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Winchilsea House, Friday 31 6pm- Xmas 1677

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#24 - Winchilsea House

An older granite house, set in a pretty park, with a short drive up to the colonnaded front entry. The structure boasts three storeys, numerous chimneys, and a great many windows. At the rear of the house there are rose gardens and a glass house. The grounds appear far more warm and welcoming than the great stone house.


It was a short enough distance that Davina could easily walk and so she set out well wrapped in her furs against the cold attired beneath in cranberry velvet which, once she returned home, would be removed and with the help of Poppy gotten ready for the Ball that was set to begin at 8 of the clock.


There was ice underfoot and so her progress was slow but at last she reached her destination without incident and walked quickly up the drive and banged upon the door eager to get inside and to what she hoped was warmth.


That it was a strange thing for this book to have been left to her she had already pondered over but she could find nothing amiss and so she was here to retrieve it from Lord Winchilsea at his request. She hoped that it would be a quick deliver but if he happened to offer some libation and the chance to warm herself by a fire she would not refuse!


But she would not linger overlong.

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Winchelsea had wondered if she'd truly appear - though not tonight of course. (That would not suit his less than noble plans at all!) For tonight, like most of court, was in the midst of his preparations to head off to the New Years Ball - he'd eaten a meal earlier and was currently in the midst of being fitted.


A servant scurried in through the door to his expansive master-suite. "Sir, there is a Mistress Wellesley here to see you?"


The lady had been seen in from the cold doorstep, and currently was being warmed by the lavender rooms fire while asked to wait.


"Truly?" Danny's handsome features shifted from boredom to interest. "Well don't be coy, see her to me forthwith!"


And so it was that the servant returned, and following a bowed approach asked Davina to accompany him upstairs to his masters chamber...

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Her gaze explored the decorations of the room with interest and decided that the color choice was not to her taste and so wondered which of the occupants had made the selection!


She was warming her hands when a servant returned and she was bid to follow. Expecting to be taken to another receiving room she was suprised when she was instead taken on a different route and soon found herself outside the doors of Lord Winchelsea's rooms.


interesting. I had thought to be rec'd in the normal fashion yet now it would appear that He will see me thusly? Perhaps tis because the Ball is this eve and he will simply hand me the book in question? But in ones own rooms and I an unwed 'girl' yet not as niave as is expected!'


Her countance was one of calm yet she allowed a small frown to appear between her brows and slowed her steps then quietly addressed the servant asking


"I am to go - here?"


It was a necessary tatict after all for servants, no matters in who's employment, talked.

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Her question, while directed to the servant, was answered by baritone within the room. "Do come in Davina, you have caught me getting ready for the ball, but what is shirt sleeves and stockings between friends..."


It was plainly the Earls own voice summoning her in if she would dare.

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So she was bid to enter yet hung back.


Her voice was but a whisper as she turned to the waiting servant


"I will ask you to remain here for I have come to retreive a book that the Countess has given me thru the Earl. I shall not tarry and the door will remain open."


Even tho the servant was not in her employ he would understand and she hoped be willing to accomadate her wishes. If he did not the door would still remian open and she would be most firm with the Earl!


She moved and made to enter and once inside swept him a small reverance then stood waiting - her gaze moving quickly over the space taking in who else was present - and then she added


"Lord Winchilsea - I have come at an hour that tis an inconvient one so I apologize - but if you have the book I shall take it and my leave for my brothers coach waits and I too must prepare for this evenings event."


She avoided looking at him directly aware of his state. She was uncomfortable yet in all truth she was curious as well for up till now the only other man she'd seen in such a state was her lover and so perhpas that made her bold.

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The servant nodded some, though what they understood from what Davina said remained to be seen.


Entering the Earls boudoir Davina found him stood on a dressing stand as a pair of servants (both male) attended him. One was brushing a mauve jacket in readiness to put it on, while the other was re-tieing the grey bows at his knees.


"Ah yes, Mistress Davina, I'd hoped you would arrive at this hour at... well just any other day of the week than this one!" Daniel laughed at the inconvenience. She'd made a seduction rather out of the question!


"The book is downstairs in my study. If you wait just a little while, I shall come down with you and retrieve it." The servant had finished with the bows, and moved up to his feet once more to take the jacket which he'd then move to help the master into.


