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Two Ladies Dine, 30th Evening- Xmas 1677

Cordelia Lucas

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As they had agreed upon earlier - to sup in the comforts of Cordelia's rooms -


Space was as usual not enough but then she was more fortunate than some of the others' that dwelled there and so complained not very loudly.


The chance meeting with Lady Chatham had been fortutious and well-timed as she was feeling melancholy and so welc'd the oppoprtunity for a fresh face and conversation centered around the round dark wood table with its two high backed chairs and seat cushions of red velvet - made with the last of the fabric from a skirt long out of use but saved nevertheless for such times.


Her maid and a borrowed servant had made a nice presentation on the long sideboard that rested aganist the wall and was now topped with several trays upon which tonights meal waited. She had done much the same arrangement as she had set for the Scottish Baron who had not come and the wine was still drinkable and not yet turned.


A fire burned in the small hearth and she used sea-coal in the two burners to give some heat to the corners of the space.


Not knowing the others' taste she had thought prudently and set out tasty morsels that would tempt and she hoped what ere was missing would not be noticed. December was a hard month to feed guests outside of a large estate but there was no shame to be had at her table!


Now, clad in a dark moss green velvet gown that was slightly frayed about the hem, she stood before the bank of windows that looked out over The Park dark now but still with signs of Life from the many torches that moved about and waited for her guest.

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Mary had used her time wisely penning a note to her old friend Arabella. Her her maid went about her own industry, unpacked her numerous trunks. The closet space was even smaller than recalled, and the gaps beneath the doors allowed beastly drafts. Still she did not expect to spend a great deal of time sitting around the room, not when arrived amidst the most festive of the festive seasons of Charles II.


"Wait for her reply, though do not interrupt upon my supper with Lady Lucas to deliver her words to me. There you go." she entrusted the letter and small gift to her maid as she too stepped out the door.


It was the very briefest of commutes to her neighbours entrance. There she stopped and knocked, turning to watch her servant scurrying off down the hall. It was quarter after six, and she was dressed in aubergine velvet, with a trelliswork of fuchsia piping upon bodice, cuffs and hem.

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Framed in the space of the windows which now were at her back the damask drapes not yet drawn Cordelia nodded to her servant to admit her guest her gaze going over all that was laid out thinking that it would be enough.


She smiled and went to greet the other. The room was plesantly scented from the handful of fresh herbs that had been tossed over the wood in the hearth and the candles and wall sconces added to the cozyness of the space.


"Welcome Lady Chatham - you are settled then - as much as one can be in this place - you are well-attired and so I thank you for that! Will you sit there by the fire or if that tis too warm then perhaps in the alcove? Once the drapes are drawn and with the brazier we shall be comfortable. Wine?"


She waited and her gaze went to her servant to be on the ready to offer drink.

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Mary was admitted without any fuss, he eyes slid about the room past the meal prepared to find the Mistress of this abode Cordelia stood back in an overview. "Lady Lucas, how pleasantly arranged you have yourself." with a smile she moved into the room deeper, discarding formality she naturally moved towards the fire.


Cordelia offered her a chair. "You shall be sitting too, will you not?" Cordelia was some years older, but did not seem to be at the age where aches and pains dictated stances yet. "By the fire is cosy don’t you think?" she hesitated before sitting, but then did, shifting her shirts that the expensive fabric would not get too hot.


"Have you a red?" was here response to the offer of a drink, "I am most partial to a nice red, there seems to me to be so much more that can be said for it. And if mulled, then even better!"

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Cordelia took the other chair and settled herself in much the same fashion.


Her servant made busy at once and twas an easy thing to pour the red from the decanter into two pewter tankards, carry them to one side of the fire away from the two ladies, then stick the poker into each until it began to bubble which took but a few moments.


"I am glad that you accepted my offer - tis oft times a lonely existence or so I have found - and so the pleasure of Company is most welcom'd! You are settled in then? If you are in any need of a servant I suggest a word with Master Keys - he is quite clever in that aspect and also will see that any clothing is taken to Mrs. Black for laundering - a most unusaul name I think for such an occupation."


