas were having marital problems.  He was willingly to be intentually blind in thinking that her affair with the older Duke had been a platonic one.  The man seemed far too old to ... be interested in intimacy of the physical type.  He assumed that by the time he was old and gray he would no longer be mounting up, so to speak.  "I sippose Thomas had a specific view of the world ... ."   He tried to give Darlene some room to innocently fight with his friend.  "It must have been very hard to go to Jamaica.  He should not have forced you to go.  You are far too much a creature of court methinks."  He only then noted that she was not wearing black for Thomas.  Maybe she is trying to cheer me up, thinking it too painful for me.  "Catherine would have been perfect for him," he agreed.  She was young and small and always smiling.  She would have doted on him and followed him anywhere happily.  Maybe that was the problem.

"How can I help you?  Sadly, I think some people think you are or were ... unwell."  That was the nice way of saying mad. "I think we could find a doctor to say there was some temporary illness and that you are now cured."  It seemed a simple solution.  "That could work," he offered optimistically. 


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"You are offering me a bun in the oven? Really Charles." Darlene giggled at his attempted change in subject, realising she was making him uncomfortable, and delighted of that fact.  "But I would love a drink, have you any sherry?" 

"Yes, god rest his soul." She would not speak ill of the dead, neither had she spoken ill of Thomas when he was alive either.  She had loved that stubborn man, however unhappy shed been to be married to him. 

"That he did. I suppose he thought himself saving me also..." she quietly mused. "Saving me from the ups and downs of adventures that sometimes become rather bigger than I had planned. It was just that a quiet life was... well far too quiet." Charles understood her so well. "Yes, I hated Jamaica.  If ever someone asks me, I will say that women should never travel abroad. Far better we remain in England with the people we love and the customs we understand." after a pause she added with a grin, 'though I did learn some remarkable things too."

Charles seemed willing to help, though the idea of temporary madness dismayed Darlene.  "Not madness Charles, who would dare to marry me if they think insanity runs in my veins.  And it was not insanity, it was rather, a overwhelming grief, a distress, a hopelessness channelled into desperation."  She explained.  Biting her lip, she took a pause before lowering into a chair.   "Charles, perhaps this is too great a trouble to you.  You have so many duties yourself, I would never want my troubles to burden you more.  But if we need to create an explanation for my actions, it need take a form I am content to wear."

In this quieter moment she looked at him to say, "Had you loved her Charles? I am so sorry for your loss..." perhaps he'd felt grief also. 

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He laughed nervously at the allusion to pregnancy.  Charles was about to retort about Catherine being pregnant but he stopped.  He had ruined his relationship with Davina by mentioning it.  He had no intention of ruining any more relationships.  He had learned that one did not mention any pregnancy unless it was your wife's.

Elam went in search of sherry.  He was not sure if there was any.

'I'm not saying madness," Charles sought to explain.  Rather, a fever.  Maybe you caught it in Jamaica.  You may have been feverish.  It happens all the time" or so he imagined.  "I have a really good doctor who knows female anatomy well."  This doctor was astute enough to know that sex could cure most female sicknesses.  In fact, it might well have been that Thomas had sex with Darlene and cured her of the fever.  Maybe she was also feeling poorly because of the time of month.  Surely a fever plus that could cause a woman to do something rash.  It made sense to Charles.

Darlene was looking to remarry?  Had she not said that they should get married.  Now that she was here, was she hinting that he should propose to her?  Yet, when did Darlene hint of things to him?  She would have just told him to propose to her.  Yet she withheld.  "I do not think you should think of marriage any time soon," he counseled selfishly.  "Enjoy your freedom for a few years."

Darlene asked about his own marriage.  "No I did not love her.  I did a foolish thing.  Frankly, I was intoxicated and fell prey to a plan that was not good for me.  She was old enough to be my mother and was a drunk," he went on to explain.  It was enough.  Her death had liberated him, just as Thomas' death had done for Darlene.

