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To Lady Lucas | arrives end of March


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The young Baron had lingered but a day or two more after his summons from his Lady Mother, just long enough to settle his accounts. You can imagine his consternation then when he arrived at Longview to find he'd missed her by that same number of a few days!   Had their carriages even crossed on the road?!  

Still, it was apropos to arrive here and now - and he made some pleased-with-himself industry while he was there.  The carriage was somewhat fuller for his return trip.

A letter arrived in advance of his return to London, instructions given that it was delivered with a bouquet of fresh flowers. 




Dear Mother

I was dismayed to miss you by but days, please do not think me a tardy son, it was diligence that waylaid my swifter passage. I am most interested to see you and soon, to learn of what trouble you have discovered and wish to bring to my attention. I am but new to my role at the estate, and do appreciate that you may provide with insights from your own experianced perspective. Not that would be seen as a weak man rulled by a woman of course!  But a mothers is different, and I value your council, though may have not said as much before.  It is my newfound hope that we might discover some subtle synchronicity that might serve out futures well jointly.  Indeed, that is in my daily prayer. 

Let us plan to meet for a luncheon.  I expect to be back in London before the new season begins, would it be apt that we plot our coursed to collide at the Red Lion at 12 on the first.  

Your loyal Son




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She eyed it all with some amusement. After all her imaginings and 'what if's' regarding her son and his lack of filial attentions he had been the one that sought her after all.

The flowers she appreciated and she held his missive in her hand re-reading it again. Not surprised that they had missed each other upon the road she wondered just what he WANTS. His pretty speech of Valuing his Mother did not strike the right cord and he had not been the 'Religious Sort' either but she is wise enough to think that there is a deeper meaning to all of it. It would have to wait a few days longer but she would do as he asked and arrange for food and wine to be brought up on that appointed day and hour. It was curiosity now that takes center stage.

There would be no reply for she had no idea where to even send it. 

She turned back towards her windows that looked out to St James Park and the profussion of color that was once again coming back into view. From other places within the building she could hear calls and thumps which she knew meant that many were returning to London after the Winter away and St Marks was again bustling. She thinks to have her maid go and see which of her neighboors has returned and if any new faces have appeared. Time to finish her own unpacking and she would need to have several garments brushed and hung out from her travels.

Her son would find her not much changed - her new sense of Determination was not yet visible.




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