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Parties OOC- Xmas 1677


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When player characters attend multiple parties that are ongoing at the same time there is a growing risk of a time knot. Now that the New Years Eve Ball has begun, there is greater risk.


Party threads can last for many months and they lose their vitality easily. I would like to recommend that Caroline's and the Spanish Party move along to the planned events for the evening so that we can end the threads before long.


If players want to create a side thread to keep going, that is fine; but, the mega party threads are really for welcomes, pleasant banter, and the opportunity to create some side threads that might become more lively. Side threads are the most interesting anyway.


If no side threads are being created, then it is probably time to wind up the party. There are many other social events daily to meet the same PCs and NPCs, so do not cling to older group threads.

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