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How Charles had changed.  Her head tilted to appreciate as, rather than a nervous splutter of something inappropriate, he contained and moved on past the topic.  She too said naught on the topic she was thinking, but certainly appreciated the substance that had grown behind this young man, her oldest friend.  Perhaps she ought tease him less, and appreciate him far more. 

"Well that might be better..." she replied as he elaborated upon his idea.  

"Shall we keep that as our 'last resort' line of defence, if simply ignoring the problem does not make it go away.  If there is one thing I have learnt of courtiers, it is that unless it involves themselves they give little thought to anything else. So, perhaps the dreadful adventure shall remain snugly in the annals of history, never to be mentioned again." 

"What I would most hope from you Charles, is that you might still acknowledge me as friend when at some public event or ball.  If others see you can forgive and forget, then I can hope that they might do so also."  she explained her own hope. A pause, and confession. "I am sorry for the scene I created."

On talk of marriage, she nodded her head. "But Charles, I am quite scared to remain without anyone’s protection, and that is why I would think to marry again. But I can understand entirely why a Batchelors life appeals to you..."  they were both 'available' again, there was really nothing stopping them from marrying as 2nd marriages, she thought.  But.  Well if they ever did marry she did not want it to be because she'd pushed.  Perhaps that was why she’d always imagined ‘them’ as a distant future, because he had never been ready to openly pursue her like others had.   Like now, it was obvious to her that he was not ready to give up his freedoms. 

He spoke of his late wife. "It sounds like a nightmare, how awful for you dear Charles." she was so pleased he'd not loved Joan. 


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"Ah, so ignore it and it will go away?"  he nodded his understanding.  Charles supposed it could work.  "But, if someone should be so gauche as to ask you why you did it, what would you say?"  He was trying to be helpful.  Would she blame it on a fever? He still thought that might be something a gentleman could accept.

"Protection?  I'll always be here for you," he proclaimed, hoping to dispel the notion that she would need some lord to protect her.  He supposed she might move in with some other elderly duke or earl that might protect her, just as she apparently did with Newcastle.  "Other friends will protect you as well.  Catriona has been absent, as has Heather.  With her connections with York, she would help you too."  Darlene then revealed she wanted him to support her at a public event.  "Certainly.  If there is a ball, we could dance together."  He would support her in such a setting.  No gentleman would dare to insult her in his company.

"It was rather awful," he admitted.  "Though I did receive some extra money from it."  If Darlene recalled, her friend had been mostly penniless when he arrived at court, in the care of the Court of Wards.

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Charles asked the cutting question - Darlene sighed of it, though knowing it was a necessary evil.   "I would say that I don’t remember anything of it, until I awoke some weeks later...." she thought through the excuse he'd given her, "with a doctor attending to my health. A very good doctor, expert in the Jamaican fever that afflicted me."  Looking to Charles her eyes asked the question 'was that convincing?' 

Naturally the good man offered her his own protection.

"Thank you Charles.  Rest assured I shall not rush into anything, even if anything was rush-able. Really, I shall be fortunate if a gentleman blinks twice at me." she laughed cheerily hiding her uncertainty of the topic behind laugher.   "Perhaps I would be better to join the Queen circle like Davina, but you know me Charles I have never been one for lofty ambitions.  I am happier with a party to plan or a daring escapade to adventure.   

"Oh, that reminds me, what have you been doing about the House Dorchester? Remember we had made some grand plans..."

"By the looks of things, it was quite a lot of money." Darlene admitted her eyes had seen the money in his new house, his belongings, even his costume.  'You have come such a long way Charles.  So tell me what are your new visons for this next season?"  Darlene thought he should host a party for starters, and by hosting a party, she meant she should plan it for him.  There was quite nothing that Darlene liked better than arranging others into merriment and fun.     