"Ah. Here is the wine. Mulled as you asked."


Her servant would direct Lady Chatham to take a tankard first as she was the Ranking woman even tho twas her Mistress' lodgings.

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Mary chuckled, it was a warm and relaxed sound, with Cordelia's jest about the ill-names washer-woman. "Which reminds me of the butcher-come-surgeon-come-dentist at Chatham named Mr Payne."


"Thank you." she received the warmed drink cradling it between both hands, with a further nod to the servant who'd seen to it.


"I've brought my maid with me, though it is her first time at Whitehall - I've always found that those ones are remarkably clever at working out how everything works though. There is probably some manner of induction for them? Why, perhaps your Master Keys is in charge fo it even. Mostly I just hope that I shall not need fret about the mundane, I'd far prefer to focus upon the remaining days of this season!"


"Now, you mentioned that there is to be a Ball. Then sleigh racing, riding, or some such on Saturday. No doubt there shall be a huge Church Service upon Sunday. Have you heard of any other events planned?"

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Pleased that her Guest was pleased Cordelia allowed herself to relax a bit back into her chair after taking her own drink and sipping from it the warmed wine welcomed.


"Indeed there is! I have heard tis to be at the Banqueting Hall which is a marked change from the Great Hall but one I suppose better suited for such a large Christmas Court. Both King and Quenn will be present - I wonder do you think some 'announcement' will at last be made regarding her being with child? I mean the babe must be seen by now and how can that be hidden? Yet I have seen and heard it done so ..."


She gave a small shrug on one shoulder


"If it was any other wife then some forgivenss might be in place but she is Queen here and that child she carries England's Heir after all! I Pray that tis a son and not a daughter for then there will be dissapointments and whilst another can and will be got soon enough tis harder to appease the voices that will say she is not fruitful."


"I had daughters but none survived and so my Luck came with my son and you too I think with your own son. In that we did do our Duty."


Left unsaid was how bad that 'Luck' had been up to the present and how she wanted it to be changed in the New Year.


"You should have a care when out and do not venture without taking a strong arm to care for you for the streets are teeming much like here at Whitehall with all sorts of ruffians and vagabonds."


"As to a 'sleigh ride' have we not already made up our minds as to that? Will you have a second thought then? I suppose, if there is not enough new snow on the ground, twill be harder to make pathways with just slush but all the same it shall make for enjoyment."


She gave a small laugh at the mental picture of Sunday Services


"I shall not be at all surprised to see a House Full on that morn! I will ask Newcastle and sit within that Family and if you have no one I will see you there placed as well. A fine way to make All see you have returned and also established an acquaintance with the Duchess - an important thing if you might be seeking a wife for either 'son' as there are five daughters that need placing!"


Here was injected by habit her commenting about the unmarried daughters and also a wanting to see Lady Chatham, so newly returned to Court, to have a foot in place in which others would grow.

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"One can understand hesitancy to celebrate anything before the birth itself - though I recall with my own 'term' I was more than pleased when my condition was guessed at prior to that." on the subject of the Queens condition Mary commented, "it is afterall a heady sensation to know the families hopes rely upon you, and in her case even more than that, the entire nation."


It was a conversation that was no doubt spoken in many of the rooms of Whitehall, as England, perhaps the entire World, waited to see if an heir be born.


Settling to the meal, the younger lady heeded the advice given - the condition of the streets seemed not to have improved much. "It has been some eight years since I was in London last, I had heard that there was a regiment now that was keeping some order in the streets. So you are saying they have been far from successful?' of Langdons Regiment she asked.


"Oh, mores the pity of that." It was disappointing news that the Sleigh races was not likely to happen after all. "We are all stuck in doors so much." But she gave a shrug of it, it was nothing important really. "No doubt there shall be some other activity planned instead, unless Mr Killigrew is not as diligent as he ever was?!"


