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Post-Move: Added Features


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Here are a few added features of the new board! 

1.) Linked Accounts - you can link to any account you have the PW to and you can post from any of them or change your poster to any of them with one click. Look for the little chainlinks between the pencil and the bell on your user sticky menu at the top to find the settings. You just enter the name, the pw, and link. It's that easy. 

2.) Mod Change Poster - All mods can now change the poster on all threads with a drop down. If you see a mistake, you can fix it.

3.) Saved Actions/Topic Multimoderation/Multimods - These aren't visible yet, but these will allow us to string together multiple mod actions into one click. I'll explain more later. It's just simplify simplify simplify

4.) VIP NPC Accounts - the VIP NPCs will have their own account and picture. Since we can link to them and there's no sign out involved, just a dropdown click, this will make our site  look more active with player AND it will make it easier to track important threads with VIPs from here on out. If you want to, you can use your mod login for all NPC posts, but I prefer to use the NPC accounts to make us look super active and it's super easy. 

(B, I linked the ones I have for NPCs for you already ;) , so all you have to do when you post is select the right name. I can do your PCs for you too, but I'll have to reset your PW and then you can set it back, let me know)


I'll update here as I have more!

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