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"Yes, that was believable.  Fever causes memory loss," he complimented.  Of course he was not the best test subject, being extraordinarily fond of Darlene.

Darlene knew Davina.  There was a moment of panic that the two of them would talk about him, and come to hate him.  Yet, the fear quickly subsided as he rationalized that Davina could never admit to their intimacy.  "Yes, the Queen's Circle," he repeated slowly.  Left unsaid was the image that the Queen would fear Darlene might use a knife to hurt her or her child.  She might want the Life Guard to protect her.  That would be awkward.  "But you are right that those are what ambitious ladies chase.  There is greater accomplishment in spreading enjoyment as you do.  There is a sense of fun and mischief wherever you go."  He offered her a smile that confirmed he remembered many fun things she had initiated.

"Dorchester House has had work on it," he admitted.  He had a secret entrance constructed for himself but had never used it.  "I do not know why it is not over full with ladies.  Too many are staying at houses they own or Saint Marks.  Still it enjoys a good reputation."  At one time he had thought to have several lovers stay there so he might sneak to them at night.  "What plans were those?"  He had forgotten, but they probably involved a large sum of money to accomplish.

She asked about his own plans for the season.  "Nothing lofty for me either, but I have mysteries to solve and criminals to catch."  That was nothing new to her.  "With the war upon us, there are some unsavory visitors to London and I must keep an eye on them lest they do something terrible like those attacks on the King and York."  Assassins had killed the Queen and the Duke of Ormonde as well.  London had not been a safe place since 1675.  "I have some leads that I must follow.  My vision is to see to it that no one in the palace is harmed."  That seemed a noble vision.  He had not detected her angle for a party.  There was also the omission of the ghost story.  No one would believe that anyway.

Fortunately, Darlene did not ask after his lady friends, not yet anyway.  He was already planning to mention Catherine Sedley, since Darlene would hear of it in time.

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Feeling she'd passed an audition, Darlene gave a great smile. "Then everything shall be just fine, I am certain.  Charles, will you escort me to the next event? Who could ever be mean to me when in your presence - and everyone knows you were my late husbands closest friend." With al the fuss she was making of it, Charles surely realised that she was rather nervous about her return to court. 

"And reserved." The queens circle was terribly proper. Darlene, while not exactly improper, did call 'daring' fun.   And yet she was also quite biddable, happily redirected away from thoughts of aspiring towards the Queens circle, more particularly from potentially intimate conversations with Davina.  Charles secret remained safe. 

"Oh goodness, I can hardly remember all the specifics myself." of Dorchester House she admitted, "though wasn’t I to offer the young ladies lessons, oh, or perhaps I was thinking to act as the Houses Patroness. Not with money, mind you, but in a cheering it on sort of way.  And refurbished as it is, I dare say a bit of promotion here and there shall see it raise in popularity again. I remember when I arrived to London, it was the most exclusive of ladies residences.  I wanted to stay there so very badly, but James took us rooms at the Red Lion. And he doesn't even drink much." 

Becoming animated and chatty on this topic, Darlene moved to sit nearer her host. "Perhaps we need to do a re-launch. Oh yes, with a ribbon to cut, and everything. Spring is the perfect time for it. Perhaps we should host a garden tea party there, and invite all those Lords and Ladies who have daughters. And perhaps the daughters too. It shall be easier for me to speak glowingly of the houses recommendations for young ladies, for you as a handsome gent may make fathers feel a little nervous. All the daughters shall fall in love with you of course, and beg their parents to let them attend.  It shall be just wonderful!  Oh Charles, do give me the premiere role!"

Of his own plans, it was swashbuckling and adventure. She understood that perfectly well, because Thomas had been a man of bravery and daring too.  "Can I help solve some crimes too?" Darlene asked prettily, "I have had some experience at it, you know. Like the time I helped Thomas catch those French abductors." unable to keep a straight face at that she burst into laughter.