"So kind of you." Mary expressed warmly to the invitation to sit with Cordelia (with the Newcastles), "though I intent to sit with Arabella Churchill. You know her no doubt, of at least 'of' her. We are old friends, and her connections are fine. It is only prudent to pick up the old acquaintance, you already know I am a woman with some little ambition!"


"But perhaps after, we might seek you out. I may introduce you to Arabella, and in turn I might meet the master of your own Family, the Duke." Was the Dukes wife still alive, she tried to think! Not that she was in a rush for wifely restrictions again, but the title of Duchess was enough to give a woman a whole other level of freedom.

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Cordelia nodded her head in agreement adding that


"Yet I shall be as unhappy as a new made Mother if that child she carries is a daughter and not a son. There is no Shame in it of course yet no matter how consouling the speeches as women We feel that the mistake was of our own making."


Which it is she added silently. For all knew that twas the woman that served as vessel and so natured that growing child in her womb. It was also why it was so important to ensure that all Charms and other such Things were properly laid in place and nothing was forgot.


"Well London was an unsafe place even then Lady Chatham - even more so now! In truth that is so and whilst they are doing what is required it can hardly be expected that every inch of the City is patrolled. Why would take an Army for that."


"I have not said that it will NOT happen only that the amount of new snow might make it not as amusing. I, for one, have no intention of not partaking as we agreed. Will you back out then?"


She talked thru her meal with enjoyment.


"I think that is a fine arrangement. Arabella Churchill? Indeed I do 'know of her' as you say yet she is not of my acquaintance. Indeed with such connections she has managed well enough."


'why she boasts of such an alliance? Can she actually find it favorable to think that Mrs. Godfrey has changed her ways? Indeed I will not be at all surprised to hear it being said that she takes a lover or two with this husband! Ah. So you mean to try to rekindle that 'friendship' to prosper. You are I believe a woman that just may cause Trouble'


Naturally those thoughts remained hidden behind the small smile she wore.


"In regards to Cavendish - the first Duke died earlier this year and so the son, Henry, inherited it - and his Duchess is much alive! Lady Frances is quite interesting. Not much older than you I will guess."


"My late husband was cousin to the first Duchess - the Duke's second wife I mean. Lady Margaret Lucas. The first was mother to ten children of which the current Duke was the surviving son."


"And I must amend my statement of earlier in regards to eligible daughters - there are only three that would sufice."


"Frances at ten and seven, Margaret a year younger and Catherine at ten and two. So the first might well do for the Earl and the second for your own son - not much store is given to a bride being the elder in these times! The youngest daughter at some four years would be five years I think behind your son."


"Ones children are never too young to begin the search for mates. Why contracts are made in cradles and pledges given. And many are un-made as well. You may simply use this a knowledge to bring forth in your own contemplations."


Cordelia had relayed all this in her usual calm soft spoken manner. Lady Chatham would, it was hoped, see it merely as an older woman offering sage words to a younger woman.


"I vere from the orginal topic and so answer that indeed I shall make you known to both the Duke and Duchess. With pleasure."


"Has Lord Chatham made his intentions known about the Ball? I am of a mind to send my own a note of reminder and so he needs must then do his Duty as my escort."

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As Cordelia became quite candid on prospect of another Stuart princess born, Mary voiced a moderating thought. "Yet for any child to be born and survive is surely a good forebode - she is yet in the first year of her marriage. The first seasons fruit is not the entire of the crop. I think we shall manage celebrate daughter also..."


The streets being rife with crime was a very different topic. "An army?" Mary's mind leaped forwards several paces (perhaps a bit too far) "Do not say that parliament proposes the Kingdom's armies called to police London, why I've heard of what happens when military assumes such a responsibility, and it is never good!


"If that is the case, then pray they announce war with France as soon as possible! Send the ranks to slay French rather than Englishmen!"


"Ah, so it is neither confirmed nor cancelled as yet. Then I shall pray for a good fall of snow these next few nights - for it seems like the sort of event that the season shall be remembered for."