"What do you think, is the Mauve the right shade for tonight do you think?" Daniel asked Davina, noticing with amusement that she was behaving so shy as to not make eye content. "Come my lady, I can not be the first man in shirtsleeves you've ever seen before - not such a pretty thing like yourself."

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She entered bolstered by the hope that the servant had took her meaning and so now stood before him her eyes at first going to a spot not near where she might actually 'see' anything but at his words she saw that it was quite silly.


"Your reply did state that this was the appointeded day and time - or was it misread? Nonetheless I am here ... and it would seem I needs must wait at your convince."


"Indeed Sir you are correct in that statement - men in such a state I have seen upon numerous occassions - why oft times my Lord Father was as you are now, and with one elder and two younger brothers it would be most unusual to NOT have. Is that what you mean?"


She deliberately misunderstood turning her blue eyes on him fully.


It was rather amusing to be caught in this Game for game it was and she knew it for that. She had to display for her reputation the wording she had choosen and she wondered if he would see it for that. Her knowledge of men and their thoughts had been broadened greatly over the past months - true it was only Charles but she supposed most of his sex operated the same.


"Hmmm." She tilted her head to one side slightly as if in thought. "Since most will no doubt be attired in shades of Green or Red your choice indicates that you wish to stand out from the other Gentlemen present. And do you? Want to stand out I mean?"


The conversation was short and she hoped would allow him to feel enough time has eclipsed and see them removed downstairs and the object she had come for reterived.

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"I never specified a date*, leaving the choice of day to you, but yes this is the time that I would usually be returning from the Club." Daniel replied


"Ah yes, that must be what I mean." the Earl smirked at her reply. She was too well versed in this, she’d been at court too many seasons, to be a naive innocent. His smile continued to grow at the game played. "A man must certainly approve of a lady having good quality of brothers, in order to get her accustomed the brash and bold of man in his natural habitat, never to mention the raw physicality of it all. It would be a tragic thing indeed for a woman to swoon at sight of a leg. Particularly when there is so much more a man might want show her." he rose an eyebrow at that.


The servants pretended they were deaf.


With a lively hop he dismounted the dressing stand. "Quite so Davina, quite so." what feeble sort of courtier would want to blend in!? "Yet to our task, the book, quick quick, we've little time to waste. Shall I take you now?"


He moved in near to her, grinning, and bent to grasp the doorhandle just behind her. Perhaps to usher her out to the hall, or perhaps it was a mere excuse to invade her pesonal space - his fragrance, sandawood and spice, warmed her senses.

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She let that part pass.


She knew that He knew that She knew He knew.


Both were knowledgable people and here then was the addition of the double entendre. This was becoming quite interesting and so she played back.


"His 'natural habitat' you say? And that is a thing I should be well versed in - you make it sound like stalking a fox in the forrest - and is that what you are good at? Hunting I mean or methinks another might be fishing for are you not doing that in your asking of my thoughts of color."


"I am made of stronger stuff Sir and so there is no risk of me .... lying at your feet."


He then made a move that caught her breath. He made free use of her name and the sound of it made her narrow her eyes as she watched him come close to her his features caught in a grin as he added the last part. His reaching for the door brought him even closer.


His scent twitched her nose and she inhaled forgetting for a moment her pretense at keeping the act of maiden. Her eyes met his and she whispered


"You could have taken me already but yet here we remain."


And that small smile she had so prefected appeared as she teased.


Her time spent with Charles as 'tutor' had been well rec'd and she was ever the good and willing pupil and now she had begun an expansion of sorts. Playing with this Earl was interily different and her pulse quickened as she wondered if he would continue.

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"It's commonly known that ambitious young ladies hunt for their pick of mate, and we males, mostly unsuspecting, fall helplessly, with scant resistance offered!" he laughed of it. Though Davina must be one of the fussier of court maids, to not have married yet. Or perhaps it was that she enjoyed the task of hunting. Married life, for a woman, must be rather boring in compare.


For a certain she was defensive though, and so Daniel saw the nature of the situation. It was a pity, but there you go.


"I was still dressing!" he protested at her impatient retort.