"But truly, I would make an excellent spy. Nobody would suspect me, I don’t think. And.. well we do need to adventure together, don’t you think? We would have the most fun ever... and." she dropped off speaking there, having wormed her hand into his, this dark haired beauty looked deeply into his eyes.  

If he would be her protector, keep her safe, and care for her happiness... then she might happily give him her heart. 

She was no longer thinking about his lawful ambitions, nor her interest to help keep Londons peace as she whispered:    "Together..." 


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Charles agreed readily to escort Darlene to the next event without thinking of Catherine's feelings. No doubt he could claim that Darlene was his best friend's widow and that she needed attention.  In time Catherine would come to be jealous, if not hate Darlene, but Charles was oblivious to such risks at the moment.

Her description of Dorchester House sounded grand, and expensive.  "You think it will work, this relaunch?  We could do it on a limited budget?"  The definition of a limited budget would likely mean two different things to Charles and Darlene.

"I would value your help with these crimes," he complimented before laughing at her jest as to how she helped Thomas with the French abduction.  "Yes, well, I will not be needing that sort of assistance."

Her offer of being a spy was intriguing, causing  the young officer to imagine who he needed her to spy upon.  Most criminals were dangerous and one did not place a lady in danger.  He found her hand in his as she recited how much fun they would have.  She did make it sound fun even though it was a serious business. Then she mentioned the together part.  That was most welcome, of course, but the look she gave him was ... almost ... inviting.  Charles was not the sort of man that had any resistance to that sort of look from a lady he admired.  "Yes, together," he mumbled weakly as he returned her deep look.  There was a sudden urge to kiss her.  His head moved forward somewhat but withheld as he feared it might be inappropriate.

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“Oh thankyou Charles.” It was all she could have hoped for, Darlene was elated.  “Shall there be a ball soon do you think? Oh, or if not a Ball, are they still bi-weekly, then perhaps Cards. That is if they still have Cards evening on Wednesdays?”

"Limited budgets are my speciality.” She reassured Charles, in her experience men did seem to worry about money far too much. “Why your own cook can make the sandwiches, and how much can a pot of tea cost, hmm?  Of course we shall need to invest a little in decorations, and properly printed invitations - nothing hand written.”  (Darlenes penmanship was remarkably poor.) 

He withheld a promise to give her official position at the Dorchester, but that would come eventually she knew. Perhaps after she gathered up a half dozen new ladies to the boarding house.  Darlene smiled at that thought; a frech collection of followers to lead into fun and adventures.  Hers was a wonderful plan indeed.

Bringing him to laughter was a pleasure, he laughed with a warm and deep heartiness.  “Well just keep me in mind, for I have no objection at all at posing as your alluring bait to lure out miscreants. I would be perfectly safe of course, for you would never fail.”  She had complete confidence in him, and wanted him to know that. For…

Well being here together, practically all alone, and with such a lovely warmth and friendship, she was beginning to feel rather.  Oh my!  Falling into his deep brown gaze, she was washed over with a glorious weakened-with-devotion feeling.  As he leaned forwards a little she responded in amplification; pressing lips to his her freehand slid beneath jaw, there to cup tenderly as she kissed.  And then kissed him even more.

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"There must be a spring ball," Charles sought to assure her.  "Have not we selected a spring king and queen of the ball in the past?"  It had happened their very first season at court, now three years ago.  "Cards not so often.  The games are mostly private now.  I think the games became more unwieldy with so any onlookers."

Charles was not so reassured that Darlene knew the true meaning of a limited budget.  "Let us plan to get together periodically to discuss what you have in mind at Dorchester House.  Or perhaps we spread word that there is a rat infestation at St. Marks," he offered in fun.

"Alluring bait you would be," he agreed in a flattering way.  He, in particular, had always found her alluring.  In part, it was what led to the impulse to kiss her.  She must have been thinking the same as she completed to move to join lips.  His heart beat faster as they kissed.  In that moment, all his other plans and travails were forgotten.  As she kept kissing, so too did he.  It seemed so natural.  As for what might be next for them, he was trying to contain his excitement.