Plans around church were made - and with it Cordelia discerned a little more of Marys own nature. A persons choice of friends was a revelation - though the balancing thought might also be that Mary seemed very pleased to have Cordelia's own company. Thus it was certainly too soon to dip the brush in tar with regards to the lady!


"Arabella would be pleased to hear of that!" Mary chuckled as Cordelia admitted to knowing 'of' her, "as they say the only thing worse than being talked about at court, is not being talked about!"


"God rest his soul." she uttered compassionately of the passed Duke. The tragedy here was that the new Duke was very much married. "Interesting?" Mary repeated the word used to describe his wife the Lady Frances, "Pray, how might you mean. Such a phrase is surely launching pad into a story. Please, do tell!"


Cordelia explained her position in the Cavendish family tree, then digressing into details of the girls that were unmarried yet. Naturally there was a measure of well deserved pride in her detailing - it was surely a great house, and continuing on it's expansion.


"That would be four years younger, my son, little Francis is 8 - certainly seems most compatible, what would her name be?" she agreed, though made no comment of the current Earl. There were conversations to be had with Charles Audley - and that man now found his way into their conversation fully.


"I have not yet seen Charles, but intend to take Breakfast with him tomorrow morning. Rest assured I shall be pleased to give you a full report on the results of that! To his credit he managed to arrange my room to be adjoining to his, with a locked door of course, nothing improper. Yet a closeness of proximity that is surely a good forebode, don’t you think? In the very least he cannot intend upon entertaining loose women in his apartment when my own room is so near.”

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"Heavens Above! I had not the intention of scaring you Lady Chatham but was simply making remarks about how full London is now and that tis best you take awareness of that - I know of no 'Army' being called here and as the topic of War will like be held off until the Spring Thaw unlikely that will even come to pass."


"I am afraid that English Soliders will, as is always the case, die. It was and will always be thus I believe. Yet if there IS to be War with France then I Pray it shall be a speedy one and not like the last - where OUR King paid the price. I refuse to think that the Son will follow the path of his Father! Time has shown the foolishness of that."


Cordelia was quietly adament in her words. She had seen boys little more than children to old grandfather's laid out in fields and in church yards dead for supporting their King.


"The young men now are more clever yet that burning desire to "Go To War" will always hold a precedent. Even your step-son Lod Chatham might well be ruled by that desire as will many others' And those already in the Military will be first in line. All eager to make a mark and prove their Manhoods. Ambition holds sway even on a Battlefield Lady Chatham."


"I know it because it burns in my own son like a beacon and I greatly fear that Siren's Call."


Change of direction needed


"Indeed! Then I shall expect you as partner in said sleigh come Saturday my dear and we two shall make quite a picture dressed in furs!"


As to the Duchess


"She is ... Well mayhap that twas the wrong wording? Her Grace has a manner and charm all her own and I have yet to read her absolutely even after all this time. Yet I think you will find her welcoming towards you for you are Bright and I think Lively - which might well amuse her."


Cordelia could hardly voice that her own dealings with the Duchess were not many and it might well come to pass that Lady Chatham caused the Duchess to be amused. How was one to know after all?


"The youngest child is named Arabella born four years past. Why she possesses the same name as your good friend Mrs. Godfrey! MIght that not be a 'sign'?


"Well. I hope that Lord Chatham is better mannered than mine own. I too must suffer the time and await his answers. Yet if nothing is penned than I intend to see myself coach bound and thusly arrive! I am far to advance in age and worthy of Respect to allow my son the upper hand."


Left unsaid was how it really was.

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"Thank goodness!" Mary even laughed some with her relief as Cordelia retracted her summoning of an army to subdue the streets of London!


Yet talk of war, soldiers and their dying was the last thing she wished to talk about - so she gave a silent nod of the older ladies digression into that topic, allowing it to run it's course and ebb away.


Pity perhaps that Cordelia's son could not hear his mothers change of belief's on the lucrativeness of battle field ambition - for he had yearned to enter that arena with intent to prove himself But perhaps that Mother and Son conversation was still coming... Cordelia surely knew that the slightest whisper of encouragement would seen her son donning the uniform.


