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Invitations from the Duke of Cumberland | By hand 1/1 am- Xmas 1677

Robert Saint-Leger

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There was a hope to keep an air of exclusivity and intimacy of the invitations that went out with servants of the Duke of Cumberland that afternoon. Though it was truly a combination of ideas from separate occasions, Beverley was left to organize the reality of it with his master. A select group of military-minded gentlemen would receive the invite. The bulk of whom had already donated to their cause or had helped to come up with the idea, and the rest the higher-ranked who could not be excluded from such things or were too rich not to include.


His Highness the Duke of Cumberland would like to invite you to an afternoon of shooting on Monday at 3 o'clock. Entrance to the event shall be donations to the outfitting of our warships with prizes being given for both weapons and generosity. The most honoured of our guests shall join together for drinks and dinner afterward.


You are welcomed to bring any of your favorite pieces to shoot with or admire, whether new or old.


Your invitation allows you to bring two military-minded guests who will be generous to our causes, though none who we could not speak freely around given our state of impending war.


The invitation was meant to spark a bit of competition both in the sense of shooting and donations. Peers did not like to be easily outdone and the event was meant to take advantage of that. The ability to bring guests provided the opportunity to be owed a favor by someone, to give a family member a chance up on a commission, or any number of things for the small price of making sure their donation was generous enough whether they paid it or the bearer paid it for them.


Those that received personal invites:

Lord Melville (in on the idea)

Lord Audley (in on the idea)

Lord Kingston (already a doner)

Lord Albemarle as Commander of the Life Guard

Lord Langdon as Commander of the London Regiment

Lord Feversham (He's militarily BAMF, and Bevsey would like him to speak well of Mary since he's the Queen's Lord Chamberlain )

The Dukes (They've got coin)

Lord Brooke (Bevsey's dad & friend of Rupert)

Lord Worcester (Bevsey's father-in-law, has Welsh regiments)

Lord Gerard (has his own regiment of horse and is Rupert's close friend)

Maj-Gen Ashburnham (he's rich, old, wise in war, and also Rupert's close friend)


*use your guest invites wisely!

**make sure you clear any special weaponry in your compendium before posting with it unless you've RPed procuring it or have history with it IC

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Between one thing and another it was not until after church on Sunday that Charles had the time and energy to attend to his correspondence. He read the invitation carefully. The mention of a donation was a tad worrying (for lack of a better term) but this was not an opportunity to be missed. Nodding decisively, he penned a swift replying indicating his acceptance and handed it to Wodehouse.

"Run that over to Cumberland's office, and apologise on my behalf for the delay."

Settling back into his seat, he poured himself a glass of Armagnac and began considering who to bring as his guests.

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They were related after all, Nicci decided it could not hurt to ask. 



Dear Beverley

Word has quickly spread about court of this exciting shooting event you re planning - and the exclusivity of the guest list is quite impressive! (Even if it has me quite distraught as well!) I should so like to attend. Oh I know I do not qualify on many grounds, but do your worthy gentlemen not deserve the admiration and cheers from gentle company as they show off their skill for the Prince?  You must know I own a fine cheering voice. Please please do say that I, and one or two of my dearest lady friends, may attend! 

Your admirer

Mlle. Vauquelin

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Beverley had not considered that ladies might wish to spectate, and whilst it was supposed to be a time of male bonding, clapping of ladies might not be amiss. Not to mention the sound of their shooting was bound to draw some attention. 


Regardless of any of that, he could hardly refuse Lady Misrule!



My dear Lady Misrule, I do not know if His Highness would wish ladies taking part as there will be talk of things not proper for a lady's ears, but we will be at the shooting gallery by the barracks and park if you wish to spectate with friends. I shall make sure the servants light a fire in a safe place for anyone who happens by drawn by the noise and wishes to watch. 

Your servant,



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Nicolette was ecstatic of Beverly’s reply! His agreement had been anything but a given, for this young gentleman was renown for being a most proper and upstanding sort. While she - while she hardly knew if what she was asking was acceptable to the English variant on etiquette.

“What shall I wear?!” she beamed, and fairly skipped to Lisa’s writing desk to write to her friends - namely Caroline and Elizabeth Anne.


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