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At that Darlene broke into the popular folk song "If you were the king, diddle diddle, then I would be queen, diddle diddle.” and musically laughed at the thought.

“I would make a fine Spring Queen, much better than Lady Philippa.” Charles would remember her too. “They stepped outside of the ball to 'convene' some fun - then after being gone forever their announcement was completely boring!  Wasnt it just another dance?  As though that was not what we'd already been doing!  No imagination at all.  Who was the Spring King, he must have been very dull too because I cant even remember."  

“You would make a daring spring King Charles, and together we would be marvellous!”  It was easy to forget her challenges when with Charles.

“Well that is a pity.” Of Cards she said little more, all while wondering if the lack-of was something she could turn to her advantage? Gardening and Sewing groups were all very well for quiet life'd ladies, but Darlene needed something bigger and better now. 

“We, we must make some plans.” She agreed of Dorchester house, but then they wer somehow kissing, and it was like it had always been meant to be. Drawing apart she met his eyes, and then again kissed tenderly, all while extremely aware of a growing desire within her…

But they were here in his house and it was not actually empty.

Taking it further, just now, would be reckless and foolhardy! Her arms tightened around him, and she gave into a taste of forbidden passion. Hungrily savouring his lips, feeling his strength, and knowing she wanted more of it, all of it upon her!

With great effort she pushed apart – panting and wild eyed! “Not here.” She hardly needed to explain any further. “Lets meet at the Dorchester, to plan, and to…” her eyes flared, wanting quite nothing more than give over to abandon, to get all hot and sweaty with Charles!

“Oh, but I had best be along my way now.” She stood, still feeling somewhat giddy. “Oh, and I brought you a gift.” She added, before lunging back towards him to take (willingly of not!) another deep and heavy kiss!


After she’d left Charles would get to open the box, there in to find a fine pistol within it’s original satin lined case, with remarkably fine and detailed embossing over the metalwork. He might remember it had been Thomas’ favorite.  

OOC: time to wrap up threads on the 1st 😊  

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"Oh yes," Charles agreed readily.  "Philipa was a pretty thing but too full of herself."  Charles had liked her well enough in the beginning.  "Yet she had little to recommend her," he continued so a to flatter Darlene.  "She had no taste for adventure.  No desire to fire guns both little and large."  He remembered how excited Darlene was about firing cannon to celebrate the King's birthday.  "No desire to plan festive things, or to think grandly."  Frankly, both were beauties but Charles preferred Darlene.  Philippa was more like a porcelain doll.  Darlene radiated life.

"Me a King?"  he laughed.  "Why not?  What would the courtiers say?"

Their kissing had been three years in the making.  Something withheld so long is savored all the more when it comes to fruition.  Darlene was the rash and reckless one.  Charles was the steady one to avoid catastrophe.  Yet, this day it was Darlene that halted the ill-advised course.  She might convince him to do foolish things, like turn his 22 gun sloop to engage a 60 gun man of war, or charge an enemy entrenched position.  She had that effect on him at times.  She was right in pulling away.  The servants would enter soon enough.  What if Frances happened by?

"Yes, you are right of course," Charles gulped, finding his body at full readiness for action.   "Dorchester House then."  It would be safer and there was always a spare room.  "When then?"  He had a multitude of plans in the next few days but they were forgotten in that moment.

"Oh and so soon."  He gratefully accepted the parting kiss.  This was no friendship sort of kiss.  This was one of promise, and it made it all the more exciting.  "You need not bring me a gift," he insisted.  "Seeing you is enough."  He then thought to get her a gift in return.  Escorting her to the door, he was more behaved as she took her leave.  There was a hug and she was on her way.  He would need a cold bath if he wanted to analyze anything serious.


~fin  Merci.

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