"I cannot wait!" Mary's face brightened as prospect of Sleigh riding was settled with promise of a partnership in the sport. "I wonder if there shall be prizes awarded and such - have you fast horses Lady Lucas? More importantly, is your driver the eager and enterprising sort?"


"You make a fine recommendation of her, meeting her Grace will be most ... 'interesting' indeed." Mary grinned as she made use of her new friends initial term again. "Is your family quite close then? The tightness of familial embrace seems to change from this family tree to that. My own is rather more loosely attatched. Why most cousins we do not hear from year to year, we being reminded by them only by a token remembrance on the 1st."


It was an interesting thought as Cordelia noted a Cavendish child named also Arabella. Mary made a bemused face, "There is surely some story behind the naming, though I would know better than to ask!"


Cordelia seemed a bit concerned that her son would refuse to escort her. "Is he staying at Saint Marks also? I discovered Charles and I have adjoining rooms." Glancing to the wall where, in her own room, there was a door through - she noticed none.




OOC: I cant find any letter sent to John that I'd forgotten to reply to? please send me the link!

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As for the sleigh ride she responded directly saying that


"My driver will do as told and I will see that the horses are swift and not lazy so we two shall be well represented have no doubt!"


"As to 'prizes,' well, since we are not present by any invitation I can not answer that yet if we are there and thus engaged I should think we stand as good a chance as any and besides would it not be fairer play to allow a respected older woman such as I to be given a prize? As well as who rides beside her?"


"Families, as you well know, are complicated things. One one hand well versed all round then on the other at odds over the simplest of things. I have only my son now yet the late Duke was kindenss itself in seeing us made part of his. Now the new Duke carries it as well and so I am content. For now."


"Myself I have no knowledge of names or why choosen yet it would be safe to assume I think that twas made from some relative held in special place or even a more common thing where one child died and when another was born that names was re-given."


"I have seen it done many a time yet I do not hold with that practice for it goes aganist the grain and might well bring some bad luck to that child when it was intended for the dead one all along. Tempting Fate is unwise and new born babes must be protected from all kinds of Suspecions after all - which is why I never allowed for a cat to be near by when my children was new as I had no wish for that creatrure to steal their breath away!"


"My son keeps his own lodgings elsewhere. Ajoining rooms you say? He wishes to keep you close then? How unusual."


Well there was a happening! A step-son who wanted a woman not his mother to be kept close at hand was strange indeed. Why even as much as Cordelia wanted her son closer to her having him in the next set of rooms held no appeal at all. Did this Lord Chatham suspect things about her? Was he hoping to catch her out in some manner? Or could it be even something like ..... no no that would be out of the question .....


She gave herself a mental shake at the thought of the other woman and step-son entwined in some fashion deemed unfit. Yet now that it had been planted Cordelia looked with keener eyes at the other woman.


She had already spoke of a true closeness to Mrs. Godfrey so it might then constru that Lady Chatham was therefore Libetine and sleeping with a step-son would not be out of bounds she thinks amongest THAT set!




(ooc: I did not post a letter to him just referenced it in conversation. I will if you like!)

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"You think you might gain a prize because of your age?" Mary could not help but laugh at Cordelia's suggestion! "Why my friend, games at court rarely ask so little from a person as mere attendance. The satisfaction comes from recognition of effort, this is true of any sport be it needlework though to limerick invention!"


They spoke some time of families, and Cordelia reply caught her interest as she added her proviso 'for now'. Raising an eyebrow she paused her meal, "I quite understand, Lady Lucas. I too hav found that contentment is not a static thing, I think it is human nature even, that advances be made even if incremental."


"I prefer to call it sweet." came her reply as Cordelia remarked the adjoining rooms unusual.

"I intend to take breakfast with him on the morrow, and think the convenience of his location shall be a fine thing for planning."


Though she made light of Cordelia's comment, it bothered her that she thought the arrangement unusual. Unusual how? But she could not ask that without seeming agreement that some sort of intent was behind it.