"But yes, you have no time to linger, let's get on with this shall we." abandoning the door knob he allowed her to step through the door first, then was first to decend the stairs as way the protocol. Should the lady catch tone in her skirts and trip, he'd be there to catch her. "Indeed, you must have little time left indeed, how many seasons has your debut continued Mistress Davina, and yet you've not settled upon a suitor. Do not tell me that you are shy of how to do so -- yet if you are, I shall place myself at your service with an offer of lessons!"

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Was that disappointment that she felt? That he had changed his direction and was now giving up the Field so readily?


So it seemed.


She made no reply but her look might convey her thoughts as she then took his offer and proceeded him towards the stairs. Hoilding a handful of her skirts in one hand she started her way down and about halfway she looked over her shoulder to reply back teasingly


"I am perhaps more selective than others' of my sex and ones first Court Season is only that yet perhpas tis as you say and I am in need of education upon the topic more fully? I wonder then just what you might teach me ...... Oh!"


It was all unintentional being unfamiliar with the number of stairs and the steps it took to reach the bottom so it was that Davina missed one partially and her hands went to the rail which sent her skirts about her feet in all their heaviness and her body then teetered precariously one foot meeting nothing but air.


Her eyes widened at the idea of falling and she reached out towards the Earl - suruly he would not let her tumble .....

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He cocked eyebrow of her mention of first season and fussiness. "Yet you have attended five if I recall correct, while with advances for a certainty, the most of any woman in your family I would even say." Daniel born in a politically focussed household was raised to note things like that.


"Alas, the glass-ceiling upon female achievements, hmm? If you are truly ambitious I could teach..." he turned to give her a goading look, when her toe caught and she pitched. The debonair man moved seamlessly to catch, turning as he did and seamlessly lowering her till Davina found herself held in his protective embrace sat upon the stair.


The man's eyes gleamed, looking down appreciatively at her form - the startled eyes and sheer helplessness, "...unless you've some other lesson you'd like to learn?" his gaze held hers with a thought to kiss.

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It was quick and yet she was for a moment terrified until he acted and then she was being held far to close as he was with her on his lap and him sitting upon said stair!


Her eyes fluttered shut and her lashes framed her cheekbones and the imp that had been teasing on her left shoulder prodded and she answered ....


Opening her eyes she stared up into his and read his mind which was why her own gaze might mirror what she saw and then she lowered it to his mouth and she thinks how different in shape it was from Charles' and then if the taste was different as well.


"How can I ever thank you My Lord ...." her whispered words uttered as the tip of her pink tongue then followed to moisten her lips and that tingel of sensation crept over her nether regions and she had the sudden desire to press her legs tightly together yet knew she would not.


She wanted to see what this man might do - would he back up his words from before with action or simply help her up and see to her safety then resume their business?


Twas dangerous ground upon which she sat or stood and if he did act then she had best be prepared for what would follow for like as not this Earl would not be as well-meaning as her lover was.


He could talk and then her reputation was done. None would think ill of him naturally blame would be all hers as she would have seduced this married man and thus the Devil's own creature. Punnishemnt rendered, sent from Court, disgrace her Family Name - any and all were certain.


Yet the imp's voice was louder and like a Siren's Song it tugged her on

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How could she ever thank him?


It was not really a question, was it.


Daniel's dark eyes flared, while a flood of warmth swept over his form. Her tongue darted, instinctively perhaps, wetting lips as his own fell to kiss - nay, devour.


His arm supporting her back tightened, and he kissed this little fallen angel, an angel fallen directly into his arms. His kiss was hot and confidant, while free hand slid up her torso over her taut bodice, feeling her shape curves, and measuring her physical response to the forwardness. "Oh my god Davina, you are beautiful." he purred between breaths.

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She'd known, as most women about Court did, that this Earl was in possession of a wandering eye despite the rumour that Marital Bliss had been restored and a child to prove it yet she had offered up an Apple and as was the way of it he bit.


She saw his reaction and watched as his own tongue mirrored her own from moments before, felt the strength in his embrace as his mouth lowered and his lips caught hers, and then the brush of an hand as it traveled up her bodice and the seeking of that gesture she knew all too well.


Her response was instinctive now and his kiss was returned. Realization that this man was indeed different from her lover satisfied that prior inner question and the way his mouth claimed hers was not gentle and his whispered words were practiced.


"Perhaps I am a quick learner? Or you an expert teacher?"


She whispered back in the same fashion one hand curling into the nape of his neck to tangle fingers in his hair as she kissed him.


