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Lucas Family

Cordelia Lucas

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Cordelia Lucas

Title: Lady Lucas

Estate Name: Longview Manor (Hertfordshire)

Age: 45 (Born June 1632)

Status: Widow

Sex: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Auburn

First Impressions & Physical Appearance

Upon meeting you will be quite taken with Lady Lucas and wish to become better acquainted. It takes but no time at all before she has managed to acquire knowledge of your children, your relatives, your friends .... Indeed it might even be felt that she had ever been a presence in your lives! And that is what she will cultivate.

Her countenance is one that invites confidences - especially to younger girls in need of advice or those more mature and without husbands.

A woman that retains her looks with hints still of the prettiness that once was. Time has been kind to Cordelia Lucas and whilst there is no hiding her age her skin is smooth still; her mouth and lips still firm and not dropping as so many of her age seemed to do; an aquiline nose and eyes well spaced beneath brows she shapes. Her face is rounded and some might call it 'plump'. Her neck she thinks is unfortunately short and just a bit too thick.

Her hair is a pleasing shade of dark brown. Her figure is within keeping of a woman of her great height - all of 5'4"! Her body cannot hide the signs of childbirth but her well placed taste in fashion and knowing exactly what suits her create a most favorable impression of a Woman of Taste.

Personality -

Quiet and charming. She gives the impression of being soft hearted and filled with kindness. An easy way with words and speech. An approachable and likable woman.


The Grangers were of the Gentry. Sir Raymond Granger being a Landed Gentleman and in possession of monies that kept his family well fed, housed, and clothed. Named Cordelia as she was a late-born daughter she was quickly assimilated into the lives of those above her - one sister and three brothers.

A childhood of normalcy with little to dishearten or give grief. When she was ten a contract was arranged with the Lucas Family - Sir John Lucas was a prominent Royalist and land owner with three sons. But the age difference was considered too great and a second name was offered. Still a Lucas but a cousin from a cadet branch. Humphrey Lucas. He was ten years her elder so in her eyes a man grown. By the time she was fifteen he was five and twenty and eager to wed.

And so it was done. There was nothing between them. She but an untried girl/woman and he well schooled in ways of the body and at least one bastard child. He was careful and treated her with courtesy for he was a "Gentleman" and she was grateful for that kindness and soon there developed a pattern that held them for the next fifteen years. Three children were conceived but only one lived past their first year and she was glad it was a son.

Times changed and with it came the news that Civil War was to come. Royalist against Parliament. Father against Son. Brother against Brother. It was the same all across the Land. By its end The King was dead, her once proposed husbands - one dead on a battlefield the other hanged as a traitor and the third already wed long before - and her own husband wounded but alive.They moved to Hertfordshire where he had lands and rebuilt.

The death of his father made him Sir Humphrey Lucas - a Baronet -  and their fortunes rose. Money is a wondrous Drug. And with that Cordelia flourished. Her manner and easy grace won over many and she was looked to for advice upon many things but it was her keen 'knowledge' of the families and how marriages should be arranged that her true talent emerged.

But Fate has a way of interfering and her last two attempts at Matchmaking had gone bad. The last had the young bride running off with another man simply because Lady Lucas had thought him 'pleasing on the eye and life with him would no doubt be one of pleasure.' And as the Groom was older and more sober and of a 'religious mind' how could the outcome have been anything else?

And so she has come to London. It has been many a year since she was last there. The only real relative from her husbands side had been Margaret Lucas who had married William Cavindish as his second wife in '45 when he was Marquess of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She was thirty-one years his junior and Cordelia and Humphrey had spent time in visits. When they had become the Duke and Duchess in '65 they had attended the Ball to mark the occasion.

But she had died suddenly in '73 and the Duke just last year. His son Henry, the Earl of Ogle, had inherited but it would be possible that he retained some memory of her from those visits. He was but a year younger than she and now married with five daughters and one son. Of the girls only one was married and so there night be something there with the others'.

Her introduction back into that Family must be carefully crafted she knows and once it is then many doors will be opened to her. Until then, she will begin to make herself quietly know and if she needs must play up her own Social Connections then so be it.

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John Lucas

Sex: Male

Title: Sir (Baronet) inherited at death of Father

Age: 25

DOB: May 10 1652

Estate: Longview Manor Hertfordshire

Status: Unmarried

Hair: Brownish/Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height 5'10"

Residence: currently staying at the Red Lion (dec '77)

First Impressions And Physical Appearance

For one more accustomed to Country Life John has managed to adapt quite well. His has matured into a tall figure of a man who carries all the Polite and Correct Social Niceties that is required of a man in "his position". The way he holds himself speaks of a high degree of Self Importance. One may find it hard to warm up to him initially. If ever.

He is not unattractive. The combination of his hair and eye color blend nicely. He keeps his hair short. His nose is aquiline and slender. Brows that are trimmed and well kept. Eyes that are placed well with good lashes. His mouth is well shaped. He is clean shaven preferring it to facial hair. He wears his clothing with a certain style and prefers French Designs.


Those of his Acquaintance will testify to his sense of well-manner. He exhibits all the correct things required in any social situation. But never quite manages to hide his belief that he is somehow a peg above. His Ambition is such that he would not slight those that ARE above him in Rank.

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