"It was probably the steward who arranged it. It was probably a surprise to him as well." Did she sound defensive as she felt. She did hope it was nothing sinister!

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"I do not see why not! Games may be played many ways after all and oft times ones mere 'presence' proves fortuitous. But we shall see."


Twas my own preference that spoke - I could not think of my son but a doors space away for I am too private yet I am older than you and so may not be well-informed of what is seen as the thing to do. Court is always changing is it not?"


"And then you are fortunate to have such a gentle arrangement with your step-son and how well it must please you both. Lucky too that there is understanding as well. I am envious I think!"


Cordelia did not want to push her suspicions to the open for that could hardly be a topic for conversation between them! She would keep her own counsel and watch the interplay between them and if things were so inclined then Lady Chatham would not find such a warm welcome.


"I think you are correct for it would seem natural to put Family close at hand and he is Lucky that there was even a set of rooms here - we are packed in like mice and I overheard the Landlord say that twas now three to a bed for those rooms higher up and the cost doubled!"


She took a sip of her wine her eyes taking more measure of her guest. She would allow Lady Chatham to change the conversation to put her back at ease.

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"I do not think a prize giver shall say, 'and this goes to Lady Lucas upon account of her being present and alive still'." Mary was still laughing, though aware that it was in fact their first real disagreement. How a new friendship worked its way over such a hump was the test to any longevity in the relationship. Mary did hope that ultimately they would re-align. Cordelia’s reply would be the clincher.


"Yes Court and it'[s fashions do indeed continue to change..." her eyes rested upon the others, with a softness developing upon her eyes. As much as the matron could assist her though some of the established doorways, she too could aid Cordelia to get abreast of the younger set.


"I suggest that we set ourselves apart for the completion in some way, perhaps with grand hats, or... some other marvellous thing. Allowing whomever a judge may be to gain a greater purchase upon reason to award us with something." Came her suggestion, within it a compromise.


Cordelia too proved sensitive to finer feelings, pacifying Mary's raising concern at that moment. The younger widow gave a grateful nod to that fact and replied, "yes that must be is surely."

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Said that way it did seem rather a silly thing and so Cordelia gave a small chuckle


"Well I suppose put that way it would seem rather childish yet I have a mind to still acomplish it!"


"Some sort of 'costume' might well be the thing yet hardly practical in the real sense of that word for tis far to cold to be swathed in sheer fabrics. Hmm ... I think fur might be the way to arrive for it will suit the place as well as provide needed warmth and protection. Have you such things? I have a great fur cloak that was my husbands and I could never bring myself to cut up and a muff of white - that contrast between black and white is quite eye-catching."


"What do you think?"


She leaned a bit forward as another idea struck


"Can you borrow a groom from Lord Chatham? I have seen a sleigh half covered in the area of the stables a few times on my meanderings. It is black iron I think and tis gold painted! I think unused for some space of time perhaps? If this groom were to approach our Landlord requesting that his Master, the Earl of Chatham, had a desire to make use of it for his Lady Mother ..... You see where this will go?"


"The Landlord can not refuse good coin especially at this time of year and there are some two days until Saturday enough time to see it cleaned and made ready and two sturdy horses procured as well."


Her eyes danced at the idea of riding in it and the two of them arriving upon the 'scene'

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Mary had been concerned for a moment, she did not usually speak to those elder than her with impatience, yet the world did not tumble undone. Cordelia laughed even of the point made, and then seemed to invest herself into making an effort.


"Why that is a grand idea for certain." Mary agreed, "Oh I hope the gold has not rubbed off too much, but there is certainly time for it to be cleaned and made ready for us."


"And here is a further idea, what if you and I passed out biscuits to street children we pass on the way to the event? Why imagine if we arrive with an entire entourage of glowing faced children following, it would certainly create a grand impression."

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"I am glad that the idea meets with your approval! I should think a few extra pennies will see everything accomplished and ready for Saturday's outing. Let us hope the horse-flesh is just as befitting the occasion - being brought along behind some poor sad piece will not make the right impression."