Strange how ones ears could be so attuned to what was about when engaged in such activity and Davina knew that this little tableau was in danger of discovery!


"Mmmmm ...." She said into his mouth her little moan of pleasure the last thing she would offer him. At least for now.


"You have saved me from certain injury! I had no idea if I would fall! I am well able to stand I think."


Her words were clear and carried into the space immediate to the two of them as she had intended and she knew the Earl would know it and they would resume some normal stance and then this book would be fetched and she would leave.


For leave she must.

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Inwardly he crowed with delight as she responded, with a warmth and natural eagerness. His hand cupped her breast and squeezed softly, thumb at neckline stroked the skin there. Already his mind leaping ahead, where could he take her? For take her he must!


For her past she encouraged him with flirtatious words, her fingers toying into his hair. “Kiss me once more Davina,” while he was plainly spoken about his needs. Kiss him she did, her lips parting to groan into his mouth. His ardour continued to swell, mouth plundered hers again.


But then, she regained sense.


Daniel never ceased to be amazed at how women could manage to gain their senses and desist, even when seemingly in the clutches of great passion they could suddenly, just like that, turn it off.


“But…?” it was impossible to keep the wounded puppy dog tone of complaint from that word, as he sighed acceptance of her withdrawal. His hand slipped from her bosom, he helped her to her feet then looked into her sweetly framed face to beg, “Be not cruel to your latest conquest my dearest lady, do not leave me without another kiss, and promise of the next.”

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His words were like the sudden splash of icy water.


She however could hardly now act all virginal when minutes before she had played a wanton. Knowing that there had to be a response and with no time to actually think caused her to offer him a slow smile that teased again.


She reached out a hand for the railing of the stair and took hold once she was standing angeling her body away from him slightly so that she was in plain view once again, gave a small tug to her bodice point and then looked up at the Earl.


'Thank you My Lord for not allowing me to fall. You are very quick so I think can understand that was simply a bewitchment on both parts - neither of us is hardly in a position to advance further yet I can not take my leave knowing that you think me 'cruel' for am I not and I trust that when next we meet 'conquest' will have been erased and another more .. suitable word in place."


Her voice was low for his ears alone and if he were to think that she was promising a repeat by her choice of words then fine. There was Power she was quickly discovering that had been unknown to her in her girl-woman state and now that she had tasted from a Lover's Cup she wanted to acquire more.


Yet her logical mind also wanted to be heard and so she would tease him no more. She had to be extremely careful and ensure that this did not get out of hand! No desire to cause hurt to his Countess and Davina herself was at a great risk if the Earl made a boast of this and then embellished it out of hand.


"I am leaving without that which I came for. Deliver the book by hand for I will not come here again and you will not ask it. We shall no doubt see the other at the Ball and I shall be curious to see how well your word choice might have improved ...."


She would give him time to reply and no doubt he would do as expected and in all truth she was feeling bold and there could well enough be a repeat.


The thought of their naked bodies entwined and him pleasuring her made her catch her breath and there would be no mistaking the fact that her breathing had increased making her breasts rise and fall enticeling and her eyes felt heavy-lidded as she stared at him ....

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He could see she'd taken fright of her own passion, and now retraced her steps. Her denials were like statements, and he thought them spoken for her own benefit more than his own.


"Then know that you take a piece of me with you...given freely." Daniel returned, pressing her retiring hand to his lips before he let it slide free from his own.


She might have expected him to be sad of it, but rather he held hope still. He'd tasted of her passion, he'd sampled the hotblooded animal that she truly was, he'd felt how she enjoyed hedonistic pleasure.


That sort of desire could not be put away forever. "I shall deliver the book to you personally." He promised, his dark eyes glinting at the prospect.





OOC: Goodness, that was a surprising turn in the thread! I look forward to the next episode in this side story! Until then, adieu!

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She knew he was interested and those words plus that gesture confirmed it.


"Will you indeed? Personally. My how eager you are to see that delivery made."


Her own eyes danced with amusement as she then turned and quickly went the rest of the way down the stairs and to the doorway that would take her outside.


Once there she stood as if frozen in place unaware of the cold that blew all around her. Her face had gone pink and was now pale almost as white as her breath.


Just what had she done?




ooc: surprised me too! As do I

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