On the next part Cordelia was a bit confused.


"Why may I ask do you wish to do that? What purpose will that serve except to cause an upheviel amongst all that rabble who will fight over what was tossed into the streets. Do not say that you are one of those believe that more should be done beyond that of normal Christian Duty?"


"I do not see how those in charge of what ere is planned will take it kindly to have us arrive trailed by those made even more angry at the fact more is not forthcoming. Let us think of another more positive way to enliven our arrive shall we."


Cordelia was very firm on this point.


There was nothing to gain by encouraging the less fortunate to think that they can better their lives or themselves.

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"It was a mere idea." Mary dismissed her offering towards the fun - Cordelia was contnt with what she'd settled upon already.


"So I shall approach the Stablemaster, or better yet have my stepson see to it..." she directed back towards their topic.

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Cordelia made no reply merely fixed her guest with a steady gaze.


Lady Chatham she sermises was in possession of a very strong will and having no husband to Guide her had been making full use of it.


"I think it wiser to have Lord Chatham. Simply because then nothing shall be over-looked where if a servant went, no matter his ranking, he is a servant still and so not able to use the correct tone of forcefullness."


'I do hope he will be successful. I shall depend upon your powers of persusaion Lady Chatham in that department."


The fact that she herself had made no mention of including any coin might not be lost on her guest especially as the 'idea' had been hers after all but them she had no son, step or otherwise, at the ready to offer assistance. So she rationalized.


"Will you have more wine? And you must try this confection - sugared almonds and apples baked with a sauce to pour. Tis what I had many times with my late husband on cold winter nights such as this .... I hope you find it to your own liking as well."


Her maid had set a small pewter platter with this afore mentioned dessert and placed two silver spoons then set in where they could serve themselves.


"Have you all you need for the Ball? If not I can recommend Norrington's in the Strand. Run by a knowledgable woman of the same name. Has a place to sit and a nice hearth as well."

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"Then I shall keep you advised." Mary replied with a flash of a smile, "wish me luck!"


She had no idea how the reunion with her stepson would go, but intended to enter with a positive frame of mind. Perhaps the past could remain in the past, and if not, then... well things might become very interesting.


The meal was very pleasant all in all, quite aside from the array of seasonal treats and flavours to enjoy was the pleasure of making plans for the pending court function. The friendship between Cordelia and Mary continued to grow.


"The almonds are a fine compliment to the apple." Mary agreed as she set down her spoon after desert. "I could easily become too attached to that treat, and loose my waistline entirely!" a light laugh was given.

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"I shall indeed but I do not think there shall be much said aganist this endeveour. We are hardly asking for coin from the Treasury!"


Cordelia imagined, from Lady Chatham's words, that her meeting would fare much better than if it had been her with her son given that tenious at best relationship.


"I am not the most patient of waiters I must say with honesty yet Patience is a Virtue and at my age I should have learned that lesson well!"


She was glad that her efforts to provide had been accepted and she laughed in reply to the topic of waistlines and so they continued to converse in like-mind each seemilgly content.


Cordelia spoke of clothing choices to be worn for their adventure and so the topic was changed and discussion ensued with Cordelia declaring that she


"Intend to wear my sable which is black and will I think be a pleasing site amongst all the white from the snow. I have had my maid take it from the trunk where it has lied now for some time and air it then to set a soft brush to the hairs. By Saturday it will look new-made!"


(ooc-shall we wind this up until the sleigh event begins?)

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"Patience may be a virtue, but excitement and anticipation lets us feel alive!" Mary replied with an easy smile.


"It shall be a grand days sport." she agreed of the approaching sled race, and conversation then slid to what they would each wear to the event... that topic alone keeping them occupied for a long while.


When the evening came to an end, she stood and clasped the others hand. "Thank you so for your welcome, my return to Whitehall has been made most joyful of it. I shall look out for you tomorrow night at the ball."


OOC: super & fini!

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